Confronting my phobias with video… or how Grind TV reminds us it’s still not safe to go back in the water


There are few things that scare the shit out of me.  Sharks and snakes are among them.

This is somewhat ironic considering I live in a state that’s surrounded by water, but as a general rule, I keep a safe distance from aquatic creatures that can do irreparable harm.

My phobia probably stems from the afternoon my aunt took me to see the release of Jaws.  I had my head buried in her lap from the opening credits.

Even that blond-haired youngster, however, couldn’t have been as startled as this guy who had a shark nearly chomp his kayak in half.  Grind TV recently released this video of Hawaiian-born Isaac Brumaghim who might think twice before fishing for tuna off the coast ever again.  Watch below and you might too.



Holy shit, right?

Grind TV also came out with a similarly frightening clip just a few months ago.  Can you imagine planning a romantic picnic on a beautiful, Florida afternoon?  A day of relaxation, cheese, crackers, a bottle of white wine, a cool breeze and your date looking as fine as could be when, from out of nowhere, a curious and unfortunately hungry,  17-foot Burmese python crawls up to your picnic basket just to say hello.  Suddenly, ants are the least of your problems.

I don’t think any of us could possibly fathom our reaction in such an instance but it’s safe to say crapping one’s pants and running like hell would be Family Feud’s, two most popular answers.

I think I may have to cancel my subscription to Grind TV or at least stick poolside instead of ocean side this summer, you know, just to be safe.

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21 Replies to “Confronting my phobias with video… or how Grind TV reminds us it’s still not safe to go back in the water”

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  2. You’re afraid of snakes? You pussy. And I thought you were a friend. How could you be afraid of snakes when I have a picture of you with a large yellow snake draped around your neck.

  3. I don’t know. It looked like one of those stylish scarves that Pau Gasol likes to wear. Are there any other traits that you share with him? I’ve always thought that you liked to have a gay time.

  4. Thanks man, I was thinking about getting a kayak for fishing. Now I think I’ll get a rowing machine for the exersise and keep fishing from the beach.

  5. Makes me think that talking about sharks and snakes today is totally dumb, in light of the explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. So far there are at least 19 injured. This is some crazy shit.

  6. Experienced bartender needed at strip hotel. Happened again Chris, last night. CC straight was delivered Seagrham 7 straight. Tasted like alchohol laced with sandpaper. Wasn’t waitress….15 years experienced. Service bartender new.

    Sports? MLB pitchers to watch

    Harvey, NYM
    Maurer, SEA
    Lincecum SFO is a mess.
    Marmol, CUB also a mess
    Haren, WAS lost good hook
    Doc H and Dempster not there yet.
    ASanchez DET Horrible springtraing but reg season unhittable.
    CJW, LAA. voted most overrated and overpaid in AL.

  7. Why I don’t bet the NBA.

    Coaches aren’t accountable for resting star players unless they kiss Stern’s butt in advance. Spur’s loss last night to the Lakers Jr.Varsity was laughable. No, I wasn’t financially involved. If you check the line history you’ll see the market took a ton on LA. Opened 5 went to 3.
    Don’t ya think if you were being paid a king’s ransom(DH) you’d hire a free throw coach? Wilt had the same problem and even enlisted the aid of Rick Barry(90%FTshooter)and shot in similar style…..underhanded.

  8. Snake…

    I don’t know what to say about what went down in Boston. Just sickening, man.

    All we can do at this point is have faith that those in charge of investigating what happened will find out who did this and exact justice in the harshest form imaginable.

  9. Bets…

    Some people just don’t know, man.

    Next time you get shitty service, you should make a scene just for the hell of it.

    Have you bet any baseball yet this season?

  10. Chris,

    After seeing that reptile up close and personal, would you still forego the snow above the Mason/Dixon line and live in SFl?

  11. Betting primarily 1st 5 innings until bullpens are established. No much either way….slight positive. I’m bullish on Baltimore and value I get playing them. Really like manager BuckS.

  12. Chris

    Phobias , I have , people with guns shooting at me . Then again having spent ten years in the military (British Royal Marines) , of which four were spent in Ireland , when the IRA were using British servicemen and members of the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary ) Police for target practice and then several more years , serving overseas , in places such as Djibouti , Ethiopia , Eritrea , Tunis , Morocco and Cyprus . I think , I should’ve gotten use to live ammo fire by now . In reality, it’s not the gunfire that has me worried , but seeing the dead carcasses of soldiers , innocent victims such as women and kids , after such atrocities of mayhem and carnage . It leaves a lasting effect , and wreaks havoc with your emotions .

    So sad , with t regard to the carnage that took place at the Boston Marathon as they celebrated that event as well as Patriots’ Day !

    Another day , another loss for the Rays . Nothing new, at all , back to the ways of old . .

    Tophatal …………………

  13. Bets…

    I generally bet complete games. I’ve got a buddy that bets halves and actually does pretty well. I just don’t understand that way of betting.

    Betting full games, and as you know, particularly dogs to pull off the upset is the way I generally roll.

    And you can’t argue with the pay out.

  14. Al…

    I don’t know that we’re going to see any significant progress made in gun control, which is a shame.

    Although, someone should probably take advantage of our gun leniency and put the Rays’ bats out of their misery.

    Once again, the team is last in the league in hitting, a combined .204?

    Why were we led to believe things were going to get better.

    It’s time for Maddon to get damn mad already and not sugarcoat the issues anymore.

  15. Chris

    After today’s vote in the Senate , we can see what a bunch of gutless mother-%%%kers they are in Congress , but that is to be expected when one considers the actual apathy of the electorate in general . It will be on to the next and then the next tragedy , until they are no longer immune to the senseless f$$king violence ! The public now deserves the incompetence they are now seeing from its elected officials and along with the dumb ass ideology shown on both sides of the political aisle .

    What did you expect with the Rays to begin with ? Where is there any common sense being shown within that hierarchy ? Excuses from the manager , with idiotic laid back approach and a player in Evan Longoria who lacks leadership skills . Never mind the @ss kissing idiocy of the local press in the Tampa Bay are along with long enduring apathy of the Rays’ fans who are unwilling to face reality and realize that this is now an average team at best that will lure the fans in one minute and then disappoint the next . So what else is new ?

    The locale of the Bay area creates the impression that this is a vicinity that can support and sustain baseball , professional baseball. In reality it’s simply just another entertainment pastime for the fans there in general , with nothing else better to do with what little disposable income that they have .

    Left you a
    a response with regard to my most recent piece . So as and when you’re ready , you can reply to it .

    Will be doing a piece on old time boxers Joe Louis and Jack Johnson . I’ll let you know by the usual means when it’s up and running .

    Tophatal ………..

  16. Here’s the boxing piece I promised on Jack Johnson and Joe Louis .

    Don’t blame me for what an ancestor did , that was then , this is now

    Let me know what you think ?

    Gun control ? Especially with this administration and Congress ? That’s like saying that Lindsay Lohan is likely to become a recipient of an Oscar the best actress in a leading role . It ain’t happening at all .

    Byron Scott has been voted off the island . Cavaliers’ Island that is . Now what’ is Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert going to do ? Hike up his lending rates at Quicken Loans ? And then take the revenues from the mortgage company he owns and then go out and get a decent coach ?

    Tophatal ……………

  17. Al…

    I think you’re putting a little too much faith in Congress. I mean, what were you expecting?

    And the Rays? It’s still too early in the season to panic, however, their problems seem to be the same as they’ve been in years past. Not enough firepower.

    I don’t think Maddon’s in jeopardy of losing his job or anything but these guys need to do something to generate some more offense.

    I imagine they’ll be calling up some of their farm help soon.

    To be honest, I’m not sure why Byron Scott took that Cleveland gig in the first place. He was taking over a team that LeBron had just left and this year, after Varejo went down, well, they just weren’t any good. Phil Jackson couldn’t have won with that team with Red Auerbach as his assistant.

    Be right over to check out your boxing piece.

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