So you don’t think LeBron James is the best player in the NBA? What league are you watching exactly?

This is not the look of a man who just got poked in the eye.

This is the look of a man who we once collectively ridiculed for not being a champion.  Do you remember that?  You should because it wasn’t that long ago.

This is a man who I once said was too nice for his own good and that he needed to find his inner mean streak before he could win a championship.  There was no other way.

He did that and now LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet.  That point is inarguable.  Kobe’s great but a leg-weary 34.  Kevin Durant is a phenomenon but is still in only his sixth year in the league.  We are currently watching LeBron James in his prime.  What’s scary is that he could, conceivably, get better.

For those of you not keeping score at home, LeBron James already has three MVP trophies, two more than Kobe and Durant combined.  Only four players in the history of the game have four or more: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.  LeBron will soon be in their company.  In fact, that might happen this June.

While his Miami Heat team isn’t quite living up to expectations, and by that I mean they’ve actually lost some games this season, LeBron is still averaging 26 points per game, down from his career average of 27.6 (I laugh) and shooting, wait for it, 54.6% from the floor, which is a career high.  And oh, yeah, he’s also posting a Brono-typical eight boards and seven assists per game.  Somewhere, Oscar Robertson is breathing a sigh of relief.

Last year, LeBron finally body-slammed that monkey from his back by winning a championship and now he’s one, inevitable step closer to fulfilling his public promise of “Not three, not four, not five…”  Betting on someone else at this point would be throwing away money.

How do I know this?  Because he showed up to the Staples Center Thursday night, opting to skip the Oprah-Lance interview that everyone else watched, and poured in a season-high 39 points, along with eight assists, seven rebounds, not to mention countless thunderously, demoralizing dunks.  He was, in a word, unstoppable.  This happened one night after scoring 25 and crushing Golden State by 17.  Ho hum!  Just another two days at the office.

No matter how hard Kobe tried Thursday night, he was no match, nor was his supporting cast.  Few teams in the league are, as we’ll see even more so come playoff time.  It’s okay, though, basketball fans.  While the end result may be anti-climactic, LeBron James will ensure we enjoy watching the ride.

Heck, his talent might be the only thing in sport worth believing in these days.

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37 Replies to “So you don’t think LeBron James is the best player in the NBA? What league are you watching exactly?”

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  2. Well, I’ll give you that. He is the best player, but he’s also the most butt ugly player now that Delonte West isn’t playing. And despite his ability, his moral compass still doesn’t point true north.

  3. C’mon, dude. He’s not even the ugliest player on his team. Have you caught a glimpse of Joell Anthony lately?

    And compared to Lance Armstrong, the LeBron’s a saint. Not that Lance has become the standard-bearer for how athletes should act these days. He was just the first name that came to mind.

  4. I honestly don’t understand how people like LeBron. I can’t stand him…great player for sure though.

  5. The whole Cleveland situation, arrogance, The ESPN ridiculous event put on when he took his talents to S. Beach…he went along with it…he is culpable. He lost millions of people with that whole fiasco…get a bad vibe from him.

    Great player obviously…unlimited ceiling.

    I am writing a letter to the NBA based on something Kobe Bryant said about being the best 1 on 1 player in the world…the idea is to have a 1 on 1 tourney at the all-star game weekend. Maybe 8 or 16 players…create a bracket and play 21. Much more entertaining than watching a slam dunk competition for the 35th straight year…I have seen the dunks before for the most part.

    Imagine a 1 on 1 tourney with Lebron, Black Mamba, Durant, Rose, KG and whoever else.

  6. D….

    I am TOTALLY with you on that 1-on-1 tourney. If you need me to sign it and get some of my readers behind you, I’m pretty sure I could make that happen.

    The only reason they’d never hold an event like that, or that the owners would never go for it, is obviously risk of injury.

    But think about it. How sick would that be?

  7. So why doesn’t the NBA take a chance and do something that obviously fans would enjoy watching…somebody can sprain an ankle dunking too…I think David Stern is a lousy Commishioner so you are right I don’t expect it to happen.

    I think a lot of sports are pricing themselves out in the current market…absurd salaries and people just are not willing to spend a fortune anymore to take in a game in person…the price has exceeded the value for most. The Gators suffered last year with football attendance…so what does Jeremy Foley do this year…raises the price…lol. The market is telling these sports that value is no longer there for what they charge and they do not get it…I know I went off on a different tangent…just discussing this at work right now.

  8. D…

    I love that you’re so naive.

    You’re assuming the NBA gives a shit about its fans. That’s so sweet. I’ll let you mull over that statement for a bit before you step back into reality.

    Here’s my take on escalating ticket prices. I don’t disagree with you one bit, however, you took Dr. Denslow’s economics class at UF, didn’t you?

    Supply and demand, brother.

    As long as there’s sufficient demand out there, people will pay what they’re asking for tickets. Do you mean to tell me Ben Hill Griffin won’t sell out on Saturdays? Hardly. So why not bump up the ticket prices a touch.

    On that note, I remember paying five bucks for a ticket on University Ave when Emmitt was still there. Am I dating myself?

  9. Naive? You must be joking….and no the stadium didn’t sell out last year…large chunks of unsold tickets. It will be the same this year. Two games will sell out and it will be a ghost town for the other 5.

    Supply and Demand…you are correct! The gators had 17k tickets allotted for the Sugar Bowl at $125 a piece through the ticket office. They only sold 7k…The university was on the hook for the other 10k in tickets…they begged Gator fans to buy them. Gator fans went on Stub hub and bought them for $40 instead. FSU was having the same problem yet they reduced the Orange Bowl tickets in the final two weeks and had a packed house…Gator ticket office ate a bunch of money because they refused to do the same…and you call me naive?

  10. Yea,but can he hit a two rail bank shot in a crowded dive with a belly full of cheap beer? I thought not. Cheers bra!

  11. D…

    I stand corrected but then again, this is a guy who hasn’t had to pay for a Gator football ticket in years.

    Perhaps we’re still suffering from post-Tebow/Meyer syndrome where the brand of football isn’t as exciting to watch. Or perhaps people are just broke. Heck, the Bucs had only two (I believe) home games televised this year.

    Trust me, I wasn’t defending escalating ticket prices, just understanding that those in charge of setting, and raising, those prices felt they were justified in doing so, not to mention being the only ones who feel that way.

    You and I aren’t the only sports fans wondering why there haven’t been owners or colleges to come out and announce that they understand the economy’s in the shitter and that they’re actually LOWERING prices to make their product more accessible to their fan base.

    Novel concept, huh?

  12. I love the idea of a 1 on 1 tournament at All-Star weekend. Also I totally agree with my new best friend, HeavyD. Gotta be friends with anyone who hates Herr Stern.

  13. Sorry if I came off defensive…just getting annoyed that true fans are being pushed out for the ” corporate ” fan who has no interest in the games themselves.

  14. D….

    Not at all, bra. I think we agree on the impact of raising prices just to raise them.

    Besides, what do you care? You just drink and watch at the lot anyway.

  15. Thanks for the top billing. But really? Me grumpy? I’m the sweetest guy in the world. Just don’t talk shit about Tommy Heinsohn. Excuse me a moment. HEY YOU KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN!

  16. I’ve goofed on LeBolt for years….Even before his big FU to Cleveland…Simply because he was prematurely annointed the King.

    I wouldn’t call myself a LeHater as I’ve always admired his talent, just felt he should earn his accolades rather than having them giftwrapped. Safe to say he now has.

    When all is said and done, he may surpass Mike…But let’s let him earn that too.

  17. Anyone that doesn’t think LeBron is the best player in the league is just crazy. Kobe has more skill on offense, but as far as all-around ability and domination goes, LeBron is easily #1. Whenever someone tries to say that Durant is the best player in the league I wonder if they’ve ever watched basketball. Shooting jump shots and getting 7 rebounds a game at 6’10” doesn’t make you the best player in the league. I still think Kobe, CP3, Carmelo (maybe), and Howard (when healthy) are better than Durant. Obviously I’m not saying that Durant isn’t a superstar and one of the best scorers in the league, but I still don’t think he’s a good defender, passer, or post player. I also think the Thunder are overrated. They aren’t going to win a ring by setting screens and mid-range shooting jumpers with Westbrook and Durant every play. Perkins and Ibaka is also the most overrated big man combo in the NBA.

  18. Bleed…

    I think we all suffer from a little revisionist history.

    As a character, Michael was flawed. The punching of Kerr, the gambling, the cheating on his wife, and let us not forget how bad of a general manager he is.

    But he gets a pass because we all idolized him so, not to mention his perfect 6-0 record in the Finals. His was a story tale career.

    LeBron is a sick talent and I don’t know that we’ll ever anoint him as “better” but when it’s all said and done, depending on how many more rings and MVPs he can rattle off, I think he might come close.

  19. JM…

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call Dwight better than Durant. I still think Durant is a top three player.

    But there are people out there that think he’s number one.

    I like the guy. Quite a bit. Sick scorer. Great team leader. But there’s no way I’m choosing him over LeBron in a pick up game.

  20. Al…

    I’m really hoping the Knicks fulfill their part of the bargain.

    A Knicks-Heat Eastern Conference Finals would make for great television.

    And re: LBJ, that’s why I wrote in 2010 that he needed to find his mean streak. All the greats ones do.

  21. Chris

    LBJ has now found his mean streak and he’s about to show the world that last season was no ” flash in the pan” .

    The Bobcats are still taking to making the word ” mediocrity ” mean something in today’s NBA are they not ?

    Off the beaten path as such , but for the apologists out there still jumping to the support of Lance Armstrong . What do you believe should happen to a person who knowingly defrauds the US taxpayer out of $30 million ? See this link I’ve provided , my piece on Armstrong and his less than contrite apology

    Did you actually gain anything out of the four wasteful hours of diatribe from the interview ?

    So the Niners’ Michael Crabtree was held in custody and questioned about sexual assault that took place last Sunday night , at a hotel ? He and his lawyer are cooperating with the ongoing police investigation . Not something that really should be happening to a player on the eve of one of the biggest games of his young professional career .

    Dumbing it down for the fans

    Tophatal …………..

  22. It appears James, like most human beings I suspect (hope), is starting to get wiser as he gets older. The sands of time often scrub off the stains of the past as well. While I will never forget how he went over-the-top in announcing his “decision” (and how he stuck it to Cleveland in the process)…and some of his prior soft play on the sport’s biggest stage…I have always had an open mind he could get himself together both on and off the court. Looks like he is. On another note, bring on that 1-on-1 tournament!

  23. Al….

    More than in any of the other leagues, NBA players have to pay their dues. There is a natural progression of things. LeBron has already embarked on his path. Now all that remains to be seen is how many championships and MVPs he’ll end up with. He’s just getting started.

    Haters are gonna hate but they’re just wasting their energy.

    I’ll be over in a bit to check out your Lance piece. I’ve been trying to gather some thoughts on the whole situation myself.

    I hadn’t heard that about Crabtree but that’s something this team does not need going into the Super Bowl. The Ravens are calling themselves a team of destiny. They might be right.

  24. SA…

    I’m thinking we’re gathering some momentum on this website for a 1-on-1 tourney.

    Perhaps I’ll draft a letter and get everyone to sign.

    It can be commissioner Stern’s parting gift to us.

  25. Chris

    The Patriots got me so pi##ed during the game that I had to held back from the flat screen by one of my buddies (had a guys’ booze fest with a side order of adult entertainment as a starter ( – hired a stripper to start the championship games’ party off).,

    The Pats were woefully inept on offense and defense in the second half of the AFC championship game . And if someone had told me that Brady would fail to throw passing touchdown throughout the final two quarters , I’d have said they would be stupid . Yet that is exactly what happened . ,


    As for the Falcons they simply were ” Kaepernick-ed ” . The kid has some moxie as he outplayed and out-thought Matt Ryan

    There’s now more chance of Clay Aiken having sex on a regular basis than Manti Te`o , actually telling the real truth . If you’re in your early twenties and you haven’t ” nailed a piece of @ss on a co-ed college campus , then either one of two things are wrong . Manti Te`o is either g@y or he ” loves spanking the monkey ” to keep himself happy .

    Left you a response to dumbing it down for the fans .

    Also I dropped this additional piece in light of the idiots still jumping to Armstrong’s defense . Especially , in light of the fact that he has indirectly defrauded the US government of $30 million .

    Today’s athlete , well worth the hype, or simply, a sham ?


  26. Chris

    I ain’t hatin’ on LeBron , as he now has my utmost respect ! He’s very much like a Samurai warrior , as he comes in gets the job done and leads by example where necessary but he also possesses a single minded approach that makes him all the more dangerous as a player . .

    Tophatal …………..

  27. Al…

    The Ravens are tough, brother, and even more importantly for New England fans, Tom Brady’s clock is starting to tick. How many more years of top-notch football does this Pats team have in them with him at the helm? Three? Four max? If he wants another ring, they better get back to the drawing board STAT!

    Hey, Al. Do you know how much the Niners are paying Colin Kaepernick this year? How about six hundred grand. Who’s the big winner in the casino tonight? I would say a Super Bowl appearance is not a bad return on that investment.

    And don’t look now but the Miami Heat are about to kick it up a notch. The same can’t be said for the Lakers of L.A. If anything, they’re kicking it DOWN a notch.

  28. LeBron James is not only the best player in the league, he’s also the most consistent with Kevin Durant right behind him. His legacy has just started so there will for sure be many more championships to come.

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