SportsChump and the The Wife Hates Sports talk writer’s block, Penn State football, Super Bowl predictions and the pros and cons of being single during football season

I have this friend who perpetually suffers from writer’s block.

He’ll e-mail me from time to time, asking me for ideas or ways to generate more traffic to his site.

I tell him I don’t have all the answers yet he’ll still invariably hit me up every couple of months asking for things other than power rankings and NASCAR updates to put on his website.

You guys know him as KSP.  His wife hates sports.

I’ve actually known Kevin for quite some time, back when he, I and several others use to run blog central over at Fox  Those were simpler times when none of us knew you could actually make money by running a sports blog.  He and I now have our own successful websites but the block has once again overtaken my poor friend.

So, ladies and gentlemen, to help him with his little “problem,” I hereby present to you the first in a series of what may be several back-and-forths between KP and me, the Warren to the G.

KP is a happily married man and an avid sports fan at that.  I am an even happier, single man and as avid a sports fan, the major difference between us being the teams I root for actually win and he’s a considerably better golfer.

For our first assignment, I thought it might be interesting to compare and contrast the lives of the married versus the single sports fan to see which lifestyle is more enjoyable.

Kev, here’s my typical Saturday/Sunday during football season.  I wake up around noon, for as you know I work late, and I basically lounge on my sofa, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, flipping through the television channels to find the most attractive games.  I watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it without the angst of someone sitting next to me, tapping her fingernails on the table and huffing not so subtly for me to change the channel to The Desperately Spoiled Housewives of This City or That.  We all understand the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial where that guy is happily watching a football game with his hot, jersey-clad, blue-eyed wife is just a myth perpetuated on the average American male.

So am I right?  Is that what married life is like, and if not, where can I find a woman that’s okay with watching nine straight hours of football with her only gripe coming when her team takes an L?

KP: There’s no simple answer to that question.

A typical football weekend is very much like taking on Vegas in Texas Hold ‘Em.  Waiting for the flop, I could be dealt a big payday, or I could wind up stuck with Say Yes to the Dress, McDreamy or whatever other TV heartthrob you want to toss into the deck.

You see, a few years back, The Wife Hates Sports was chock full of material, considering the wife couldn’t stand sports on television.  She never quite understood the desire to write as much as the two of us did when we borderline owned the Fox Sports community.

Later, when there began to be kickbacks, the wife began to tolerate sports ever so slightly, while still dating back to an occasional 24-hour span when a day of football was the equivalent of a full body dry heave.

There lies the predicament: what hand will I be dealt on that particular day?

So as the story goes, there are still days when the married man needs to complete chores in exchange for precious minutes of football time.  There are also moments during the fourth quarter of a big game when she asks how a pillow looks, and if it matches well with the couch.

But, the one-man football party is very much alive, and it very well could rival that of your couch potato time.  There just has to be a lot more, tender lovin’ care put into getting there, instead of just falling out of one’s bed at noon, shuffling over to the fridge for leftovers and beer, only to immediately bolt in the direction of the remote control.

But I ask you, as you munch on that cold pizza and crack open that cold one, wouldn’t it be more adventurous to have a rival trying to find ways to put a crack in your master plan that is 48 hours of pigskin pandemonium?

When you put another income into the mix, the methods in which you watch the big game significantly improve as well.

Oh, and as for that Buffalo Wild Wings girl, those are few and far between – and the majority of them still have the urge for McDreamy time, too.

SC: Yea, that all sounds lovely but I’ll stay single, thanks.  Not that you were proposing.

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush, shall we?  The biggest sports story of the year and perhaps the biggest cause of your writers block were the atrocities at Penn State.  You’re a Penn State alum.  What was the wife’s take on what went down?  Did you two ever have arguments/meaningful conversations over what happened and what was the most comforting thing she told as you details were made public?

How was watching Penn State football this season?   Was it different than before?

And wait, there’s a show on television called Say Yes To The Dress?  God help us all.

KP: Oh, that Penn State topic – the subject matter that I have frequently discussed – although each and every time felt like I was being forced against my will – while other times I did my best to ignore it, hoping that I would wake up from the nightmare that had fallen on the victims, as well as my alma mater

As you requested, I revisited the subject matter with the wife and she simply couldn’t remember some of the conversations over the past year.  I asked and I asked again.  There were numerous discussions and many opinions in my household, as well as amongst my circle of friends, but as the media continued to throw gasoline into the Penn State fire storm, the harder it got to really piece it all together, considering how many times the story changed, or new headlines broke.

I can tell you this: it hurt through to my inner core.  I participated in charity events for the Second Mile when I was in school, so the news hit very close to home.  I feel the pain of those affected, but I have also felt the pain of my fellow alums, which had to absorb this story.  I watched and participated in old and new charity events at Penn State, only to have ignorant people in the workplace (or on the street) make stupid comments, making me feel like I should store my Penn State pride away in my basement until they were caked in dust and covered in cobwebs.

In the end, there wasn’t anything comforting the wife and I could really tell each other.  We both felt for all the victims.  We both shed tears at various times and we both disagreed with portions of the sanctions, but knew (and felt) that there should have been some type of punishment.

And finally, tragedy aside, there’s the current Penn State football situation.  It’s actually better than I could imagine considering the last year.  The school has rallied and supported charities, while still going out and enjoying the traditions and a football season.  People continued to come out and support the community.  Bill O’Brien, as well as some of the senior players (like Michael Mauti), kept the team intact.  Their performance was solid under the circumstances.  I truly hope and believe that good things will continue to come to life.  There’s really nothing that anyone can do to erase the past, but only positive things that can be built as a part of a new and brighter future.

Penn Staters will get through this.  At least, the ones I know will – and I know a lot of them.  We are a very close bunch.

As for me, it has been a major piece for my writer’s block, yes.  Writing anything would lead to judgment, especially considering how closely I was affected by it.  I never wanted any thought to come off as biased.  That and maybe I just avoided it, while hoping it would go away, or knew how painful it would be to put it all into words.  I actually tried on a few occasions, but the words never made it to The Wife Hates Sports.

Also, like many, I held good thoughts about the old regime at Penn State, and when you see a story break like this against something that you considered pure (or close to it, when it comes to sports), it’s hard to look at the game the same way again.  And it’s hard to trust anyone and anything in sport.  So, I have had to take a step back many times, and still have moments when I do just that.

As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.”  Now if only I could say the same thing for that Say Yes to the Dress show…

SC: Well said, sir.  See?  I just think I cured your writer’s block.  You can send the check for services rendered to SportsChump Manor, Tampa, Florida.  No need for a zip code.  My postal workers know to follow the sweet smell of sports knowledge.

Let’s move on to a more cheery topic, shall we?

Since you’re a Big Ten guy and I’m obviously firmly entrenched in SEC Country, how do Big Ten, football fans feel about what’s become the most dominant conference in college football?  Do you resent us, respect us or a little bit of both?

And, assuming the wife let you watch, of course, were you secretly rooting for Notre Dame in the BCS title game or do you hate the Irish too?

KP: Let’s not go and get an injury while patting yourself on the back.  Sure, the writing at TWHS is making a bit of a comeback, though if you recall my times in the Fox Sports community, there were a lot of creative humor and opinion posts, too.  I still have more progress to make, but there’s certainly an appreciation from the man who resides at SportsChump Manor.  So, thank you, kind sir.

Wait… are we calling Big Ten Football a cheery topic?  It was an ugly year for the conference, if you ask me.  The coaching of Bill O’Brien and Urban Meyer was exceptional, but neither team was bowl eligible.  In “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” fashion, even Bret Bielema bolted for the SEC.

Speaking of the SEC, I wouldn’t call it resentment or respect.  I also am not the type to focus solely on the Big Ten conference, however, as a football fan, it does get old when the same conference continues to find ways into the title game.

Then again, rooting for Notre Dame isn’t exactly the happy day scenario for a lot of Big Ten football fans either.  If you were to ask me to root for one team in particular, I’d probably tell you that in comparison, I’d rather have a root canal or a colonoscopy.

As for watching the BCS National Championship, the wife had no choice, but I also probably won’t have much of a choice when it comes to letting her get significant TV time watching either American Idol, The Voice or Grey’s Anatomy.

SC: That brings us back to our original point of discussion: the fine-tuned art of marital, sports sacrifice versus the sports sloth of a single man.

I remember living (in sin) with ex-girlfriends.  When a big game (or rather, any game) came on the telly that they weren’t interested in, they’d immediately scamper off to the spare bedroom where another television gladly entertained them.  Of course, I could always tell how pissed off they were if the volume blaring from that set rooms away overrode anything I could hear coming from my own.

But there was also a time, back in college, where I once again cohabitated with a member of the opposite sex whose tolerance of sports I once again pushed to the limits.  There was only one set in the house back then and sacrifices needed to be made.  Of course, that was so long ago, I can barely remember but I assure you they were color TVs and I’m pretty sure I was the one making most of the sacrifices (revisionist history).

So when it comes to walking the fine line between the wife and the game, I’d like to think I was once a seasoned pro.  Probably out of practice now, though.

Is finding a long-termer who will tolerate your affinity for sports something one brings up on a first date or does one wait until wedding night to spring the lucky beer coozie, monogrammed bean bag and collection of decade-old, pit-stained game day t-shirts?  Or was that so long ago for you that you don’t recall?

KP: If you are talking about the existence of color televisions, then you are really dating yourself, my friend.

But let’s get to your question, shall we?

From this side of the fence, that indeed was a long time ago and the memories of when the sports challenge came into play are quite fuzzy.  Still, there are two instances that I recall.

First was March Madness, which goes way back in my family, as we each make our picks, looking to earn family bragging rights.  To make THE WIFE feel included, of course I wanted her to make picks for the NCAA Tournament, only, she had never done it before.  I taught her tournament basics, the rules of the bracket, like how a number one seed has never lost and how at least one twelve seed advances past the first round.

It took some time and led to some laughs (see the term “Gorgonzola” in the “Wifetionary” at The Wife Hates Sports), but in the end, THE WIFE picked a solid bracket and won the family pool.  Because of her picks, watching the tournament brought some interest, but she would never admit to it.  It was there and I was hopeful it would remain.

Since that year, her bracket picks have faltered and her interest has dwindled.

The other clear example has been Penn State football.  This is mainly because we met through close friends, each of which is a Penn State grad, just like me.  We have taken multiple trips back to State College, where we watched the Nittany Lions live.  On top of that, we get together to eat, drink and be merry during every game on TV.

She often strays to a book or a magazine during the televised games, but you will see her occasionally cheer during the live contests.  Oh, and by the way, the Nittany Lions are 8-0 when she visits Beaver Stadium, leaving the core group of friends to joke that we should ship her to home games we can’t make.

SC:  What if I just came up with a fictitious wife, a la Manti Te’o?   She could love sports, let me watch what I want to watch and I could e-mail her periodically telling her how much I loved her.

In retrospect, maybe Te’o was on to something.

KP: For all you know, that’s what I did!

SC: The big game is on Sunday, KP.  What’s your take?

KP: The Baltimore Ravens have been thriving off of the raw emotion coming from Ray Lewis and his recent retirement announcement, while Joe Flacco has arguably been playing better than any quarterback during this year’s playoffs.  For these reasons, among others, the Baltimore Ravens have earned a berth in Super Bowl XLVII.

But distractions from each could also derail the Ravens by the time the big game arrives.  Flacco is taking heat from a poor choice in wording when discussing next year’s Super Bowl in New York while Lewis is fending off banned substance rumors.

These distractions could hinder Baltimore’s success come Super Bowl Sunday.  Combine that with the multi-dimensional talents of Colin Kaepernick and the ferocity of San Francisco’s defense, and the game could easily sway into the favor of the 49ers.

Count on it.  Baltimore keeps this one interesting, but San Francisco wins by an antler, er… a nose, 24-20.

SC: I’ll take your distractions and raise you some.  I’m taking the Ravens in this one for a few reasons.  I think the distractions on the opposite sidelines finally catch up to San Fran.  Randy Moss claiming he’s the best ever, Chris Colliver’s gay-bashing, Michael Crabtree eventually reverting back to his former self and a dejected Alex Smith sitting the sidelines counting down the days ‘til he’s traded. Nothing against Colin Kaepernick but a quarterback in his eleventh career start against one of the best leaders and linebackers to play the game just shouts advantage Ray-Ray to me, deer antler spray or not.

Ray Lewis has come too far and will not be denied.  He’ll end his career on a positive note, just like Jerome Bettis did in Super Bowl XL, riding off into the sunset with a Super Bowl victory.  The Ravens offense will ride Ray Rice who the Niners will not be able to stop.  Look for a boatload of carries and multiples touchdowns for kid Rutgers, leading to an eventual Super Bowl MVP.

Ravens 33, Niners 17.

Always a pleasure, sir.  Here’s hoping the wife lets you watch the game… and not just the commercials.


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44 Replies to “SportsChump and the The Wife Hates Sports talk writer’s block, Penn State football, Super Bowl predictions and the pros and cons of being single during football season”

  1. 49ers 30-21…still trying to figure out why you have a picture of the guy from “Can’t Buy Me Love ” movie fame in your column!

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  3. Manti Teo’ has yet to have his “coming out ” party .

    CBS’ NFL analyst , Dan Marino , fathered a child with an intern for the broadcast outlet , and it’s said that he has paid out in excess of $2 million to keep this story under wraps over the past few years . Troubling thing , Marino and Schwarzennegar must’ve been exchanging notes, on how to handle this type of issue , and handling it all badly , I might add ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Love, etc.: Dan Marino’s love child . Get the feeling, that Marino’s wife of thirty years is now seeing dollar signs ?

    Dandy Dan can “deliver the goods ” , but somehow he couldn’t deliver a Superbowl to the Dolphins , during his years with the beleaguered franchise .

    Tiger Woods has now become an avid skier , as it’s rumored , he’s dating championship skier Lindsey Vonn (see link provided ) . So now he gets to use his and her’s poles ?

    Sternberg needs to stop it with this idiocy of meeting with the political dignitaries of both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties , if he is not prepared as gesture to even put up $5 million towards facilitating the building of a new venue in either county , and simply looking for public resources to be used .

    The sheer apathy of the fans who want a new venue but who simply aren’t concerned that both county governments are struggling with budgetary deficits . Never mind the lack of intelligence from the media within the local market and how they view the issue .

    KP is still alive ? So where’s Jimmy Hoffa ?

    Tophatal ………..

  4. So beyond the Harbaugh Bowl it’s also the Ray Lewis ….. it’s all about me show ? I seem to remember a little over a decade ago , it was all about him also , as two members of his entourage were involved in a melee’ that led to the deaths of two individuals ? Selective memory on Ray’s part ?

    Second Mile was Sandusky’s vehicle for procuring his victims . And an a$$ wipe such as Matt Millen (board member) was still hyping up the charity’s works, even in the aftermath of the scandal broke . What a damn moron !

    Tophatal ……………

  5. Great post!!! And great pix( that football chair is hysterical … & not beyond the relm in SC Manor).

    Really enjoyed that one gentlemen! Thx 4 a great read & pls feel better Mr MWHS.

    Oh & happy Super Bowl Sunday … where exactly is it that the Moms & wives are going to hang out?

  6. I gotta tell you guys that I like this whole married vs. single concept. Having been with the same woman for 33 years I can identify with Kev’s trials and tribulations while living vicariously through the life of the single Rev.
    I wish you both the merriest of weekends and cheers!

  7. Al…

    I’m pretty sure one reason Te’o has yet to have his coming out party is the comments by one Chris Colliver during media day. I have a feeling it’ll still be a while before a high profile athlete comes out of the proverbial closet. It’s gonna take a man of strong conviction to make that happen, brother.

    Dan Marino banged his houseservant, Al, a la Schwarznegger? Nah, this was just an intern or something. I wonder if she’s a big Ace Ventura fan. Laces out!!!

    Woods is seeing Vonn? Good for him. It’s become apparent that kid needs a little bit of stability in his life. If that ski bunny is all it takes for him to start whipping ass on tour again, then more power to them.

    Al, my understanding is that the St. Pete mayor is the one blocking everything so far. There hasn’t even been any discussion as to who will pay for the stadium. They’re still just looking for a place to put the damn thing and the mayor won’t even allow that. I expect for this to get even uglier before it gets more civil.

    And yes, KP’s alive. He’s jotting down some power ranking notes in his office in Boston.

  8. Al….

    Let me ask you this. How involved in that Atlanta incident do you think Ray was? Do you think he pulled a trigger? Do you think he knows exactly what happened?

    Or did God and ESPN give him a pass?

  9. M…

    I’m glad you liked the post. I have a feeling you’ll like this one a little more than you like my next one.

    Oh, and you already know who will be throwing the biggest Super Bowl bash in town. Hope to see you guys there for a bit. Come check out the remodeling.

  10. “…when we borderline owned the Fox Sports community…”

    “Was there another Fox Blogs community I wasn’t aware of? Because as I recall, I owned that place, you guys were like valets, parked my car, washed it too, I used to pat you on the heads and say reassuring things like, “You suck.” As for writer’s block, pro’s don’t get writer’s block, never happens, that’s a self-indulgent crutch for no talent hacks, who wouldn’t know a hitch from a slant and I’m not talking football I’m talking knots and engines there…so to recap, I was Fox Blogs. Period. Double-period. Did it even exist before I blogged there? Apparently not. The rest of you were drunks with computers damned happy to bask in the glow of my humongous talent, and I was damned humble too; that’s why I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt, this Kevin “Who?” guy sounds like a whiny Bostonian set adrift when the Sox imploded and the Pats turned out to be cheating video meat puppets…you on the other hand had promise until you started believing picking the obvious winner made you some sort of sport guru, why not tell us what team is going to finish dead last in the AFC next season, that’s a lot tougher than picking the Super Bowl winner, I knew John Kennedy, and you Sir are no John Kennedy…there I think that about burns every bridge that needs to be burnt…”


    Seriously, a real pleasure to read both of you on a topic near & dear to my heart; the late, great Fox Blogs, best folks on the planet in my book, and as always, great scribble…Kevin keep writing daily about anything; that’s the fastest way to work through any writer’s block, even if you type, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” I picked that trick up from Stephen King…

  11. Duck…

    Please notice it was the young Nittany Lion who uttered those words and not me. KP, see what ya’ started?

    I’ve tried to help him out with that block but as you and Ray Bradbury once said, there’s no such thing.

    Thanks for stayin’ Foxy, Duck, and we’ll have your car right back to you, just as soon we take it out for a spin. It’s not very often we see Maseratis.

  12. The Niners coordinators aren’t getting enought press this week. What Vic Fangio and Greg Roman have been able to do the last couple of seasons has been remarkable.

    As a Niners season ticket holder, I am of course incredibly biased and one sided about how this game will play out. I think the Niners defense is what the Ravens defense was around 5 years ago. Their front seven is the best in football (even with a one armed Justin Smith) As for the offense, their creativity on run packages will be to much for the Ravens to deal with.

    Get ready for another dynasty…

    49ers 45 Ravens 24

  13. Timbo…

    I keep underestimating the Niners. Fortunately, I don’t do that with my wallet.

    But do you really think the Niners are going to put 45 up on the Ravens?

    I just don’t see that happening.

    In fact, when’s the last time the Ravens let up 45 points in a ballgame?

    Your unbridled homerness inspired me to go back and look this up. That last time the Ravens gave up anywhere close to that number was Dec, 2007 when they lost to the Colts 44-20.

    That was the seventh game in a nine-game losing streak leading to the firing of Brian Billick. Manning threw for four touchdowns that day and the Ravens quarterback, remember Kyle Boller, threw for three picks.

    Fortunately for Ravens fans, Both Boller and Bilick are long gone.

    I don’t see the Niners getting 45, bra. Just sayin’.

  14. Well, maybe the Niners have 38 points and Jim decides not to run up the score against John. I could see that happening.

    All kidding aside, I do expect a dominant performance from San Fran. I just anticipate it to be one sided, that’s all I am saying.

    Also, I like the term vehemently enthusiastic better than unbridled homerness. It just sounds better. Enjoy the game man.

  15. In that case, brother, good luck.

    And if you take to the streets after the game, drunk on IPAs and wearing nothing but Niners boxers, be sure to send me the YouTube link.

    My readers always like happy stories.

  16. OK I scanned the whiny ‘wife hates sports’ blog

    If he has writers block again its because he’s cock blocked despite his paying rack rate for a wife… then tell him to write about how that makes him ‘feel’

    …and then tell him to shut up and do the dishes… wimp.

  17. I actually know a woman who is the biggest football fan I’ve ever seen. The Pros. of course, even has a tattoo of her team on her foot. Sorry SC she is already married.

    Oh and for the record, I’m not a huge sports fan but I can sit through them, I do enjoy the Super Bowl!

    I do miss hockey, living out here it just isn’t the same.

  18. Woh, an Aero, Al and Hardiman sighting… how much are you paying these guys? Just kidding. What’s up, gentlemen?

  19. Ravens… 31
    49ers…. 21

    Ravens are destined. After going on the road and beating Manning and Brady back to back, I doubt C Cap will give them much trouble.

    Nice to see Kev and the Rev back together.

  20. When you go out with your boys you expect ’em to have your back , don’t you ?

    In Ray Lewis’ case , his boys had his back , and killed two guys in a stabbing incident, where there were witnesses , but everyone seemed to have “selective memory” loss as to what actually took place . Did the knives actually slip into the victims’ torsos or were they deliberately placed there ? Not even Johnny Cochrane , were he alive, would be able to figure it all out .

    Lewis actually was at the scene of the alleged crime but in his own testimony , he says doesn’t completely recall what took place . Now let’s see , my homey , pulls out a knife after allegedly being provoked and shoves it into a guy’s torso and I actually missed seeing the incident because I looked the other way ? Is that really the basis of Lewis’ testimony ? The prosecution in that case, make Marcia Clark and Chris Darden ( from the OJ homicide case) seem like damn geniuses by comparison . All Lewis got done for , was obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor perjury charge .

    I don’t know that God or Christ gave Ray Ray a pass , but he sure has been invoking both their names a great deal as of late . Is either (God or Jesus Christ ) a Ravens’ fan , do you know ?

    Manti can “diddle ” what he wants in the privacy of his own home , just as long as it’s not an underage teen .

    Lindsay Vonn can jump on my pole anytime she wants . I think Tiger’ll be using his 9 iron or a sand wedge for that gig .

    Former NBA star , Nick Van Exel’s son has been sentenced to sixty years in prison for murder . (Click on link to read in full)

    USA Today

    Nick Van Exel’s son sentenced to 60 years for murder

    DALLAS (AP) — A Texas jury has sentenced the 22-year-old son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel to 60 years in prison in the shooting death of a longtime friend.

    Nickey Maxwell Van Exel received the punishment Friday after his father wept on the witness stand and apologized to the family of Bradley Bassey Eyo. The same jury in Dallas County in North Texas found the younger Van Exel guilty of murder on Thursday.

    Prosecutors had sought a capital murder conviction.

    Nickey Maxwell Van Exel fatally shot the friend in December 2010 and dumped his body at Lake Ray Hubbard on the eastern outskirts of Dallas.

    His father, Nick Van Exel, played 13 seasons in the NBA and is now a player development instructor for the Atlanta Hawks.


    If either Beyonce` or Alicia Keys has a wardrobe malfunction whilst performing at the Superbowl , how riveted to your tv screen will you be ? Very riveted ? Or will you find it all a tedious bore ?

    You had me when you mentioned that KP was asking your advice on NASCAR and Fantasy takes . How does that work by the way ?

    If I’m Bill Foster , you’re damn right I’ll veto anything where it will involve the city having to pay for a facility for a millionaire sport’s franchise owner . Especially where the owner in question , as a goodwill gesture, isn’t even prepared to “pony up” anything towards the cost . And let’s not forget Bud Selig , simply doesn’t give a crap about the Rays much less baseball within this part of Florida . Yet somehow, he backed the Marlins to the hilt , and he in conjunction with that franchise’s owner Jeffrey Loria , browbeat the city of Miami into spending $575 million on a venue that has never been filled to capacity for a home game since being built. And we should remember also that the city of Miami still remains under investigation by the Feds (US Justice Dept).

    “Dandy Dan” Marino delivering balls faster than you can say ” breast milk ” and now he’s passing on his “seed” , all too surreptitiously .

    Marlins’ attendance details stadium capacity approx 34,500

    Tophatal ………..

  21. Tim…

    My South Tampa bar is hosting a Super Bowl party of their own. Probably gonna have up to 200 people.

    I’ll report back assuming I make it out alive.

  22. Han…

    You and I are on the same page here, man. I just can’t see a young quarterback doing that against the Ravens defense.

    We’re basically talking about something that’s never been done before in the history of the game.

    I like those odds.

  23. Al…

    I heard that about the Van Exellent one’s son. Awful news. Too bad he didn’t have Ray Lewis’ alibi.

    And I’ll be over to check out your piece on Hunter in a bit. Definitely not the kind of press Stern wanted on his way out the door.

  24. Chris

    Van Exel’s son was somewhat like his father , a real hot head but in his case , his form of retribution came by way of the use of real excessive force by means of a hand gun .

    For one it’s not Stern who’s at the center of attention in terms of bad PR and publicity for the NBA .

    Billy Hunter was a distinguished and celebrated lawyer before becoming executive director of the NBPA . Now he is trying to suggest he’s being made a scapegoat in light of his actions . So typical of an idiot , who’s not prepared to be responsible for his own willful and destructive actions . His reputation is now in tatters and he could well end up losing his law license because of his damn stupidity .

    Enjoy the big game on Sunday , even if, neither Alicia Keys or Beyonce’ , won’t be providing us with a wardrobe malfunction .


  25. Chris

    Van Exel’s son was somewhat like his father , a real hot head but in his case , his form of retribution came by way of the use of real excessive force by means of a hand gun .

    For once, it’s not Stern who’s at the center of attention in terms of bad PR and publicity for the NBA .

    Billy Hunter was a distinguished and celebrated lawyer before becoming executive director of the NBPA . Now he is trying to suggest he’s being made a scapegoat in light of his actions . So typical of an idiot , who’s not prepared to be responsible for his own willful and destructive actions . His reputation is now in tatters and he could well end up losing his law license because of his damn stupidity .

    Enjoy the big game on Sunday , even if, neither Alicia Keys or Beyonce’ , won’t be providing us with a wardrobe malfunction .


  26. Chris

    Aren’t wardrobe malfunctions common place when it’s a hot female performer ?

    The first half of the game seemed like a snoozer , but that second half became really exciting once Kaepernick found his rhythm . That being said , it was a great way to end the season as a whole ! Now we have the upcoming NFL Draft .

    Billy Hunter Exec Dir of the players’ union within the NBA says he’s being made a scapegoat by the union , itself, because of their own inhouse problems ? Half of those were created by Hunter and his immediately . Hence the reason why union president Derek Fisher has called for an in-depth audit of the union’s finances and their finances . $80,000 might be a small price to pay , unless there’s said to be millions more that might’ve gone missing ?

    What the hell was Hunter thinking if he felt that he could simply transfer $7 million of the union money to a struggling bank in New Jersey , where both his son and daughter are employed ? And to think he wanted to do this without letting anyone within the union’s hierarchy aware of his intent .

    Tophatal ………..

  27. To be honest with you Rev, don’t know, don’t really care…kelly was a few fries short of a Happy Meal as I recall. Though, after all his USC barbs it would be kind of funny to see him chomp some crow now that it’s his Ducks that are roasting.

  28. Al…

    So Beyonce blew it up last night. I’m not sure she makes my Top Five but she’s pretty damn close.

    And how soon until the disgraced Hunter leaves office and disappears altogether?

  29. Will he , Hunter, be pushed or will one of the players have to bust a cap in his @ss ?

    Beyonce’ simply put on show . I thought Keys was great with her rendition with the national anthem !

    Here’s a question I need to ask ? All of these lame ass excuses as to the reasons behind the power outage . Here’s what I’ve found out by simple research ………. Louisiana Exposition & District Authority (quasi governmental agency overseen jointly by Orleans Parish and the state) , owners of the Superdome had issues with venue and its electrical system as far backs as last September . A work order for the upgrade costing $750,000 was fasttracked to avoid the bidding process because time was of the essence to complete the work necessary. The estimated time was said to be two months are best , yet the work did not start until mid late December , second week of January . Now you tell me how that sh#t can happen , yet Mitch Landrieu (mayor of New Orleans) and Roger Goodell are saying that this was all a minor blip ?

    What is it going to take for these bumbling as$holes to get their $hit together ?

    As and when ready let me know what you think ?

    When, it’s all said and done , the better man, or team won . Or were they ?

    The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum

    Tophatal …………….

    Tophatal …………..

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