SportsChump reaches momentous milestone

500 is a nice round number.

It’s a number that symbolizes accomplishment, a number which identifies our nation’s most successful corporations.  There’s not a player in baseball history (steroid-free, of course) that has hit 500 home runs and isn’t in the Hall of Fame.  It’s a number associated with the two most famous automobile races in America.  And now, 500 is associated with Sportschump for this, my dear friends, is my 500th post.  Ramble, young man, ramble!

SportsChump began as a project three-and-a-half years ago, thanks to the encouragement of webmaster Eddie Griffin, for whom I used to write over at The Red Zone Report.  During one of our many conversations, he said to me “You know, you write about more than just football.”

He was right.

Since then, I’ve touched on basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing, golf, poker, boxing, fishing, bullfighting, upside down helicopters, movies, music, and most importantly, my life in general.  Over that time, thanks to your support, I’ve gone from ten hits a day to 60,000 a month.  I’ve amassed 100 subscribers, 600 Twitter followers, 16,000 comments, 600,000 visits, 800,000 page views and countless more run-on sentences and errors in syntax.

SportsChump is an endeavor of which I am very proud.  My 500th post was a long time in the making but I can honestly tell you, there is not a single post I dreaded writing or researching.  SportsChump is my own personal, running diary, my therapy, my sanctuary.

I would like to extend a sincere, and heartfelt, thanks to those of you who have participated in any way to my baby’s growth over the years: my readers, proof-readers, advertisers, subscribers, followers, commenters, contest participants, re-Tweeters, contributing authors, graphic designers, supporters, critics, friends and family.

Join me, won’t you, in raising a glass in a toast to the last 500… and the 500 yet to come.


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47 Replies to “SportsChump reaches momentous milestone”

  1. I dare you to drink 3 Irish Letter Bombs! Mmmmm… Tastes like a chocolate milkshake but anything over 2 and you’re toast… Okay Chris, this one’s for you! Congratulations!

  2. Chris

    Kudos , on the accomplishment and the high quality of the content within your site !

    I reached the 750th milestone recently , but for me, the genuine and greatest pleasure , has been to interact with my fellow sports’ enthusiasts over the years ! So here’s to you , and your patrons , that have supported you over the years . Long may you reign and here’s to least several hundred more articles by you and your fellow contributors !

    It looks as if there may well be genuine interest in BJ Upton as well as his brother Justin Upton this off-season within baseball. If the Rays start their customary fire sale as can be expected , then it will not bode well for the franchise in spite of the talent in their minor league system . Also there’s talk that several teams have approached the front office to gauge Friedman’s interest in trading Jeremy Hellickson .

    Thanks for the comment concerning the Falcons and their attempt at chasing NFL immortality , and unbeaten regular season .

    Tophatal ……………….

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  4. Congratulations man!! You’re well on your way to the 1000 mark.. and then infinity and beyond!!

  5. Thanks, Dwin.

    And I’ve done my fair share of Irish Car Bombs… and Flaming Dr. Peppers… and Mind Erasers… and B-52s… and Blonde Headed Sluts… and Patron shots.

    I’m sensing a theme here.

    Thanks again for all your support of the years.

  6. Al…

    First of all, thanks for all your support. You’ve been there since Day One.

    On to the Rays, I had an interesting thought the other day.

    I know they can’t come close to affording him but let’s say, the Rays went after Josh Hamilton.

    First of all, he started his career here. Second of all, he owes us something for being a total bust and taking as much money as he did to begin with.

    Do you think a) that’s something the organization is interested in and b) something they could afford IF they were able to talk him down to a more reasonable salary?

    I mean, they could move Shields and perhaps someone else (BJ) and let him play center. Plus he’d be the bat they need to shore up that lineup.

    I know it’s pipe dreams, but it could work in fairy tale land, no?

  7. To the old folks and the newbies alike, thanks Thomas for making the effort and being a friend.

    In the future, I’ll be sure to write more about golf tip to ahem, help you out.

    Catch ya’ soon, bra.

  8. What a coincidence…I scored my first 500 dolla chip at the Hard Rock this week, check your phone for a pic. Congrats, man, keep grindin’

  9. Congrats Pep on a milestone achievement. I’m proud of you and proud to know you. Keep up the excellent writing…it’s enjoyed even out here on the west coast 🙂

  10. Thanks, Mony, for spreading the gospel on the West Side.

    I believe I heard some chants recently of Four More Years. I thought they were talking about SportsChump but perhaps I’m mistaken.

  11. U were clearly mistaken if you think you’re only good for four more years…I c 5-10, with no chance for parole

  12. nice work, we hit 500 awhile back, but we’re all too busy to keep posting these days 🙁

    Before you know it you’ll have 1,000!

  13. Chris

    I’ve always loved your work, going back to those so called fun times at the Fox site ! I think we’ve all grown a great deal in stature , from those heady days and it’s been to our credit .

    First of all , in baseball when it comes to financial expediency amongst the teams . There isn’t any being shown , and secondly if the Rays want Josh Hamilton , then they’ll have to sit down with Michael Moye (his agent) and talk to him real nice. “Show me the money ” ! .

    Anything short of a 6 yr $150 million deal , they probably won’t even listen to the Rays’ management . Let’s deal with reality however, with the limited resources , the front office will have to look at their prospects and farm system , because if Friedman and Sternberg are not prepared to open up the check book , then the list of players declaring for free agency will get even bigger , beyond the organization choosing not to up the ante in salaries

    Trade rumors abound , concerning Amare’ and the Knicks , because they’re off to such a great start . No one wants to be on the wrong side of such a trade , wherein they will have to eat the remaining three years and $ 60 plus million , unless Prokhorov and the Nets become insane .

    Tophatal ……….

  14. Congrats to the “Best Sports Blogger 2012!!” (I thought Id remind everyone hee hee)

    Couldn’t be prouder of you SC. Your writing & stories get better & better. And you’re amazing with the great graphics/ visuals that always match perfectly with each post.

    You’re amazing! CONGRATS on #500 … no easy task especially when you consider they have all had great writing, they’ve been interesting, entertaining, informative & offered a wonderful piece of you in all of them.

    Great job dear SC. You make us all very proud & we look forward to many, many, many more posts!

    M 🙂

  15. Al…

    I often wonder how much money Fox made off all of us back in the day.

    I’m afraid Hamilton’s requested funds, if they’re are you suggest are a little, okay, a lot out of the Rays’ price range. Oh well, wishful thinking on my part.

    I’m sure there’s market value out there for Amare also if that’s something the Knicks are interested in. But can Carmelo play, and more importantly defend the four spot all season long?

    If there’s tension between them, however, it might be a good idea to see what they can get in return.

  16. Congrats on the milestone. Yours is one of very few blogs which every post I consider a “must read.” Here’s to 500 more!

  17. Chris

    Hamilton’s asking price may well be on the pricey side but this is what baseball has come to . There’s no real financial restraint being shown in the true sense of the word .

    ‘melo can play but the defensive leadership with the Knicks will rest on the shoulders of Tyson Chandler , reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

    About the only team liable to show interest in Stoudemire should the Knicks go the trade route , may well be Prokhorov and the Nets , because the crazy Russian has money to burn , a reported $14 billion and counting .

    Tophatal ………..

  18. Congrats on the milestone Chump! Hope the next 500 articles are just as much fun to write chief!

    Keep up the outstanding work!!

  19. Congrats Rev and thanks for bringing a little light into the otherwise little dark cubicle I call an office. So heres to you my friend, long may you run and cheers!

  20. Congrats to you Supreme Champion Super Cool Sportschump! I am glad Yaz sent me your way and enjoy your posts – happy to be a fan. I am proud to be the first woman to play your Superbowl pickems contest, placing 3rd! I proudly wore my Sportschump shirt at Fenway 😉 in your honor. Did you see that shirt I wore In Boston that read- Yes, I am a woman, I know the game, I watch ESPN.? Well, triple SC, you need a shirt for your women readers that says “Yes, I am a woman, I follow the game, I read!
    Congrats again…Here’s to many more posts!
    Dee Dee

  21. Chris

    I’m in the midst of some research on client’s financial deal , and I just hear that the Lakers have fired Mike Brown after the team’s 1-4 start ? Have you got either Phil’s or Jeanie Buss’ number on speed dial ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I hear that his (Phil Jackson’s) ranch in Montana, is almost inaccessible at this time of year ?

    No coaching job in professional sports , is safe nowadays , unless you happen to be Bill Belichick or Bruce Bochy .

    Tophatal ………………..

  22. Al…

    Sounds like the Rangers wanna keep Hamilton but only want to give him three years. If he wants a longer deal, he may have to look elsewhere.

    Carmelo? Defense? C’mon.

    And if their desire is to create a healthy rivalry between New York and Brooklyn, trading Amare would definitely do that.

  23. Aer….

    Thanks for taking company time to participate just don’t get in trouble with the boss on my account.

    Oh, and make sure I get an invite to that early retirement party.

  24. Dee Dee…

    That’s actually not a bad call. I’ll look into it.

    And thanks for repping the Chump in Fenway.

    You’d think that would have garnered you a free Fenway Frank and PBR.

    Mustard stains!

  25. Al…

    Brown wasn’t getting results.

    They were 1-4 and hadn’t won a game the entire pre-season.

    The firing doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Besides, we both know, whatever Mamba wants, Mamba gets.

  26. Chris

    Three years at a max of $20-$25 million a year was all the Rangers are apparently prepared and the injury prone Josh Hamilton .

    ‘melo and Chandler can play defense when pressed into it . But now that they have ‘sheed (Rasheed Wallace) , you will see more defense coming from the Knicks .

    The firing of Brown had more to do with Kupchak and Jim Buss’ dissatisfaction with the Princeton offense adopted by the Lakers which simply wasn’t working . Kobe’s input was minimal . As for D’Antoni being hired for the position . What’d that prove ? He was never that good a coach to begin with !

    Left you a response to that latest piece .

    Tophatal ………….

  27. Yeah, Al, I’m interested in seeing who they hire next. Apparently they’re making it public that Bickerstaff is an interim coach. But what if they can’t land D’Antoni or Jackson.

    Who does that leave them with?

  28. Chris

    Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak have been in touch with Phil having his visited his Montana ranch for discussions to gauge his genuine interest in returning . A two year $25-$30 million deal has been discussed . As for the suggestion of Mike DAntoni , why ? He cannot coach defense and has never been known to , so it would only make the Lakers’ situation worse than it already is .

    The should be a category now within College Football for the overhyped teams .

    Clearly the humility of ‘bama’s Nick Saban is one thing but for his team to embarrass themselves in such a way was truly inexplicable .

    Gene Chizik was heard to have said after Saturday’s loss by Auburn , that his rectum hasn’t been violated like that , since his last visit to his urologist .

    NCAA FBS results

    Florida might hold an inside track with regard to the their SEC title chances . Good win , though not an exciting game . Your thoughts ?

    NCAA Football results

    Is KG still angry at Ray-Ray ? It shows in the erratic play of the Celtics . That’s a very bad .500 team going absolutely nowhere .

    Speaking of which the Magic are even worse .

    Left a response with regard to the NBA piece

    Tophatal …….

  29. Al…

    I’ll have my thoughts on Phil Jackson returning to the sidelines up soon… hopefully. That is, once I gather my thoughts from a long weekend of work.

    How many stiff bourbon on the rocks did you think Saban had last night after losing at home to Johnny Football? I’m guessing more than just one.

    Yeah, I’m not quite sure what happened to Auburn football but there’s been a considerable drop off ever since Cam Newton left town.

    And you couldn’t possibly have expected the Magic to field a competitive team this year, could you?

  30. Chris

    “Johnny Football” will now be able to get the digits of any female co-ed on campus after that display on Saturday . Saban on the other hand will be drowning his sorrows in some ‘bama Moonshine .

    Is there enough moonshine in the South, for both Chizkik and Saban to bury their shame and hide their embarrassment ? Auburn’s Gene Chizik is liable to get fired in light of the team’s recent failures .

    Another terrific display by the Bucs , as they now might be the third best team in the NFC South , behind the Falcons and Saints .
    Unfortunately , there was no one there in the stands to see another great performance by the team . Blacked out again .

    Why am I here again ?

    The bouncing ball and the NBA

    To you and your patrons , have a safe and enjoyable Veterans’ Day. And those amongst you, who have served in the military , my sincerest thanks ! From a fellow serviceman (Royal Marines).

    Tophatal …….

  31. Eli gets busted up as Dalton and the Bengals bust in to rain on the Giants’ parade . Tannehill and that much vaulted Dolphins’ defense aren’t that great afterall. Is there a roll of Charmin tougher than Reggie Bush ? Hideous display by the ‘phins at home !

    Pats’ defense is nothing to write home about , as once again , just about anyone can pass against them without really trying . Great game to watch in some cases , as they played the Bills . But in large part it was something of an embarrassment to see Belichick’s defense repeatedly humbled like that .

    The Pats may well have come out of the game with a result , but they were far from convincing winners .

    Tophatal ……….

  32. A step back and this hiring truly shows that the Lakers have learned nothing at all . From Mike Brown to Mike D’Antoni . The two things that both of these coaches have in common ? They simply do not know how to coach defense !

    The Bucs looked great again , and that’s now three straight victories for a team that seems to be growing in confidence on both sides of the ball .

    Why am I here again ?

    Happy Veterans’ Day to you, and your patrons !

    Tophatal ………………..

  33. Al…

    I imagine Johnny Football didn’t have much of a problem with the ladies before that win against Bama. In fact, the only big name college football player than didn’t get laid in school was Tim Tebow.

    Yeah, I’m not sure what the hell happened at Auburn this year. I don’t think they can Chizik but I imagine next year, he’ll be on a very short leash.

    The Bucs continue to impress, Al, a playoff berth ever more becoming a reality. But one game at a time. A road win next week against the struggling Carolina Panthers is another must.

  34. Al…

    The Giants had a healthy lead in that division but after two straight losses, it looks like they’re back to their regular season tricks.

    Coughlin was right. That defense IS soft. I can’t wait to hear what he says about them this week.

    And re: the Pats, Al, how seriously do you think they take those games against the Bills. I mean, they are still the Bills, right?

  35. Congrats Chump! You deserve all the recognition for your hard work. It’s not easy to maintain an active site and you’re doing a hell of a job with that. As another sports site from the outside, all the support and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

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