NFL Preseason Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview


Week 2 of preseason play started with two games on Thursday and six on Friday.

There were certainly some surprising results, even if exhibitions are far from important when it comes to final scores.

For example, the Cleveland Browns topped the Green Bay Packers 35-10, the Tennessee Titans beat up on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-7, the Minnesota Vikings won 36-14 over the Buffalo Bills, and the Jacksonville Jaguars finished with a 27-24 road win over Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Elsewhere, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions and Carolina panthers won their games as well.

Saturday was highlighted by the New York Giants’ 26-3 win over the New York Jets, while the Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers impressed as well.

There may have only been one game on Sunday but it was a terrific one. The Pittsburgh Steelers survived with a 26-24 victory. On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles held on despite losing Michael Vick to injury and overcame the New England Patriots 27-17.

Looking ahead to this week and our potential NFL picks, the Packers will play the Bengals in Cincinnati and Jacksonville/Baltimore and Arizona/Tennessee will all be in action on Thursday too.

Friday features some interesting NFL encounters, including the Giants up against the Bears and the Browns and Eagles, both of whom are undefeated, meeting up in Cleveland.

We’ll see Buffalo against Pittsburgh on Saturday, as well as Oakland/Detroit, Washington/Indianapolis, Dallas/St. Louis and New Orleans/Houston. It’ll be fun to see Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III go head-to-head.

This week’s schedule finishes off with Denver/San Francisco and the New York Jets at home to the Carolina Panthers. Both games will be on Sunday.

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13 Replies to “NFL Preseason Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview”

  1. Coming into the season, we actually thought Drew Brees was going to come back down to earth. With the whole Saints bounty and everything else around the team, the Saints in our opinion were not going to be contenders. After seeing Drew Brees do what he does, we can confidently say, forget all that… throw that into the garbage… Unless someone injures Brees, the guy will continue to be a beast!

  2. BS/CDR…

    I agree with you on Brees. In fact, one of my buddies had the number one pick in his fantasy draft and went with Brees.

    I think what we’re going to find out this season, is how important an NFL head coach actually is when he has a floor leader like Brees calling the shots.

  3. Chap…

    This piece was actually written by a contributing author/advertiser, so I promised we’d be nice.

    Feel free, however, to disobey my wishes, he he.

  4. Even though the Bucs out scored the Patriots Friday night the game turned out to be more of a loss than a win. All pro Davin Joseph was lost for the season. Now the offensive line becomes as big of a question mark as the rest of the team. Damn!

  5. Preseason and here were are at a crossroads ! Replacement referees from the D2 and D3 level of of NCAA College Football causing mayhem with their succession of blown calls . Let’s see if the fans are just as tolerant if the scenario pans out in the first three weeks of the regular season ? Because as of now the league hierarchy and the NFLRA <b<(referees' union) are no closer to finding a solution .

    Goodell at his best and at his worst is still a bumbling oaf !

    Tophatal ……………

  6. Aer…

    From everything I hear, Schiano, Dominik and the O-Line coach are scrambling to fill the hole that Joseph left behind, which is why I don’t expect many starters to be playing tonight at all for fear of injury.

  7. Al…

    Even if Hochuli and company do come back, will the even be in game shape?

    And to answer your question, man, yes, I am thinking about taking the Jets under. My only concern would be their inevitable six-game winning streak when Tebow takes over the starting spot mid-season.

  8. Chump,

    One of our buddies just had his fantasy draft. Guess the top three picks. 1) Rodgers 2) Brady 3) Brees – How’s that for belief in QBs.

  9. Chris

    Whatever made or gave you the impression that the zebras (referees) now covering the preseason games were in game-shape to begin with ? It’s not as if the vast majority of their peers who do the regular season schedule , were any fitter , anyway ! It’s just that their acumen when it comes to the games and officiating, was far superior , that’s all.

    Your parents could probably beat Ed Hochuli in a 50 yd dash, even if they gave him a 10 yd advantage at the start.

    Let me know what you think of the following but also read the details concerning for Mets’ employee Kirk Radomski . And then tell me why you still believe that baseball’s mandate concerning the ‘roiders are still worthwhile as you seemingly imply . Be sure to see the comments I made concerning the league’s investigation of Radomski .

    Times are a changing but not necessarily for the better

    So that was really the Bucs that turned up last night in Landover , Maryland , to play the Redskins . Sh#t they got turned out like a multiple partner sex-scene in a ##rn flick where there’s only one female but at least 5 or six males as part of the action .

    That Bucs’ team is god-damn awful in every facet of the game . Whether or not it was Freeman as the signal caller with the second , third and fourth-stringers that was tremendously bad football being played by the Bucs . And that was reflected in the final score of 30-3

    Bucs’ backup qb Brett Ratliffe is a poor excuse for an NFL backup quarterback . Not that Josh Freeman has been any better to begin with this preseason .

    Tophatal ………………..

  10. BS…

    It’s a quarterback’s league, both in fantasy and real life.

    Pretty sure gone are the days of Dilfer and Brad Johnson winning Super Bowls… at least for now.

  11. Either way, Al, the season is going to start with replacement officials. Apparently both sides are still far apart on reaching any sort of agreement, which in the grand scheme of things, looks like nickels and dimes, which is why so many fans are dumbfounded.

    Hey, at least the new officials are getting pretty good seats.

    And like I said over in the comments section of the Armstrong piece, the only thing that concerns me about last night’s Bucs exposition is our apparent lack of depth.

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