Once again, Nick Saban tells it like it is

This is hard for me to say considering I’m a Gator alum but Nick Saban is, without a doubt, the man.  This is a guy who has won three national championships at two different schools.  This is a man whose Alabama team embarrassed a defending national championship Florida team in the 2009 SEC Championship Game, making Tim Tebow cry in the process.  This is a man who, despite the rigors of coaching college football at its highest level, still looks pretty damn good for being sixty years of age.  And most importantly, this is a man who demands our respect, although he probably couldn’t care less whether he has it or not.

In a recent press conference, the cool, collected Saban combined one part Mike Gundy, one part Herm Edwards and three parts Yoda to put basically every journalist in the room in their place, killing them with kindness but killing them nonetheless.

After Alabama’s beat down of previously number four ranked Michigan, every analyst from here to Tuscaloosa was ready to award Alabama another national championship, but as Saban promptly reminded everybody, that’s simply not how it works.  There are games to be played, practices to be held, routes to be perfected and most importantly, expectations not to be exploded.

Let’s listen in….

You have to think coach would be happy if he never read another sports page in his life and have his players do exactly the same.  What he was asking from those who cover his game, and his team, was a little journalistic integrity and to not blow smoke up his team’s skirt while he’s trying to a) win ballgames and b) mold young boys into men.  Nor does he want the media belittling Alabama’s opponents regardless of a twenty-seven point victory or a forty point spread.  He’s not the first coach to do so and he certainly won’t be the last.

He’s right too.  It’s all fine and dandy to make predictions and have our meaningless pre-season rankings.  That’s what we do.  But according to Saban, and probably every other coach in college football, that’s counter-productive.  Saban’s not nearly as eager as the rest of us to crown his team the best in the land, not until he’s holding that crystal trophy high over his head, barely managing a smile as if his lips have never formed one before.

If Saban can do his job with integrity, Miami Dolphins faux pas aside, then perhaps it’s okay to expect the same from his players, and most certainly those writing about them.

Of course, in the end we all know Saban is asking for too much.  At least from the journalists.

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38 Replies to “Once again, Nick Saban tells it like it is”

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  2. The match up looked pretty good on paper, but from what I’ve read Michigan has problems and in my opinion was overrated. Saban is right about all the hype, but hey a writers got to write something even if it’s about someone who made Timmy cry.

  3. Aer…

    Getting through the SEC unscathed is a tough task, even for Saban. We’ll see if Alabama is up to that task this year.

    Just don’t tell him I said so or even mentioned it. I don’t want him yelling at me too.

    Bottom line is, he’s got a good team and he’s a great coach. That’s not really something anyone can argue.

  4. Yeah, and he saw fit to upbraid poor Heather Cox on national tv for daring to refer to his offense as “running back by committee.” Never mind that he used 4 tailbacks and was up by 24 points at halftime …heza d**k

  5. I’ve gotta say… Bar none… The Big Ten is the most over-hyped, over-rated conference in college football. There’s no way Michigan should have been rated that high and now, post “Big Game” these sports journalists want to crown Alabama the 2012 National Champion right out of the gate. I don’t blame Saban for being upset and although I know he’d never say it in public, he knew going in Michigan was way out of their league playing (pick ’em) Arkansas, LSU, Alabama, and possibly even Florida, South Carolina and Georgia! Hell, Mississippi State would have given Michigan a good game! Don’t even get me started with Ohio State…

  6. Saban telling it like it is ? Now that’s a novelty , considering his lying a#s while he was the coach of the Dolphins ! When asked if he intended to return to the College Game , his response at the time was a resounding no . We would then find out that he was already negotiating an out , so that he could join the Tide .

    Unless a college coach is genuinely being passionate about seeing the kids under his tenure be productive citizens , I haven’t got time to deal with these oafs ! Hell , that ESPN symposium dealing with college recruitment , coaching , academic fraud and other issues , while insightful . These guys still came across as self-serving conceited bas#ards ! Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    Nick Saban , like Calipari and Calhoun , say one thing while meaning something else . These guys have no integrity whatsoever, but all they do is win , be it by hook or crook !

    Why are you peeved at the NFL concerning the Bucs being blacked out ? The NFL changed the criteria with regard to the time allowed for teams sell the required allotment of tickets needed to be sold , in order for a game to be televised . This time around it’s not the NFL hierarchy to be blamed but the lame ##s individuals inside of the Bucs’ Bucs’ Marketing & Sales Dept . Those “morons” would have a hard time selling ice to the Eskimos , much less now selling the Bucs as a NFL franchise and brand that’s said to be relevant once again . GM Mark Dominik has done a poor job selling this franchise to the locale as well as nationally. And you wonder why Tampa can’t be looked upon as a relevant city within the world of sports ? You need to be more critical of the Bucs in this case , rather than railing on the league . God did I just say that ? Son of ##tch , there’s something in the water that’s making me compassionate towards the NFL .

    It’s all but official , the Red Sox will fire Bobby Valentine at the end of the regular season .

    Column: Valentine’s replacement deserves a better chance

    Tophatal ……………..

  7. Nick Saban and integrity being used in the same sentence . God damn Chris , what are you on this early in the morning , and can I have some ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    How many times over the course of his career has his teams ran up the score on an opponent in order that his teams got a a favorable ranking within the BCS ? C’mon now , why are you falling for his diatribe ?

    Alabama’s 2012-13 football schedule . We all know which teams on that schedule are meant to be the ” whipping posts” for the Tide !

    Other than their in conference schedule, Saban’s team won’t at all be tested over the course of their schedule . Nick Saban is making nice for the local beat writers’ sake and to make himself look good in-front of the nation’s press .

    Tophatal …………..

  8. Dwin…

    It’s gotten to the point that I think even Big Ten fans (or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days) understand they’re a step behind.

    We’ll see how long it takes for Meyer to make serious (and eligible) contenders out of Ohio State.

  9. Al…

    Would you want to coach the Dolphins? I mean, they’re one of the proudest franchises in the NFL and they have sucked for how long now? Who’d have thought Alabama was that much of a better job. In retrospect, can you blame the guy for leaving?

    And re: the Bucs, can’t we blame a little bit of this on the fans? I mean, when do the locals shoulder some of the blame?

    Look, the Bucs marketing and sales department can do all they want. But we already know the damn team is there. We know we have a new coach. We know they have new, big free agent signings. And we know we’re opening up against a division rival led by one of the most exciting young players in the game.

    I’d go on Sunday but I have to work. So to the people of Tampa Bay, I say, tighten the fuck up and go support your team before the owner packs his bags and takes them elsewhere.

  10. Al…

    I’m not falling for it. I just enjoy when coaches teeter on losing it and you can tell Saban almost did so here.

    Look, running up the score is sometimes a necessary evil. If you want to impress the voters, you better lay waste to your opponent. Besides, I don’t think Bama was running up the score against Michigan. They were just that much better.

    Everyone’s got a patsy on their schedule, Al. I mean they opened with number four Michigan. I’m not offended that they mix in a Western Kentucky with the conference schedule coming up. They’re not the only ones in the nation to do so.

  11. C’mon Chris , you know how in South Miami the fans there , are more rabid about their teams in the vicinity than their counterparts in Central and Northern Florida . That being said , the Bucs’ situation has more to do with the Glazers resorting to their old ways . That recent IPO (initial public offering) for Man Utd on various stock exchanges around the globe will net the soccer team some $ 450 million . Not wanting to speak bad of Malcolm and his off-spring but how much of that money do you believe will find its way into the clubs’ coffers and how much into the Glazers’ own pockets ? Just saying that’s all . Mark Dominik possesses about as much financial acumen as can be found inside the offices of Lehman Brothers before that bank went belly up .

    I dislike the Dolphins immensely, ever since I attended a game at Joe Robbie Stadium several years ago , and some guys there directed multiple racial epithets at myself and some friends of mine . Needless to say , the incident was taken care of after the game as only the “Haitian Massive” tend to take care of things . Cans of whup #ss were readily delivered to the bigots in a timely fashion .

    Look at how lame the ads in the local markets have been , in introducing the Bucs and Greg Schiano for this upcoming season ? And you’re blaming the fans ? What inducements have the Bucs really offered to the fans ? Don’t forget the Bucs begrudgingly and rarely offer incentives to the fans to lure them into the Ray J . Tampa harbors to be a first class city but the mindset of its politicians and the entrepreneurs there , are somewhat naive , and really without creativity and intelligence !

    Everyone needs to have patsy on their schedule , it’s what makes the each Saturday replete with suckers looking for the big score when it comes to laying a bet . You don’t think the guys in Vegas have figured that into the lines they lay ?

    Rumor has it that the Browns’ fans in Cleveland won’t be burning an effigy of Art Modell in lieu of death at the age of 87 . Was this meant to be the closure the fans sought ?

    So both Girardi and Jeter are saying that they’re not worried with the state of playing concerning the Yankees ? How so ? Early June to mid July , the team (Yankees) led the AL East by margin of ten games (10 ) . Now they’re in a dogfight that by no means are they guaranteed to win , unless either the Orioles or Rays’ implode .

    McIlroy and Woods were toying with their opponents in the first two rounds at the BMW Championship . Can’t wait for the 2012 Ryder Cup to begin .

    Tophatal ………..

  12. Chris

    The Glazers are not moving the Bucs anywhere , anytime soon . They’re now too closely tied to the city of Tampa , Tampa Bay Sports Authority , by way of the tax inducements that the franchise receives . It’s business first with the Glazers , so unless they’re offered millions in subsidies beyond a cash offer to move , they will be staying in the locale for another decade at least . Unlike the Rays , I believe that Stuart Sternberg has taken as much as he can from Pinellas County Council and the inane stupidity being shown by Hillsborough County Council !

    If the city of Las Vegas weren’t in such a financial morass , the Rays would have moved there several years ago. The franchise can’t break the lease (expires 2027) at the Trop without there being severe financial penalties imposed . Like I’ve stated to you repeatedly , Sternberg should seek a silent partner with deep pockets , rather than continuing to operate on the meager resources at his disposal . You don’t need to be a MIT grad to realize that the Rays are still in a financial mess .

  13. Al…

    I’m not questioning the dedication of Dolphins fans. I’m merely saying, for various reasons, the Dolphins have sucked for some time. Do you honestly think that Buccaneers fans aren’t going to the games because of the Glazers? I’m not so sure I agree with that either.

    What sort of incentives are you looking to receive exactly? Isn’t winning enough? And if this team starts winning, do you think that’ll be enough to attract fans? Besides, it’s the NFL and we both know they don’t feel like they owe anybody anything.

    I love how, in death, we remember Art Modell as one of the game’s pioneers yet while he was alive, all we heard about was how he stuck it to Cleveland. Now it’s like nobody has a bad thing to say about him.

    And yes, Rory Mac and Tiger Dub were fun as hell to watch yesterday. Incredible shot-making.

  14. The reason they’ve (Dolphins) sucked is the succession of bad head coaches over the last six years at least , as well the horrendous draft decisions made . If Stevie Wonder were the GM , he may well have done far better . Never mind the front office executives they’ve had with the exception of Parcells . Current GM Jeff Ireland couldn’t spell the word talent , much less spot it on a playing field !

    RIP Art Modell ! As to how the Browns’ fans may well feel about his passing, is another thing altogether .

    Former governor Charlie Crist will now represent the NFL in all future legal matter . Oh ##it ! There goes the neighborhood . LOL,LOL !! After the overturning of these suspensions , Goodell should cut his losses because he’s now looking an even bigger a#s than ever could have been perceived !

    Have fans been going to games because of the Glazers ? Of their last 17 regular season home games 15 have been blacked out . So tell me what you think is actually happening ? The Glazers haven’t it within them to be magnanimous and even dole out some tickets discretionary to even the service members stationed at McDill . But yet the idiots within the print , tv and radio media continue to kiss the a#s of franchise and ownership group as if they’re deities . Lame a#s thinking within the locale in terms of how the Bucs ought to be treated !

    Jeter and Girardi aren’t panicking but I see they’ve now got their life-jackets in close proximity . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! If the O’s should end up winning the AL East , how much of that is a bad indictment against the Rays and Yankees in your honest opinion ?

  15. Chris

    You don’t believe the tax rebates that and other discretionary incentives offered by city and state governments don’t play a part in how a professional sports’ franchise operates ? In can add several million dollars to a franchise’s bottom line over certain time spans .

    Uninspiring fan support in Tampa ? Fair weather fans more like ! Rays’ fans only turn out in droves when either the Yankees or Red Sox are in down . And of the latter , is there really anyone now interested in seeing the Red Sox play ? The CIA have recordings of the Red Sox that they will now use to subject terrorist suspects as a form of torture . Cruel and unusual punishment ? What do you think ?

    Bucs’ fans no longer turn out unless there’s cheap beer in the offing . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Tophatal ……………

  16. I’ll be dropping a piece on the Bucs’ game against the Panthers and the highly anticipated game between the Broncos and Steelers . Will let you know when it’s up in the usual manner .

    The Rays lowered the boom on the Rangers last night in that 3-1 victory . Great win , and it sets them up nicely I hope , for the rest of the series !

    Tophatal ………..

  17. In death we tend to pay respects , homage and have nice things to say about people . If they’re politicians or heinous criminals however , then absolutely nothing is off limits ! Which would you rather it be ?

    My ex probably thinks highly of me ! Maybe not ! Then again , that’s one chapter of my life I don’t want to relive , unless it’s to remember the intimate moments ! Boo yah !

    Tophatal ………..

  18. Al…

    You can’t pin the Dolphin woes solely on their coaches. There’s no talent on the field.

    And you’re right about the Bucs sell-outs. Last year, they sold out Indy (Monday night) and Dallas (a Saturday night game) but it’s been about two years since they’ve sold out a Sunday contest.

    Another nice win by the Rays against their nemesis Rangers last night, man. Attendance last night, you ask? 19,500. About half full… or half empty depending on how you look at it.

  19. And Al, I doubt anyone could disparage you the way Clevelanders have Modell over the years… not even the ex.

    Not that she wouldn’t have good reason, of course, he he.

  20. Saban’s point of view is definitely true. Of course, we thought the Alabama/Michigan game was going to be a crazy one, but sometimes one team just has the better day. It’s good that Saban is teaching his kids to look forward and not dwell in the past. Having this kind of attitude will propel Alabama to another great season and possibly another BCS title shot.

  21. 19,500 at the Trop is far better than 12,500 that’s for sure .

    As to the ex , last I heard she was back in London but I don’t know if she went back there permanently .

    The Rays need wins but more so, series’ wins if they’re to pulls things out of the bag .

    Savannah State in their two college games thus far have given up a total of 139 points without putting up a score themselves . They’re patsies alright ! These teams simply take the money and run , even if it means that they’ll be embarrassed .

    The Nats have done themselves no favors in shutting down Strasburg . They may well make the playoffs but I doubt that pitching staff without the Nats’ starter will be the equal of any of the NL contenders in the postseason ! It’s sheer idiocy in that decision by the front office and it could end up coming bite franchise in the a#s when Strasburg comes up for arbitration . Nats’ GM Mike Rizzo is a damn moron !


    Tophatal ………………….

  22. BS…

    ‘Bama should definitely be one of the last teams standing. Fortunately the Gators don’t have to play them this year.

    But after watching Michigan struggle with Air Force today, we’re left to wonder how good they actually are… and how good Alabama actually is.

  23. Good piece Chris, but isn’t what Saban asking of the press exactly what writers like you and me are attempting to do anyways? Personally, I was personally tired of reading the junk from journalists in the major media outlets that lacked integrity, reason, and a developed thought process. It’s not a bad thing to hold ourselves to a higher standard and take the time to do the extra work to produce something of substance.

    Hope you enjoyed the first weekend of NFL action.


  24. Jed….

    I often ask myself what I’d ask coaches or players or anyone else if I were unfortunate enough to be a sports journalist for a living. Why would I ever take the pay cut?

    But you’re right on.

    One of the reasons so many sports blogs, and other websites of similar nature, have popped up over the years, is a) because so many of us are sports fans but also b) many of us think we could do a better job than the average hack writing for the local paper.

    That may or may not be true and quite frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

    But as you suggest, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with holding ourselves to a higher standard in everything we do.

  25. Hey Chris,

    Couldn’t agree more. I know things are that more intensified coaching a school in the south (especially Bama) so I’m sure it grows tiresome.

    Hey, maybe that’s why Saban always has the awful demeanor while coaching. Seriously, is it me or does the guy look like he wants to assault anyone who approaches him?

  26. Catching up on my e-mails today, Al, so I’ll be over to check out your latest posts.

    We all knew Strasburg wasn’t going to be a National for life. This season may have just expedited that process.

    Did you see poor Weeden get trapped under the American flag as the game was opening? That poor kid. I can’t see him being in the league very long.

    And I’m working on a Saints collaboration piece with a friend, so stay tuned.

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