Josh Freeman’s bad and not just at quarterback

To continue their proud tradition of ground-breaking journalism, ESPN the Magazine is coming out with its “Music Issue.”  For the photo shoots in said issue, the magazine encouraged athletes to dress up as famous musicians, such as Jimmie Johnson as Bob Dylan, NFL running backs Marshawn Lynch, Lamar Woodley and Trent Richardson as Run (get it?  Run?)-DMC and U.S. women’s soccer star Alex Morgan as Katy Perry.  God help us that Katy Perry’s musical contributions are even mentioned in the same breath as Bob Dylan’s.

Perhaps the most startling of the lot, however, was Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Josh Freeman who, when dolled up, bore a striking resemblance to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Considering this is the most press Josh Freeman’s ever received, other than the fact that the entire Tampa Bay fan base is still not convinced he’s their quarterback of the future, I thought I’d host a caption contest in his honor.

This one should be pretty easy, boys and girls.  The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive one sparkly glove, one rather dysfunctional family tree and one free trip to Neverland, room and board included.  Don’t stop ‘til you get enough.


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28 Replies to “Josh Freeman’s bad and not just at quarterback”

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  2. Don’t get we wrong , as the jury may well be still be out on Jackson’s sexual peccadilloes , but Freeman in that pose, looks so effeminate that the picture could be used as a NAMBLA recruiting tool .

    Josh Freeman should working on , honing his game rather than this idiocy ! Is it any wonder Schiano is intent creating a competitive environment within his roster , as it now stands . Freeman has been goddamn abomination this past season (7.3 yds per attempt) for the Bucs . The only saving grace was the team’s running game .

    For what Freeman is being paid , he has been a truly poor investment during his time in the NFL .

  3. The way I see it, Al, is he’s got one more year to figure it out, otherwise Tampa won’t re-sign him.

    The Freeman pick is tied to Dominik, not Schiano, so it’s no skin off Schiano’s back (is that the right expression?) if they have to scrap him and start from scratch.

    Here’s some more stats for ya’.

    Freeman was 19th in the league in quarterback rating and tied for fifth worst in interceptions thrown.

    I know it’s vacation time for most of these guys but let’s hope Freeman brought his playbook to that photo shoot.

  4. ‘The long lost “before” rhinoplasty photo.’

    Side note: Darren McFadden has been known as ‘Run DMC’ since his days at Arkansas.

  5. Chris

    And what a pick that was at the time , as pundits and plaudits alike, felt that this was the Bucs turning the corner . Well , they’ve turned the corner alright , right into a goddamn brick wall , with Freeman helming the team .

    The Bucs’ payroll is apparently $110,548,704 , which places a mere $9.5 million under the salary cap ($120.6 million) . Now given what they might well be prepared to to do , I can see them paring down that figure to roughly between $15-20 million under the cap . That way Dominik and Schiano can concentrate on the upcoming draft and then go after some veteran free agents , of which there will be several this off season .

    How Freeman measured up to his contemporaries within the NFC East and then the NFL as a whole . The kid has a long way to go to measure up to the perceived potential that many analysts beleieved he had . The jury is no longer out , he can play but not at a very highl level consistently . Fleeting moments are not going to cut it , even with the apathetic Bucs’ fans , that’s unless they’re blind drunk and dreaming back to the 2002 season with the franchise , when even being average (Brad Johnson) won them a Superbowl XXXVII (SBXXXVII) .

    Thanks for chiming in on the Schillling , A Rod and King Felix piece ! Jack Zduriencik , the Mariners’ general manager should lay off the deer antler juice . Offering a pitcher a seven year $175 million contract when he has a bum pitching arm is idiotic !

    Hal Steinbrenner is worried about A Rod’s well being ? I’m more worried about Steinbrenner’s goddamn sanity after his Okaying of A Rod’s second $250 million contract over the course of his career . And there are idiots out there , with no business acumen , suggesting that the owners and general managers have a fu###ng clue as to what they’re doing ? Are you kidding me ?

    Tophatal …..

    Tophatal …………..

  6. Aer…

    Doesn’t it just shock you that the Buccaneers have never had a really, really good quarterback?

    I mean, I know Doug Williams and Steve Young both played here but they also both went on to have better careers and win Super Bowls with other teams, as did Trent Dilfer for that matter.

    As a fan base, we want a franchise quarterback so bad because it’s something we’ve never really known.

    Here’s hoping Michael, I mean Josh Freeman becomes that guy this year.

  7. Han-o-Gram…

    Good point about McFadden although from what I saw in the SEC championship game that year, Felix Jones was a lot tougher for Florida to bring down than Run-DMC was.

    That was also back when Houston Nutt knew how to coach.

  8. Al…

    I honestly think the fan base will head into next season with open arms, hoping this kid succeeds. But they’ll also be skeptical and keep him on a short leash.

    If he comes out early and has a two or three pick game, that could be all she wrote for him. There should no longer be any excuses. The playoffs for this team, at this time, should be perfectly attainable.

    For two straight seasons, they were on a pace to then shit the bed.

    Re: the Hank and A-Rod warfare, I have a feeling this is going to end ugly and that could mean them either voiding his contract or him finishing out his career in pinstripes in a lackluster fashion.

  9. Chris

    Welcome him (Freeman) with open arms ? How so ? What was it about last season that hasn’t gotten you convinced that this isn’t the best you’ll see of an inconsistent Josh Freeman ? Has he shown you a real propensity that he can play at the highest level ( Josh Freeman TAM 16 81.6 306 558 54.8 4065 254.1 7.3 27 17 39 139 8.7 3.6 0 26 161 10 2) [54.8% completion percentage & albeit his QB rating of 81.6 is impressive] ? Or is that simply wishful thinking on your part ?

    It’ll be interesting to see what moves will be made by Mark Dominik between now and the NFL Draft .

    Excuses is what you’ll continue to hear from this kid , and hence the reason why Schiano is about to make the curtain call on his career this upcoming season , as he will undoubtedly bring in a seasoned veteran . Not that the trough will be all that great to begin with , in terms of free agent quarterbacks . It could well end up being one of the worst in recent memory .

    So Vick has re-signed with the Eagles in a one year deal ?

    It may well end ugly but the only ones profiting from it all could well be the lawyers , because this could end up going to trial , should the Yankees pursue a course of legal action to ” void his contract ” . Which ch they have every right to do , when you bear in mind that there was a morals’ clause written into the deal .

    All A Rod has done is to deny the allegations , which is all he can do . Because should he seek legal recourse his integrity comes into question when you considered he lied repeatedly to the public and the press .

    Manny Pacquiao may well have given up fighting in the US . No one should be at all surprised by that , given his record over his last five fights . I hear the fight trade does a robust business this time of year in Christchurch , New Zealand ?

    You have to admire the stupidity shown by the front office of the Mariners ! Only they could come out and offer almost $200 million to a pitcher with a bum elbow . Perhaps , not the Mets are known to be just as stupid to begin with .

    You need to talk to your boy Drew , as he’s clearly become delusional concerning the NBA season . He believes there are some really compelling story-lines to be had . I wasn’t aware that the Monster drinks and Five Hour Energy were that potent and something of a hallucinogenic !

    P#rn has more of a fluid plotline than this mediocre NBA season , where more than half the teams in the West can’t play any real defense and than there are so many teams are having problems shooting above 40% from beyond the arc in terms of offense , and that is from around the NBA as a whole . Compelling ? Really ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Tophatal ……………..

  10. Chris

    If I had the $10 million I’d offer it to Pacquiao to simply go away ! Instead some Dubai oil sheikh is offering him that sum to fight in the Arab peninsular . Money Mayweather apparently wanted $20 million and a night with the several of the sheikh’s female acquaintances who were not his wives . . He wanted to make it “rain up in that $$tch ” and plant his seed away from the prying eyes .

    Mayweather simply loves all of his kids , just not his kids’ mamas .

    Tophatal ……………..

  11. Chris

    Just to let you know how our boy , Eldrick “Tiger ” Woods’ rolls , he made available his private jet for his latest flame , skier , Lindsay Vonn , after she injured herself at the World Alpine Ski championships in Schladming , Austria . Rumor has it , that Tiger’ll be hitting a ” hole in one” , as he helps here recuperate from torn knee ligaments . Your thoughts on this ?

    Have you , or do you know any female who’d treat you to that style and lap of luxury ? Or are you still down with Jenny from down the block , and from ’round the way ?

    Tophatal …………………

  12. Chris

    Dropped this concerning the NFL Draft and how it impacts the Bucs .

    Stick with it , or move on …..

    Also what do you think about the bull#hit concerning the Dolphins and their stadium ? The venue is owned outright by owner Stephen Ross , but the billionaire real estate mogul does not want to pay for the $400 million upgrade and refurbishments needed , even though he and the city have an eye on hosting Superbowl 50 ( SB L) which will be in 2016 . Ross doesn’t even want to use $ 5 million of his own money for a feasible study that convention bureau wants to conduct . And this is a guy whose worth is in excess of $ 4 billion , ranking him #83 of the 400 wealthiest citizens in the US . Shades of what the Marlins did to the city of Miami , do you think ?

    Tophatal ……….

  13. Al…

    I’m not making excuses for Freeman at all. I’m just saying he’s our quarterback and at a minimum, we’re stuck with him through next season and then we’ll see what happens. In that sense, it makes no sense not to give the guy our full support. And if he sucks (again), trust me, we’ll let him know it.

    The restructuring of the Vick contract doesn’t surprise me. That’s the smartest move Philly could have made. The question is how many games he plays, and starts, next season… oh, and whether he can win.

    The whole Mariners story is surprising. Who the hell gets one step away from inking a multi-million dollar contract without giving the guy a physical first?

    Yeah, Drew’s been out of sorts lately. Not writing and sports opinions based on pure nonsense. We’ll talk some sense back into him.

    You’re talking about Pacquiao why? What’s he done for us lately other than get knocked the fuck out?

    Miami’s done a great job this season. Larranaga was a great hire. How sweet would an important march tournament match-up be between Miami and Florida?

  14. For me , Freeman needs to apply himself to his craft more , and stop with his latest idiocy ! His days with the Bucs are now numbered . One more year of inconsistency and he’ll be tossed unto a scrap heap .

    I know you’re behind on your reading but I think you’ll find my piece on the Bucs and the Dolphins interesting !

    The whole Mariners’ front office have been complete joke over the past few seasons and it has been reflected in the team’s play and record over the past five years .

    It would have made more sense to cut Vick than to offer him a one year deal but GM Howie Roseman isn’t the brightest of guys !

    Someone has to talk about Manny , if not his wife or his promoter , Bob Arum . So why not the roving boxing aficionado ?

    Larranaga was a damn fantastic hire by the Canes , fortunately this has been one of the more prudent decisions made by AD Shawn Eichorst . He and university President Donna Shalala still haven’t been able to live down the complete idiocy of what took place with now incarcerated former Canes’ booster and bag-man Nevin Shapiro .

    And you’d have thought that university would have learned a lesson , but no , that’s definitely not the case as Drew Rosenhaus is given carte-blanche’ and a free rein to come and go as he pleases on the campus . Shalala wonders why the program is so tainted ?

    Stick with it or move on

    Money ? We make it , we spend it , so what’s your beef ?

    Tophatal …..

  15. “Josh Freeman has a leg up on the competition.”

    And as for that leg, I hope that tiger was photoshopped, stuffed or dead. You just don’t go live with animals that close to “the hood.”

  16. Chris

    Nevin is doin’ his time and it’s mere rumor mongering , as to who’s doing him and parting his cheeks to ” toss his salad ” .

    What do you think about Dolphins’ owner Steve Ross not wanting to pay for the $ 450 million upgrade needed for Sun Life Stadium /Joe Robbie Stadium , venue that he owns outright , along with that NFL franchise ? Bear in mind , Ross worth a cool $4.4 billion and ranked #83 on the Forbes’ 400 Wealthiest Individuals in the US looking jointly for the city of Miami and Miami Dade County government to pay for the refurbishment of the venue .

    Ross is seeking to for both governmental agencies to pay for that upgrade . If both agencies do this , then their a$s should be brought out in public and then be tarred and feathered ! Bear in mind that between the two government agencies they’ve a budget fiscal crisis of close to $1 billion .

    So let me pose this question to you as a supposed die-hard Rays’ fan , who do you believe should pay for a new venue for the baseball franchise if the Rays’ ownership doesn’t even have the resources to ante up even $ 30 million towards the cost of a new stadium ? I hear all this asinine chatter from the fans but none of them shows even an iota of common sense in explaining how it should be paid for when both, the city and county governments have their own ongoing fiscal crises to deal with .

    At some point someone within the community has to step up to the plate and say something intelligent enough on the matter because it sure as hell isn’t being done by the idiots at 620 WDAE or by anyone from within the print or tv media within the locale .

    And if anyone doubts the veracity of the claims in the articles of the Miami Times concerning A Rod and the Coral Gables’ medical concern Biogenesis . Here’s a story they broke concerning a city commissioner in Miami .

    What the hell was that interview about concerning Joe Pa’s widow and Katie Couric ? Obviously that family is still in complete denial .


    Siegfrid and Roy can attest to keeping zoo animals away from one’s privates . The only thing that should be that close, is the female genitalia , or her lips or some medical reason, a urologist . ” Finger wave ” ? Ouch , that really does hurt ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!

    Tophatal …………….

  17. I’m still torn on the new stadium deal, Al.

    If they somehow finagle a) the St Pete mayor to let them look elsewhere and b) the good people of Tampa to cough up half a penny tax for a new stadium, I’m still not convinced that will help attendance figures.

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