a) Did you just talk to me about boxing and b) if so, why?

Welcome to my nth, official rant about boxing.  There’s sure to be more in the future so stay tuned.

I have a few, fellow bloggers, right around my age group (yes, THAT old) who regularly try to engage me in conversations about boxing.  Perhaps they haven’t realized that train has left the station, or they’re just reminiscing about a time in our nation’s history when the sport actually mattered.

My responses to them run generally the same: a hint of disregard, sprinkled with a bit of apathy followed by the inevitable touch of nostalgia.  For those of you who have just tuned in, I’d once again like to clarify my position on the sweet science.

I, as did those who inspired this post, grew up in an era where heavyweight bouts were major sporting events.  Front page, big story news.  The nation tuned in.  Whether it was Ali in his waning years, Spinks, Foreman, Tyson, Holyfield, even Bowe and oh, what’s that British guy’s name again, we paid attention.  We even paid per view.

Do you know what professional boxing would have to do to convince me to pay fifty dollars for a fight these days?  They’d have to pay me sixty dollars.  Or they could put ten or twelve boxers in a ring Vince McMahon-style and let them have at it.  That can’t be any less safe than MMA.

Maybe it’s that I work weekends.  Possible.  Maybe there are no fights worth watching.  Much more likely.  Do you remember the last time you anticipated a boxing match?  The last fight any of us talked about was one that never happened.  And that’s only ONE of the problems in professional boxing.  That’s why guys fight into their fifties and sixties, not because it’s the only living they’ve ever known or that they can’t give it up.  It’s because they’re a bigger draw than any of the young fighters out there.   Oh, I’m sorry.  Did I just say young fighters?  I assumed there were some.

Has an upcoming boxing match caught your eye? If you are thinking of having a dip in the betting for the fight make sure you check out sports.bwin.com/en/boxing today!

Whoever is in charge of marketing the science turned sour failed Intro to Marketing and whoever manages the sport (that’s funny) should be excused from his position and exiled by an act of Congress.

Professional boxing lacks structure.  It lacks charisma.  It lacks any meaningful, marketable athletes.  Boxers are either old, washed up and brain dead or young, mouthy and brain dead.  Muhammad Ali was mouthy and quite unpopular in his day but at least he stood for something.  Ali made news by protesting a war he didn’t believe in.  Floyd Mayweather makes news by having a $1000 bill cake with his image in the middle, the sorrowful decline of a sport’s significance.

Once upon a time, Olympians like Patterson, Clay, Spinks, Frazier, Foreman and Mercer raised the American flag with honor.  Can you even name the last American male to win a gold medal in any weight class?  I didn’t think so.  FYI, it was Andre Ward in 2004 in the light heavyweight division.

I blame not the fans.  If anything, it’s our unreciprocated interest that has kept the sport on life support.

Okay, I’m done now, not that I feel any better.  To be perfectly honest, I’ve grown tired of this conversation just as the sport has grown tired of us.  So please be careful the next time you mention boxing around me.  You’ll be one of the remaining few to do so.

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52 Replies to “a) Did you just talk to me about boxing and b) if so, why?”

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  2. You’re dead on the money… Boxing is dead.

    Has been since the advent of MMA.

    Now the toughest of tough kids, and there are new ones every day, ask themselves “do I want to be the toughest of guys who fight like the Marquis’ butler?” or “do I want to be the all out toughest man possible?”

    Why would anyone do boxing alone anymore?

    They don’t.

    Now boxing is only one of many prerequisites for being the worlds toughest guys… and those are measured by MMA titles.

    And within MMA titles the UFC titles are everything, anything else is the minor leagues. Which are still waaaaay more fierce contests than ANY boxing match. Dana and Lorenzo have understood this all along and done a superb job of marketing the sport.

    Boxing is toast.

    Somebody tweet Floyd that he’s a coward.

  3. The heavyweights get all the $$$ and glory, but everything from the middleweights on down were the really exciting bouts. Today, thanks to assholes like Don King and Bob Arum, the sport sucks. And don’t get me started on those lame competitors, WWE & UFC. Its all just become barbaric bullshit. I’d much rather spend my available time watching good porn. Check out Gianna Michaels in “Big Wet Asses 15.”

  4. Mayweather recently signed a six fight $200 million deal , with PPV site HBO , whose parent company is Time Warner .

    Money , his business partner and legal counsel Leonard Ellerbee , are just now in it for the “money ” and nothing else ! . Certainly not, the quality of opponents he’s faced and continues to face , which in reality have been bums ” ! .

    Courtesy of Forbes.com

    Floyd Mayweather Hits Jackpot With New Showtime PPV Deal

    Floyd Mayweather announced Tuesday that he is climbing back into the ring May 4 to face off against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. The fight was expected, but the real surprise came with the news that Mayweather would leave long-time partner HBO for a pay-per-view deal with Showtime Networks. The six-fight, 30-month deal was called the “richest individual athlete deal in all of sports” in a press release.

    This marks a huge loss for HBO. Mayweather’s nine HBO PPV events generated 9.6 million buys and $543 million in television revenue, according to the network. Mayweather has been part of the four biggest non-heavyweight PPV events in boxing history. With the recent struggles of Manny Pacquiao in the ring, Mayweather is the undisputed king of PPV.

    Mayweather was the world’s highest-paid athlete in our June 2012 list with earnings of $85 million, based on his fights with Victor Ortiz ($40 million) and Miguel Cotto ($45 million). Mayweather is able to command a bigger piece of fight revenues by acting as his own fight promoter through his company Mayweather Promotions. He collects all of the revenue from tickets, pay-per-view and sponsorships and covers the costs, including the purse for his opponent.

    Mayweather does not do any personal endorsement deals, but instead signs up sponsors for his fights that will help boost the PPV audience. The Showtime deal, no doubt, will include more promotional opportunities for Mayweather and his fights. The Guerrero fight is expected to get heavy promotion on Showtime’s parent, CBS.

    So how big is the deal? Financial details are “contractually confidential,” but a look at Mayweather’s recent fight earnings gives an indication of how lucrative this agreement could be. Mayweather did not leave HBO to go to Showtime for less money. There is a reason they call him “Money.”


    Click on link to read in full .


    There’s a reason why they call him Money , it’s the only reason the goddamn fights , because it’s not because of the glory .

    Glib, Yes, they are ! In the world of sports and in entertainment, what else, would you tend to expect ?

    The fight between B-Hop and Cloud this past Saturday wasn’t even remotely close . My dead grandmother could have kicked Tavoris Cloud’s a#s from her grave ! The guy is overrated and a complete washout ! Cloud’s record had more padding in it than one of Denise Milani’s bras (link) , and both you and I know Milani’s assets are for real , don’t we ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    Tophatal ………………….

  5. Chris

    I’ve no real interest in boxing in spite having been introduced to it by my father , boxed in high school and competed at that level in school . Once I got into the martial arts (muy-thai , karate , savate & taekwondo ) , admittedly it came in handy , but man , the sport of boxing over the past decade has become completely devoid of character and the talent level in reality is exceedingly poor . Perhaps the poorest it has been in over two decades !

    There needs to be national regulatory body for the sport here domestically , rather than the 50 separate states having their own body to monitor the sport . Hence the reason , you have the mess here as it is . In the UK and specifically France and Germany the sport is closely monitored and with EU now adding their weight across the community , the oversight is much stricter than anything that is said to be enforced here in the US .

    John McCain and his Senate Bill (to have a national body governing the sport) some years back was blown out of the water but these are the very same cretins (Congressmen and women) who still won’t chase after the NFL and have enforce to put their HGH testing policy , a policy that was voted upon , and ratified by the NFLPA (union) as well as the NFL hierarchy . And you once suggested to me that this country has made great advances socially and from a political standpoint ? How so ? LOL,LOL !!

    Tophatal ………………

  6. I’d like to disagree with you Rev, but I can’t. For all the reasons you mentioned and more boxing has wore my interest right out of me. I’m just gad to have lived long enough to see some truly great bouts. I won’t bore you with a list, you probably know them as well as I. Good times brother… damn good times.

  7. Wow, did I just agree with every word the Rev preached?

    Why yes, yes I did.

    I had to laugh last week when I heard that Hopkins won some kind of title… at age 50 something?

    Some will say that MMA killed boxing…. but, to me, MMA is one level above dog fighting, and about as sickening. MMA attracts the blood lusting fans, while boxing attracted some of the same, they also drew fans of the sweet science.

    I think losing pimps such as Don King, Bob Arum, and Lou Duva killed boxing as much as anything. A sleazy sport needs sleazy promoters…. much as a carnival does. When they try to go legit they wither away.

  8. Hanahan

    And MMA now has more viewers for their shows and grosses even bigger revenues and is more tightly controlled than the sport of boxing and the NFL combined where the league hierarchy remain anally retentive under Roger Goodell ! And you believe that sport (MMA )to be barbaric ? Pose the question to Goodell and the union why it is having ratified an agreement for HGH testing in 2010 , they still haven’t adopted that rule ?

    What are you into at present ?

    The NFL is as just as much a joke as the sport of boxing as it is completely devoid of leadership and integrity .

    Tophatal …………….

  9. Al… I’m not into guys laying on their back getting the shit beat out of them. MMA is not my cup of tea… I know there is plenty of training and strategy involved, and they are top athletes… just doesn’t interest me. And I don’t question, or care, what anyone else gets their enjoyment from.

    btw.. when I wrote my original comment there was only J Dub’s post above mine. Took awhile for SC to post the comments. I wasn’t trying to belittle any comments that got posted ahead of mine, as I never saw them until now,

  10. Hanahan

    I understand the sentiments you have but look at the idiocy you now have within the NFL and the fact that Goodell and the NFLPA (union) under DeMaurice Smith show about as much care for retired veterans , as a Jew shows in their dislike follower of Islam .

    MMA under the UFC banner has much stricter guidelines governing their sport than anything purported to be in place by either boxing , NHL , NBA and MLB on a wide variety of issues .

    If at all interested ? See link provided below to a piece I completed on the Hopkins vs Tavoris Cloud bout . Cloud and his promoter came off looking like complete as$holes concerning their pre-fight predictions . Tavoris Cloud became Hopkins’ prison bi#ch overnight after that disastrous display .


    So who are you going with in the NCAA Tournament ? And how deep are you into getting your bracket or brackets ready for the event itself ?


    So the Lakers came away with a win over the Magic , Dwight went wild in terms of his offensive game . However , it was the Magic who were the hosts and defense with regard to that team doesn’t seem to be a top priority under head coach , Jacque Vaughn .

    Tophatal ……………..

  11. Dub…

    Despite Tyson’s draw, the sport should still have been strong enough to stand on its on two legs… without being called down for the count entirely.

  12. Tree…

    You’re exactly right, as was Dana in his approach to stepping on the neck of boxing.

    In twenty years, just one more generation, the sport may be gone entirely.

    The Olympics have already gotten rid of wrestling. How much longer til the same happens to boxing?

    Now THAT would officially mark the end, no?

  13. Snake…

    The lighter weight classes have suffered the same fate. The fact that we never got to see Mayweather-Pacquiao is emblematic of the gross mismanagement of the sport.

    That bout could have generated hundreds of millions of dollars, shit, maybe even a billion, back when people actually wanted to see it.

    Now, not so much. We all knew that would happen. Didn’t the people that run boxing realize the same?

  14. Al…

    There’s no denying Money and those running his camp are good at what they’re doing but HBO has to be losing money on that deal, no?

    Ya’ know, we had Congress up baseball’s ass during the steroid scandal. Why couldn’t they have investigated the gross corruption within boxing?

  15. Aer…

    Recalling the great fights we all watched would certainly make for a happier post but the fact that we have to go back ten, twenty, thirty years to do so is a very, sad state of affairs.

  16. Han…

    I’m not much of a mixed martial arts fan either even though I do appreciate the athleticism and training required to compete in it.

    That’s okay though. We’re not their target audience. Plenty of guys in their twenties and thirties are sopping up that sport while us older guys bitch and whine about the passing of a sport they’ve never heard of.

  17. Al…

    The Lakers are peaking at just the right time. Don’t look now but they might end up a six seed in the Western Conference which means they’d avoid both San Antonio and OKC until the later rounds.

    That game last night was one Orlando fans has circled on their calendar for a year, the return of Dwight Howard. I even contemplated buying a ticket to that game but driving an hour just to boo incessantly and watch my team lose didn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure Dwight knows how those of us living in Central Florida feel about him.

  18. Chris & Al…

    As a die hard Laker fan I had really not paid so much attention to what a whiney petulant primadonna Howard was while in Orlando but under the bright lights of Hollywierd this kid has no clue. None.

    Kobe, for all his faults, knows what is required for a ring and is wholeheartedly focused on winning. Most teams don’t come back from 25 down. Howard had yet to REALLY see what it was like for a single player to take over the game and simply insist that they were not going to allow a loss.

    Maybe a tiny bit of that sunk into Howard pea sized cogitator. Maybe.

    The simpleton is more focused on the teams self imposed “no candy in the locker room” rule.

    great height, big shoulders… itty bitty little brain stem…

  19. Chris

    HBO ( & parent company Time Warner) will make a killing ! 2 million buys at $59-95 grosses almost $120 million . Take into account the international broadcast rights’ fees also , which no doubt they will sell at a premium to their partners overseas.

    Then there are fees to be paid to HBO , by any service wishing to simply purchase that content for a multiple or a one off broadcast by one Warner Bros’ local market affiliates , or anyone else for that matter . Of course, they will continue to make money in perpetuity from that content , and so too will Mayweather , who has his imaging patented , and it has now become a lucrative earner for the fighter . Hence his business partner and legal counsel , Leonard Ellerbee , gives him the advice that will see him net in excess of $ 600 million before his career comes to an end .

    Left you a response to that piece on the Hopkins Cloud bout .

    And of the new movies , you should check out the movie trailer to ” 42 ” . It’s biopic on Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson , starring Chadwick “Chad” Boseman and Harrison Ford (Branch Rickey).


    So the Bucs are now looking to make some major moves ? With the cap space now available to them , they had better get it right this time around .

    The Magic may well circled the date on their calendar , but someone forgot to tell them to circle the damn wagons and play more competently , especially on defense .

    Tophatal …..

  20. CapnTree

    Kobe’s issue is that he wants to surpass Jordan in terms of the championship rings won . And what he sees from his teammates , are a bunch of soft effeminate ###ches ! I mean , Howard turns up, and you simply can’t be sure what type of game he’s liable to have .

    As Bryant goes , then so does the rest of the team , in large part . There really isn’t anyone else capable of stepping up to the plate on that Lakers’ roster , when Bryant has an off night . And for the idiots salivating because Howard threw down last night . Remember it was the Magic , that they were playing and not the Heat , Spurs or Thunder for that matter .

    D-How is a glib and immature individual , who still has a great deal of growing up to do !

    Itty bitty brain and a itty bitter manhood , if his baby mama’s (Royce Reed) words are to believed . Apparently , the NBA center may well have a big game , but she states where it matters most , his “package” ….. didn’t fire or stand to attention as and when needed . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Damn !

    Tophatal ……………

  21. Chris

    The Lakers can peak all they want , The Thunder and the Spurs will be waiting for them at some point in the postseason , brother . And it ain’t gonna be pretty !

    Not even Viagra or Cialis, will be able to help DAntoni’s guys at that juncture .

  22. Chris wrote,
    “Ali made news by protesting a war he didn’t believe in.”

    Paraphrasing Clay, “I ain’t go nuthin against them Viet Cong.”
    Wtf, I wouldn’t either if I was the heavy-weight champ on the threshold of making mega millions. Ted Williams not only interrupted his HOF career for WW2, but also the Korean War. Ali’s advisors must have included Jane Fonda. I had nuthing against “Charlie”, but I do now.

  23. Al…

    I’d be interested in seeing what pay-per-view numbers have done in the past thirty years. I can’t imagine buys are up.

    I’m not sure what the Bucs are going to do or who they’re going to sign in free agency. No major news as of yet.

    And I am definitely looking forward to these NBA playoffs… but first, March!

  24. Tree…

    You guys wanted Dwight. Now you got him.

    What’s your take on whether he’ll sign in L.A. long term?

    I’m guessing that’ll have to do with how they fare in the post-season.

  25. Bets….

    I can’t imagine living in a time when athletes actually made a difference, whether it was Ali or Jesse Owens or Jackie Robinson or Smith and Carlos.

    Can you imagine any of our athletes these days standing out against such causes and risking their precious advertising contracts?

  26. Chris

    PPV weren’t big or a factor in the mid-seventies , it wasn’t until the late eighties that it came into the fore as a major factor for boxing’s establishment and revenue driven. And then it really only mattered when it came to the major draws at the time . Bear in mind the viewership simply skyrocketed when the likes of Foreman , Holmes and Tyson were the big draws and then you had the era of Leonard , Hearns , Hagler and de La Hoya .

    Now it is being been driven by Mayweather , and take into account that he recently surpassed de La Hoya in career ring earnings and gross PPV earnings ( Mayweather’s fights have grossed $ 600 million and he’s earned over $ 400 million in ring earnings ) . Pacquiao’s figures aren’t remotely close to Money’s by any stretch of the imagination .


    Today’s athletes aren’t that enlightened or even politically motivated . You have LBJ touting education and wanting kids to fulfill their educational opportunities by remaining in school. Yet when questioned about his possibly going to college at some point in the future , his response was that he’s disinterested . Kind of make you really aware of where he stood while in high St Mary’s in Akron , Ohio . Not that I believe he’d have met eligibility requirements to begin with , as the rumors were that and members of the immediate family accepted cash from various individuals and business entities within the greater Cleveland area , as well as statewide , in , Ohio.

    The US hasn’t produced an athlete who’s outspoken on a political matter , since tennis great . Arthur Ashe , and his passion was the issue of apartheid in South Africa .

    Now you have that dick , Dennis Rodman trying to suggest that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un , is a cool dude ? Rodman is an @sshole , spousal abuser , and a absentee father , who still owes his ex in excess of $300,000 in back child support . All this for a guy who earned in excess of $45 million over the course of his career with endorsements .

    Tophatal ……………….

  27. Chris ,

    Over the course of time MMA , will see bigger purses but many of the fighters in the genre are now millionaires , or astute businessmen . Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently signed a multi-year multi-million dollar deal with Nike , Sony and Breitling . GSP (Georges St Pierre) , the welterweight champion has his own clothing line as well as a string of business ventures .

    Former heavyweight champion , Randy Couture , owns a string of gyms as well having a budding movie career . See Expendables I & II as evidence or lack thereof , as to the merits of his acting . I hear Expendables III thru IX will now be filmed simultaneously , in order to prevent the likes of Stallone , Schwarzennegar , Willis , Norris and Dolph Lundgren suffering from too many aches and pains ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Tophatal ……………

  28. No major news yet concerning the Bucs ? Have you buried your head in the sand concerning their intent over the past 72 hours ? They were after Revis Island and they have landed Dashon Goldson . Come on man , that’s news .

    Flags are now flying at half mast at Casa de Tophatal (no more rah-rah’s from hereon-in , I’ll be busting out the bottle and layin’ pipe like a $$rn star) in lieu of the Welker idiocy , perpetrated by Mr Potato Head aka Bill Belichick . Danny Amendola can kiss my black @ss ! We had a Ferrari on the lot with Wes Welker , we allow it to move off the lot and in its return we get something akin to a mix between a Hyundai and a friggin’ Pinto ! F##k that !

    Tophatal ……………….

  29. Damn shame…Watching Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns and early Tyson were some of my favorite sports moments not clad in PRPL&GOLD. Even the ear munching Mike was watchable in disgust.

    Manny tried to keep the dream alive but instead Floyd The Running Man Mayweather plunged the stake in the heart of the sport by just being himself.

    RIP boxing, we loved you while you were here. Thanks for the memories.

  30. Al…

    That’s a pretty good comparison. I mean Rodman? Really? That’s a joke, right? Couldn’t we have traded him to them for a pick to be named later?

    How long do you think until we see MMA, or at least its top fighters, draw that kind of PPV coin? And how long will fighters want to perpetuate their careers in such a violent sport?

    I hear the Bucs are major, if not the only, players in the Revis market. I just wonder a) what they’re going to have to give up to get him and b) how much they’ll have to pay him.

    And oh yea, sorry to hear about Welker. I’m pretty sure Peyton Manning and John Elway are taking him out to a nice Denver dinner right now.

  31. Bleed…

    I was at a local watering hole the other night when ESPN Classic aired 60 minutes of early Tyson highlights.

    The entire bar turned their heads to watch.

    Good times, man.

  32. The fighters won’t make that sort of coin , but UFC President Dana White knows that , he can’t be without stars such as GSP , Jon Jones , Cain Velazquez , Ben Henderson , Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva . As I said, the fighters have become an endorsers’ dream and many of these guys are far more recognized globally than any of the Klitschko’s and other so called prominent fighters , with the exception of Pacquiao and Mayweather , absolutely no one gives a flying ##ck about the sport of boxing , anyway !

    Tell what is the most striking at the same debilitating thing about the sport ? You should be able to name it ? And that is ……………… there just happens to be no undisputed champion at any weight level .

    Boxing is now mired in mediocrity and absolute bull#hit , and unfortunately it all stems from the fact the US remains the epicenter for the sport and shows no goddamn sign , in wanting to clean up the mess within its midst . Fractured administration and no one line of demarcation in terms of how the sport is governed nationally .

    Dropped this piece if you and any of your patrons are interested ? It’s on the ” now silly season of the NFL and the wildly insane moves ….. now taking place . Also Gonzaga ranked atop of the NCAA rankings ? How will that chime in with their NCAA chances ?

    If at all interested ? It’s not what you do or the way that you spend , it’s just that you’d better be spending it wisely

    Tophatal ……………

  33. Chris

    Boxing makes nowhere near the money that MMA has in revenues in terms of global marketing . And herein lies the whole idiocy . of those who have no fu#king idea as to the dire straits of the sport of boxing .

    As long as Don King and that racist ba$tard Bob Arum reign over the sport ………….. it will remain a cesspool and the anal remains of a dead elephant .

    Tophatal ……………..

  34. Chris, Alan

    If you saw the way “The Worm” gambled you would understand his financial condition today. Many a night we’d shoot crap @ The Mirage. Dennis and his white posse, headed by former UCLA center Jack Haley would play. I will say this about Rodman, he was in GREAT shape. BTW, this was in the early 90’s. Security would chase away the golddiggers while he gambled.

  35. Chris

    Rodman’s new best friend ….. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un , who the former NBA player says is a cool dude ? Dennis Rodman needs to shut the fu#k up , pay the almost $250,000 in child support he owes his ex wife . Why was Rodman in North Korea to begin with ? Has he been recruited by either the CIA or State Dept ? Go figure !

    So the US couldn’t get pass the DR in quarter finals of the World Baseball Classic ? How embarrassing is that 3-1 loss ?

    Why does the US even bother being part of this lame a##ed event , when their top players aren’t even interested in representing the country ? More to do with money ? Or something else altogether ?

    I hear Tyson’s one man stage show produced and directed by Spike Lee, is just as entertaining as his career , without ear biting of Holyfield , and rape of Desiree Washington ?

    It’s not what you do or the way that you spend , it’s just that you’d better be spending it wisely

    Tophatal ……………

  36. Ronbets

    Rodman can gamble all he wants but for Christ’s sake can the guy at least acknowledge he has kids , a kid in this case, almost of college age , that he has failed to support for the vast majority of her life . $375 ,000 and growing , in terms of unpaid child support .

    Tophatal ……….

  37. Alan,

    He squandered away all his $$ and apparently didn’t consider child support a priority. Why do you think he’s doing these “Reality” shows? Remember that Ray Charles hit “Busted”? Atleast Donald Trump has the compassion to give him multiple chances. The “Worm” will fk that up too.

  38. Alright…. Where to start, where to start, gentlemen.

    First, allow me to apologize for my lack of prompt response. Work has gotten the best of me.

    Okay, here we go….

  39. Al…

    I guess what I fail to see is, if boxing has failed, and UFC/MMA has stepped in, and is among one of the highest grossing sports in popularity, then why shouldn’t they expect that sort of purse?

    I mean, they’re charging the same, right? How much is Dana making? I’m sure he’s not hurting for a meal.

    If those events, of which there are plenty, are still banging viewers fifty to sixty bucks a pop, and they have recognizable headliners worth paying to see, then where’s all that money going? Please don’t tell me that sport stands to suffer the same corruption of its predecessor.

  40. Bets…

    Not sure if the Worm went to North Korea looking for a loan, however, I am sure I wouldn’t take financial advice from him.

    Unless I saw him killing it at the craps table. Then perhaps, I’d listen.

    Just kidding.

    Wait, he’d be buying the drinks, right?

  41. Al…

    I may, or may not, have a piece up on that baseball contest they call the World whatever it is.

    I mean, if the Americans aren’t going to take it seriously, why should I?

  42. Snake…

    First of all, the KG link was well worth watching.

    It’s no coincidence that students of the game, like KG, take a greater understanding and appreciation of what it means to achieve such milestones.

  43. Snake…

    You are liable to any damage done to this vehicle.

    Isn’t that what the River told you every time you got behind the wheel of one of their tractors?

    Personally, I find it hard to believe the guy couldn’t have recognized Jeff Gordon.

    He must never have resided in Winter Haven, Florida.

  44. Chris

    UFC hasn’t yet the major commercial endorsers that boxing has and that’s something that UFC President Dana White is working on . However , they (boxing) have been losing major sponsors in recent years because of the lack of quality bouts being staged amongst other ills that plague the sport .

    That’s why he now has Peter Guber , co owner of the Dodgers , Golden State Warriors and the CEO Mandalay Entertainment as well as the Mandalay Bay Resort in Vegas , now in his corner . They know that this thing will become big . Last year their revenues for ((UFC) global events outside N America topped $550 million and as a whole it was in excess of $ 1.3 billion . Cha-ching bi#ches and some call this sport barbaric in comparison to boxing ? LOL,LOL,LOL !! Boxing is and will remain a cesspool of corruption as long as a racist like Bob Arum remains within its midst along with Don King .

    I know you’re behind on your reading beyond wordpress having technical issues .

    Dropped these ditties ………… Failure is not an option

    It’s not what you do or the way that you spend , it’s just that you’d better be spending it wisely

    Tophatal ……………..

  45. Al…

    That’d be an interesting science. Sitting in on those pitch meetings.

    As far as multinationals go, who’s the biggest UFC/MMA sponsor and who among them has refused to put their name on the brand?

  46. You touched on what the core of the issue is for many former boxing fans…the sport lacks boxers that you want to follow and watch in the ring. Tyson expressed similar tones in his recent visit to the BS Report saying that the sports will only return when there is a charismatic figure to drawn an audience.

    Of course if the heavyweights actually threw more punches than hugs it would be more interesting as well.

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