Orlando performs Magic act by making laughing stock out of basketball team

I think I’m gonna be sick.

As the NBA powers-that-be play musical chairs this off-season, i.e., Steve Nash to L.A., Ray Allen to Miami, Dwight Howard to nowhere, something occurred to me that, as an Orlando Magic fan, absolutely makes my stomach churn.

Rashard Lewis, now 32, recently signed on with the Miami Heat for $1.35 million.  Orlando once paid this very same man $112 million.  That’s a difference of $111 million for those of you counting at home.

It is also rumored that former Orlando Magic gimp Grant Hill may sign with the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Steve Nash, also likely for the league minimum.  It wasn’t all that long ago that Orlando cut his Grantness a check for $93 million, with which he bought the most expensive three-year ankle boot in league history.

First and foremost, I am an NBA fan, but I am an Orlando Magic fan as well, so I think I speak for the rest of Magic fans nationwide when I boldly request that this organization remove its head from its ass, learn how to sign a contract that won’t handcuff the franchise, and ultimately figure out a way to ensure this team is no longer considered the laughing stock of the league, which it has to be among closely knit, NBA circles.  How could it not?

The Magic have grossly mismanaged the handling of their best player, Dwight Howard, and while he is not without sin in this whole ordeal, I find it hard to believe the Magic did everything in its power to keep things copasetic with the game’s most dominant big man.  Otherwise, none of this would be happening.

Think about it.  Orlando has to be the only team in the league with a brand, spanking new arena, unlimited marketing possibilities and no state income tax, yet it’s a place where no professional basketball player wants to play.

The Magic recently hired Rob Hennigan as their new general manager.  At only 30 years of age, Hennigan is ironically younger than both Hill and Lewis.  Apparently he comes from good GM pedigree having worked in both San Antonio and Oklahoma City, at least that’s what the Magic are hoping.  We’ll soon see.  Finding the next Sam Presti, or Theo Epstein for that matter, has become all the rage, yet is still a roll of the dice.  With the letters still being stenciled on Hennigan’s office door, the Magic are now making key franchise decisions, with no head coach, only to soon turn over the keys of their Dwight-less Jalopy to the poor sap they do hire.

As you can tell, I am embittered Magic fan, but as a sensible adult (sometimes), this team is becoming harder and harder to root for.  I ask you, would you give your hard-earned money to a stockbroker that perpetually made bad financial decisions on your behalf?  If not, then why should I continue to invest my fanhood in a franchise that doesn’t know how to properly reimburse me for my investment?

By winning.

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43 Replies to “Orlando performs Magic act by making laughing stock out of basketball team”

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  2. First of all, kudos for using the word copacetic even if you did use the alternate spelling. Secondly, don’t give up on the Magic, even if they suck and probably will suck for years to come. I went through a 22 year drought with my beloved Celtics and I was always a big supporter. I had to be because I couldn’t afford the laser removal of my Celtics tattoo. lol Seriously, the way that the Celtics got better was by a new ownership group coming in to buy the team in 2002. The Magic problem starts at the top of the Amway pyramid. Those owners just don’t give a damn. DeVos has billions but still conned Orange county into building him an arena. The biggest problem was that the city and county officials should have told that rich asshole to move if he didn’t like it.

  3. Snake…

    Spell check didn’t correct that spelling, so I kept it as such… copasetically.

    Here’s the major difference between the Celtics and the Magic, which probably doesn’t need any elaboration at this point.

    The Celtics are one of the league’s great franchises. They will never want for talent to play there because of their history, because of the banners. The Magic can’t say that.

    And you’re right on about DeVos.

  4. You may be right about the Celtics, but given the current makeup of the NBA coupled with Boston’s perceived racism,bad weather and highest taxes in the counrty, its still hard to attract the biggest stars.

  5. Snake…

    No more so than say, Golden State, as Chap so aptly pointed out.

    At least you can have faith in ownership, and Ainge. Not so much in Orlando.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping ship just yet. But I am accepting the fact that this team next year, will suck.

  6. Well, if you want to root for a fun team, I can make a suggestion. Think green.

  7. I feel you there bro! We’re gonna a rough couple years coming up. Not looking forward to it.

  8. I wonder what the Magic will do with all the cap space once they trade Howard and get someone to take Turkoglu or Richardson with him. It’s a bummer that Lewis didn’t work out since he seemed to be the perfect fit. I also thought the same thing about Richardson when they traded for him. Maybe it was just Stan Van Gundy? Or maybe they should have had someone that could create their own shot or play defense. It seems weird to me that they wouldn’t want Bynum though. I would rather rebuild with a 24-year old all-star center than take a chance on draft picks.

  9. Seriously, Howard has made Orlando a place where there’s no more Magic. The last good season Rashard Lewis had was the year the Magic went to the Finals and lost. The guy knows he’s at the end of the tunnel… it’s time to go get a ring the easiest way possible.

  10. Chris

    ‘shard’s contributions to the game much like his career earnings ($138 million) are a complete embarrassment . But an even greater embarrassment might be the idiots who still believe that Dwight Howard who still believe that the center can still show signs of maturity as well as improving his game . Both have shown a great deal of inconsistency but you’d be hard pressed to hear anyone even have the friggin’ intelligence to say it .

    Oh wait ………… I’ve repeatedly said that about Dwight !

    Certain jobs you can’t have guys with so much inexperience now using their current gigs as “on the job” training and that is what is now apparent with Magic GM Rob Hennigan and CEO Alex Martins .

    Now there are rumors that the Magic might interview Mark Price for the vacant coaching position as he has been coaching one of the organization’s Summer League affiliates .

    Speaking of vacancies Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson have bith turned down the Blazers . No surprise there . Blazers’ owner …. Paul Allen’s orthodontist is said to be the “next person” up for that gig .

    tophatal ………………

  11. Either Jay Paterno is that much of a butthole by trying to defend the indefensible , or he has an axe to grind because he knows that the victims’ families in the Penn State scandal could be coming after the ” millions ” his father received in the payout with regard to his benefits from the once esteemed educational establishment .

    What part of former FBI Director’s Lou Freeh’s report didn’t he understand ? Paterno’s kid is such an as#-wipe !

    Freeh and his investigators may not have had subpoena powers but there was enough damaging and damning evidence there to suggest this coverup went right to the very top . Now what from those still trying to defend the school ?

  12. Spelling never was your strong point. And what is this Baseketball you speak so strongly of? It sounds fantastical.

  13. Hang in there Rev. I rooted in vain for the Kings my entire life before they broke through this year. Came out of left field. An eight seed taking home the Stanley Cup…Who woulda thought??

    Hell, if the Kings can win a title, the Clippers can actually be a legit playoff team and the Lakers can pull Steve Nash out of thin air then the Magic Kingdom of Orlando can survive a decade or two of basketball front office ineptitude. Eventually the Dwightmare will end.

  14. Here’s the thing, JM, I’m all for planning for the future but is there anyone, anywhere in the college ranks that we think might be the next Dwight Howard, or even anywhere close?

    Not that Howard is the end-all, be-all of basketball players but he’s certainly one you can build around. How many players have we seen come out of college over that last few years that have had that much promise? Can you count them on one hand, if at all?

    Unfortunately, however, it sounds like both sides have reached the point of no return.

  15. BS…

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Lewis for jumping at the opportunity for a ring. Heck, he’s made his money and came up with some clutch moments during Orlando’s Finals run.

    My point is Orlando’s mismanagement from the get-go.

    And yes, it’s safe to assume that if Lewis in on the Heat for the next season or two, he’ll be landing himself some pretty jewelry.

  16. Al…

    Let’s speak hypothetically for a second, just to say we did.

    If you had the opportunity to retain Dwight Howard AND have him have an entire change of heart, essentially forgiving and forgetting, his newfound, yet obviously still hypothetical commitment to the franchise unquestioned, wouldn’t you still have to do that?

    Wouldn’t you still want him on your team?

  17. Re: Penn State, Al, I’m not sure there’s really anything left to be said about the tragedies that occurred there.

    And you’re really hung up on this Strasburg thing. Did you just invest in a whole bunch of his rookie cards or what?

  18. Bleed…

    You and I both know that sort of thing doesn’t happen in the NBA. Football, baseball and hockey definitely, but not on the professional hardwood.

    The best teams win and teams without top ten talent just don’t get it done.

    And speaking of the Clippers, Lob City Nation has to be collectively holding its breath as Blake Griffin’s knee has blown once again. Are fans camping outside his hospital window or what?

  19. Chris

    Hypotheticals as it relates to Magic ? Let’s put it this way that’s how they’ve been operating since this moronic episode began .

    I see Jason Kidd means to start off on a high note with the Knicks . This dumb a#s gets busted for DUI having wrapped his vehicle around a utility pole . And I thought the Lin fiasco with the Knicks was bad ! Raymond Felton welcome to the Knicks . In reality who would really want to play for the team where on appearance they seem to be so god-damn clueless ?

    How many Knicks’ point guards are needed to screw in a light bulb ? The same number as would be needed screw up the team as it is now constituted .

    I’m up another $2 1/2 k after the Amir Khan Danny Garcia fight over the weekend for the light welterweight title . Great knockout punch by Garcia to end the bout on a TKO (4th round) . Danny Garcia now become the linear champion within the light welterweight division .

    The Marlins are disappearing faster than the “Costa Concordia” and its grounding in the Mediterranean . Ozzie Guillen hasn’t got a clue as to what’s needed concerning the team . And ESPN analyst John Kruk really needs to get a clue ……… it’s his belief that the Marlins and Mets will be the teams within the NL East to beat . Quite possibly one of the two teams as the NL wildcard entrant will come from that division . A mere three days ago Kruk was “hyping up” the Nationals within the NL East .

    The Strasburg thing , Mike Rizzo is making himself to look a complete a#s . You don’t invest that sort of money in a player and then when there’s a chance to do something meaningful you’re talking about shutting the player down . What perception does that create and send to the fans ? Or do you not think along those lines ? That’d be like Maddon saying he’s going to shut down Price because he’s worried as to the player’s health while they’re in the midst of a divisional title .

    It’s horse s#it coming from Rizzo and fans looking to see this as nothing more than a GM’s wish to protect the player need some knowledge . Strasburg has had already had to undergo “Tommy John” surgery on his pitching elbow . C’mon Chris , you of baseball fans should see this for what it is .

    tophatal ………

  20. I think after all you have been through with that franchise at the bare minimum you should put them on “fanhood probation” where you don’t throw away anything of theirs or take any physical action against material items that might i.d. you as a supporter…but at the same time you do not invest in anything new from either a purchase or time aspect. I’m talking don’t read about them, don’t watch them…have nothing to do with them for a one year period. At the end of next season, you can revisit where they are at. If anything looks positive, perhaps you buy in 100% again. If nothing does or they’ve actually gotten worse, perhaps you start to buy into another team as your favorite. Life moves too fast and is ultimately too short to waste time on these clowns…at this time. Fanhood on hold is my recommendation.

  21. Al….

    What the hell happened to Jason Kidd? I mean, what’s he thinking? He just signed a huge deal to play for the Knicks and two weeks later he wraps his car around a telephone pole in the Hamptons? To this day, I’ll never understand why these guys can’t afford drivers.

    And nice wagering, brother. That’s the best way to do it. Find a sporting event that you like, confidently, and let loose on it.

    Just know that it doesn’t always work out like you like.

  22. Al…

    That would be a crying shame if Griffin could never come back from this one.

    I’m pretty sure basketball fans everywhere have their fingers crossed for the guy.

  23. Damn Rev, I try to cheer you up and you shoot me down. (Okay, so it was total BS…What was I supposed to say, that you’re fooked no matter what?)

    Expectation is a funny thing.
    When you expect success, you’re usually let down. The Clippers fans will learn what you Magic fans already know over the next few years. Winning it all is anything but easy. As far as camping at Blakes hospital…I wouldn’t know…I try to ignore Clippers fans as much as possible these days. They got pretty bold proir to last season and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Here’s a team thats been at Staples since it opened but has no banners on the wall. Nothing. Even the Sparks, Avengers and now Kings have something to show for their time there. The Clips have a receipt that says “Rent paid”.

    I have always half-heartedly rooted for the Clips, but when they snatched CP3 out of our veto bin, their fans prematurely annointed them kings of the city and were quite brash and arrogant in predicting the Lakers demise and a Clippers dynasty. Even said it was now their city.

    A bit presumptuous don’t you think?…I mean just who the hell do they think they are, Lakers fans?

  24. Chris

    I live by the old adage …… “nothing ever good happens after 12 am unless you’re with the one you love in an intimate setting ” ! Kidd wrecks his vehicle having wrapped it around a utility pole . His agent states that the NBA player was coming from a charity function . Charity as in , too much liquor being on tap. What ever happened to hiring a limo driver for these athletes ? Then again after the Jason Williams’ saga would you as a limo driver be willing to drive someone home from a private function ? Gus Christofi rest in peace . The former Nets’ player was recently released from prison and is looking to be a productive citizen once again . Word of advice J-Wil , stay away from guns and hard liquor .

    So Lin will now be back with the Rockets ? I guess that’ll make Dwight’s heart skip a beat .

    That fight between Khan and Garcia was good but the two knockdowns were something of beauty . Amir Khan never knew what hit him .

    So Team USA has already had one athlete busted for use of an illicit substance and the athletes haven’t even left for London . WTF !

    For all Griffin’s explosiveness and athleticism , I for one don’t believe he really takes care of his body as he should . The accident that caused the meniscus tear (right knee) seemed to be rather innocuous .

    I’m really gearing up for the London Olympics …….. been reading USA Today article on US taekwondo specialist Steve Lopez . He’s one of the best in the world as a practitioner of this particular martial art . Met him three years ago when he gave a clinic in Orlando and then again down in Miami .

    Speaking of which , Selig is once again petitioning the IOC for the re-inclusion of both baseball and softball for the 2016 Olympics . Bud still hasn’t gotten it into his head , that unless he adopts fully , USADA , and WADA’s policies , then , there’s no way in hell baseball will make a return as an Olympic sport . He’s still at loggerheads with the sport’s international governing body (IBAF) over this issue .

    There’s No Crying In Baseball ….

    tophatal …………..

  25. That money won , is being put to good use …….. Wounded Warriors’ Project . It aids military vets who’ve served the theaters of war , more recently Afghanistan and Iraq. These guys deserve a hell of a lot more than they’ve been getting by way of the VA .

    tophatal …………..

  26. It’s all about joining a strong team nowadays. Players no longer believe in winning on their own. The NBA has definitely changed.

  27. Jayson Williams, Al?

    No athlete needs look any further than Donte Stallworth before getting behind the wheel drunk, although he only served a month in the slam for vehicular manslaughter, so perhaps they’re not taking it so seriously.

    Lin to the Rockets? Is that move really supposed to scare anyone? Even if they landed Dwight Howard, the West is strong enough to keep a mediocre team like that out of the playoffs for sure.

    Keep me posted on when that Steve Lopez guy is competing. I’ll be sure to check him out.

  28. Chris

    Stallworth’s act was bad . But if you remember Williams went partying on the town with his boys and then returned with them to his 18,000 sq foot palatial mansion , courtesy of his limo driver Gus Christofi , where they party would still carry on . Unbeknown to us all , Christofi would be shot to death by Williams , who was in a drunken stupor . Less we forget , Williams then moved to the body to a secluded area in his mansion , placed the shotgun next to the victim’s body , having wiped it down of fingerprints. J Wil then proceeded to call the cops to claim that the limo diver had committed suicide on his property . So you tell me which act in your opinion was more egregious ? Donte` Stallworth’s or Jayson Williams’ ? Come on man !

    You know I wrote about about both of these incidents in depth don’t you ? You even commented on both articles .

    The Taekwondo competition should prove to be fascinating . Can’t say that I’ll be all that interested in the boxing , albeit that women will be competing . for the very first time in the event . That should prove to be fun .

    Some of the females competing actually look as if they’re “juiced up” on testosterone . There will be only three weight categories that the women will be competing in . Thank God !

    Can’t stand to see a “sista” come across looking like an “amped-up” male ‘roided juice-head . That’s just my honest opinion on the matter ! I prefer my women , svelte , sexually adept and willing to do anything that’s sexually progressive , within certain parameters and with good reason .

    tophatal ………… .

  29. Al…

    I don’t know what Williams was thinking that night. Clearly he should have dug a hole in Stephen King’s “Limo Driver Sematary” to bring the poor guy back to life. Hadn’t he seen the movie?

  30. The Orlando Magic are going through what the New York Knick fans have been going through for some time now. Hopefully Magic fans have taken the top poor management spot away from us Knick fans.

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