Chumpservations, Vol. 26, Independence Day Edition: Roger Good, Rays Bad, Drew, DiMuro, Dimes and Dogs

GOOD NEWS FOR CRAPPY football teams nationwide!  In an effort to make himself the most likeable commissioner in professional sports, which shouldn’t be all that difficult considering his competition, Roger Goodell has decided to ease television restrictions for teams who don’t sell out their home games.  Nowhere is this better news than the Tampa Bay area which has had nearly every home game over the past two years unavailable to your friendly neighborhood television viewer.  NFL team owners have agreed to allow networks to broadcast home games in their local market if 85% of the stadium’s seats are sold, as opposed to the previous 100%.  You know what this means, right?  Hellooooooo, sofa!

SPEAKING OF TAMPA BAY, I heard an unverifiable statistic on local sports radio the other day.  The announcers complained that June 2012 capped the worst offensive month in Rays’ history!  That’s saying something because this team has been pretty darned bad in the past.  I couldn’t get through to ask them whether that meant fewest hits ever, worst record ever or fewest runs scored, but either way, it’s bad news for Rays fans.  What I can tell you is that the Rays, once in first place in the American League East, now rank 13th out of 14 in the AL in hits, batting average and slugging percentage.  They are second in the league in errors committed, have only one player not on the disabled list batting over .270 and their base-running leaves a lot to be desired.  A solid starting rotation is the only reason this team is even in contention.  For a team that can barely muster any offense, or pony up the funds to pay its players market value, it’s only a matter of time before that rotation, which it leans upon so heavily for victories, looks elsewhere as they become free agents.  Wait, you mean I can get more wins and more money if I pitch elsewhere?  Yes, please.

AS YOU WELL KNOW, I’m generally not one to hand out compliments to Bud Selig, but kudos to whoever’s idea it was to have Home Run Derby captains select the event’s participants.  Maybe Selig was absent the day they made that decision.  Had they their druthers, players might not participate in a skills competition (see: LeBron) if either the league or its fans demanded it, but it’s more difficult for a player to turn down the request of one of his peers.  That’s why we’re about to see the game’s best sluggers have at it the night before the Midsummer Classic.

PEOPLE ARE STILL IN a big brouhaha about New York Yankees leftfielder, Dewayne Wise, faking a catch and umpire Mike Dimuro not verifying to see if the catch was actually made.  Wise dove into the stands, dropped the ball, while a fan two seats over picked it up, all in front of DiMuro.  Will the last purist not in favor of expanding instant replay in Major League Baseball please get himself a clue?

DREW BREES REMAINS UNSIGNED by the New Orleans Saints to the shock of basically every football fan in America.  Considering he was recently voted the second best player in the NFL by his peers, not to mention the fact that he just broke Dan Marino’s all-time single season passing yards record, one would think the Saints would want to lock him up.  I haven’t made too much of a stink about this, assuming the Saints will eventually get the deal done.  Considering they’re already dealing with the bounty-related suspension of players, coaches and their GM, it’s safe to assume they have other things on their mind.  So might Brees, however, if they can’t come to an agreement soon.

ALL THOSE WHO THINK Tiger Woods’ best golf is behind him better think again.  Tiger won last weekend’s AT&T National, making that his third win of the year, more than any other player on Tour.  He now ranks first, atop the FedEx Cup Standings.  With the British Open only a week away, Tiger still hasn’t won a major since winning the US Open in 2008 on a broken leg.  Woods is back to playing with confidence which is both good and bad for the rest of the golfers on tour.  Good because it means fans will flock back to the sport they had abandoned in his absence, bad because that means everyone else stands less of a chance of winning.

SO STEVE NASH IS now a Los Angeles Laker.  Color me interested.  One can’t help but think that, even at 38, Nash gives L.A. an excellent shot to challenge the Oklahoma City Thunder for Western Conference dominance.  And Jason Kidd to the Knicks?  Well, at least Carmelo will still get his shot attempts.  One can’t help but think that a league consistently as top-heavy as the NBA, leaving only a handful of teams capable of winning a title every season, is bad for the other 20+ teams in the league… and their fan bases.

WHOEVER SAID COMPETITIVE EATING is not a sport clearly wasted valuable time even debating that topic in the first place.  The only thing that would make the Nathan’s July 4th hot dog eat-off more entertaining would be installing an intestine cam for each contestant or perhaps interviewing them while they’re eating, like they do with coaches on the sideline or managers in the dugout.  Watching these heathens stuff wiener after water-soaked wiener bun into their mouths at repulsive paces is enough to make even the most starving man skip a meal, but what more appropriate way to honor our nation’s independence, by celebrating gluttony.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fix myself seconds.  Happy 4th everyone!

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63 Replies to “Chumpservations, Vol. 26, Independence Day Edition: Roger Good, Rays Bad, Drew, DiMuro, Dimes and Dogs”

  1. Let’s see… The Rays have been doing it with smoke and mirrors (and their top weapon Joe Maddon) for quite some time. I’d venture to say their payroll is but a low percentage of every other team not only in their division but in all of baseball… Tough deal that won’t improve without fan support and I don’t think a new stadium if it’s open air is the answer…

    Then there’s the best MLB team money can buy that resorts to cheating to win. It’s no coincidence that Jeter rhymes with cheater!

    The jury’s still out on Tiger until he wins another major… He’s got 3 more chances this season. Wouldn’t it be something if the ex showed up at one of those prestigious majors on the final day with Tiger in the hunt just to discombobble him! Now THAT would be must see TV!

    Competitive eating makes me want to throw up (literally)…

    P.S. I’m still stickin’ to the University of Southern California Trojans in your College Football pool… 🙁

  2. Meant to say Tiger has 2 more chances at Majors this season… NEWS FLASH!!! Winning the FED EX deal now constitutes a PGA major win!

  3. Chris

    Goodell is an a#s ! One minute he’s talking about the rule of law and how the NFL as a body does not act accordingly . The next we find and see for ourselves that the entity itself as an arbiter does not practice what it preaches .

    Brees has been signed but the franchise tag has been placed on the player. He’ll earn in excess of $23.5 million this upcoming season as the salary is worked out on the basis of what is earned on average by the five highest paid players at the position .

    Brees’ agent Tom Condon is the happiest guy in the world . He represents both of the Mannings , as well as Brees , and at least 7 other high profiled qb’s and marquee players in the NFL . What’s not to like about that as he’s getting paid homey .? At a minimum of between 3 and 5 % fee for his (Condon) services that’s a nice chunk of “cheddar” and that doesn’t take into account his commission in terms of endorsements . If Peyton can still earn in excess of $30 million in endorsements with and his on-field salary . Who’s now taking home the bacon to mama ?

    Tiger has now moved inside the top five in the World Golf rankings ? How nice ! Luke Donald sits atop of that the list but he hasn’t won anything of merit …………. based on consistency , that I can understand . But let’s be real here , Woods has been playing better than any of the Major winners this season and the rest of the guys on both the PGA and European Tours .

    Nash goes to the Lakers , Kidd to the Knicks and Lin is mulling over a 4 yr $28-$29 million offer from the Rockets , the organization that dumped his a#s a few seasons ago . Never mind the fact that Eric Gordon has just been signed to a 4 yr $58 million deal . What’s wrong with that last statement ? $58 million ? Do you know how much trouble a Secret Service agent can get in trouble makin’ it rain with that type of “cheddar” ?

    On a passing note, the day the NFL becomes a success in Europe by way of a franchise in London ….you can bury my a#s center field at the Trop .

    The Rays are another story , not quite a parable but they’re getting there . Look up inconsistency in Webster’s Dictionary or a Thesaurus and I can assure you that you’ll see a picture of the team and the Tampa Bay Rays being used as a synonym .

    Well this weekend it’s UFC 148 ………. fight of the year between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen . I’ll try to have a piece up on the event prior to it taking place , if at all possible .

    Money Mayweather is now suffering from clinical depression ? Wow it’s amazing that a self- professed bad a#s , known spousal and child abuser will sink to such depths in order to get out of jail , rather than serving his jail sentence . His lawyers are still alleging that he’s being mistreated by his jailers , while incarcerated . Oh , so he’s not yet become a “pillow biter” ? Here’s me thinking that someone would want to make him their bi#ch . Too bad , so sad . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal ……………..

  4. I’m all for the BCS (Bowl Crapshoot System) and it’s new format as it was suggested that the other choice would be a “coin toss ” . LOL,LOL !! [lil’ bit of sarcasm was called for]

    And we wonder why College Football has become so corrupt ? We’re told that this will add legitimacy because of the new format. All it will be doing , is to add one more layer to a corrupt and flawed system but no one actually has the balls to openly say it , until now .

    Urban Meyer in a recent interview in Ashtabula County , Ohio , suggested that the system now in place is better than the format being proposed for initiation in 2014 . Meyer is an a#hole !

    tophatal ………..

  5. Joey Chestnut …….. crazy . Sonya ” The Black Widow” Thomas , just insane . The IFOCE (Int’l Federation of Competitive Eating) would like to see sport as an event at a future Summer Olympic games . Are they kidding ? ? Next up we will have chess Grand Masters wanting their sport as an event at the Olympic . Your thoughts ?

    Does that mean that female prostitutes will seek eligibility for their vocation to be included as well ? If that happens it might pique my interest in the Summer games even more . Which female can get “downed” by the most @#cks in one hour . Getting a gold medal while in the act of coitus ……….. what’s next ?


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  7. Dear Tophatal… NCAA Division 1-A football, or whatever they call the “upper echelon” now, has been corrupt for years and years.

  8. Dwin…

    The Rays payroll is sixth lowest in the league at $64 mil. That’s one-third the Yanks ($197 mil) and Sox ($173 mil) according to USA Today.

    That being said, I think it’s time we stop using that as a crutch. We know this team is going to raise their own farm talent and not drop, perhaps waste, tens of millions of dollars on a bat that might not come through.

    This team IS good enough, as currently comprised to compete. They just need to damn hit already.

    And Dwin, since USC is already picked, you might as well go with someone else. Only 15 schools have been selected.

  9. Al…

    Isn’t there also the issue of Brees being hit with that franchise tag a third time in his career?

    And unfortunately I have to work Saturday night but I would LOVE to watch that Silva-Sonnen fight. Looking forward to your take on the match.

  10. Al…

    Dwin’s right. College football’s been corrupt for years. The secret handshakes, the poll votes and I’m sure somewhere along the line, a referee has received a phone call from a booster or two.

  11. Al…

    Keep me posted on when poker becomes an Olympic sport.

    Although do you think the likes or Chris Moneymaker or Jamie Gold would trade in their millions for a gold medal?

    I’m guessing not.

  12. Ewwwwe … “intestine cam” ?? 😛 YUCK! Watch out SC… some reality show might read this & make a tv-series using that (gross) idea.

    Enjoyed the post.


  13. Actually, M, now that I think about it, in the agriculture department at UF, they had see-through plastic windows implanted in certain cows so students could watch the digestive process, I guess. Ask PJD about it and how we can install that in the Nathan’s Hot Dog eat-off participants, as opposed to the hot dog beat-off competition which is something altogether different.

  14. Chris ,

    They hit Brees with the “franchise tag” yes …. once while with the Chargers , twice here with the Saints . The ruling in arbitration simply allowed the Saints to go along with tagging him but they won’t be able to use that pretext in the future against the player . One of the numerous things that the league has been allowed to get away with over the years .

    DeMaurice Smith as Exec Dir of the NFLPA (union) should pull his head out of the clouds and represent his members far more judiciously . He signed away so much in the collective bargaining agreement all for a bigger slice of the revenue pie . In essence , once a greedy bas#ard always a greedy bas#ard !

    Isn’t it a prerequisite to be a member of either of the following groups ………. Opus Deii , Freemason or in essence a corrupt enterprise . The Justice Dept can go after Bonds, Clemens and John Edwards for perjury or obstruction of justice but they choose not to go after either the NCAA or BCS under the RICO Act . Way to go ….. ! Our taxpaying dollars being put to work so friggin’ stupidly .


    If poker ever becomes an Olympic sport then count me in . Phil Ivey , who is my favorite player would jump at the chance of competing for gold .

    I’m $2k large in the pocket as I placed a bet on Federer taking down Djokovic in the Wimbledon semis . He took the Serbian down in four sets .

    Federer in Wimbledon final again

    Annual 4th July pass-time …… hot dog eating or whatever else takes their fancy up in NY state . Could it be that the dumming down of America isn’t a myth after-all ?


    Is there a difference between how the BCS operates and that of federal government or one of the major drug cartels in South America ? Corruption is all around us man . Where would the politicians be without it ? That’s like having a pimp trying to business without his stable of hookers . It just can’t work .

  15. Jenna Jameson would have been an ideal participant in the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest . She’s never had a problem with her digestive system at all . I’m sure that MMA fighter Tito Ortiz can vouch for that as he’s the father of their two kids .

  16. As the last purist against instant replay…I’ll give you replay if you let me fire all the shitty union umpires.

  17. Intestine cam? Since we all know what kind of shit makes up a hot dog, wouldn’t it be appropriate to use a rectum cam? RECTUM! It nearly killed him.

  18. Snake…

    Growing up in the Manhattan, my dad used to tell me those Sabrett hot dogs on every corner were made up of kangaroo meat.

    Who knew kangaroos could be so tasty?

  19. The secret is mustard and sour kraut. I’ve met a few heathen who actually put ketchup on a hot dog. Ugh!!

  20. Jenna has never been known to break out in a sweat much less worry about a weiner less than 6″ long.

    Federer took it to Djokovic big time . Whomever he faces in the Finals be it Murray or Tsonga , will be at a distinct advantage . And with Andy Murray being a Brit , I doubt he will be able to handle the pressure . It’s been six plus decades since British male has won Wimbledon . Murray will be sweating like a virgin about to be deflowered for the very first time .

    Here’s my piece on the UFC title bout between Silva and Sonnen .

    Tap Out Bitch , Tap the Fu#k Out


    tophatal ……

  21. Chris, right now is when the lack of funds steps up to bite the Rays with the trading deadline coming up. They can’t afford to beef up their line up to try and overtake the big money teams so they’ll shop what good players they have with contracts coming up… Who might go? Zobrist? Shields? Upton? Pena? Those are 4 of their highest paid players… Anyone interested?

  22. Mustard and onions for me, Snake, although I’m always hesitant to grab that plastic spoon and dig me a heap of onions from that commercial bowl at arenas that everyone’s dug their hands into.

    SometimesI do it anyway.

    Good thing I’m no germophobe.

    I’ll have you know, in Chile, they put tomatoes and guacamole on their hot dogs. Friggin’ delicious!

  23. Al…

    I’ll be interested in hearing who that Wimbledon crowd actually roots for, an aging Federer who they have always loved or their countryman Murray who is trying for his first major.

    One thing’s for sure… I’ll be watching.

  24. Dwin…

    There’s been plenty of talk about moving Upton and any one of their starters not named Price, but it’s not really a salary cap situation, so if they trade those guys for a big bat, they’ll still be stuck with that new guy’s salary, something they definitely don’t want.

    Honestly, I think they’re still gunshy from the Pat Burrell fiasco. They paid that guy $16 mil over two years and he hit .200 for ’em.

  25. Chris

    Now I know why former Giants’ player Amani Toomer is no longer with the team . It’s one thing to denigrate a teammate while you’re on the roster together but once you’ve left is sinking to an all-time low .

    Toomer states that Eli is not the best QB in the NFC East and that mantel belongs to Tony Romo . Has the Cowboys’ qb ever won a meaningful game in his career ?

    See for yourself and let me know what you think ?

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Amani Toomer: Tony Romo is a better QB than Eli Manning

    By Cesar Brioso

    Don’t count former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer among those who think Eli Manning has elevated himself to elite status among NFL quarterbacks.

    Despite playing five seasons with Manning, Toomer doesn’t think his former teammate is even the best quarterback in the NFC East.

    “Tony Romo is probably, if you look at him statistically, the best quarterback in the NFC East,” Toomer said Thursday on the Movin’ the Chains show on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I mean, you look at Eli Manning and what he does in the fourth quarter, but you talk about consistency, talk about 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. That guy can play.”

    Tim Ryan told Toomer he agreed that Romo is a top-echelon quarterback, but he would take Manning over Romo if he were starting a team.


    Click on link to read in full.


    Crack is whack ’cause the late Whitney Houston said so . Toomer needs to get off it and fast before he’s ridiculed more so than he is currently .

    If you have nothing to say about someone then either say nothing at all or respond I don’t understand the question . Toomer did neither and that’s what’s so sad about this all .

    tophatal ……..

  26. Chris & Dwindy

    No matter what the Rays’ front office now tries to do they will continue struggle . The local market simply isn’t amenable to this organization and with a fanbase (approx 15,000) that is amongst the lowest in the game how can they survive ?

    The Rays’ cause hasn’t been helped either by an as#wipe like Bud Selig who continues to denigrate the team’s owners as well as the local politicians in Hillsborough and Pinellas County .

    The Rays may well move Upton but not long after they will end up having to move Longoria as well because of their financial issues .

    tophatal ………..

  27. Nice little rant. The Rays haven’t been good, but you know who’s been more entertaining than they have in a few years? The A’s!!

    I never thought about the Home Run derby that way, they should adopt the player drafts for the NBA dunk contest.

    I have to say I’m enjoying Tiger’s run lately. I didn’t realize that I missed him winning, but I guess I did to a degree. If only Phil could get his act together and we could see them battle on a Sunday…

  28. Chris

    Are the umps in baseball required to take an annual eye test ? Di Muro in that game against the Indians had the fan who actually caught the ball say to the official that he had caught the ball . Furthermore Di Muro chose not to ask Wise whether or not he’d caught the damn ball .


  29. So Jaws (Jaworski) believes Eli is the 5th best qb in the NFL ? Amani Toomer believes that Romo believes the Cowboys’ qb is better than his former teammate .

    Crack is whack isn’t it ? Someone should remind Toomer of that fact .

    tophatal ……………

  30. Chris

    So Ray-Ray has joined the Heat ? There must’ve been something then to deteriorating relationship between he and Rondo ?

    And Jason Kidd upon joining the Knicks has stated that he wants to take Lin under his wings and tutor the young point guard . Good luck with that Kidd-O .

    So Murray and ‘ Club ‘ Fed will face off on Sunday afternoon at Wimbledon in the Men’s Singles Finals .

    Great looking at the standings in baseball at present . Rangers have lost five straight . Luke Scott gets his first hit in almost 135 at bats and still the Cubs suck . Same old story just another day in the game .

  31. Saints payroll and their highest paid players .

    Franchise tagging Brees made no sense whatsoever .

    Is this Tom Benson’s way of now seeking to make the Hornets more competitive by throwing some money their way . Can you answer me that Chris ?

    One set up but it looks like Serena is having problems with Agienezska Radwanska in the Women’s Singles Finals at Wimbledon . Those semi-erotic groans are proving to be something of a turn-on but that’s just me !

    tophatal ……………..

  32. Al…

    As long as they keep up their solid farm system, the Rays will remain competitive. They could conceivably go seven starters deep, unheard of in this day and age.

  33. Chap…

    We knew the A’s were going to be in for a tough season, playing in the same division as both Texas and Anaheim.

    What’s worse is those teams show no sign of letting up in the near future.

    And Tiger and Phil both miss the cut in this weekend’s tourney? I guess we jinxed ’em, huh?

  34. Al…

    After watching the replay several times, I think it was a case of DiMuro being lazy more than anything else, going through the motions.

    And when Toomer’s opinion actually means something, he’ll be on TV with Jaworski. Until then, he should just STFU.

  35. And yes, Al, some interesting signings the past few days.

    More than anything, the Allen deal tells me he thinks he has a better shot to win in Miami than he does in Boston. Well, duh!

    I’m looking forward to that match-up next season, that’s for sure.

    And I hear they’re going to institute a grunt-meter, penalizing tennis players for being to loud. What the hell is that all about?

  36. If things were allegedly so bad (relationship – terse locker room exchanges between the duo) between Allen and Rondo then why didn’t Garnett or Pierce as the < so-called leaders on the team not step up to the plate ?

    Finally Britain actually has a male winner at Wimbledon ………. crap it’s just the Men’s Doubles (English & Danish duo) . LOL , LOL ,LOL ! Seven decades and we’re still waiting . It’s going to take divine intervention from up on high for Murray to take down Federer.

    Serena now has her 5th singles title at Wimbledon and fourteenth Grand Slam singles title overall . She’s got a long way to go before catching the likes of , Chris Evert , Steffi Graf , Margaret Court and Martina Navratilova .

    Money cures all and that’s something that Sternberg doesn’t have as a luxury . Farm system or not the same old thing will happen concerning the Rays . A player goes through his arbitration period (three years) gets an initial contract that on appearance looks great but once that is fulfilled , what happens next ? Off course the Rays can’t match the likes of the Angels , Phillies , BoSox or Yankees in terms of financial resources .

    Penalizing the players for getting passionate and aggressive ? That’s asinine ! The WTA , ATP and AETC need to get their heads together and do what is in the best interest of the game .

    My buddy is trying to get me to watch highlights of the Tour de France . What a joke ! That’s a sport that is in such a god-damn mess that it’s not worth talking about . The only bikes I am interested in have to 500cc’s and above . I recently got back into bike riding (motor cycle) again having bought a Kawasaki Ninja . . But as you riding in Central Florida is like playing Russian roulette because of the elderly drivers on the road . So I only take the bike out on the weekends for a couple of hours .

    So tomorrow we will know the final makeup of the men’s roster for Team USA in the Olympic basketball tournament .

    tophatal ……….

  37. Jaworski has about as much credibility as Herman Cain does when he’s talking about economic issues . Nein , nein nein ! Sprechens zie Deutsche .

    Jaws’ and Gruden simply love the sound of their own voices and that’s not saying a lot .
    Is it me but the bout between de La Hoya and Ricardo Mayorga (May ’06) ……… how good was it ? I’m watching highlights on SunSports within the Bay area . And damn it really did have its moments ! de La Hoya put on a great display but he also dished out a can of “whup a#s ” (TKO 6 round) . I always felt Mayorga was a great fighter but sh#t the guy smokes 3 packs a day as part of training regimen . WTF is that all about ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal ………….

  38. DiMuro was lazy alright, much like the Austin Powers’ character ‘Fat Ba#tard ‘ .

    Can you imaging if that had been during a series’ decider in the ALCS ? What would we be talking about now ?

    Baseball really needs to get its act together and stop with the idiotic excuses as to the reasons why they have an aversion to instant replay ! It’s the same way with the fans who believe the game still has some purity to it . Are they friggin’ insane ?

    I guess Selig would be apologizing for the error ? Bud Selig is very much Stern when it comes to the officials , he will stick by them no matter how incompetent they happen to be .

    tophatal ……………

  39. Who knows what was going on in that Celtics locker room, Al? Personally, I think what it all boiled down to was RayRay thought he had a better shot to win in Miami. ‘Nuff said.

    Serena looked pretty good today, man, but then again, when doesn’t she?

    And I can’t blame you for not watching the Tour de France. The only entertaining part about those races is when the bikers have to get off their bike in a hurry to poop.

  40. Chris

    I’m so glad I didn’t pay for that PPV event for the bout between Silva and Sonnen ! One way traffic and an a#s kicking was served up Anderson Silva with a 2nd round TKO of Chael Sonnen .

    And by the way , Vladimir Klitschko notched up his eleventh successive title defense by knocking out a tomato can (6th round) by the name of Tony Thompson (USA) . ’nuff’ said as to why the heavyweight boxing scene is a f#$king joke ! Any African American aspiring to become the next heavyweight champion of the world should sit his #ss down because there’s no one on the horizon good enough . The state of boxing leaves a lot to be desired on on all levels at all of the weight categories and that is a tacit fact ! Anyone who thinks otherwise knows f##* all about the sport .

    ESPN boxing analyst Joe Tessitore is an a##hole by suggesting that Klitschko ought to be considered one of the top ten heavyweights of all-time . Is he serious ? He’s basing that on the fact because the Russian has made 11 successful defenses ( which ranks third behind Holmes’ 19 and Joe Louis’ 25) he’s deserving of that accolade . Is it any wonder the fans can’t take the sport seriously when the analysts themselves come across as being complete morons .

    Team USA should breeze through the Olympic tournament .

    Rays lose again .

    If Ray-Ray notches a ring with the Heat he can ride off into sunset knowing that he’s a two-time winner.

    I’m surprised that DiMuro hasn’t been either censored or suspended by MLB . But then again a butt-hole Selig has never been known to show any god#amn common sense ! The purists out there who are averse to instant replay would be crying foul if that incident had taken place in the World Series and was the turning point in the final game of the series itself . Ask someone who feels that way and who’s opposed to instant replay ?

    Vikes’ RB Adrian Peterson arrested for misdemeanor assault of an off-duty police officer who was providing security at a night club . Hey , thankfully it wasn’t a repeat of the Lk Minnetonka incident . Where my h#’s at ?

    tophatal …………

  41. The interesting caveat to the change in the NFL Blackout rule is that team must set their sellout percentage number for each home game prior to the season. And if they sell more tickets then that percentage they must split the “over” ticket revenue with the league. It would be interesting to be sitting in the meetings of each team as they figure out the numbers for the season.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


  42. I always felt that the NFL is best watched on the sofa. Heck, just buy a nice flat screen with a great surround sound system and you’ll feel like you’re in the game. Close enough for me.

    In terms of the hotdog eating contest? I always wondered how they manage to eat so many. The stomach can only take so much.

  43. Al…

    I heard Silva took Sonnen down hard in the second round but I didn’t get to see any of the highlights.

    And what’s worse is that I didn’t even know one of the Klitschko’s was fighting this weekend. We both know there’s nobody that can compete with them right now but damn, boxing didn’t even let anybody know they were fighting this weekend, meanwhile, that Silva-Sonnen fight was all the rage.

    I don’t know if the USA will breeze through the tourney, Al. Remember, even though they’re the best in the world, they really haven’t logged any time playing together. There’s gotta be someone out there that can give us a run for our money, no?

    Adrian Peterson beat the crap out of some club security guard? Did he drop the football while doing so?

  44. BS…

    Don’t get me wrong. I like my sofa or local sports bar too but there’s something to be said for hitting a Bucs game on a beautifully, sunny Autumn day and ahem… checking out the talent, if you know what I mean.

  45. 2-1 underdog …………. Vegas suckers them in …. there’s an as#hole born every minute if they took those odds concerning Sonnen . And once again Chael Sonnen proved that he will always remain Anderson Silva’s bi#ch .

    Club Fed destroyed Andy Murray . It wasn’t even close .

    The NFL blackout policy still leaves the league with the upper hand .

    Peterson is a moron . It’s one thing to go to-to-toe with club security but the altercation at the nightclub was with two off duty cops working security at the club . Never mind the fact that venue was in the process of closing when the player “went off the rails” .

    I mean you know how that crap can go down .

    The Klitschko Thompson bout provided about as much excitement as a proctology exam . Needlessly to say that ” customary finger wave ” has never been known to provide any guy that much joy .

    Dropped these two pieces in addition to the MMA piece .

    Can A Case Be Made ?

    Can I Have Fries With That Can of Whoop A#s ?

    tophatal ……………

  46. Silva took Sonnen and made him his proverbial bi#ch . And the entire D block of Stark prison shouted out ……….. he’ll be our bi#ch as well . Chael Sonnen much like Tito Ortiz , they need to ride off into the sunset .

    Andy Murray on the other hand needs much more than Ivan Lendl in his corner as a trainer if he actually wants to win tennis Major . There;’s no way he can handle Federer , Djokovic or Nadal in a Grand Slam tournament . It’s not in Andy Murray’s psyche or wheelhouse . He’s good but he needs to be great and his game is a long way off from where it needs to be .

    Tony Thompson in loss to Klitschko reckons he fought a solid fight . And I hear both Clay Aiken and Anderson Cooper were both rolling on the floor laughing after the fighter’s comments .

    tophatal …………. .

  47. Still don’t believe that Rizzo will shut Strasburg down even with Nats’ owner Thedore Ted Lerner now backing his GM ?

    The Nats don’t want to win , if that were the case Mike Rizzo wouldn’ t be making such an asinine statement concerning the player . I mean in his brief career Strasburg has been sidelined and had to undergo “Tommy John ” surgery . Protection or whatever the front office might call it that they cannot guarantee that the player will not at some in the future not be injured again .

    tophatal ……….

  48. Like I’ve always said, Al, that’s why there’s a new casino being built in Las Vegas every month.

    So yet another grand slam won by none other than the greatest. Ya’ know, with all this talk of Miami’s Big Three, the REAL Big Three are Federer, Djokovic and Nadal. Those three have combined to win 29 of the last 30 Grand Slam titles.

    By any chance, do you remember the days we were calling Adrian Peterson the best player in the NFL? Doesn’t seem all that long ago, does it?

  49. And don’t know what to tell you about Strasburg and the Nats, Al.

    Are they going to be monitoring his pitch count in the All-Star Game from afar?

    “Don’t let him go more than one, Tony!” And speaking of Tony LaRussa, why is he coaching the National League All-Stars and does he have a designated driver to get him to the game?

  50. Bleed…

    You have to be psyched, man.

    Personally I can’t wait to see them go at it. Furthermore, as much as I know how you’d want Howard over Bynum, I think keeping Bynum and having Nash just fit into the chemistry that’s already there might just work out fine.

    Until, of course, you face Miami in the Finals.

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