Another baseball season, another pick ‘em contest: Sportschump proudly presents the better late than never MLB Pick ‘Em 2013!!!

Justin UptonThe boys of summer are back, which unfortunately means that, once basketball season ends, we have nothing exciting to watch until football season starts. So we might as well have some fun with it!

The Major League Baseball season is already a month-and-a-half underway and the only thing we know for sure is that the Houston Astros suck and Justin is the better Upton brother.  Since no team in the Majors has more than a five game lead in their respective division, I figure I’d once again put my readers’ prognosticative abilities to the test.

The grand prize in our very first annual Major League Baseball contest is nothing special, just a SportsChump t-shirt to wear around town.  They are, however, specially designed to accentuate the pectorals.  Plus bragging rights that you’ve won a SportsChump contest always makes for good conversation at dinner parties.

Here’s how this contest will work.  There are, as you know, six divisions in baseball, three in the American League and three in the National.  All I’m asking you to do is pick the winner of each division.

Here’s where things get tricky.  Since there are six divisions, you must assign confidence points to each division champion.  So, for example, if you are the most confident that the Detroit Tigers are going to win the AL Central, you would assign them six points.  Assign five points to the team you’re second most confident about and so on until you’ve picked all six division winners.

As your tie-breaker, tell me how many games you think the Tampa Bay Rays will win this season.

All entries must be received one week from today, by the end of Monday, May 20.

Good luck and may the best guesser win.

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42 Replies to “Another baseball season, another pick ‘em contest: Sportschump proudly presents the better late than never MLB Pick ‘Em 2013!!!”

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  2. AL East Yankees Confidence Score 6
    AL Central Detroit Confidence Score 3
    AL West Texas Confidence Score 5

    NL East Atlanta Confidence Score 1
    NL Central St. Louis Confidence Score 2
    NL West San Francisco Confidence Score 4

    Rays will win 88 games this year.

    I think I will make it two for two on contests this year.

  3. Chris

    The answer to your question is $85 million , is the figure that the Yankees have tied up on their DL at present .

    AL East : Yankees …… the Sox can’t hold their own much less anything else

    AL Central : Detroit Tigers , Miggie , Prince and Verlander rule

    AL West : Rangers I believe will pull through !

    NL East : Has there been a sighting of the Upton brothers as of late ? Atlanta

    NL Central : Cardinals

    Meanwhile I find it amusing that the Cubs can spend $500 to refurbish and upgrade Wrigley Field , but yet their dumb @sses won’t spend money on the current roster in order to seek some form of improvement . Theo Epstein , some wunderkind he is turning out to be ! Change you definitely cannot believe in .

    NL West : Giants again

    Magic and his boys can spend all they want , as it won’t change the fact that the team isn’t gelling and like the Yankees they’ve got a boatload of money tied up on the DL .

    Does Sergio still “have a hard on ” for Tiger ? Sergio Garcia put two balls in the water ? I hope it wasn’t painful for him . Personally , I prefer a pair of balls to be pressed up firmly against the lips of f#male or most definitely against a certain part of her anatomy !

    The Spurs are giving me jitters in their series against the Warriors ! Steph Curry is shooting the lights out and he and his teammates are making the Spurs’ defense look goddamn blind . Seeing eye dogs may well be needed for the Popovich’s defense .

    Tophatal ……………..

  4. Chris

    Your thoughts on the following ?

    Cubs spending $500 million in conjunction with the city of Chicago to upgrade Wrigley Field ? Owner Tom Ricketts and GM Theo Epstein , clearly their intent is to keep on blowing smoke up everyone’s @ss for the next couple of seasons as that team is simply going nowhere .
    It wouldn’t be so bad if they were spending their own goddamn money , but Chicago’s dumb ass Mayor ,. Rahm Emanuel and the city are funding more than 80 % and then giving the Cubs additional rebates and tax deferments on the project . Obviously Emanuel is putting what he learned as Obama’s Chief of Staff to good , by still showing that he’s an incompetent @sshole . His city remains crime riddled , it has a multibillion dollar budget deficit and yet he has been been bitching and whining that he has no money to put more police office back on the streets . Rahm Emanuel , a douche bag for the modern age and simply espousing why both sides of the political aisle remain so fuc##ng clueless on a wide variety of issues .

    The US Congress will conduct a vote to repeal the NFL’s blackout rules . That bunch of 535 fu##ing morons can’t even reach a compromise on a balanced budget , tackle the nation’s debt crisis or even some meaningful piece of legislation on gun control. Yet their dumb @sses comes up with this bull#hit ?

    Tophatal ………………….

  5. O’s 3 pts
    Tigers 2 pts
    Rangers 4 pts

    Nats 1 pts
    Cards 6 pts
    Giants 5 pts

    Rays 83

  6. Don’t ya’ just love when competitors walk into a room talking trash?

    Well, that’s what Faber has just done, people.

    I’ll tell ya’. The guys wins one contest and his head gets awfully big, huh?

    Either way, Fabes is in as our first official entry.

    Now if I could only find a SportsChump t-shirt with a neck hole big enough to fit over his head.

  7. Okay, Al, I’m going to go ahead and list the teams you wrote in the order you think they’ll finish.

    I do, however, need how many games you think the Rays will win as your tiebreaker.

    I’ll be over to respond to your comments in a bit.

    I like the way the Warriors have been playing but it’s now a three-game series with the Spurs holding home court in two of them so we’ll see what happens.

  8. Hmmm… NL East – Washington Nats (3)
    Central – St. Louis Cards (4)

  9. Tab use is strikely forbidden! LOL!
    To reiterate:

    NL East – Washington Nats (3)
    Central – St. Louis Cards (4)
    West – SF Giants (6)

    AL East – Tampa Bay Rays (1)
    Central – Detroit (5)
    West – Texas Rangers (2)

    The Rays win 92 games…

  10. Chris

    Going by what the Rays have ere done in recent years I can`t see Maddon and the guys winning more than 85 games .

    The Spurs have been far too complacent on defense during this series . .

    Your thoughts on the Cubs spending $500 million refurbish Wrigley Field , with the bulk of that money coming from the city of Chicago , courtesy of mayor Rahm Emanuel .

    From former White House Aide (Rahm Emanuel) to a fu@@ing as#ole inside the space of 30 months. WOW !

    Tophatal …………..

  11. NL East….. Braves- 3
    NL Central.. Reds- 2
    ML West….. Giants- 6

    AL East….. Rays- 1
    AL Cent….. Tigers- 5
    AL West….. Rangers- 4

  12. Dwin has released his secret identity.

    Robert Green’s picks are in.

    Clark Kent wears glasses. Superman doesn’t. That’s how you tell the difference.

  13. Al…

    My picks aren’t in yet but I’m going to guess the Rays win more than 85 games.

    Not only that but if Evan Longoria keeps up the way he’s playing, he’ll land some MVP votes.

    He’s fourth in the league in batting average (.333) and tied for fifth in the league in HRs (9).

    The Spurs have Game Five tonight in their own building tonight where they should handle their own business, don’t you think?

    And to be honest, I haven’t followed the Wrigley deal but taxpayers being roped in to paying for new arenas no longer surprises me no matter where it happens.

  14. Han’s in and I have to say, brother, I like your picks.

    Of course that counts for very little at this point.

    Best of luck, sir.

    May you fare far better than I am in my NASCAR Fantasy League.

    I guess I should be reading more Spinout!

  15. AL Central – Detroit Tigers – 6
    NL West – San Francisco Giants – 5
    NL East – Washington Nationals – 4
    NL Central – Cincinnati Reds – 3
    AL West – Oakland A’s – 2
    AL East – Baltimore Orioles – 1

    I hope that t-shirt is a 3X

  16. If you win this thing, Dub, I may have to make a special order.

    Oh, and I know you don’t consider the Rays a Major League Baseball team but I still need their total wins as a tiebreak.

  17. AL East – Orioles (1)
    AL Central – Tigers (4)
    AL West – Rangers (5)
    NL East – Nationals (2)
    NL Central – Cardinals (3)
    NL West – Giants (6)
    Rays – 80

  18. Cris

    You do remember who the Wizard happened to turn out to be don`t you ?

    Longoria may well be playing well as of late but he cannot do it all by himself , so do remember that .

    Speaking of which , the more things change the more they remain the same . The Knicks are one big joke and a complete and utter embarrassment to their fans and to the NBDA as a whole ,. What worthless bunch of parasites and frigging leaches ! Feeding off the needy because they`re so @$#king greedy !

    Look for their lame @ss fans (Knicks) b to start to make excuses right off the bat !

    Tophatal …………….

  19. Chris

    You do realize that Loney and Longoria are the only Rays currently batting above .300 0 ?

    Can we now fade to back as it relates to te Knicks` postseason misery rather than the expectations ? What a fu#king joke this season has been for the team (Knicks) !

    Not even the Titanic hit as many obstacles as the Knicks have done this postseason . `melo is yellow and gutless as a leader !

    Wat is melo`s repertoire as a player , simply , scoring ? I guess so because on defense , he like the rest of the team are simply frigging inept !

    The Knicks are making the Cowboys` postseason forays in recent years seem all the more endearing . Ineptitude know thy name …….. it is most definitely , the Dallas Cowboys and New York Knicks !

    tophatal ……………

  20. Al…

    It just might be that the Pacers are the better team in this series. They’re certainly playing like it.

    And hey, at least some Rays are hitting over .300. That’s more than can be said for that lineup in recent years.

  21. This rift between Tiger and Sergio started in 2001 after Woods won the Masters. Tiger sponsored his own tourney which was won by Sergio. A lotta friendly trash talk turned serious. Dislike has continued ever since. Tiger has plenty of baggage, but we’re talking golf here. Sergio ain’t nowhere near….

  22. AL East Baltimore 2
    Cent Detroit 6
    West Tex 5

    NL East Washgtn 1
    Cent Slou 4
    West SFO 3

    TBay wins 83

  23. I do consider the Rays a major league team. They have solid pitching, and could be really dangerous with some offensive production. Having said that, they win 85 games.

  24. Dub…

    In the Tampa Bay area, we know that all too well.

    Can you imagine the publicity Evan Longoria would get were he playing in a major market?

  25. What is the point of doing these contests if I can’t talk smack when I win…. Yes, I did say when, not if….

    Go Spurs……

  26. AL East TB 1
    Cent Detroit 3
    West Tex 5

    NL East Washgtn 4
    Cent Cinn 2
    West SF 6

    TBay wins 89

    West Coast Drew

  27. Long absent, the San Diego Sports Guy, aka Drew, is in.

    My only question is… do you really think the Rays will win the AL East with only 89 wins?

  28. Finally, some baseball talk…Yay!
    American League:
    AL East – Boston Red Sox 😉 1
    AL Central – Detroit Tigers 4
    AL West – Texas Rangers 3

    National League:
    NL East – Atlanta Braves 5
    NL Central – St. Louis Cardinals 2
    NL West – San Fran Giants 6

    Rays win 87
    -Dee Dee

  29. Dee Dee…

    I promise lots more baseball talk once basketball season is over.

    Hopefully it won’t put my readers to sleep.

    You are in. Best of luck.

  30. SportsChump’s sketchy picks are as follows…

    Tigers for six points
    Rangers for five points (although I do think the Angels will stage a comeback)
    Braves for four points (and Justin Upton for MVP)
    Rays for three points (home city bias)
    Giants for two points
    Reds for one point

    And the Rays will finish the regular season with 93 wins.

  31. No fun without some homer picks, so here they are:


    Yankees (4)

    Indians (2)

    Rangers (6)


    Nats (3)

    Pirates (1)

    Giants (5)

    Rays win 86

  32. Jed and Yaz are both in under the wire giving us a baker’s dozen participants.

    Best of luck, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll have our picks up soon so stay tuned.

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