Nightmares of Nate: How one mighty midget manifested Miami’s main malady

For two full seasons, we’ve been told the best way to beat the Miami Heat is to out-rebound them.  They’re one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, weak down low, critics would claim, lazily pulling up statistics that pale in reality to the far, more important number that resides in Miami’s win column.  Monday night, however, we discovered an entirely different way to beat the defending champions: simply cart out your run-of-the-mill 5’9” guy and let him control the point guard position.

Of course, by no means is Nate Robinson your run-of-the-mill 5’9” guy… nor is he really 5’9” as the National Basketball Association would have you believe.  Regardless of the league’s faulty tape measure, Nate is a three-time slam dunk champion, has literally jumped OVER Dwight Howard, recently scored 22 points in a single quarter that fell one short of Michael Jordan’s Bulls record and is currently the NBA’s spark-pluggiest player.

CT spt_0507_bulls_heat_28.JPG

Nate Robinson is, without a doubt, the baddest, little man on the planet.  A far too rusty and lackadaisical Miami Heat team was reminded of that in Game One.

“God blessed me with a lot of heart and no height, and I’ll take that any day,” Nate told us only minutes after he had upset Miami, his upper lip stitched up and swollen after LeBron had bloodied it.  In his own larger-than-life way, Nate gave hope to the rest of us average-sized people as we struggle through our daily pursuits.  Unlike Nate, however, most of us don’t get our face trampled by adversaries on a nightly basis.

Not only did he have his head literally stepped on by the 6’7” Gerald Wallace last Saturday, his lip was busted open after LeBron’s statuesque frame rolled over him, pushing his face down onto to the unforgiving, American Airlines Arena floor.

Nate was back in minutes, however, sewn up and ready to go, the antithesis of so many players we’ve seen limp off the floor this post-season not to return.

Nate beats HeatI wouldn’t say it’s time to panic in South Beach, unless you consider that a) Nate Robinson is once again due to play forty-plus minutes, b) he never, EVER gives up and c) his Bulls are the only team to beat LeBron’s Heat in the last three months… and they’ve done so twice.  Chicago showed us that a solid frontcourt, combined with a quick and more importantly, streaky point guard spells trouble for Miami.

Every championship team has their Kryptonite.  The Lakers had their Celtics (and vice versa), the Spurs had Derek Fisher and the Bulls had the Birmingham Barons.  The Heat needs not Nate as their nemesis.  Don’t think Erik Spoelstra isn’t figuring out ways to defend against him as we speak.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still feel the Heat will win this series, and ultimately another NBA championship, as do most, but they better come up with some adjustments on the fly to defend against the dimi-Nate-ive assassin.

Nate Robinson’s injury-laden Bulls toppling Miami wouldn’t be David beating Goliath, but it’d run a pretty close second.

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39 Replies to “Nightmares of Nate: How one mighty midget manifested Miami’s main malady”

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  2. The Bulls taking out the heat would be sweet. Maybe not David v. Goliath like you said, but it would certainly have a Buster Douglas v. Mike Tyson feel to it.

  3. Dub…

    After the Game One upset, the Bulls are still 6:1 to win that series.

    That goes to show you what they were BEFORE the series actually started.

  4. Chris

    This is the type of series needed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs that gets the fans exhilarated rather than a great deal of the ineptitude exhibited in the earlier rounds .

    One of the more interesting questions , one could pose out of this , is with Nate Robinson fearlessly playing the point, in the absence of both Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose , you can see that both of the absentees , while sorely missed . Robinson has more than made up for that , with his gusto .

    It begs the question with Rose said to be still psychologically impacted by his injury and in reality unsure as to his return . Why is it that Tom Thibodeau remains reluctant to take Rose’s name off his playoff roster , when the player himself remains unsure as to whether or not he wants to be a participant in the postseason for the Bulls ?

    Tophatal …………..

  5. Al…

    Even though I thought they’d take the series, I wasn’t one to think the Heat were just going to dispose of the Bulls easily.

    A) they present too many match-up problems and B) the Bulls are just damn tough.

    Now that they took one game in Miami, the pressure is on the Heat to not only win Game Two but do so convincingly.

    Then we’ll see what happens that first game in Chicago.

    Either way, at this point, I’m sure we’re in for some doozies.

    To this day I’m still pissed that Nate Robinson was included in the Perkins/Green trade. As Howard Cosell would say, “Look at that little monkey run.”

  7. Snake…

    I never knew Cosell was so politically incorrect. I can’t imagine a sportscaster saying something like that now.

    They’d be ostracized.

  8. This is from Wikipedia and its the truth. I watched the Sept. 1983 incident.
    To refresh your memory:
    During the Halftime Highlights segment of Monday Night Football on September 24, 1973 Cosell said “Look at that little monkey run!” when describing a 97-yard kickoff return by Washington Redskins player Herb Mul-Key during the Sunday game against the St. Louis Cardinals. There was no outcry over this comment.
    However, during a Monday Night Football telecast on September 5, 1983, Cosell said of Washington Redskins wide receiver Alvin Garrett, “That little monkey gets loose, doesn’t he?”
    The Rev. Joseph Lowery, then-president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, denounced Cosell’s comment as racist and demanded a public apology, but Cosell refused, citing his past support for black athletes and stating that “little monkey” was an affectionate term he had used in the past for diminutive white athletes (including Mike Adamle, for whom Cosell was on record using the term 11 years prior), as well as for his own grandson. Cosell left the Monday Night Football booth following the 1983 season, citing his waning interest in professional football.

  9. Not bad for a guy who could just as easily be alerting Mr. Roarke that “the plane” has arrived. Instead he’s a busy little beaver chopping down trees in the NBA. Gotta admire this guy. I’ve been a fan from afar since his college days as a Husky. I had hoped the Lakers would pick him up this offseason instead of Jodie the Meek. I goofed relentlessly of his antics while a Celtic when he saddled up on Big Baby but the dude plays with heart. Hard to believe he’s bounced around so much in his career.

    I think half the country is suddenly rooting for the Bulls…Everyone loves a David vs Goliath story…Even if David is half Oompa Loompa.

  10. The eastern conference needed a series like this. It was a for gone conclusion that Miami was gonna run away with the east no contest. And now who knows. Although I still thinks Miami is gonna win the series this is why playoff basketball is so great.

  11. Bleed…

    Thanks for the visual of Nate in an all white suit. Ze plane, Ze plane!

    If the Bulls aren’t careful in Game Two, Nate could make the fantasy of winning a reality.

  12. Please, let’s not become consumed with an undersized journeyman guard that has one good game under a microscope. The guys been trouble everywhere he’s played.

    Should we talk about Jeremy Lin again?

  13. Chris, I am a betting man and would make a big play on NO……Was Howard Cosell a racist?

    YES +6-1

    NO -10-1

  14. Al…

    I wouldn’t go so far as to compare Nate to Iverson and Isiah but he is a bear to cover.

    Not so much in Game Two as the Heat pretty much had their way against Chicago.

    We’ll see how both teams respond in the United Center and more importantly, whether the one they call Derrick Rose will actually get some minutes.

  15. Bets…

    What sort of trouble? I hadn’t heard? Was he sneaking in to places under turnstiles? Trying to ride rides he’s not allowed to?

    Those are fine-able offenses according to Commissioner Stern, no?

    Speaking of Cosell and his field, Ron, how about some odds on the next commissioner of baseball and do you think Bob Costas is being considered?

  16. “What sort of trouble? I hadn’t heard? Was he sneaking in to places under turnstiles? Trying to ride rides he’s not allowed to?”

    Suspended by the league for 10 games for instigating brawl with JR Smith that escalated into the stands.

    Benched by Knix coach DAntoni for INTENTIONALLY shooting the ball in the wrong basket verus rival Nets. Numerous fights with teammates(MRose&JJames in particular)

    Coach Rivers said he was a distraction and moved him.

    What more do you want?

  17. Next commish? I think Joe Torre is being groomed. Kinda serving his apprenticeship now with MLB.

  18. yeah, I thought of that Chris. Little man syndrome. Larry Brown was so fed up with him he wanted to ship him out to the D League. The guy is a flash in the pan and a headcase.

  19. C’mon though, Bets, I mean we’re talking Larry Brown, a guy who has hit foot out the door before he gets one in.

    Not sure what Nate’s contract status is but if Chicago doesn’t re-sign him, I’m sure someone will.

    And re: Costas? I was just thinking out loud. I’m sure Selig’s replacement will be someone we’ve never heard of before, leaving us all scratching our heads.

  20. Maybe he’ll hand it down to his assistant(similar to what Torre did for Matttingly)? Possible the Bart Giamatti route and give it to the Yale Prez Levit or Levin. I read where Bush Jr was mentioned. No chance.

  21. I think we need a baseball man that will unite both leagues with similar rules. Let’s get back to basics and eliminate the DH. Let the headhunting pitchers like Clemens face their opposites. We’ll find the real meaning of bail out.

  22. Bets….

    I think we’d all agree we need a shrewd businessman who’s a fan of the game and who can build it back to what it once was, someone we won’t ridicule like we do Goodell.

    We just wonder who that is.

    I’m guessing modernizing the game, aka adding instant replay will be one of the first items on his first ballot.

  23. Chris

    Robinson is proving that he`s tough and that is the comparison I`m making . I mean Rose is either gun shy or he really is that unfit at present . Which is it ?

    Will Tiger and Sergio Garcia ever kiss and make up ? WTF !


  24. Sergio I believe is jealous and wants some of Tiger’s off the course action . Garcia was linked to tennis player and former # 1 ranked Martina Hingis . Apparently she didn’t like Sergio’s balls being up in “her business ” either .

    Does Sergio hook his ball to the right or left when he swings , as that could be what is actually ailing his game on and off the course . He’s got to keep it straight and when it lies , it shouldn’t be in the rough ,. if you get my drift ?

    Tophatal …………..

  25. This was the closest 4-games-to-1 series ever played. When does a 4-1 series victory make you place your attention on the accomplishments by the losing team? Nate Robinson is MVP of this 4-1 victory by the Heat.

  26. Greg…

    An entertaining series to watch, minus some of the extra-curriculars but in the end, Miami just had a little too much and Chicago was too banged up.

    They’ll try it again next year, hopefully with a healthy Derrick Rose.

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