A March Madness-inspired caption contest

There are fans and there are fans.  And then there’s wearing a mascot outfit to an NCAA tournament game for millions to see.  Hi, mom, please send money.  I blew the last hundred you sent me on this cool costume, non-refundable of course.

I’m not sure whether to commend this kid for his commitment to his alma mater, ridicule him for dressing like a stuffed ram on live television or just give the poor guy something cold to drink.

On my glorious Thursday spent doing nothing but watching college basketball, I caught the nation’s most motivated (and overheated) fan in the stands of the Missouri-Colorado State game.  The announcers were quick to point out he was not the school’s mascot.

The madness of Colorado State’s (unofficial) number one fan inspired this week’s caption contest.  This week’s winner shall receive one free bracket mulligan (just joking, no mulligans), some irremovable face paint and the opportunity to tell us all the craziest thing you’ve done for your school.


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28 Replies to “A March Madness-inspired caption contest”

  1. Colorado…
    Where the grass burns up and the new age men don’t need a cup… So they compensate wearing Big Horns!

  2. Snake…

    I wonder if you would still have liked “Shaqtin a Fool” as much if the big fella hadn’t played in Celtic Green, not that he was any good at that point.

    And have they made Javale McGee an honorary member of that segment yet?

    Ya’ know, laugh all we want at the guy. He’s a key part to the success of that Nuggets team.

  3. KP…

    Here’s hoping the kid washes the outfit before they match up with Louisville.

    I don’t know what sweaty ram butt smells like but I don’t care to find out.

  4. I’ll say it once again. If Javale McGee ever got his act together, he could be the very best big man in the NBA. To his credit, he’s still only 25.

  5. Judging by the number on that green and gold jersey I bet he said, “My twitter girlfriend said she’d actually meet me if I wore this and got on TV.”

  6. If that kid thinks he’s gonna score some pussy in that outfit………….I’d like to see what she’s wearing.

  7. Al…

    At this point, I just think most of us are wondering what the market will bear for a Brian Urlacher.

    He might want to ask Darrelle Revis for a loan because it sounds like the Bucs are about to make him a very wealthy man.

    Speaking of buyer beware!

  8. Snake…

    The guy’s certainly got the length. His arms are ridiculous. I just worry about his basketball IQ.

    Can you imagine what a coup it would be if the Nuggets won it all?

  9. The Nuggets winning it all would be fine. Any team but Miami.
    Which GM would be more foolish? The guy who signs Dwight Howard or the guy who signs Andrew Bynum? Stay tunes.

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