A Footballer’s Guide to Recovery Nutrition

Footballers must rely on their bodies in order to play their sport. Given the demands placed on their body in the sport of football, it is no surprise that they must continue to train throughout the year. In order to make these training sessions more efficient, focusing on proper recovery supplements is important. You can find supplements of all kinds online at Maximuscle.

One nutrient that requires supplementation would be carbohydrates. These are the primary source of fuel for the body during intense training activities. Carbohydrates are also used in endurance activities. Therefore, during the recovery period, it is important that muscle and liver glycogen be restored. After all, this is the body’s storage form of carbohydrates. Glycogen is depleted much more quickly following exercise because the blood flow to the muscles is more significant following exercise. Also, muscle cells are more apt to use glucose during the recovery period. If carbohydrates are not restored following a workout, then this could have detrimental and far reaching effects for a footballer. Muscle glycogen storage could be depleted and the athlete’s recovery could be impaired. Supplements containing carbohydrates are a good choice for footballers to restore the levels within their body.

Carbohydrates are important for footballers as they often train hard several times a day during the season. It is now becoming common practice as well for football teams to replenish their players’ carbohydrates immediately following a match. There is a greater awareness of sports nutrition than ever before. Teams are starting to see the value in implementation of their own recovery programs following football matches.

For lengthy training sessions lasting 90 minutes of longer, footballers should taken in 1.5 grams of carbohydrates for each kg of body weight during the recovery period. It is also important that two hours after this, that carbohydrate supplements are again taken in the same amount.

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