Blake Dunks, World Awaits (video)

Vince Carter once dunked over Frederic Weis in international play. Weis stood seven feet tall and Carter cleared him.  To this day, that is Weis’ claim to fame and commonly considered one of the greatest dunks of all time.

This time around, there’s a new dunking sheriff in town.  His name is Blake Griffin.

Griffin was one of twelve NBA All-Stars named to the US Olympic team as they attempt to bring home another gold medal in London this summer.  While his game is not without flaw, he is still the most electrifying dunk artist in the game today.

At a recent USA Basketball training camp, the third year Clipper showed the rest of the world what they’re in store for by throwing a basketball up against the gym wall, catching it and throwing it down with just a hint of authority.

Rest assured, this summer, somehow, some way, and over somebody, Blake Griffin is about to show the rest of the world why we love this game.

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20 Replies to “Blake Dunks, World Awaits (video)”

  1. Chris

    My problem concerning Team USA in its current guise is that they only one true center or big man upfront and that’s Tyson Chandler . They could end up having problems with teams such as Argentina and Spain in the latter stages of the Olympic competition .

    So ” Mr October “ Reggie Jackson has been suspended indefinitely by the Yankees’ front office for being overly critical of Alex Rodriguez ? Who’s the bigger p@#sy here ? A Rod for crying off like a bit#h for taking it up with the organization or Cashman and the Steinbrenners banishing one of the most popular players in the team’s history ?

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Yankees to Mr. October: Stay away
    Reggie Jackson banned from Yankees’ facility and all formal public functions

    After Reggie Jackson’s disparaging comments about Alex Rodriguez and others last week, he was essentially benched by the Yankees and told to stay away from team events indefinitely, according to AL sources.

    Jackson was not in Boston over the weekend, where the Yankees played the Red Sox.

    Jackson, a special adviser for the Yankees, usually is around the team.

    But at this time, there is enough anger at the Hall of Famer from within the organization that the team has decided that he should keep his distance until otherwise determined.

    “A cooling-off period, but not a death penalty,” a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking called it when speaking to’s Andrew Marchand.

    At some point, Jackson is expected to be back with the team, the source said.

    “The Yankees think that the timing is not right for me to be around the team right now,” Jackson told USA Today. “When the Yankees feel that the timing is proper, I’ll return.”

    Jackson spent Friday apologizing to Rodriguez and the club’s hierarchy, officials with knowledge of the conversations told last week.


    Click on the link shown to read this article in full .

  2. I think that Vinsanity dunk is the best in-game dunk of all-time. I can watch it over and over. KG seemed more excited than Vince!

  3. Yeah, but Al, that logic is just like the argument people used when they said Oklahoma City would beat Miami. Big men. These Olympics are not going to be about post-up offense. Team USA is going to want to run and gun no matter how often opposing teams try to post them up.

    We’re big enough down low with Chandler and Love to keep people away from the basket. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect the USA to run away with it… but they might, and that’d be fun as hell to watch.

    And re: Reggie, Al, the sit-ins for Mike and Mike have been arguing the Reggie case all morning long. It’s the Yankees. Can’t say bad things about them or their players to the media. They make the rules and Reggie knows them.

  4. Big man or not a number of teams on the international scene have improved over the past few seasons . And granted , Team USA came off winning the FIBA world championships without any real problems but this team is completely different from the one that suited up in 2010 .

    Chris I’ve heard you say far worst things about the Yankees than the statements attributed to Reggie Jackson . OK , so you didn’t suit up in pinstripes for the Bronx Bombers but how spineless has that organization now become ?

    Alex Rodriguez has been and will always remain a pu#sy ! He has been that way ever since his entrance into MLB and having met him personally , I am not going to change my reasons behind that last statement . The guy is a di#k !

    IOC President Jacques Rogge has sent Syrian President Bashir al Assad a fruit basket as a gift . In return Assad had another 50 his fellow countrymen slaughtered , as a way of celebration and a warning to the Syrian athletes , not to come home empty handed from London without a medal .

    Chael Sonnen didn’t even make six figures ($75,000) for the as# kicking he suffered at the hands of Anderson Silva ($250,000 not incl bonuses) at UFC 148 . For Chael it wasn’t all that small a price to pay as he will always remain Silva’s baby back , baby back bi#ch .

    Thanks for chiming with a comment on that recent piece !

    tophatal ………………..

  5. Chris

    So Vikes’ RB Adrian Peterson has hired Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin to represent him legally ? There was no ” weed” involved in the case was there ? .LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Speaking of cases …………. USADA have been really ” ramping” up their case against Lance Armstrong . Let me know when they bring out a soda can filled dirty syringes and blooded gauze and perhaps I’ll take an interest in this whole sordid affair .

    If the Justice Dept dropped their case against the cyclist then how is it that this non-governmental agency still wants to go after the guy ?

    tophatal ………

  6. Air Canada delivered for the US.
    To jump OVER a dude…a 7′ dude no less, is incredible. It’s been done in dunk contests since with Nate Robinson over D-12 and others but to do it in a game…against a 7 footer who was actually trying to stop it…or in this case possibly draw a foul, equals the best dunk of all time.

    Vince was an innovator. The reverse 360, the elbow hang. Just when we thought we had seen it all, he pulled a rabbit out of his ass. He took the title from Jordan, who took it from Dr. J. No gimmicks like blindfolds, pumped up kicks, capes or cars. Just raw leaping ability combined with original, unforeseen twists.

    Griffin may someday surpass VC as the best dunker of all time…but he ain’t there quite yet.

    Maybe London will change that. We’ll see.

    Gotta give love to Dominique and Spud. Nique threw down some amazing in-game dunks…So has Blake, but I think we can all agree that Half Man Half Amazing VC still sits on the throne with his demolition of the Euro.

  7. Chris

    So the AL All Star team didn’t see fit to turn up last night ? And this is what the fans were to expect from baseball’s midseason showcase event ? What a waste !

    Reggie Jackson can say what the hell he wants about A Rod and a whole lot more . I mean what has Rodriguez done in comparison to Jackson when it comes to the postseason ? I mean let’s be fair Rodriiguez has essentially been a no show with the exception of the Yankees’ last postseason run and triumph .

    A Rod is a like a used feminine hygiene product that’s all been used up . Once it has served its purpose , it essentially can’t be used again . And that sums up A Rod and his career with the Yankees . Jackson’s remarks were directed at the player and the fact is that he (Rodriguez) hasn’t done anything with the Yankees but yet he’s being rewarded with a king’s ransom and he’s not even the best player on that team . That status belongs to Robinson Cano .

    Look if you’re dunking on a 7′ European basketball player in an international competition it’s not that exciting . Let’s see that NBA player do that with regularity in the regular season .

    So the Lakers and Rockets have entered the Dwight Howard sweepstakes ? Goes to show that the Magic’s front office continues to be one god-damn joke and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future .

    Nobody’s Seen Troubles Like Me

    tophatal …………..

  8. I really wish Bosh could play so that Griffin wouldn’t be on the USA team. He can’t do anything other than dunk. I could be biased though since he’s one of my least favorite players, but I think I’m right about him not being able to shoot or post up.

  9. Al…

    Oh, I’ve said some critical things about the Yankees over the years but they also don’t sign my paychecks.

    Did I hear you correctly? Sonnen only made $75,000 for that fight? If that’s the case, someone is getting rich because that fight made a hell of a lot more money than that.

    Might Dana White be becoming the next Don King?

  10. Al…

    The Lance Armstrong allegations are becoming as tired as all the incessant Dwight Howard trade rumors.

    Why everyone has a boner for this guy is beyond me.

  11. CR…

    As we’ve talked about before, I think the last time the Raptors were relevant, or at least the last time I watched one of their games in its entirety, was when McGrady and Carter were still wearing their uniform.

    Living in Orlando, I got to see plenty of T-Mac once he came south of the border.

    Of course they never went anywhere either.

  12. I’m with ya’, Bleed.

    And that’s an interesting topic for discussion. Vinsanity could jump out of the gym.

    But when it’s all said and done, which appears to be coming close for him, how will we look back at his career?

    He clearly wasn’t a bust, such as a Harold Miner or anyone else who’s career was early on compared to Michael Jordan, but isn’t it safe to say Vince Carter failed to live up to expectations… Weis dunk excluded, of course.

  13. Al…

    That one proposed deal has the Lakers getting Howard, the Rockets getting Bynum and the Magic standing with their d*ck in their hands?

    Who the hell is making decisions in that organization and how far up their asses are their collective heads?

  14. JM…

    Actually, I’d rather see Griffin in the games over Bosh. I have a feeling Griffin would have been on this team regardless of Bosh’s health.

    As I hinted in the post, the guy’s game still obviously needs work, but trust me, he’s about to make that London crowd get out of its seats.

    Wait, they do know what basketball is in London, right?

  15. An international incident may hang in the balance as he hangs in the air. As stated before I have no issue with his attempting to fly, just one with those who won’t try to intercept and bring him back to Earth. I think a lot of guys in the Association just back away. Here’s hoping the rest of the world plays him like the Pistons of old.

  16. International incident, I like it, SA.

    Ya’ know, I thought of something similar while watching the All-Star game the other night. Didn’t a pitcher let one fly by mistake behind a batter’s head or was that another game I was watching last week.

    Either way, how sweet would it be to have the benches clear for an all-out brawl in an all-star game, Fosse-Rose style.

    Exhibition game, my ass.

  17. First off, it’s a damn shame about Blakes injury. I was looking forward to seeing him destroy the rim in London. I’ve been there man. Tore my knee up a few years ago. Had ACL replacement surgery, a partial MCL tear and meniscus damage all in one ill fated rebound. I’m back to full speed again, though different. It just will never be quite the same.

    On Carter;
    A bit of a disappointment, yes.
    Though a great dunker, I wouldn’t call him a great player. Very good, with flashes of brilliance even, but certainly not a HOFer or even what we might have expected him to become.

    He still serves a decent role and can still contribute -but considering Kobe, Nash and Ray Allen were drafted two years before him…and I’d still take any one of them on my team before him right now (as well as overall careers) says something about his unfulfilled legacy considering the hype surrounding him.

    Funny thing is…I HAVE two of those guys on my team right now…(Yes, I’m still giddy about my Lakers landing the Nashtyman!) Vince may not have lived up to expectations but hey, he might just hold the all time record for the most cool nicknames for one player, right?

    Godspeed Griff.

  18. You’ve been where, Bleed? Tearing up the rim in London? Surely, I jest.

    But you’re right, that does suck big time about Blakey Blake. At least it’ll save us from the international incident caused by him dunking on someone that Sports Attitudes was so (rightfully) worried about.

    I do believe I purchased a whole bunch of Vince Carter rookie cards thinking he was the next big thing.

    At least I’ll be able to tell my imaginary grandchildren I saw him dunk over a seven foot Frenchman.

    Croissants, anyone?

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