Opening weekend contest recap and Tourney Pick ‘Em Part Two

Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially crowned a new champion.  The worst thing about it is, not only does he know more about college hoops than you, but he’s also probably a better golfer than you as well.

Our first round champion picked 11 out of the sweet 16 correctly, which is impressive considering the unpredictability of opening weekend.  In doing so, he edged out recent birthday boy and defending champion, Heavy D, by a single point, which are honors D will likely get back from him on the poker table sometime soon.

Without further ado, I proudly present your first round champion, recent newlywed and overall decent fella…. Zbignu, with a total of 39 points.  Oregon pushed him over the top by a smidge, which I guess means he’ll be wearing his green Nikes to work today.

Now on to our second round of the tournament and again, your prize, other than getting to stand proudly on the Olympic pedestal next to Zbignu, is your own personal copy of Bobby Knight’s “The Power of Negative Thinking.”

This round will run similar to last except I now need you to pick the winners of the next twelve games.

Here’s the remaining bracket:


You must pick UP UNTO THE FINAL FOUR ONLY, which means correctly (or as correctly as possible) picking the winners of this weekend’s games, twelve total games and their projected outcomes.

A theoretical entry would look like Louisville over Oregon, Michigan State over Duke and Louisville over Duke for each of the four remaining divisions.  As in the first round, points will be awarded by seed for every correct pick.  Choose incorrectly and receive zero.  Incorrect or incomplete entries will be penalized.  As your tiebreaker, list the team that will score the most combined posts on their way to the Final Four.

Have I made myself clear?

Best of luck, ladies and gentlemen!  May your brackets be forever un-busted.

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64 Replies to “Opening weekend contest recap and Tourney Pick ‘Em Part Two”

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  2. Louiville over Oregon
    Duke over Michigan St.
    Duke over Louisville

    Wichita St. over LaSalle
    Arizona over Ohio St.
    Arizona over Wichita St.

    Kansas over Michigan
    Florida over FGCU
    Kansas over Florida

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Marquette over Miami
    Marquette over Indiana

    Tie-breaker: Kansas

  3. Louisville over Oregon
    Duke over Michigan St.
    Louisville over Duke

    Wichita St. over LaSalle
    Arizona over Ohio St.
    Arizona over Wichita St.

    Michigan over Kansas
    Florida over FGCU
    Florida over Michigan

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Indiana over Miami

    Tie-breaker: Louisville

  4. Beagle is in with the quickness, obviously upset from being knocked from her college football throne.

    Also picking Arizona over Ohio State. Interesting.

    Total possible points: 38

  5. Elite 8:
    Louisville, Duke, Wichita St, Ohio St, Kansas, Indiana, Miami and drum roll please, Florida Gulf Coast. Sorry Chris, but every tournament needs a Cinderella team.
    Final 4:
    Louisville, Ohio St, Florida Gulf Coast and Miami.
    Most points: Louisville

  6. Nossaman is also in, 39 possible points out there and also choosing the Buckeyes to bow out in the next round.

    Two entries within the first few minutes. It looks like we have some people eager for Thursday’s game to start.

  7. Not a problem, Snake.

    Obviously our friendship means very little to you.

    Of course, I’m joking but I do think their run is over. Just like the Gators put an end to the Cinderella run of George Mason on their way to a championship a few years back, they’ll do the same with the Gulf Coast Eagles.

    It’s a great story but Billy Donovan, with a week to prepare, will have his troops ready for dunk city.

    And if not, I’ll be throwing shit.

  8. I don’t really think that FGCU has much of a chance, but it sure would be the sports story of the year. Maybe the decade.

  9. It might already be, Snake.

    I mean, most people hadn’t even heard of the school, never mind know where it is.

    I actually know someone who graduated from there. I don’t think even SHE knew they had a basketball team.

    That coach, however, is about to get paid. Revis money.

  10. So, after not watching a single second of basketball (college or pro) in at least 3 years… I outscored the Sportschump in the first round by two points!! I consider that a win!

  11. Andy Enfield was already a multi-millionaire before he became head coach at FGCU. If FGCU should go all the way, can Full Sail University be far behind? lol

  12. Snake…

    And to think, the University of South Florida right here in Tampa can’t seem to win a game. Meanwhile, a small school two hours to the south has kids dunking over everyone.

  13. L’ville over Ore

    Duke over M St

    Wichita St over LaSalle

    Zona over OH St

    Mich over Kan

    FGCU over Fla

    Ind over Cuse

    Da U over Marquette

    Final Four





  14. Oops…. Screwed up my final four….

    Please put Arizona in there instead of Syracuse.

  15. Pure chalk tied for 4th, coulda been worse…but Pac12 love carried the weekend, good pickin’ by Z.

    Went to Dunk City over the weekend, they are Eagle crazy! Saw me Buccos beat the Sawx…Jet Blue is a nice yard!

    8: Louisville, Duke, Wichita, OH St, Kansas, G8rs, Indiana, Miami

    4: Duke, Buckeyes, Kansas, Indiana

    Tiebreak Duke

  16. Yaz…

    I’m not sure if you caught the 6pm broadcast of SportsCenter today but they were all over their live coverage of FGCU’s pep rally, which is another reason I think we’re gonna beat them.

    They’re just happy to be here. This is old hat for us.

    Anyway, during the live coverage, the entire gym crowd starts chanting “Fuck the Gators” in unison and ESPN doesn’t pan away. They later apologized. I mean, what did they expect? It’s a pep rally.

    Either way, if I’m Billy D, that’s all the motivation I need. Play that video in the locker room before game time and let our boys go all dunk city on Fort Myers.


    Oh, and your total possible points in Round Two is 28. Sorry, I was distracted.

  17. I like it!

    Beag is my enforcer!

    Who knew SportsChump needed security?

    I already emailed him but I think he’s busy breaking down this weekend’s NASCAR race. (There was a race, right?)

    I’m sure he’ll have his tiebreaker pick in before tip Thursday.

  18. Looahvul over Oregon
    Duke over Mich St
    Looahvul over Duke

    Wich St over LaSalle
    ‘Zona over Oh St
    ‘Zona over Wich St

    Kans over Mich
    Fl over FGCU
    Kans over FL

    Ind over ‘cuse
    Marq over Miami
    Indiana over Marq

    Tiebreaker — Looahvul

  19. Well, I’m not overly confident about the matchup…sure as hell not going to lay the 12 n a half. Let’s get about 80 thousand in the Jerry Dome and beat ’em by a point in double overtime with a Boynton trey at the buzzer…exorcize our demons and break their profane, wannabe hearts…bwahahahaaaaa

  20. continuing…..

    oregon over msu-Izzo scares me though

    osu over lasalle-play in tm goes out
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    ku over fla-flipped coin

    syr over mfl-2 solid coaches

  21. Han is now official.

    Good thing too because Beagle was about to go all Tony Stewart on him.

    Hey, the least I can do is throw a NASCAR reference in every so often for my Lugnuts, even if they don’t make any sense.

  22. Louisville over Oregon
    Duke over Michigan St
    Louisville over Duke

    Wichita over LaSalle
    Ohio St. over Arizona
    Ohio St. over Wichita

    Kansas over Michigan
    Florida over FGCU
    Kansas over Florida

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Indiana over Miami
    Tiebreaker Louisville

  23. Louiville over Oregon
    Michigan St. over Duke
    Louisville over Duke

    Wichita St. over La Salle
    Ohio St. over Arizona
    Ohio St. over Wichita St.

    Kansas over Michigan
    Florida over FGCU
    Kansas over Florida

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Miami over Indiana

    Tie-breaker: Louisville

  24. Timmy Wallace is in with picks that aren’t altogether different from Daybreak’s, which is why I added a tiebreaker to this round.

    Tim’s total possible points? 28.

    That gives us nine people in already.

  25. You said 11 and a golfer… made me think I had pulled it off. OK, I’ll go with…

    Louisville over Oregon
    Mich St over Duke
    Louisville over Mich St

    Wichita St over LaSalle
    Ohio St over Arizona
    Ohio St over Wichita St

    MIchigan over Kansas
    Florida over FGCU
    Florida over MIchigan

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Indiana over Miami

    Tiebreaker – Florida

  26. Okie Dokie…

    Left Bracket-
    Oregon over Louisville
    Duke over Michigan St.

    LaSalle over Wichita St.
    Arizona over Ohio St.

    Duke Over Oregon
    Arizona over LaSalle

    Right Bracket-
    Kansas over Michigan
    Florida over FGCU

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette

    Florida over Kansas
    Miami over Indiana

    Final Four:


    Take that aficionados!

  27. Hmmm… A tiebreaker more than likely won’t be necessary for my picks but here ya go! Miami will score the most combined points!

  28. No such luck, KP. A valiant effort in the first round, however.

    You are in with a second shot at stardom. Total possible points in this round: 32.

    Oh, and I like your Florida pick.

  29. Dwin’s also in. 52 possible points.

    I actually intended to include a tiebreaker in the first round. Fortunately, we didn’t need one.

    That gives us 11 official entries not including mine, which should be coming directly.

    “Oh, you sendin’ the Wolf? That’s all you had to say from the beginning.”

  30. Louisville beating Michigan State, Ohio State beating Wichita State, Florida beating Michigan and Miami beating Syracuse will give us our Final Four teams.

    Ohio State will score the most points over their next two games and I have the potential to win 36 possible points.

  31. Chris

    Mr “Andy” Enfield (coach) and the boys of Florida Gulf Coast College make for an exciting circus act . Especially after the displays against Georgetown and San Diego State . Can I get a “what , what ” ? Bitch slap !

    Is FGCU a party school and do the female co-eds “put out and how often” ? These are the things that inquiring minds need to know !

    When they meet …. Florida for a chance at an an Elite Eight berth …. all bets could very well be off ! Your thoughts on this ?

    The Gophers get rid Tubby Smith ? No real surprise , but the team simply wasn’t good enough for the greater part of their season . Far too inconsistent .

    Orlando took one for the team last night . I haven’t seen that much penetration since Jenna Jameson performed in a group sex scene with multiple partners and almost every sexual orifice permitted, actually came into play . The Magic and the Bobcats are by far the two worst teams in the NBA , no matter which way you look at it .

    Tiger Woods is back at #1 in the golf rankings . Lindsay Vonn , is not only giving the golfer a new perspective on life , but apparently ” good head ” does come into it , somehow . His putter was on fire yesterday ! Damn !

    Peyton Siva and Louisville smacks Oregon

    Duke bi#ch slaps Michigan St

    Kansas will turn the screws on Michigan

    And the Gators could narrowly overcome the boys of FGCU .

    Tophatal ………….

  32. Michigan over Kansas
    UF over FGCU
    UF over Michigan

    Syracuse over IU
    Miami over Marquette
    Syracuse over Miami

    Oregon over Louisville
    MSU over Duke
    MSU over Oregon

    LaSalle over Wichita St
    OSU over Arizona
    OSU over Lasalle

    tiebreaker: OSU

  33. The Ville over Oregon
    Mich St. over Duke
    Mich St. over The Ville

    Wichita St. over La Salle
    Ohio St. over Arizona
    Ohio St. over Wichita St.

    Kansas over Michigan
    UF over Florida Gulf Coast
    UF over Kansas

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Indiana over Miami

    Tiebreaker: UF

  34. Louisville over Oregon
    Michigan State over Duke
    Wichita State over LaSalle
    Arizona over Ohio State
    Michigan over Kansas
    FGCU over Florida
    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Michigan State over Louisville
    Wichita State over Arizona
    Michigan over FGCU
    Miami over Indiana
    Miami scores the most points

  35. Considering I haven’t watched a college game all year, I guess I did okay. Beat the other two SRM alumni anyway…I’ll take that chump change to the bank.

    LVille over OU
    Duke over M St.
    LVille over Duke

    Wichita over LaSalle
    OSU over AZ
    OSU over Wichita

    Kansas over Michigan
    FL over FGCU
    Kansas over FL

    Hoosiers over Cuse
    MIA over Marq
    Hoosiers over MIA

    Tiebreaker: Louisville

  36. Louisville over Oregon
    MSU over Oregon
    Louisville over MSU

    La Salle over Shockers
    Arizona over OSU
    Arizona over La Salle

    IU over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    IU over Miami

    Michigan over Kansas
    Florida over Gulf Coast
    Michigan over Florida

    Tiebreaker: Hoosiers

  37. How about Zbignu walking in, dropping his picks without even a hint of trash-talking about his victory in the first round. It’s as if he knows he’s better than the rest of us and doesn’t need to say a damn thing about it.

    His picks are in with a total possible points of 55.

    Oh and by the way, I’d like to make two corrections, on both Dwindy1 who’s possible points are 53 and Ronbets who’s total possible points are 59. I had LaSalle listed as a 12 seed and not a 13.

  38. Ironically, Bleed is in, tying DayBreak for the lowest possible points: 26.

    Guess we need to let him garner eight points for picking the eighth-seeded Lakers to advance all the way to the championship.

    Yeah, like that’ll happen.

  39. Tim the Glutton is in with 41 possible points, giving us 17 contestants so far.

    On a side note, I’m actually quite surprised how many of us took Arizona over Ohio State.

    7 of the 17 of us. Does that surprise anyone?

  40. Louisville over Oregon
    Michigan ST. over Duke
    Louisville over Michigan St.

    Wichita St. over LaSalle
    Ohio St. over Arizona
    Ohio St. over Wichita St.

    Michigan over Kansas
    FGCU over Florida
    Michigan over FGCU

    Indiana over Syracuse
    Miami over Marquette
    Miami over Indiana

    Tie breaker – Louisville

    I am leaving for Vegas on Saturday. I will be placing a nice bet on the Spurs over the Heat on Sunday.

  41. Faber…

    Have a blast in Vegas. And if you really like Florida Gulf Coast over the Gators, put a nice bet on them moneyline as well although I’d hate to see you throw your hard-earned money away on bad bets though.

    You’re in with 46 possible points and very possibly a need to detox after this weekend.

  42. Unfortunately, my trip to Vegas is 6 days with the family. I will be spending most of my time in a poker room somewhere and relaxing by the pool.

    FGCU winning would be great theater and when they beat Florida I will be putting some money on them for the next game.

  43. I gotta say… it’s pretty sweet seeing both you and I on top of my March Madness pool. Nice picking to this point, bro.

  44. Al…

    I think you’re in the same boat as most.

    I mean, who in their right mind, other than alumni from that school, had Wichita State in the Final Four?

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