Who or what is an NOC and how are they so damn funny?

I don’t know who these guys at NOC are, nor do I know what NOC stands for, but after watching a few of their videos, consider me a new subscriber.

I saw the first one, Obama vs. Romney 1-on-1 basketball, courtesy of my friends over at Shoot-Hoops.com.  Needless to say I was hooked from there on out.

Rather than write a Major League Baseball season review, which I hadn’t really intended on doing anyway, I figured I’d let these guys do it for me.  I’m not even sure I could do as good a job.

Be on the lookout as I’m sure they’re about to make a splash… if they haven’t already.

Kudos, gentlemen.  You are SportsChump approved.

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18 Replies to “Who or what is an NOC and how are they so damn funny?”

  1. A NOC ? Not officially a Conservative ? Or in Mitt’s world ………….. 47 % of the people , I don’t know or give a fu#k about .

    TO was contemplating Craigslist, but he was worried that in doing so , his babies’ mamas would come chasing after his a#s, for the money he still owes them in back child support .

    So TO is using the social platform Twitter to give a shout out to Jets , to let them know he’s available ?

    And to think the beleaguered Egyptians used Facebook to aid them in overthrowing Hosni Mubarak and his corrupt regime . What is the world coming to ?

    Tophatal ………….

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  3. Actually, Al, I discovered it stands for “Network of Champions.” Wow, a potential network, if even off the cuff, that discusses sports. Expect an ESPN buyout of them soon as no one else is allowed to talk sports these days.

    At this point, I think I might like seeing TO on the Jets. I mean, who doesn’t love a good dumpster fire.

  4. Network of Champions ? Well it’s obviously NBC Sports Network ! Is anyone watching now that there’s no NHL ? Not that anyone has been to begin with. The only thing worthwhile there just happens to be Darren Rovell’s show on the business of sports.

    There’s enough fire burning within the Jets’ organization without throwing another incendiary device on , to see the embers be re-enflamed . But then again , have you seen how inept that Jets’ offense just happens to be ? All of this what what Tebow might add as an offensive threat is a goddamn joke ! Richard Simmons could add more , were he dressed in a pink leotard, shouting from the top of his voice that he’s open to anything bigger than 9 inches .

    Offensive coordinator , Tony Sparano wasn’t that much of a success, as a head coach in Miami , in spite of the idiocy of the “wildcat offense”, and now fans are suppose to believe he will add something to Jets , by way of ingenuity ? What medication are the Jets’ officials on ?

    Odd-smakers in Vegas are fools , if they feel that the addition of Nash and Howard immediately makes the Lakers, just behind the Heat and Thunder as the next favored team in the NBA , to win the NBA title . They obviously haven’t looked at the Spurs and not only what they have added to their roster, but also their recent record and postseason over the past five years .

    The series between the Reds and Giants is turning out to be intriguing .

    Tophatal …..

  5. TO “tweeting ” his availability is one thing , but Chad Johnson walking around with a sandwich board (“Will work for food , room and board” ) has to be embarrassing don’t you think ?

    What the hell is going on , on the campus of USF ? Five sexual assaults in the past eighteen months ? The most recent , being just last week .

    Tophatal ………

  6. Al…

    If I were a Jets fan, I’d have to hide all sharp objects. I mean, more people are watching them now, not to see them win, but to see what will happen next.

    And don’t kid yourself about those odds, Al. Remember they have as much to do with public perception as anything else.

    The Lakers will be good, man. There’s no way around it.

  7. Al…

    I hadn’t heard that about USF. Even though I live close to the campus, I can assure you it wasn’t me.

    As for Skip Holtz, the school is saying they’ll wait until the end of the season to make any coaching changes but I find that hard to believe if he keeps on losing.

    Somewhere, Jim Leavitt is smiling.

  8. Look this is crazy , if USF (Bulls) is thinking about making changes concerning the football coaching staff. Skip Holtz can only work with he’s given and not much else beyond that. I mean this isn’t the USC (Trojans) or the Canes . The kids are not banging down the doors , demanding money to play . Or are they ?

    Leavitt still smiles ? I heard an actual act of flatulence from him , and he gets a headache .

    Over or under 50,000 in attendance , when the Bucs hosts the Redskins ?

    It’s not that we’re bad it’s just that other teams are better

    So neither the ASPCA or PETA are angry , that Michael Vick now owns a canine ? Rumor has it that the dog was bought as protection , as he feels much safer when it is around , than when his O line has protected him this season .

    Tophatal ……………..

  9. Al…

    Are you suggesting that USF doesn’t have enough talent on the field to beat either Ball State or Temple? I mean, these kids grew up in Florida, right?

    Temple’s a traditional doormat, dude. And next week, the Skipettes travel to Louisville where Charlie Strong and company will have a little something waiting for them as well.

    My guess is Skip doesn’t make it out alive. He is in charge of recruiting too. You know that, right? So if there’s no talent on that team, who’s to blame.

  10. Chris

    It’s USF (Bulls) , not exactly a bastion of football history there, within that program . It’s on lower rungs of desired destinations for kids within this state , Even you know that . Skip could be giving out free condoms and promises of lap dances at Mons Venus , kids are not coming there to play when FSU , Florida and the Canes still hold sway within the state of Florida .

    How many players from the USF Bulls’ program are now playing in the NFL ?

    The two best teams in the NL ( Nations & Reds [record wise]) could be on the verge of bowing out of the MLB postseason . Karma is a bi#ch ……. remember that Nationals’ fans . You heard it here first . GM Mike Rizzo is an a##hole and so too is the team manager Davey Johnson , in trying to suggest that without Strasburg the team is giving it their best shot . That’s like handicapping a horse in the Kentucky Derby by drugging it , and then telling the jockey to hang tough down the final quarter mile .

    Tophatal …………..

  11. Most notably, JPP, Al. Pierre-Paul is a Bull and has fared pretty well for himself with the Giants

    As you mentioned, Reds and Nats gone! Incredible comeback by the Cards, huh?

    Or was it a choke by the Nats. You be the judge.

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