Christmas comes early for Laker haters

Is it wrong that I’m feeling euphoric over the Lakers’ current suffering?

I consider myself a loving person, never taking enjoyment in the misery of others, but this Laker fiasco is too glorious not to celebrate.

Let it be known, I’ve never been a Lakers fan.  I’ve always respected the organization for its history but like ‘em?  Not a chance.

First, there was Kobe Bryant needing only one more championship to equal Michael Jordan’s six, giving those annoying Kobe-homers yet another illogical reason to believe 24 is better than 23.

Then that whole Dwight Howard thing happened.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would have ended up hating any team Dwight Howard left Orlando for, but once he settled in Los Angeles, the hatred multiplier went into full effect.

After a confounding 9-13 start, this Lakers team is more of a mess than your living room on Christmas morning.  Lack of defense, no Steve Nash, the entire team playing uninspired basketball.  Mitch Kupchak already fired one coach and has hired another who many believe might also be run out of town if he can’t right this ship, making them probably the first team in professional sports history to fire two head coaches in one season.  (I’m sure there’s been another, I just didn’t feel like looking it up.)

Things in La La Land are definitely getting hot under the collar.  Kobe’s losing his cool, coach Mike D’Antoni’s cursing at reporters and Dwight Howard still can’t hit a free throw.  You know things are bad when Ron Artest is the only one on your team not losing his temper.

The Lakers are struggling mightily to find any sort of identity; they’re that smoldering wreck on the interstate you can’t turn your head away from while driving by.  With losses already to Orlando, Sacramento, Cleveland, Portland and Utah twice, the Lakers are hoping defense isn’t the only thing that wins championships, because right now, they’re not playing any.  They rank 19th in the league in defense, allowing just shy of 100 points per game.  Apparently, Dwight Howard forgot to pack his Defensive Player of the Year Awards on his move out West.

Of course, it’s a long season.  The Lakers will make the playoffs.  They have too much talent not to.  When Nash returns, he’ll serve as a calming influence.  The Lakers will also likely pull the trigger on a trade to suit their style of play.  The powers that be at the Staples Center just need to figure out what that is because right now, what they’re doing is not working.

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31 Replies to “Christmas comes early for Laker haters”

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  2. As my friends Ren & Stimpy would say, “HAPPY,HAPPY,JOY,JOY.” Truth be told, Dwight Howard hasn’t contributed any more this season than Andrew Bynum, and all Bynum has done is grow out his hair. I just look at the point margin of Laker loses and compare that number to the missed free throws of Dwight Howard and I see the team’s biggest weakness. As great a career as Steve Nash has had, I don’t see this dinosaur doing much to change the Lakers’ fortunes around. As for Gasol, I think he’s taking a “medical” break while anticipating a trade. There’s poison between him and Kobe. I think the “big boy pants” remark was the tipping point. Why didn’t Kobe just call him gay?

  3. Snake…

    How’d I know you’d like this piece?

    Here’s the thing.

    I don’t think you can necessarily point to just one thing on this Lakers team and say with any certainty “Here is the reason the Lakers are losing.”

    On the contrary, I don’t think they’re doing ANYTHING right.

    And I can’t help but wonder whether D’Antoni was the right hire.

    I mean, if you have limited time to win with this team, is he the guy you’re going with? Like one of the commenters on Fark said, it’s not like he’s a proven commodity.

  4. Mike DAntoni inherited a mess , now he’s making it even worse. His handling of this team is like watching a really bad reality show . And since when was the return of Nash meant to solve anything ?

    He inherited a team with a 1-4 record and now they’re 9-13 ? Do I need an abacus to work this out ?

    D’Antoni is a one trick pony in terms of his coaching ability.

    I don’t know about you Chris , but in the aftermath’s Tagliabue’s decision , I believe that Goodell should step down and relinquish his role as the NFL commissioner ! Too much has happened and the guy no longer has any credibility ! He doesn’t understand ” the rule of law” , and he’s not much of a businessman to begin with in spite of the claims of others !

    I think the piece written was succinct enough to indicate that and a great deal more !

    Youkilis signs a 1 year $12 million deal with the Yankees .

    You it’s a bad day when a Mets’ fan states that the signing of Wright to that contract brings stability to the team . What a load of bull#hit ! They’re now looking to trade RA Dickey , rather than resign the knuckle-baller . Dickey isn’t even seeking a big money deal from the team at all .

    Sandy Alderson , JP Ricciardi and Paul DiPodesta were brought in to turn things around after the years in innate stupidity under former GM Omar Minaya . Two heads are better than one ? Only if it’s a p#rn scene involving two guys and a chic . With the Mets it’s not been working, as evidenced by their record last season and where they finished in the NL East .

    The Mets now have a ” three headed monster ” and their apathetic fans are making excuses for Alderson , DiPodesta and Ricciardi .

    What’s actually changed from when Minaya was in charge of making personnel decisions ? They are clearly none the wiser at all !

  5. There are many things wrong with the Lakers including no chemistry. Dwight Howard is toxic to any team & I’m guessing that he’ll be traded by the time management feels that they won’t win it all this season. As for Steve Nash, how hard is it to be the point on a Kobe team? Just get him the ball. Even Fisher could do that. As someone just wrote, you know your team is in trouble when the only player NOT complaining is Ron Artest.

  6. Al…

    You’re not expecting me to feel sorry for Mike D’Antoni, are you? The guy inherited a mess? Spare me. He’s an NBA coach hired to do a job. He’s been given a team with an insane amount of talent. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of L.A.

    And if he’s a one trick pony, then the Lakers should have known better.

    Goodell’s not gonna step down, Al. That’d make huge news. But I do imagine he’ll be keeping a low profile for the time being.

    Signing David Wright brings stability to the Mets? Yeah, in relation to what the Lakers are going through right now.

  7. I just can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am that Kobe’s upset. Oh well somtimes bad things happen to good people:)
    Seems like Howard is wearing out his welcome in L.A. already, pity:)
    Do me a favor my friend, enjoy!

  8. Snake…

    As much as I can’t stand Dwight, I love the fact that the Lakers basically have to kiss his ass because if they do anything he doesn’t like, they live with the fear that he could leave them at year’s end.

    Heck, at this point, they might just be better off without him. He’s actually shooting a career low in free throw percentage. Who even knew that was possible?

    Take a look at the poll results. Lot of Laker haters out there apparently.

  9. I was thinking about going back to the poll and making believe I was from Chicago and vote again and again and again, but it looks like my peeps are doing it for me. The question that we should all be asking is, Do you think the Lakers will get lucky in the draft lottery? lol

  10. Like I said in the post, Snake, I still think this team makes the playoffs. I mean it’s not like the NBA is loaded with talented teams.

    It’s what happens when they face the likes of San Antonio, Memphis and Oklahoma City in a seven-game series that things will get interesting.

    How much of a coup would it be if Memphis knocked them off?

  11. The biggest coup would be the Clippers knocking them off. I’m guessing that right about now, Jack Nicholson can’t handle the truth.

  12. Shame. shame shame…just listen to yourelves. It’s interesting to read this variety of hater comments that have surfaced here. As a Life long LAKER fan, (and probably the only one that is actually on the west coast), i see it all hte time. People hated and talked bad about them when they were winning. Now, while trying to figure out the post Phil era, (I’m not really counting Mike Brown), they’re experiencing some challenges as refelected by their record. However, somehow they still remain a hot topic of conversation…(not just on this blog). So, I have to ask, why so much love for the Lakers? It doesn’t matter what they do, folk still pay attention. My recommendation is to take a moment to sit back and think about it! Perhaps in that solitude you’ll discover you’ve simply confused your hate for a deep appreciation for a great organization. 🙂

  13. Gentlemen…

    I guarantee you that if Mony coached the Lakers, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

    But G, you have to understand that hating on the Lakers has become more than just fashionable. It’s like hating the Yankees, or at least the hype surrounding them.

    Nobody is just going to hand the Lakers a championship. They’re going to have to earn it just like every team that’s won one in the past.

    Unless these Lakers prove they’re willing to do that, the rest of us are going to pile on.

  14. Chris

    What’s the insane amount of talent the Lakers have ?

    An aging and ailing Steve Nash, whose productivity is on the decline . A player named Gasol but he’s not even the best of the two Gasol brothers now playing in the NBA . Dwight , who’s loves the limelight , but when he meets Nicholson , he’s trying to impersonate the guy and then you have Kobe, who night in , night out is the team’s most productive and consistent player . And I’m suppose to be impressed with that ? Are you kidding ?

    So I ask again where’s the talent on this team ?

    If you’d said the cheerleaders , then I’d concur , but the Lakers’ team based on their play ? No way !

    So Shields and Wade Davis get traded to baseball purgatory and Royals’ manager Ned Yost is now excited about that team’s future ? Has he looked at the franchise’s record over the last decade plus ?

    It’s not Freeman’s inconsistency that Schiano should be worried about , but the fact that veterans such as Ronde Barber and others , have shown no heart . That’s the real issue with the Bucs at present !

    Tophatal …………

  15. Like I said in my piece , Goodell is an imbecile ! His knowledge of the law could be written on the back of a first class stamp . If he’s not going to step down then his a#s should stay out of the limelight and let the likes of either Greg Aiello ,or Jeff Pash now come forward and address the press and public alike on all matters concerning the NFL . The league is not Goodell’s personal fiefdom , and his dumb #ss should stop treating it , as if it were !

    Tophatal ………………….

  16. My issue with the Lakers concerns Jim Buss (SVP & Jerry Buss’ son) and Mitch Kupchak ! They want to move so far away from Phil’s (Jackson) style of playing, that they’ve ventured off the island . They had a ready made replacement in Brian Shaw , and went with , first , Mike Brown , and now DAntoni . Those two lumped together, haven’t got the ability to coach a varsity team .

    The Lakers are deserving of their fate !

    I think we can now agree and see how conceited and petulant Goodell, just happens to be !

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Roger Goodell: No apology to Saints’ bounty players

    8:17PM EST December 12. 2012 – IRVING, Texas — Roger Goodell won’t say he’s sorry.

    Not to Jonathan Vilma or Will Smith, not to Anthony Hargrove or Scott Fujita.

    In his first public comments since the suspensions for the four players linked to the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal were vacated by former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, the current commissioner insisted that he doesn’t owe anybody an apology.

    “None of them should be feel very good about themselves,” Goodell said Wednesday, following a half-day NFL meeting at a resort hotel near Dallas. “It’s clear that a (bounty program) occurred for three years, despite all of their denials.”

    BOUNTY TRANSCRIPTS: Gregg Williams says Joe Vitt kept program going

    NFL Players Association chief DeMaurice Smith suggested earlier Wednesday in an interview with

    CBS This Morning

    that Goodell should apologize because the league’s focus and punishment “maligned the character of the players.”

    Tagliabue, appointed by Goodell to rule on the players appeal of their suspensions, concurred that a bounty program existed. Yet Tagliabue differed sharply with Goodell on the punishment, concluding that the coaches and management figures that were disciplined — including former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, suspended indefinitely — had the primary responsibility.

    “My point of view is that I hold everyone responsible,” Goodell said. “We have to have personal responsibility. … I fundamentally disagree that this is something that lies with coaches and management.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    I’ve repeatedly told you that Goodell isn’t that smart to begin with ! Why in God’s name the owners felt he was a worthy successor to Tagliabue is beyond comprehension and bear in mind he (Goodell) served his apprenticeship under Tagliabue for several years before being promoted from within . The NFL should have appointed someone far more versed concerning the workings of the game from a economic and legal standpoint . Goodell has failed on both counts . Many of the decisions he’s come , has been primarily come in junction with his reliance in part on Jeff Pash (Chief Legal Counsel for the NFL) and the owners supported his move (Jones , Kraft , Bisciotti , Mara & Tisch) at the behest of Paul Tagliabue .

  17. MLB off-season and teams are spending like a sailor on shore leave looking for a good time in downtown Bangkok or Phuket . ‘ One dollar for freaky di#ky sa ‘ !“> Stability , spelled , S T A B I #### , Oh hell no !

    Josh Hamilton has agreed in principle to join the Angels .

    Angels’ owner Arte Moreno told his wife and kids …. ” we’ll be scaling back on the family gifts this Christmas” .

    Angels’ payroll

    Tophatal ………

  18. Al…

    The Lakers have potentially five Hall of Famers on their roster. You should be able to finish above .500 with that, wouldn’t you think?

    Did you hear Rays’ ownership talk about the Davis/Shields trade? I know you probably don’t believe them but I think they were genuine in their statements that that was the most difficult trade they’ve ever had to make. Just another reminder of the woes of a small market team.

    And I’ll have my take on Goodell up soon. I trust you’ll like it.

  19. The Rays aren’t being genuine , both you and I know that . You’d be naive to think otherwise . Friedman is paring down salary in comparison to recent seasons , because the ball club needs to , as profits for the Rays have been minimal at best . Any further proof needed ?

    Goodell is proving to be a jackass ! He can’t be conciliatory in light of Tagliabue’s decision , so to curry favor with the fans he’s now talking about expanding the playoff format from twelve to sixteen teams . This proposal has nothing to do with making the postseason more exciting , but more to seeking additional leverage when it comes to renegotiating future expiring television contracts . The commissioner was never “really the smartest guy in the room” but he was close to being the “dumbest in the room ” !

    My two most recent takes and pieces , your thoughts on them both ?

    MLB piece

    Stability , spelled , S T A B I #### , Oh hell no !


    And clearly we’re about to agree to disagree

    Tophatal ………

    Tophatal …………………

  20. Chris

    You do remember what happened to that 2004 Lakers’ team that also had potential Hall of Famers on it don’t you ? They had their a#s handed to them on a silver platter by the Pistons in the NBA Finals of that year . Oh , how little we remember !

    So what are you buying into , the ” window dressing “ or the physical body of work as it relates to this team ? Get real and let’s look at what’s really wrong .

    You can’t dress up a pig up, and turn it into a sow , and that is what is being asked of Mike D’Antoni .

    Look at the Lakers and where they stand and how they’ve performed in in their most recent games . What stands out to you ?

    Tophatal ……….

  21. Lakers’ schedule so far , the team’s statistics and season’s splits . Now make some case for the premise of your argument .

    This isn’t a very good team by any stretch of the imagination . In an indifferent Dwight Howard , both Nash and Gasol are ailing . And you can’t be sure what you’ll get out MWP on a nightly basis. The one constant has been and will always be …. Kobe Bryant . I don’t believe it can be put anymore succinctly than that !

    And another thing when the best player named Gasol now playing in the NBA isn’t named Pau , then, that should tell you , all you need to know also about the Lakers . They drafted Marc Gasol and then traded him away . Still believe that Kupchak has player personnel acumen ? Jerry West as the franchise’s best GM , laid the foundations for the Lakers’ modern day success , not Mitch Kupchak .

    Tophatal ………………….

  22. Al…

    Here’s where you and I differ on the Rays.

    They run a business under specific standards. This franchise can’t afford to go out and drop $100+ mil on roster and still turn a profit.

    I don’t fault ownership for trying to do so. They still put forth a pretty good product and make money while doing so.

    Who are we to fault them for that?

    Would you prefer they spend frivolously and end up like the Marlins, Yankees, Dodgers or Mets? I think they’re doing a fair job under the circumstances.

    And re: Goodell, like I said, it’s been a hellacious weekend of work but I’ll have my take on his antics and the bungling of Bountygate soon enough.

  23. Al…

    I remember that Lakers team quite well. They got bounced by the Detroit Pistons, a team that played far better together as a team.

    This Lakers team is still struggling to find it’s leadership. Should it come from Kobe, Nash, D’Antoni or elsewhere? Until they figure that out, this team might be an early playoff exit, assuming they get there in the first place.

  24. Chris

    The only reason the Rays make money is not from their revenue stream , it’s because they are and still are recipients of monies from the league’s tax sharing revenue scheme . So let’s get one thing straight , they’re not making money through their own operations and that is a fact .

    You do realize that the league hierarchy still continues with that idiocy (tax sharing revenue scheme) don’t you ?

    Now can we move on from the idiocy concerning the Rays , as being a well ran organization from an economic standpoint ? Let’s see the front office actually go out and do something to provide some real additional revenue stream, rather than this bull$hit concerning that they’re doing their utmost . Clearly Friedman , Silverman and Sternberg are out of their depth !

    Talent on the Lakers ? It’s almost as bad as watching one these reality shows such as AI , The Voice and The X Factor !

    41-0 ? Please tell me Schiano actually had the Bucs at least prepared to play , in light of this a$$ whupping ?

    The Giants ? Wow ! Eli , WTF ! The Falcons slayed that dragon , for real !

    Tophatal ……….

  25. Al…

    We’ll find out a lot about this Bucs team if they can finish at 8-8. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to win their last two ballgames.

    And I don’t think the Rays will have a disappointing season. I’m just hoping they’re able to shore up that lineup. Although with all their off-season moves, it looks like the Blue Jays might just be the class of that division.

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