They Said What, Vol. 5 starring the (second) greatest wide receiver ever, more alleged drug use in sports and the potential reemergence of JaMarcus Russell and Allen Iverson

So Randy Moss thinks he’s the best wide receiver ever to play in the NFL.  It’s hard to imagine any self-respecting football fan not putting him second all-time, behind only Jerry Rice, but the best ever?  That’s a little tougher to justify.  Moss ranks second all-time in career receiving touchdowns (39 behind Rice) and third in receiving yards (behind Terrell Owens and a cool 7,000 behind Rice).  When asked where he thinks he ranks during the annual Super Bowl Media Day frenzy, Moss self-glossed by explaining he doesn’t “live on numbers, he lives on impact.”  Considering, Rice has four Super Bowl rings to Moss’ zero, I’d say he ranks behind Rice in that category as well.  We’ll see if his ‘impact’ narrows that gap on Sunday.  Even in victory, however, there’s still a long road to number one, unless of course he somehow manages to catch 40 touchdowns.


Should it surprise anyone who has followed the soap opera that is the New York Jets that they are entertaining the idea of bringing in JaMarcus Russell at the quarterback position?  The 300-plus pound, LSU-product is commonly considered the biggest (literally) bust in NFL Draft history.  Oh, and in case you were keeping score at home, Russell has as many career touchdown passes as a soon-to-be, former Jets quarterback by the name of Tim Tebow.  Last year, the Jets thought it wise to bring in Tebow, who rarely played, to challenge Mark Sanchez, who eventually lost his starting position to Greg McIlroy.  Confused yet?  That’s okay, apparently so are the Jets.  According to one source, the Jets have had “very exploratory talks” about signing Russell.  Didn’t they just go through this last year?  Somewhere, the recently-fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum has to be laughing.



Yet another report has surfaced linking professional baseball players to performance enhancing drugs.  Shocker!  This time around, the Miami New Times acquired information from a South Florida medical clinic citing that Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz and others were among players treated by the facility.  In response to these latest reports, Major League Baseball issued a statement saying they “are always extremely disappointed to learn of potential links between players and the use of performance-enhancing substances” and that these newest findings “provide evidence of the comprehensive nature of [their] anti-drug efforts.”  If that’s the case, then why did the Miami New Times break the story?  I’d like to know how many people Major League Baseball currently employs in its revolutionary, anti-drug task force because none of us are convinced Commissioner Selig is doing his best to clean up the game.


Sports Illustrated is set to come out with a story linking Ray Lewis to PEDs.  The issue will hit newsstands Feb. 4, one day after the Super Bowl.  Both Lewis and the Ravens have obviously denied any such accusations.  One Ravens spokesperson said “Ray has been randomly tested for banned substances and has never failed a test. We have never been notified of a failed test. He has never been notified of a failed test.”  If we’ve learned anything from watching Oprah, it’s that clean drug tests don’t mean a thing.  By that, I’m not suggesting Lewis took or didn’t take.  Like most sports fans, I don’t really care.  At this point, however, this looks more like a desperate act by Sports Illustrated to clear their name after Deadspin absolutely lambasted their coverage of the Manti Te’o story, in which they never considered investigating whether Te’o’s “girlfriend” actually existed.  Someone should probably tell Sports Illustrated that nobody reads their magazine anymore anyway.


Allen Iverson wants back in the NBA… again.   He recently turned down an offer from the Dallas Maverick’s D-League team to join their squad.  Iverson was quoted as saying his “dream has always been to complete [his] legacy in the NBA.”  The last time we saw Iverson in the league, he was getting crossed over by players far younger and quicker than him, just like he used to do to others back in the day.  I understand he’s suffering from a lack of closure but someone should probably inform him his legacy IS complete.  He’s a four-time scoring champion, a former MVP, had one of the coolest nicknames ever and, for better or for worse, he single-handedly made the league hip-hop.  Maybe that’s something the Answer will ultimately understand when he’s inducted into Springfield on the very first ballot.

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27 Replies to “They Said What, Vol. 5 starring the (second) greatest wide receiver ever, more alleged drug use in sports and the potential reemergence of JaMarcus Russell and Allen Iverson”

  1. Snake…

    The only problem is we’re so used to getting up and going to the can during commercial breaks that we miss the hot, scantily clad chick pimpin’ Doritos.

  2. Chris

    Moss believes himself to be the best wide receiver in NFL history ? LOL,LOL !! In house mandatory testing for hallucinogenics is definitely needed .

    AI wants to return to the NBA ? Baby steps AI ,baby steps ………. cause it’s all about “practice”

    Six months after A Rod’s public admission of guilt (2010) his name and that of Tiger Woods’ was linked to the now incarcerated Orlando medical professional Dr Anthony Galea (sale and distribuition of Oxycontin , steroids and other illicit substances). Selig and MLB simply haven’t done enough to clean up the game . In the past 30 months 135 players at the MLB MILB (minor league level) have been caught and still the misuse continues and is widespread . Blood and urine samples as a testing protocol is simply not enough . A trichology (hair sample) exam as part of their protocol would be far more precise . Yet the NFLPA and MLBPA (unions) are dead set against that type of testing .

    Tophatal …………

  3. Al…

    I actually have a friend who thinks Randy Moss IS the best ever. It goes without saying that I ridiculed him endlessly for even saying so.

    Iverson can’t make it back. He’s not good enough anymore. For some reason, the poor guy still lacks closure.

    And can you imagine if Tiger was seriously linked to drug use? Oh my, what a frenzy that would create.

  4. Moss’s ego has gotten the better of him…again. STFU Randy. If truly you’re the best, you never have to say it.

    J-E-T-S mess, mess, mess!

    Once again A-Rod lives up to his nickname by acting like a rod.

    Ray Lewis is obviously no angel…But let’s compare his “drug use” to the guy he’s trying to catch as the greatest linebacker of all time…
    PED’s vs crack, edge LT.
    and other considerations…
    Murder vs statutory rape, edge RL
    SB rings, 2 to 1, edge, LT (for now)
    Despite Wes Welkers wife pointing out the obvious, I think Ray has come a long way to making himself a better person. If this PED thing turns out to be true, in my eyes it still doesn’t change the fact that he was beast on the field for the better part of two decades. I hope it’s not true. Either way, I’m sick of seeing the dude cry on tv.

    AI was a gamer man…As impressive as a little guy could be. That image of him stepping over Tyronn Lue in the Finals vs LA is forever burned into my memory. He may not have cared about “practice”, but come game time, he showed up. Now he’s too good to EARN his way back via the D league? C’mon Allen, loosen the cornrows and take the opportunity. If you’re still as good as you think you are, it won’t be a long ride down there. Or just take the Chumps sound advice and go away until enshrinement time comes.

  5. Allen is often pictured with his hand cupped to his ear, listening for the crowd cheering. Unfortunately, the ear doesn’t seem to work when people are trying to tell him his only chance of playing again is to play along and earn the right to fly to games instead of bus to them. First-ballot HOF but it sure would be great indeed if he could just chill…or swallow the medicine of having to prove he can still play. I understand JaMarcus weighs more than Rex Ryan. I suspect Rex is the better QB prospect. Randy…has anyone front-loaded such a great career as much as he? The last few years have been truly “lost.” I hope Ray keeps his promise to retire…and Alex makes one soon.

  6. With the new rules favoring the passing game all receiving records are going to be obsolete eventually. I’ll give Randy credit though, he’ll probably be ranked as the #1 asshole receiver of all time.
    Russel going to the Jets makes sense if you think about it, afterall aren’t they the new Raiders?
    Let me see, a injured athlete taking p.e.d.s to recover from an injury to help cement his legacy. Na, never happen.
    Allen who?

  7. Good point on Moss, Bleed.

    Wes Welker’s wife needs to watch the NFL Network’s A Football Life: Ray Lewis. I think she’ll change her Twitter tune after that.

    And I get that the greatest athletes of all time have difficulty hanging them up but shit, man, Iverson got to a Finals. And he’s not the first all-time great to retire without a ring.

    It’s time for Chuck to give that man a call, maybe put him in the booth or something. He’d just have to watch the F-bombs. Practice?

  8. SA…

    Rex Ryan weighs less than JaMarcus Russell and is probably the better quarterback prospect. I may have to Tweet that, sir, of course giving you all the props. Very nice.

    Do you think there’s any truth to the rumor that Brian Cashman paid off that South Florida clinic to include A-Rod’s name in their findings so that the Yankees could void his contract? I wouldn’t put it past them. He’s a shrewd little fucker.

  9. Aero…

    Number one asshole receiver? Damn, man. That’d take some talent.

    We have Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson, Lamar Thomas, goodness, who else could we put on that list?

    Just get me the damn ball.

  10. A Rod needs hip replacement surgery …. A Rod uses the Little Purple Pill to get his staff to stand to attention . Any real surprise ?

    Look , given the preference between AI and Greg Oden (object of interest from both the Cavaliers and Heat) , who would you pick ?

    Woods was definity=ley associated with Dr Anthony Galea , but neither the PGA or Justice Dept chose to go after him. MLB will now seek to do what they always do and that’s to do not a goddamn thing as it relates to A Rod !

  11. For the Jets’ to be considering JaMarcus Russell as a viable option, the team must be considering opening the circus once again for the 2013-14 season. Unbelievable!

  12. Al…

    I don’t know about any little purple pill but if ARod wants some purple drank, I’m pretty sure JaMarcus can help him.

    If you’re giving me a choice between Oden and AI, I’m going to pull a Maloofs and move my franchise.

    The difference between Woods and baseball players is that Woods is the PGA’s meal ticket. Do you think they’d actively pursue Woods in a witch hunt the way baseball has done theirs? I’m thinking not.

  13. Al…

    Speaking of receivers, I’m willing to bet the Baltimore wide receivers amass more than those than their San Francisco counterparts on Sunday. I’m not sure why but I’m really feeling Baltimore in this one.

    Pretty impressive numbers you brought up about the PGA. Now if only Tiger Woods could inspire our nation’s economy in the same way.

    Lost cause for MLB drug testing, Al? I’m sure Bud Selig would try to convince us otherwise. It’s just too bad both you and I tuned him out long ago.

    Nice to know Manti’s got himself a healthy little fan club with Tuiasospo at the head of it? Do I really need to learn how to spell this guy’s name properly or will he eventually just go away?

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  15. I agree, Al.

    This is a pretty talented wide receiver corps that we’ll see Sunday. We’re also going to see two good defenses. The over/under is 47. If you like a defensive struggle, take it under although my prediction was that the game just goes over. And it looks like the betting public agrees with me. The line moved from 4 to 3.5 I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not.

    I’m kind of surprised the Grizz got rid of Gay, as are most. Isn’t the goal of any team at the beginning of the year, other than the Orlando Magic, to win a championship? When you’re a Western Conference front-runner, why disrupt your team when your chance is as good as any to make the Finals? I imagine that couldn’t have been a popular move on Beale Street.

    59, huh, Al? I can’t even imagine.

  16. Chris, it is indeed quite convenient for the Yankees to have discovered this latest Rodriguez drug run when they are looking for a way out…of A-Rod. Then again, I’m not sure Cashman needed to have paid any cash to set him up because Alex seems quite capable of leaving a giant, neon-signed paper trail behind his transactions all on his lonesome.

  17. SA…

    I just can’t help but wonder how this generation of baseball fans will carry on the stories and traditions of our ‘national pastime’ to their children.

    I can’t see that going over too well.

  18. With the Drug use issue is just lame and not that interesting anymore, almost all athletes have the same problem when they are pushing themselves what their limit should be just to stay fit for the requirements. I think people has misconception of drug use as a negative side but it pushes the sport to a higher level on performance and excitement.

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