SportsChump goes hip-hop (video)

I am hip-hop.

Not in the Chuck D, Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg sense of the word, but still… I am hip-hop.

Well, at least I’m in a hip-hop video.  That’s really what I meant.

Nobody panic.  I’m not giving up writing for rapping just yet.  I only do that on karaoke night.

But when some local Tampa artists requested permission to use our nightclub to film the video that would potentially launch their careers, it was all the owners could do to say yes.  The artists’ decision to put yours truly in the video was just the icing on the cake.  Let’s hope my cameo doesn’t derail their path to superstardom.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby ask you to support local music.  TMP is a young, Tampa-based hip-hop act trying to make it big.  Not to mention, they’re a nice bunch of kids.

It is therefore my sincere pleasure to bring you their track “Who Do It Bigger Than Us.”  And if you look closely enough at the video below, you might just catch a glimpse of one extremely, handsome bar manager about 1:15 in.

Please take a second to click on their YouTube link to get them the hits they deserve.  After all, internet traffic makes the world go round.  And when they finally make it big, we’ll all be invited to the VIP party.  Dollar, dollar bills, y’all!

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34 Replies to “SportsChump goes hip-hop (video)”

  1. No fast cars , no $600 bottles of Cristal champagne ? And definitely not enough of the local Tampa female talent. I guess they’re off auditioning for the upcoming if the Rays win their next six consecutive series …….. then they too will offer free “Monica’s ” .

    Is Stern really serious about getting lawyers in involved in Meyer and Castro’s event ? They’re (duo of po#n stars) not breaking the law if no money changes hands, and it’s done in a private setting . And how by the way will that allegedly tarnish the NBA’s image as one high-profiled South Florida journalist is trying to suggest ? Has he no idea as what the NBA players get up to , when they’re on the road ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Were you really a willing participant in the video , dropping it like it’s hot ……… or just the “token white dude ” for the event itself ?

    tophatal ……..

  2. Balzac…

    I’ll tell you this much.

    Had we gone to school while there was this thing called the internet, we would have been stars… and definitely featured on Geraldo once we emailed him that video, rather than sent him a VHS.

  3. HA!!

    That’s toooooo funny!

    Good video. Great cameo SC! HA! Hope these guys make it… like their sound. Wish them lotsa luck.

    And btw I remember Groovy Omen! Might be time for a reunion tour? 🙂

  4. Remember Rev, there are no small parts only small actors. Just don’t get type cast. I think you could pull off the gangsta look.
    Break a leg kid!

  5. From what I understand Stern is asking if Castro and Meyer have VIP-list they’ll be giving “Monica’s ” to . No doubt he wants to be on it .

    Dez Bryant given out more hits to his mother than he has delivered to any defensive back in the league over the course his career with the Cowboys . What type of a pu##y is this guy for allegedly beating up his mother ?

    The Cowboys have yet to issue a public statement but you can bet he’ll get nothing more than a slap on the wrist from team . Meanwhile that bastion of integrity Roger Goodell sits back and waits for the next shoe to drop . It’s been a patter of behavior with the player concerning his demeanor and anger management issues but the NFL has done nothing concerning Dez Bryant .

    My thoughts on the commish and I am not holding anything back ………… once a pu##y , always a pu##y .

    tophatal ……………..

  6. Al…

    I haven’t followed the details of the Bryant case too closely. You know I try not to follow that stuff.

    Either way, the kid’s got himself into a fair amount of trouble by doing something inexcusable.

    We’ll see how hard the league and team come down on him, if at all. Rest assured, Eagles fans will be waiting rudely for him when the Cowboys pull into Philadelphia this season.

  7. Just wait for the lead up to the NFL season when I post my Tebow and the Jets vid.

  8. Loved the interior shots of Mangroves! And the handsome bartender of course.

  9. Chris

    We know that the Cowboys’ front office and Jerry Jones won’t touch this until local law enforcement deals with this . At the same time you simply know that Goodell may or may not be chomping at the bit to punish the player with impunity . But hold your horses the union (NFLPA) will intervene to say that the NFL are overstepping their boundaries .

    And fans are suppose to take the NFL seriously when it comes to dealing with own and many of the more acute issues ?

  10. I have a follow up piece on the hypocrisy of the IOC and their actual dealings as well as being one the most corrupt organizations as it relates to sports .

    USOC Chairman Larry Probst says we needn’t worry as the uniforms as worn by US team members for the upcoming Olympics were not made in any of the sweatshops of Ghuangdong province in China . How quaint . Pity there are over 300,000 textile workers here in the US who were in need of a job even if it were only short-term .

    tophatal …………

  11. Chris

    My Sportschump cap is a real fashion statement . I’ve already been asked where I purchased it , and which outlet the accessory is sold in . I told the girlfriend and several of her friends , it’s from a limited collection from the ” House of Humpherys” .

    So the fire sale could very well begin in Miami as the Marlins on appearance are a monumental bust ? GM Michael Hill proposes to trade Heath Bell and Hanley Ramirez to the Red Sox for cash consideration and draft prospects . Somehow I don’t believe that the Red Sox will be takers in such a deal !

    Courtesy of USA Today ….

    Blockbuster trade proposed between Marlins, Red Sox

    As for the Bryant incident all you need to know is that this isn’t the first incident of this type involving the NFL player and a member of his family . Unfortunately , this time around it was his mother on the receiving end of his outburst . Provoked or not , no man lays a hand on a woman , ,much less his own mother . That’s insane . And for neither the Cowboys front office or NFL hierarchy to have done a thing shows how out of touch both bodies are . It’s as if they as such condone domestic violence against women . I am sick and tired of this bull#hit we will wait for the legal aspects of this issue to sort things out . Had Bryant killed his mother what would we be discussing now ?

    Jerry Jones and Goodell are $$cking morons !

    tophatal ……

  12. Al…

    Glad you liked the hat. You earned it. As my mother would say, wear it in good health. Be prepared as another contest is coming up soon.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if the Red Sox continue to make moves to suit Bobby Valentine’s and their new GM’s needs. Out with the old and in with the new.

    And speaking of out, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Dez Bryant.

  13. I haven’t followed the details of that trade, Al, but why would Miami want Crawford and his salary when the guy’s only played about fifty games since moving to Massachusetts.

    That’s an expensive Band-Aid.

  14. Not my milieu but I think these guys are correct to have large aspirations for their career. Loved the production values, design, etc. on their vid. Thought it started to drag a little bit right when they met up with that “extremely handsome bar manager”… but that guy laid down a killer performance and helped jump-start the jumpin’. Well played, player.

  15. Nice, not sure I’m feelin these guys, but that’s cool you got a cameo in the video. When the EA team came to Pebble to do the updates on holes for the TW game I tried to have them make a player after me which didn’t succeed.

  16. When did diamond jacking Justin Timberlake and William Hung become gangster?

    Seriously, I can’t imagine why some people think rap perpetuates stereotypes. It’s not like this is a cliche laden loop of Jay-Z’s Who You Wit or anything. It’s cool that you got some screen time but if I recall your recent MC Hammer joint, cameos aren’t necessarily a good idea…Just sayin, C-Diddy.

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