Weekly Caption Contest celebrates spray tanning and bodybuilding… sort of.

We haven’t had a good caption contest in quite some time, so here goes nothing.

I absolutely love having Yahoo as my homepage.  They consistently come up with stories that keep me entertained.  In case you missed it, their latest headliner was of a tanning session gone awry.

As most of you know, I live the Sunshine State where I’m routinely amazed that so many tanning salons remain in business.  Seriously, they’re everywhere.  Now, I have some good friends that run a tanning salon (and quite a few who frequent them… ugh!) so I’m going to choose my words carefully.  Let’s just say, it’s a business I’d never invest in, especially in Florida where it is 90 degrees for ten months of the year and the nearest beach or pool is a stone’s throw away.  But we like what we like, and some of us like to be orange, so who am I to judge?

Either way, this poor schmuck below has apparently been abusing his tanning privileges.

At the Arnold Classic 2012, this guy, whose name Yahoo did not release in the article, strutted his stuff on the catwalk, bikini briefs and all, flexing his biceps, triceps and pectorals, for the entire world to see.  The only problem is… he’s two-tone.

So put down those beach towels and warm up those imaginations, sports fans.  Show me what you got for Mr. Tan Man down here.  The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive one free bottle of Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 and one slightly used, yet still incredibly stylish, banana hammock.


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48 Replies to “Weekly Caption Contest celebrates spray tanning and bodybuilding… sort of.”

  1. Alright, I’m gonna start this party off right with my own two entries.

    Hopefully, they won’t dissuade anyone’s creativity for, despite their brilliance, I am ineligible to win my own contests. Besides, I already own a banana hammock.

    You’re welcome for the visual.

    Entry #1: Hey, baby. I’m black… from the waist down.

    Entry #2: “If you’re thinkin’ ’bout my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white” – Michael Jackson

  2. You too can have a beautifully tanned body like this if, while you are relaxing in the sun, you stick your head up your ass!

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  4. Dwin…

    This guy must’ve, although one could also make the argument that this guy’s not the only professional athlete these days to ahem… have his head up his ass.

  5. In the words of the odious cast of the Jersey Shore …….. “Gym , tan , laundry” . Way too much gym and tan , and I’m not so who does the laundry , here .

    ‘roided up do you think ?

    So that 8-1 loss ,last night last wasn’t enough of an embarrassment for the Yankees and A Rod , that the $30 million a year douche-bag indirectly is criticizing Girardi and the coaching staff , for only having him pinch hit in the game. ? WTF ! Has A Rod looked at his stats this postseason ? They’re lower than the draws around a whore’s ankles during sex .

    Tophatal ………….

  6. “Now for my next pose , I’ll remove my trunks and show you that my ‘package’ is real, and tanned “.

    Oh by the way , they are delusional in the state of Texas , as they have ideas of grandeur way above their socioeconomic station . My post wasn’t that misleading was it ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Don’t spill your beer if the Gamecocks score first in the game between themselves and the Gators . It’s all good , as I expect Muschamp’s boys to get it done , and pull through !

    Head to head meetings (Florida leads 23-6-6 [ties]) between the two teams (Gators and Gamecocks).

    Tophatal ……..

  7. Al…

    Like I said, I wonder which major league team would take a chance on A-Rod and how much of that hundred mil the Yankees would eat just to get rid of him.

  8. Al…

    Re: this Saturday’s big game between the ‘Cocks and the Gators, we’ll see if the Ol’ Ball Coach has a little something up his sleeve or whether Coach Mus has his boys prepared.

    Don’t forget, after this one, the Gators have another tough one in Jacksonville against the Bulldogs next week.

  9. Good one Chump. That was back a million years ago when Eddie Murphy was still funny and Joe Piscopo still hadn’t discovered juicing yet.

  10. Speaking of…

    Can’t we technically blame Eddie Murphy for Joe Piscopo’s steroid use?

    I mean, if it weren’t for Eddie, Piscopo wouldn’t have had a career.

    Someone get USADA on the phone.

  11. If the judges don’t pick me I’m gonna hold my breath until my face matches the rest of me.

  12. Yahoo can swear til you see hair on my head. I say its photo shopped. The head is way too small for the body. The dude looks like a koopa.

  13. I went to Goggle Images and typed in “body builder photo shopped images” and the picture came right up with other photo shopped pix.

  14. When she said she wanted to use me for her turkey basting, I had something else in mind…

  15. I don’t believe that Yankees will trade A Rod for the mere fact I can’t see them eating any part of that remaining contract where he’s owed over $110 million (not including bonuses) for the next five years.

    Both Muschamp and Spurrier will have something up their sleeves for this Saturday . But it will come down to which team executes better.

    So last night in the game last night between the Seahawks and Niners , because Harbaugh turned down a “safety” . In doing so Vegas bettors took a major hit . didn’t

    Jim Harbaugh turns down safety, ensures 49ers’ win

    It’s not often you see an NFL coach take points off the board in a one-score game. Yet when Jim Harbaugh did it Thursday night, it made total sense.

    With 43 seconds left in the San Francisco 49ers’ dominant second half, officials called a chop-block penalty on Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Paul McQuistan.

    The penalty took place in the end zone, which meant a safety for the 49ers. That made the score 15-6 and essentially ended the game with a minute remaining. At least it was over until Harbaugh declined the penalty.

    Say what?

    In a strange sequence, Harbaugh decided not to take the penalty (or the two points) because the Seahawks came up 1 yard short on the fourth-and-17 play. The ball was turned over on downs. Harbaugh preferred to take the ball up 13-6 rather than let the Seahawks attempt an onside free kick after a safety.

    There’s almost no way the Seahawks could have scored twice at that point, but Harbaugh’s reasoning was sound. You never know what could happen.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Tophatal …………………

  16. Snake…

    I don’t know what a koopa is but like that one commercial says, if it’s on the internet, it has to be true, right?

    I mean, even Joe Piscopo looked like that at one point, right?

  17. Al…

    I’m not sure how much the Yanks will eat of A-Rod’s remaining contract but I imagine they’d have to eat at least half for another team to even be somewhat interested.

    Tomorrow’s battle for the SEC East in Gainesville between Spurrier and his former team should be another doozy. As a Gator fan, it’s the one game on the schedule I looked at pre-season and was worried about.

    I had already tuned the Niners-Seahawks game out at that point but Harbaugh’s move to decline the safety made sense. Just not to those who had San Francisco covering the spread.

    And let’s not hold our breath with Tagliabue uncovering things we didn’t already know about Bountygate. I don’t expect him to throw his successor under the bus.

  18. Florida took it to the Gamecocks , and then I see the USF Bulls simply make mistakes in their game against Louisville that led to their loss . B J Daniels , way too inconsistent .

    $114 million plus , is still owed to A Rod . Funny , remember when he was traded by the Rangers three years into the first $250 million contract he signed ? The Rangers had to eat 65 % of the remaining deal part of the trade while Rodriguez was with the Yankees . And Selig thought this , good for the game ? That in part , put the Rangers over the edge , as Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette pretty much financially mismanaged that franchise before taking it into bankruptcy . But fans simply overlook that , and opine as to the parity within the game . There is no parity at all in professional sports , as it all comes down to financial expediency and knowing how to assess talent .

    Last year the Yankees had $455 million in gross revenues , but only made a profit of $10.6 million . All of that with a $200 million payroll in tow.

    Team payrolls in 2011

    Tophatal …………

  19. Al…

    Once again, we have the same old pleasant conversations.

    The Gators are far better than anyone thought. The USF Bulls are far worse than anyone thought. Skip Holtz can’t walk into his office every Monday morning feeling good about himself. That team is not good. On the other hand, Mus, 130 or so miles to the north, is doing just fine.

    Regarding A-Rod, I imagine it’ll take some shifty dealing to cast off a $120 million 40-year old that can’t hit worth a damn to a willing buyer.

    But if anyone can do it, it’s Brian Cashman.

  20. Chris

    A Rod is hitting alright , but he isn’t hitting a baseball
    . He’s out there , partying like a rock star and “layin’ the wood” to chicks like a porn star. It’s rumored that his run-in with Girardi prior to game one of the ALCS had something to do with him being out on the town , on the eve of the game . Jeter can get away with that as he has really produced in the postseason . Can the same be said about A Rod in the during baseball’s postseason fare ? Your thoughts .

    There’s meant to be no crying in baseball or football(NFL). Cam Newton of late , looks as if yearns for the days when he was playing and being paid to play at Auburn . The Panthers look bad this season and Cam is having more than a sophomore slump . More like , he has fallen off the face of the planet in terms of his play now in comparison to last season .

    Gators really good ! USF Bulls extremely bad !

    Bucs good , Saints are better . Who’s going to stop the Falcons in the NFC South ?

    So the Ravens can have a bad game once in a while ? Damn ! I thought that was a misprint in terms of their 43-13 loss to the Texans . WTF !

    Tophatal ………….

  21. Click on either of the links shown to view .

    It’s not easy being “cheesy” , so what’s up with the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics ?


    Evander Holyfield has put off retiring once again , as he believes he deserves another title shot. What he deserves is a kick in the proverbial a#s once and for all. How many hits has he taken to his friggin’ head ?

    Tophatal ……………….

  22. ARod can do whatever he wants in his personal life, Al. Trust me, if I were him, I’d be doing the game.

    It’s if and when that lifestyle affects his performance between the foul lines that pisses fans off. Such as him allegedly tossing a baseball into the stands asking some girl for her phone number? During a playoff game? Really? Like nobody was gonna see that?

    Cam’s having a tough time at it these days. Looks like those sophomore slump predictors were spot on.

    The Gators are really good, Al. Another tough one next week though against Georgia.

    Hey, let me ask you your take on the Bucs yesterday and those two controversial calls that certainly didn’t go far in helping the Bucs pull out a victory.

  23. cont’d …. if Moon would get Cam Newton to refrain from repeatedly throwing his teammates under the bus after each team loss that has taken place this season . That Panthers’ O line is liable to open up and suddenly allow a defensive opponent to walk all over Cam Newton’s a#s at some point in the future .

    Tophatal ………..

  24. Cam Cam’s having a tough time at it this season, Al.

    On the flipside, Josh Freeman finally seems to be coming into his own, wouldn’t you agree?

    Three touchdown passes in his last three games? He’s been putting up some impressive numbers and finally leading that team like it needed to be led.

    Stay tuned. Let’s see if this team now string together some well-needed victories.

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