Jon Stewart, Jason Collins and one awfully, funny presidential faux pas (video)

I haven’t addressed Jason Collins’ recent announcement of his homosexuality, mainly because Mr. Collins’ sexual proclivities aren’t any of my business.  But if I had, I’m not sure I could have done so any better than Jon Stewart on the April 30 edition of the Daily Show.


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20 Replies to “Jon Stewart, Jason Collins and one awfully, funny presidential faux pas (video)”

  1. Chris

    Let me pose this question, how fuc#ing insensitive are the players on this Knicks` roster and specifically , K-Mart`s idea of having the team dress in black , supposedly to show a sign of unison , as they sought to beat the Celtics . Well , that didn`t happen , given the fact that they(Knicks) lost . But bear in mind, after the events at the Boston Marathon , did it not occur to those as#holes (members of the Knicks playing staff) , that it might be viewed as insensitive ?

    You simply can`t deny the sheer fu#king stupidity now being shown by today`s athlete at all ! And nowhere is this more prescient than with a bunch of idiots such as K Mart and his dumb @ss teammates . A mind is a terrible thing to waste , then again , we`re talking about the Knicks , thinking that they`re actually relevant again . , when they`ve done nothing as of yet , this postseason .

    The Heat are lurking, looking to beat up on their (Knicks) a@ss .

    Well at least Jon Stewart sowed the fun side of the equation rather than the sheer bigoted lunacy of Chris Broussard who should not ave used ESPN as a platform to air is bigoted views , Christian or otherwise ! Religious fervor and racial divisiveness has been the cause of more disharmony , wars and intolerance tan anything else in history and still persists to this day . Yet an @ss like Broussard simply wouldn`t understand that . I wonder if is fucking dumb @ss would join Reverend Fred Phelps outside the funeral of a US serviceman declaring and protesting the country was godless and veering towards homosexuality as Phelps and his followers have been doing nationwide for the past six years at least .

    Chris Broussard is an anally retentive frigging moron !

    So Chris Kelly , from the early nineties` rap duo , Kriss-Kross died last night in Atlanta hospital at the age of 34 , from an apparent drug overdose .


    Tophatal ………………..

  2. Pretty bad form, Al. I agree.

    They should just show up and be businesslike. Have they forgotten who they’re playing against? An experienced Celtic team who still thinks they can win a title. You can’t let up. Where’s the leadership on that Knicks team anyway? Where’s the person with any common sense?

  3. Yea, Sadie.

    I think the last time that team got any press was when a player brought hand guns into the arena. Good timing for a team that had just changed its name from the Bullets only a few year prior.

    At least this time around, the talk about the Wizards is a little more, shall we say, gleeful?

  4. I don’t know how Jason feels about being lumped in with all those other athletes, but speaking for myself I would’ve loved to party with the Babe.

  5. When all of this “Jason Collins coming out” thing is over and done, Chris Broussard will forever be remembered as coming down on the wrong side of history. I used to value his insights into the world of the NBA, but now I just thing he’s an asshole whose words mean nothing.

  6. Can’t agree with you more, Snake. That came from out of left field.

    Hey, do you think ESPN is looking for a new NBA analyst? Perhaps I should freshen up my resume.

  7. Sorry to have to tell you this, but unless you suddenly turn black, there won’t be any NBA analyst job for you at ESPN. I don’t make the rules. I just observe them. Jeff Van Gundy is an exception because, well, he’s just from another planet.

  8. Oh yeah, the credit said Robert Downey, Jr but we all know that it was Stephen A Smith.

  9. Chris

    Leadership on the Knicks ? Are you kidding ? That`s a roster filled with a bunch of frigging primadonnas ,. nothing more nothing less !

    The Knicks` organization as such , should also be offering Celtics` fans an apology , for their classless act of stupidity in the aftermath of Wednesday night`s (with the Knicks players dressed in black as a form of unity as they`re suggesting) ) kccor stupidity . That team is so $$$king clueless ! . What was it that they failed to understand from the atrocities from the events in Boston ?

    Tophatal ….

  10. And now it comes out, Al, that Woodson is upset with their decision to do that?

    Well, isn’t he the head coach? What the hell is he doing? Didn’t he know that was going on?

    Poor taste altogether.

  11. Yes, we saw this one as well. Good for him. Have you been seeing the memes coming out with Chris Bosh and Jason Collins? Hilarious!!!

  12. Funny stuff…Once again when Obama goes off the teleprompter, hilarity ensues.

    As far as what someone does in the privacy of their bedroom, I’ll agree that it’s none of our business…But when they go on tv to out themselves publicly, whatever privacy they had is now in the public forum…By their own choice I might add.

    So the late night crowd, stand ups and even Chris Broussard get to take their hacks in my opinion.

    Que the Jason Collins post up jokes.

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