Second Annual NFL Futures Contest

It’s nearly that time again, people.  Can’t you just smell it?  The brauts, the beer, the freshly cut grass…. Oh, the anticipation!

Football kicks up before we know it… and to get you all fired up for this year’s NFL season, I’m hosting my second annual Futures Contest.  Hanahan, last year’s winner with a very respectable 44 out of a possible 55 points, has been declared this year’s Honorary Grand Marshal.  Remember, Han, you’re not just defending your title.  You’re on the verge of establishing a dynasty.  Give the crowd a wave.

In case you all forgot, here are the rules.  An NFL future is how many wins, out of a 16-game season, Las Vegas thinks each team will tally.   You are to choose over, or under, that number.  Ties will go to the runner.

You must hereby select TEN TEAMS from the list below and assign them confidence points, ten being the team you’re MOST confident about and one being the least, then list them in the comments section.  You will be awarded those points if you guessed over or under correctly for that particular team.  It’s just that simple.  For the tiebreaker, I need your projected win total for the three Florida teams: Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Miami.

In addition to the glory of knocking Han off his high horse, this year’s contest winner will receive a fabulous prize pack, bragging rights and a seat next to Hanahan in the SportsChump Hall of Fame.

Buckle up your chin-straps, people.  All entries must be received by kick-off of the opening game September 5.

Best of luck.



BAL RAVENS –  9 ½ (opened at 10)



CHI BEARS – 9 ½ (opened at 9)




DEN BRONCOS –  8 ½ (opened at 9)


GB PACKERS –  11 ½ (opened at 12)

HOU TEXANS –  10½     





MIN VIKINGS – 6           

NE PATRIOTS –  12       

NO SAINTS  – 10 (opened at 9½)

NY GIANTS –  9             

NY JETS –  8 ½ (opened at 9)


PHI EAGLES – 10           

PIT STEELERS – 10        


SF 49ERS –  10






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54 Replies to “Second Annual NFL Futures Contest”

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  2. FYI, gentlemen….

    Here’s who we each have in my National Championship Pick ‘Em Contest.

    Still not to late to enter if there’s a team you like not selected below:

    SportsChump Florida
    Zbignu LSU
    Heavy D USC
    SpeedBeagle Alabama
    Phil Fowler South Carolina
    Yaz Oregon
    Coach Reese Michigan
    G Mony Oklahoma State
    Hanahan Georgia
    Daybreak Ohio State
    Blog Surface Texas
    Sieve Oklahoma
    SportsAttitudes FSU
    Snake Boise State
    KP Wisconsin
    Mac Arkansas
    Jed Sports Glutton Wyoming

  3. 1 – Cleveland – under
    2 – Carolina – over
    3 – New England – under
    4 – Pittsburgh – under
    5 – Baltimore – over
    6 – Buffalo – over
    7 – Minnesota – under
    8 – Philly – under
    9 – Tampa Bay – over
    10 – Seattle – over

    Total tiebreaker wins – 22

  4. 10 Packers over
    9 Patriots under
    8 Saints under
    7 Denver over
    6 Colts over
    5 Cowboys over
    4 Browns over
    3 Steelers over
    2 Broncos over
    1 Giants over

    Tiebreaker- 27

  5. 10-Denver over
    9- Giants over
    8- Jaguar over
    7- steeler over
    6- eagles under
    5- dolphins under
    4- bears under
    3- PAts – under
    2- 49ers above
    1- steelers above

  6. Okay…

    Zbig is in and as he didn’t respond to my e-mail confirming that he correctly followed instructions, which is amazing since I know he doesn’t work (he’s probably on the golf course), I’m assuming he’s most confident about Seattle.

    An interesting selection of hater picks from the Zbig, taking Philly, Pittsburgh and New England all under.

    Not so surprisingly, he stayed away from his Cowboys. He must be nervous.

    Speebeagle is also in, showing some confidence in the three Florida teams with 27 wins. Can’t say I see that happening.

    Lot of overs for the Beag too, picking eight of her teams to go over the number. That also makes two out of two under picks for the New England Patriots.

    Why is that? Just because they’re no longer video taping their opponents?

  7. Rocky Top is in. No tiebreaker submitted so if you get around to it, throw me one. Not like you’re gonna win anyway.

    And nice pick up with Virginia Tech. You got ’em in the college pool.

    Let’s see if you can make it a clean sweep this football season.

  8. Didn’t Seattle just add the cancer to their team?

    10-NY Giants-Over
    9- Detroit-Over
    8- New England-Under
    7- Green Bay-Over
    6- Tampa bay-Over
    5- Tennessee-Under
    4- Washington-Over
    3- Jacksonville-Over
    2- Minnesota-Over
    1- New Orleans-Over


  9. 10) Indy – Over
    9)Pittsburgh – Under
    8) Arizona – Under
    7) Minnesota – Under
    6) St. Louis – Under
    5) Chicago – Over
    4) Oakland – Over
    3) Jacksonville – Under
    2) Cleveland – Under
    1) San Francisco – Over

  10. 10.Bucs-over
    9. Panthers-over
    8. Packers-under
    7. Saints-under
    6. Redskins-over
    5. Eagles-under
    4. Patriots-under
    3. Chiefs-under
    2. Texans-under
    1. Broncos-over

  11. Aero goes all homer with us, picking the Buccaneers to finish with six wins or more with the utmost of confidence. Let’s wish it to ’em.

    Interestingly enough, Aero makes five out of six people so far to take the New England Patriots UNDER.

    I must be missing something. Did Tom Brady suddenly start throwing like Giselle? Don’t they still play the Dolphins twice a year? Wouldn’t this team want a little retribution for the last game they played, aka, Super Bowl XLVI?

    Okay, so maybe 12 wins is a bit much.

  12. Okay… It flows like this:

    Confidence # – Team – O/U

    1 – Washington Redskins – Over
    2 – Carolina Panthers – Over
    3 – New England Patriots – Over
    4 – Tennessee Titans – Over
    5 – Denver Broncos – Over
    6 – Kansas City Chiefs – Over
    7 – Jacksonville Jaquars – Over
    8 – Indianapolis Colts – Under
    9 – Cleveland Browns – Under
    10 – Houston Texans – Over

    There ya go!

  13. Off topic for one moment …… Felix Hernandez made the Rays’ offense look a bunch of geriatrics in need of a bedpan . WTF !

    BCS champion …….. Tide baby !

    1)Bucs – over

    2)Falcons – under

    3) Seahawks – under
    4) Eagles – over
    5) Dolphins – under
    6) Patriots – over
    7) Titans -under
    8) Panthers – over
    9) Rams -under
    10) Chargers – under

    Giants’ Melky Cabrera gets busted for steroids and now gets the mandated 50 game suspension . Cabrera has Ryan Braun on speed dial .
    And Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin will be offering his services free of charge .


  14. Any chance that Vivid Entertainment will sign Chad Johnson to a contract as an adult entertainer given admission that he could see himself involved in the world of po#n ?

    I say you had better send Felix Hernandez an early Christmas card ! But then again is there a possibility has a sideline job mowing lawns yards ? He mowed —- down the Rays’ offense as if they were geriatrics in rest home flailing for their bedpans in urgency .

    Seek life elsewhere , or better yet , go take a leap off a short pier


  15. Dwin and Top Hat are in.

    Al, I still need your tiebreaker and yes, I’ll have a piece up on the Rays disaster soon, so stay tuned.

    And Beag, you do have Bama in the BCS.

    See it? Says so up top.

    Watching all those cars turn left must have blurred your vision.

  16. 10.PATRIOTS

    Total wins for all 3 Florida teams:26…

  17. I have no idea as to what I just did, but those are my predictions and I’m sticking to them.

  18. Forget the last one. Now I’ve got it.
    10.PATRIOTS over
    9.BRONCOS over
    8.PACKERS over
    7.EAGLES under
    6.COWBOYS under
    5.JETS over
    4.GIANTS under
    3.SAINTS under
    2.REDSKINS over
    1.STEELERS over

    Total wins for all 3 Florida teams:26…

  19. 10 – Indianapolis Colts – Under 5
    9 – Miami Dolphins – Under 7
    8 – San Francisco 49ers – Over 10
    7 – Cincinnati Bengals – Over 8
    6 – Chicago Bears – Over 9.5
    5 – Buffalo Bills – Under 8
    4 – Green Bay Packers – Over 11.5
    3 – Kansas City Chiefs – Over 8
    2 – Minnesota Vikings – Under 6
    1 – New England Patriots – Under 12

    Tie Breaker – 8

    National Champion – USC

  20. Snake is in and official.

    Dub is also in with perhaps a far more realistic expectation of how the three Florida teams will fare in his tiebreaker (Bucs- – 6, Dolphins – 1; Jags – 1)

    Chap is also in with his tiebreaker, giving us ten official entries.

    FYI… I’m still waiting on tiebreakers from TopHatAl and RockyTop. Tighten up, boys.

  21. I’ve been in consultation with noted numbers’ cruncher and now VP running mate Paul Ryan ….. he’s says total for the three —- 20 . Now let’s see him work his magic by giving Romney a personality .

    So now that Melky isn’t taking Cialis or Viagra . What assisted in his power numbers ?

    The kiss of death has been to the Red Sox manager, and it’ll be fun to see Bobby V march out beyond the Green Monster and off into oblivion .

    The more things change , the more they remain the same

    Tophatal ……..

  22. 10 – Texans under 10.5
    9 – Niners under 10
    8 – Cards under 7
    7 – Skins over 6.5
    6 – Giants over 9
    5 – Chefs under 8
    4 – Eagles under 10
    3 – Vikings over 6
    2 – Rams under 6
    1 – Jets under 8.5

    Florida team wins – 18

    p.s. eff the Ravens!

  23. Al…

    I wonder if Bobby Valentine can even walk around the streets of Boston or go out to dinner without being snickered at.

    I bet you he orders in a lot.

  24. Yaz is in, giving us 11 and my picks are not in yet. We still should have a few more stragglers as well.

    Houston under, Yaz? What did they ever do to you? And speaking of under, I’ll take the three Florida teams under 18. I just don’t see that happening. How about a beer on it.

  25. **Straggler alert**

    10. Broncos over
    9. Redskins over
    8. Bills over
    7. Panthers over
    6. Bengals under
    5. Vikings under
    4. Raiders under
    3. Texans over
    2. Browns under
    1. Colts under

    Florida teams: 20

    National Champions USC!

  26. Bleed is in giving us 12 officially entered, excluding me, who will save my picks until the 11th hour.

    So Bleed likes himself some Peyton Manning, RGIII and Ryan Fitzpatrick but doesn’t have any faith in Andrew Luck?

    I guess that shows why there’s no NFL in Los Angeles.


  27. 10. Miami under
    9. NYJ under
    8. Arizona under
    7. Buffalo under
    6. Atlanta over
    5. Jacksonville under
    4. Denver over
    3. Baltimore over
    2. San Fran under
    1. Seattle over

    Tiebreaker – 17

  28. Alright, the champ is here! Make room, current champion coming through!

    Wow, what a whirlwind year this has been, repping SC as the undisputed NFL futures champ. It’s a dream that every little boy has while growing up.

    This year’s picks…

    10… Miami under

    9…. Rams under

    8…. Jags under

    7…. Cards under

    6…. Skins under

    5…. Browns under

    4…. Packers over

    3…. Texans under

    2…. Bucs under

    1…. Falcons under

  29. Han…

    Wasn’t it Uncle Ben that said “with great power comes great responsibility?”

    You’ve worn your crown well. Let’s see if it gets to remain on your mantel another year.

    That gives us 14 in and my picks aren’t in yet.

  30. Hmmm… The mad scientist aka Sports Chump is in his laboratory… There’s loud crashing noises, white light flashing around the edges of a closed door and finally a terrifying, drawn out laugh! The door is thrust open and a wild eyed Chump storms forth!
    “I’ve done it!” He shouts… “I have the formula!”
    With bated breath we await the winning picks from the purveyor of SportsChumpNet!

  31. Dwin…

    My picks will be up later tonight so stay tuned.

    And I love the visual. Just don’t tell anyone I’m not wearing anything under my lab coat… although I’m pretty sure they already assumed that.

  32. 10. Packers – Over
    9. 49ers – Over
    8. Dolphins – Under
    7. Bills – Under
    6. Cardinals – Under
    5. Chargers – Under
    4. Browns – Under
    3. Cowboys – Under
    2. Jaguars – Under
    1. Chiefs – Under

    Tiebreaker – 17

  33. Joey Mills is in, and is feeling awfully negative tonight, picking 8 of his ten teams to finish under.

    What’s wrong, Joe? Don’t think anyone’s gonna be any good this year?

  34. Okay, people, here we go…

    On the eve of the 2012, I hereby select the following ten teams.

    10 – Falcons over
    9 – Ravens over
    8 – Vikings under
    7 – Cardinals under
    6 – Broncos over
    5 – Bengals under
    4 – Dolphins under
    3 – Seahawks under
    2 – Colts over
    1 – Bucs over (homer pick)

    And it should be another rough year for Florida football teams. I’ll take 16 wins over as my tiebreak.

    Good luck to all.

  35. 1)Dolphins — under
    2)Browns — under
    3)Cowboys — over
    4)Bengals — over
    5)Chiefs — under
    6)Patriots — under
    7)Texans — over
    8)Packers — over
    9)Jets — under
    10)Giants — over

    Bonus)Florida teams win a combined 16 games.

    Also, I’ll take TCU in the National Championship pick em (gotta go with my alma mater)

  36. Hope we’re not too late. Thanks for the reminder Chump!

    See below for our 10 teams.

    KC CHIEFS – 8 – Under
    CAR PANTHERS – 7 ½ – Under
    CIN BENGALS – 8 – Under
    JAX JAGUARS – 5½ – Under
    SD CHARGERS – Under
    ARI CARDINALS – 7 – Under
    CLE BROWNS – 5½ – Under
    SEA SEAHAWKS – 7½ – Over
    TB BUCCANEERS – 6 – Under
    TEN TITANS – 7½ – Under

    Tiebreak: 17 games

    Let’s GO!

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  38. Gentlemen…

    We are coming down to the nitty-gritty with eight teams’ over/unders yet to be determined, however, I can tell you with one week to play, it is a dead heat between two contestants:

    Ravenous with 43 points and Blog Surface with 41.

    That’s not to say everyone else is out of the running for many of us have possible points remaining, so stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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