The Miami Heat shake things up (video)

The Heat homer strikes again.

As you all know by now, I’ve already called this NBA season a rap.  Even though they can’t rebound, this Miami Heat basketball team is better, strong, faster and more together than any other team in the league.  We see evidence of that not only in their recent 13-game winning streak, but in the video below.

I found out only recently what the Harlem Shake is.  It’s a craze that’s taking over the nation.

Even though the Shake is actually a dance that dates back to 1980s Harlem, the newest trend for people with video cameras and imaginations everywhere (and I mean everywhere, just look on YouTube) is to put out videos with their own personal take on the dance.

Each video begins with one person in the room dancing while others remain calm… until the music pauses, then everyone on camera suddenly changes clothes and starts moving to the beat.

Miami’s take on the shake begins with the newly acquired Chris “Birdman” Andersen entering the locker room while the other members of the Miami Heat stretch.  That’s when the music stops and all hell breaks loose.  We then see King James shimmying in his oversized crown and cape, a ghetto blaster and cowboy hat-toting, Chris Bosh (he’s from Texas) dancing around in a bathrobe, a dookie-chained, Dwyane Wade complete with bright red suit and fuzzy bear head and many, many others.

I bet you can’t watch it only once.

The Heat aren’t the first team to release their version of the Harlem Shake nor will they be the last but a project like this tells us, and the rest of the league, just how relaxed this team is down the stretch and why they’re going to be very, very tough to beat in June.

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32 Replies to “The Miami Heat shake things up (video)”

  1. Snake…

    That’s pretty damn funny, but come on, man. You didn’t want to cut and paste your initial thoughts on the Shake? Or are you afraid to tell everyone how you really feel?

  2. Hey, let’s get something straight. Our email exchanges are private. End of conversation. Violate that and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Capice?

  3. Fair enough, sir, but I can’t help but think you’ve only slightly softened on your position. Must be all the puppy dogs.

    Oh, and I’ll tell Luca Brazzi you said hello.

  4. Al…

    I’m looking forward to reading your recount of the trip to Durham.

    Bad news about Tony Parker though. Out four weeks for San Antonio. You can’t help but think OKC will take that top spot in the West in his absence.

    But if the Lakers land the 8 seed, wouldn’t you think the two seed is the way to go?

  5. Chris

    I’ll try and have something up concerning the game but , man did Ryan Kelly go off or what ? 36 points and the Canes simply couldn’t handle Duke and handle anything they threw at them .

    It shocked me concerning Parker’s injury, as the fall seemed innocuous . Now I know better , almost a month ? The issue now is Ginobli willing to step up to assume the role as the team’s oncourt general ? If not the Argentinian , then who else on the roster ?

    This is the opportunity that the Thunder can’t overlook .

    I can still see the Spurs overcoming this obstacle and making a successful run in the playoffs .

    Tophatal …………………

  6. Kelly was insane, Al. It was a great game to watch, must have been incredible to be there in person. Miami simply had no answer for him.

    The Canes played a great game but in the end, it just wasn’t enough.

    The Spurs generally tend to overcome that sort of adversity, i.e. Parker’s injury. As in the NFL, it’s the next man up’s job. We’ll see if that happens at the point in San Antonio.

    But again, I know they suck, but are the Lakers an 8-seed that anyone will want to play?

    Kentucky will probably still get in the tournament. They’ve already got their 20 wins and they travel. You know that.

  7. When will these Harlem Shake videos end? We don’t love it as much as other people do, but at least the Miami Heat version was somewhat entertaining. We got to give them that.

  8. Duke will need Ryan Kelly to play like that throughout the remainder of their schedule and then going into the NCAA Tournament .

    I’m expecting one of the young guns on the Spurs’ roster to step up to the plate .

    If the Spurs are drawn against the Lakers , I still expect the Popovich’s team to pull through !

    Kentucky’s problems in spite of their 20 win total , is the fact that they are not a very good team defensively .

    Tophatal ……….

    Tophatal …………………….

  9. Chris

    So what part of Sunday’s match-up between the Heat and Knicks was meant to be entertaining ? The fact that ‘melo can’t and chooses not to play defense or the fact that the Knicks simply doesn’t know how to play defense ?

    Gonzaga ranked #1 ? Strange , but it happens .

    How’s this for an oxymoron in baseball ? What a fu##ing joke !

    The MLBPA (union) are the same as$holes who wre steadfast against any form of testing initially stating privacy concerns . And fans believes that this game still has an essence of purity and integrity to it all ? What a crock of $hit !

    Nightengale: Baseball union targets drug cheaters

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — For far too many years, there was only silence.

    Players cheated, no one talked, management never balked and records dropped.

    Now, there is anger.

    Some of Major League Baseball’s well-paid stars are ripping their brethren for cheating the system, infuriated there’s more talk this spring about South Florida wellness clinics than Florida beaches. And they are furious at a system that suspended Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon for 50 games last summer before rewarding them this winter with raises.

    ZIMMERMAN: ‘Nobody wants to watch cheaters’

    COMMISSIONER: ‘I believe in stronger penalties’

    Now, we are witnessing another pivotal moment in the relationship between major league players and the commissioner’s office.

    Players are telling union chief Michael Weiner they’re sick of it. Veterans such as the Colorado Rockies’ Michael Cuddyer and the Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman are demanding harsher penalties. They are increasingly aggravated that their sport has the toughest testing policy of any North American league but can’t shake the scrutiny the tainted minority attracts.


    Click on link to read in full.


    When have you ever heard any of the high-profiled players questioning that they had cheaters within their midst much less question the health issues that goes along with the abuse of steroids ? Yet I’ve read idiots stating let ’em cheat . I suppose those would be the same ##sholes who would deem it OK for a kid entering a school with an AR 15 having a psychotic meltdown ?

    Fehr and now his successor , Michael Weiner are bunch of damn hypocrites !

    Tophatal ……………

  10. Chris

    What’s up with that ? A woman can fake an orgasm during sex but the moment they seek equality on the sports playing field it’s all excuses ! Did you catch that female kicker Lauren Silberman at the NFL Combine and her failures ? Not one kick went more than twenty yards , if that . Performance enhancement issues or lack of it ? Not enough estrogen in her system, you think ? I know what she needs injected into her and it’s nothing to do with a PED !

    Tophatal ………


  11. Al…

    If Duke gets that kind of output out of Kelly, they’ll be tough to beat come tourney time. NBA GMs are already salivating. Think that kid just made himself a few million bucks this weekend?

    Look at who the Heat have beaten over their current 14-game winning streak. Houston, both LA teams, OKC, Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis and now New York. They haven’t lost in over a month.

    Good for Mark Few and his Gonzaga program. That’s another team that’s going to be tough to beat in the tourney. Size down low and shooters make for a deadly combination. Can you imagine if they actually won it?

  12. Reminicent of the Chicago Bears Superbowl Shuffle. That kind of comraderie and chemistry can go a long way….I hope not….but I wouldn’t bet against em right now.

  13. Here’s my take on the Lake, Bleed.

    I think they make the playoffs and potentially present a bad match-up for the Spurs if they meet in the first round.

    I think the Thunder, a faster-paced team, takes them down but not without a fight. I think the Spurs are a team L.A. can beat.

    I also hear they’ll be giving discount tickets to seniors for that series.

  14. Obviously I’m just a touch biased when it comes to the Lakeshow, but I see them squeaking into the playoffs, roaring into the Finals and taking home another ring against all odds.

    Then again, I think that will happen every year. I guess when your favorite team wins 11 titles in the 41 years you’ve been on the earth, you tend to have high expectations…Or is it called being spoiled?…Maybe a bit of both.

  15. Bleed…

    Actually, I think most people would call your condition delusional. Of course you’d have to see a doctor outside of Los Angeles to get an honest opinion.

    With all that talent, it’s hard to imagine them not making a late push. That is until you actually watch them play and discover that the sum of their talent is nowhere near the total of their individual parts.

    I would absolutely love to see a Clippers-Lakers playoff series. It’d be one for the ages. But for the life of me, I don’t see any way that this Lakers team gets past Oklahoma City.

  16. Delusional. I’ve been called worse.
    Just don’t be shocked when it happens.
    As far as a doctor outside of Los Angeles, I think I can get my medical perscription properly filled in about 17 states these days, though the quality of the medical grade we get here in Cali is top notch. Nah, I’ll stay put and remain delusional by design.

  17. This video just confirms what we already know…the Miami Heat are going to win the NBA Title yet again. Teams are going to have that image of Dwayne Wade dancing around in that damn bear costume and succumb to failure at key moments during the playoffs. Oh…it’s going to happen…

  18. Hate to break it to you…

    “I bet you can’t watch it only once”

    but what is the over/under on ignoring it completely?


  19. A wrap? Please. LeBron and Wade are playing at a very high level but the playoffs are a different beast. There are five teams in the West who could conceivably take out the Heat.

    A lack of size/interior presence/rebounding make your “unbeatable” team very vulnerable and beatable.

  20. Drew…

    Welcome from your slumber.

    I worry about you sometimes, empty bottle of sleeping pills by your bedside table, Chargers consistently becoming more irrelevant.

    You know they have help lines, right?

    It’s okay. You go ahead and believe some other team is going to win this year’s NBA title just as you continue to believe the Chargers, might somehow, make the playoffs any time soon.

    Kiss to Philip Rivers for me, hon.

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