The Chump gets old and procreates? Say it ain’t so!

Iron ManI took my mother to see Iron Man III a few weeks ago.  It was her birthday and she’s always had a soft spot in her heart for superhero movies, probably because I collected comic books as a kid.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my mother, she’s the kind of woman who doesn’t like to be fussed over.  She prefers to do the fussing. 

So as I handed the movie ticket girl money for admission, my mom insisted we be charged for one senior and one adult, you know, to save me money.  Mom barely qualifies as a senior but like any good Jewish mother, she’s always looking for a bargain.  It’s just how they roll.

That’s when truth breezed by me like a flame shot from the Iron Man’s palm, the first tell-tale sign of aging spoken from the mouth of a girl who still has homework assignments.

The young lady behind the counter politely suggested “How about if I just give you both seniors?”

senior movie discountI turned pallid, speechless.



How could I possibly enjoy popcorn and Downey without first running to the men’s room and checking for crow’s feet?

Then, I thought to myself, maybe she was just trying to save me a buck or two.  I mean, there’s no way I could be mistaken for a sixty-five year old, not even on my most unkempt day, so I just chalked that up to her being stoned.

Until a few weeks later…

I hit the McDonald’s drive-thru to satisfy a dastardly, early morning, Egg McMuffin craving.  It was officially Father’s Day and I was just getting off from work.

The gentleman who handed me my deliciously fatty, yet regrettable egg and sausage sandwich, complete with soggy hash brown patty, politely wished me a Happy Fathers’ Day.

What the fuck?!?

Those of you who know me know that I’m dreadfully allergic to procreation, just fond of the practice.  But you can’t wish someone a Happy Fathers’ Day if they’re not a father, can you?  That’s like saying Happy Veteran’s Day to a person who’s never served in the military or taking credit for the big salad.

Mr. Drive Thru just ASSUMED I was a father!

Mike Woodson goateeNow don’t get me wrong.  I’ll be forty-five years young next month and probably long overdue for the kids I won’t be having.  Sure the receding hairline and increasingly, graying goatee don’t make me look like I’m fresh out of college but senior?  Happy Fathers’ Day?

Maybe it’s time for some Just for Men and a Mike Woodson-like goatee?  Nah, that’s not my style.

And so, I guess, life goes on.  We age, that’s what we do.  My days of dating 24 year olds are over, unless they’re strippers or have a daddy complex, neither of which I’m overly interested in.

Or maybe I should just embrace the aging process… and start seeing a lot more movies.

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74 Replies to “The Chump gets old and procreates? Say it ain’t so!”

  1. I have to say “time marches on”… The guy in the mirror may not appear to be changing but believe me he is. From what I know about you Chris you’ll always be young at heart and I guess if you want to invest big bucks for body maintenance you might fool people into thinking you’re still in your late 20s for a while, but at some point mother nature will frown upon you… Take it from a guy who worked hard out in the hot sun for many years and is now physically paying the price but tries to keep up with you young whippersnappers!

    So how about the curse of Elin?

  2. Dwin, you’re too kind, sir.

    I’ll bring the SPF50 for our golf round.

    And if Elin is the reason for Tiger’s golf game gone awry, what explains LeBron’s woes?

  3. Yeah, and I hate it when some really old dude calls me sonny boy. I did like the George Costanza reference though.

  4. Snake…

    What’s even better is when they lisp it through their dentures so that the “sonny” sounds like a “shunny.”

    Probably get that a lot in Winter Haven.

    And I figured the big salad is popular yet subtle enough of a reference, no?

  5. Welcome to the dark side my brother. Getting old sucks but it does beat the alternative. I went a little numb when they sent me my AARP card, but you get over it and get down to taking advantage of the discounts. Speaking of discounts, does your establishment offer drink specials for us youthfully challenged patrons?

  6. What a wonderful post … (except for the part about not having any children) 🙁

    Funny thing is that anyone who knows you (us) KNOWS you’re (we’re) NOT getting older. Those movies we go to are the same we went to some years ago… thats part of the fun of it… our connection to the past & having fun together.

    And yes, Im glad for the discounts ha ha.

    I remember many years ago … BSC (before Sportschump) the future Grandfather of SC decided to sport a beard. He was crossing the street in Chicago when some cabbie shouted out “move out of the way Grandpa” and my dear Father sent me a postcard telling me the story… wondering how the cabbie knew about the impending delivery of the future SC?

    We ALL go thru it … but its how you feel and whats in yr head & heart. So Im guessing we are forever young.

    Let me know when you want to go see Superman… I hear its great. 🙂

  7. Mid forties and still holding your own . Well at least wen you`re not holding your own I am sure that there have been one or two females willing to assist you in that respect .

    Just be thankful that you were not mistaken for a loving couple by the theater staff . A cougar out with her younger male escort / gigolo or whatever . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Is LeBron being assisted by a group of Crash Test Dummies in this NBA Final series ? And you doubted my analysis of the series ?

    tophatal ………………..

  8. I feel like a mean jerk for laughing at this, yet I did.

    Maybe this is why we have struggled with the online podcast… I didn’t realize you were too old to understand and follow modern internet technology.

    Yeah, I don’t feel like a jerk for saying that. Or maybe I do. Then again, I’ve seen some of the comments that you leave me… so yeah, I don’t feel bad.

  9. Technically, its not a lisp. That would make it “thunny.” Saying sonny to come out like “shunny” would be a slur. Kind of like Sylvester the cat. “Shufferin’ succotash!”

  10. Aer…

    I’m sure I can give you some sort of hospitality discount… especially considering the fact that you’ve been so hospitable over the years.

    Be sure to have your girl ask for me when she comes in. What does she do here in Tampa?

  11. Actually, Al, we’ve been mistaken for that before.

    And I don’t know what to tell you about this Heat-Spurs series.

    By no means did I mean to discount what the Spurs are capable of. I just felt that, if both teams played up to their potential, Miami was the better of the two.

    I’m getting awfully close to being wrong here.

  12. I’m only 3 years behind you George Burns…Not to rub it in, but I got carded for drinks this weekend…Made my fuckin day.

  13. I have been quiet about LeFlop and the Heat…until now…LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Of course, I have just made sure LeFlop goes for a triple-double in Game 6 by laughing at him.

    On a different note, I have no idea how anybody can watch more than 2-3 minutes of the NBA. Such a horrible product. I have tried, I really have tried to watch some of the playoffs and have watched more this year than the past 10 years combined, but it is just so terrible. I watched D-Wade take 2 steps, than a full jump step, than 2 more against the Pacers and nothing was called and the announcers rant on like he was Dr. J…seriously 5 steps, not 4 and not 3…5…5 fucking steps and this is considered great basketball…awful, just awful.

  14. Whatever happens, D, I’ll have my take of the Finals in retrospect.

    As a neutral observer and fan of the game, I have been disappointed in the play of one said LeBron James.

    As overstated as this may sound, he’s got two games coming up that will greatly affect his legacy. In these games, he’s gonna have to come up big, I’m thinking as close to triple-doubles as possible in each but more importantly, he has to be aggressive.

  15. I’ll let her know Rev. She’s a sales rep. for a transportation technology company. I’m very proud of her.

  16. Chris

    The old adage and saying is …… all that glitters isn`t necessarily gold . The Miami Heat in this series have been fool`s gold .

    It`s no longer dates for me , it`s all about a friends with fringe benefits . Wasting way too much time getting into relationships , nowadays .

    The Rays are in precarious situation as they cannot afford to bring back Alex Cobb too soon . And it has not helped to now find out that Price`s triceps` injury still as not fully healed . David Price has now been on the team`s DL for almost a month .

    Is the Zimmerman pre-trial hearing now making the state of Florida look like boneheads in terms the potential jurors ? One moron (potential juror) tried to suggest that he could keep an objective an open mind even though he contributed money to George Zimmerman`s defense fund . The state is now butt-hole of this nation and that is now a fact that cannot be denied .

    tophatal …………..

  17. Chris

    James is not the real problem with Miami in this series . The real issue has been the inconsistency of both Bosh and Wade . However , what we can now state categorically , is that LeBron James does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan .

    James (LBJ) is not an inspirational or vocal leader . In this series , when Miami has been down , have you at all seen the player actually calling out his teammates and demanding more of them ?

    When the Bulls faced real adversity, that was one of the things you could count on, in seeing from Jordan __ his calling out is teammates . Funny , in all of the pieces I have read concerning comparisons being made between the two players , absolutely no one has come up with that fact or even come remotely close to mentioning it .

    tophatal …………..

  18. The biggest problem in the NBA today is that from the commissioner down through the refs to the network announcers, they’re all lining up to suck some superstar dicks. HeavyD is right. The game does suck, literally and figuratively. And, its a disservice to all of the other players in the league, both quality players and bench warmers who get the bad calls at the expense of the prima donnas in the league. Flopping, dirty play, take no prisoners and do anything to win a fucking game? I never thought I’d ever say this but the WNBA definitely plays a purer form of basketball. Hopefully, when Herr Stern is gone, things will get better. We’ll see.
    GO SPURS!!! Any team but Miami.

  19. I got carded in Walmart last week. I said to the cashier, “I’m way past 21. I’m on Medicare. Hell, I’ve got underwear that’s older than 21.”

  20. Aer…

    I’m there five nights a week so make sure she asks for me. I’m hard to miss, the old crotchety guy behind the bar.

    Plus I’ll be the one glued to the set for Game Seven.

  21. Somehow someway, Al, the Heat got it done.

    Considering they faced five clutch points by Tony Parker and three consecutive turnovers by LeBron himself, I still can’t fathom how the hell the Heat walked away with that win.

  22. Oh, and Snake….

    Remind me to send you a Wal-Mart gift-card.

    They do sell underwear there, ya know, just in case you’re thinking of a change of pace.

  23. Hey, when it comes to underwear, real guys don’t through it away as long as there’s still a waistband. Check it out. Its in the rule book.

  24. 1. The Spurs definitely ran out of gas in the 4th quarter.
    2. There were several calls in favor of Miami that showed wrong on the replays. The commissioner should never have a favorite child. Its a league of 30 teams, any one of them could be the champion.
    3. I’m still looking for the Spurs to pull it out. It is game 7 and the Spurs have won all of the odd numbered games.

  25. I’m not buyin’ the conspiracy theory argument, Snake. Bad calls went both ways in that game and in the series.

    Plus the Spurs took more free throws and Miami had more fouls. So where’s the favoritism?

  26. I don’t think there is a conspiracy per se, but they are all on the same page. We know there are dishonest refs…look no further than Tim Donahue. I understand he has no credibility but that doesn’t mean he is lying when he says we still have dishonest refs in the NBA.

    I watch the NFL, MLB, and NHL. They all seem to be a better product, especially the NFL. Though I am sure we have refs on the take there as well.

    As far as LeBron goes, he needs to hire a good PR person ASAP. For somebody like me who tunes in for a few minutes a game and sees him acting like a petulant child whenever I tune in is not good for him or the league. It drives me away. I love basketball. It was the sport that I was best at growing up. Followed the NBA for many years, but just can’t watch the crap they put out now.

    I have no idea how game 5 or 6 was called in regards to the refs as I didn’t watch but about 5 minutes of each. However, I did see LeBron extend his arm and push T. Parker off balance on his shot at the end of regulation with no call…it was a foul…period. The series should be over. It wasn’t just a “let it go” foul. He completely altered Tony Parker’s shot by pushing him down.

    The NBA has a serious image problem and not just with me, many others feel the same way. Until they clean it up, I and others won’t be back. I am sure the NBA won’t lose sleep over HeavyD not being a fan, but it will multiply in due time.

    I am also not in favor of any stars getting special treatment for what it is worth. Just my two cents!! Keep up the good work CHUMP!

  27. Snake…

    I think that either team winning this year’s Finals is a good story. San Antonio’s going for five. They’re a model franchise. Duncan’s been as good a representative for the league as one could ask. Those who find him or his brand of basketball have no appreciation for the sport.

    Ratings are through the roof and that will continue in Game Seven. At the end of ballgames, the refs let them play and their use of replay last night was fine.

    I don’t think Stern’s got his finger on the button as much as you think.

  28. D…

    Officiating is good and bad in all sports. Umps routinely miss or sway strike zones. Heck, a few years ago, we had a no-hitter negated! There’s plenty of contact in the NFL called and not called. I don’t think the NBA is any worse of better in that sense and the idealist in me refuses to believe that the majority of the officials in our sports leagues are on the take.

    Re: LeBron’s agent, I agree with you, but Maverick Carter has been with him since Day One and LeBron’s loyal like that. He’s not gonna dump him even if it means a few more people in the country like him or by his sneakers. He whines but they all do when they don’t get a call they want.

    Those push off calls are tough to judge. Should Lenard have been called for raking Miller across the face right before dunking on him?

    And again, check the ratings, man. People are watching these Finals. Sure, plenty of people out there don’t like the league because it’s too black or the players have too many tattoos but those who chose to not watch these Finals for whatever reasons they decide have missed one helluva series.

  29. Al…

    Well, if Pierce and Garnett do move West, they’ll at least be three hours younger.

    I’m just not sure why EITHER side of that deal would want to make that trade.

  30. I seem to agree with 99% of what HeavyD says with each comment. We must be brothers from different mothers. Furthermore, I agree that the NBA sucks so much that I’m not renewing my League Pass next season. I can buy a few bottles of good whiskey with the $180 I’ll be saving.

  31. OMG, I had a gigantic post typed and I didn’t have my info filled out…error and wiped out. So you get the cliff notes…

    -I agree officiating is good and bad.
    -I don’t think most are on the take.
    -They seem worse too me.
    -I didn’t see the rake (can’t comment)
    -I understand people are watching (me included in small doses)
    -Color and Tats do not matter to me.
    -They all need to stop whining.

    Some other stuff I added.
    -Stats don’t tell the whole story.
    -Jordan has a greater will to win than LeBron…always will.
    -The NBA looks like one on one with 8 guys standing around waiting for a rebound.

    The 24 second shot clock has ruined the game in the NBA in my opinion…coupled with eroding basketball skills. It forces quick possessions (by design). Which in turn forces sloppy play. I think it really hurts the NBA in todays game. Players get by on being insanely athletic and I think many skills are going undeveloped because of it. I don’t think most of todays players can play a good form of basketball when rushed. The game looks rushed/sloppy to me is the only way I can describe it.

  32. Snake…

    Buy it halfway through the season and save yourself half the money.

    Your reluctance to renew the League Pass would have nothing to do with the Celtics key personnel potentially abandoning ship, would it?

  33. Okay, D, one at a time. Since it now appears that you and Snake are, for lack of a better expression, “playing for the same team.” I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row.

    * Let’s set aside officiating within pro sports and talk college for a while. What about SEC football, basketball, or collegiate athletics in general, or high school for that matter? Look, officials have a tough job. Do their job well and we don’t know who they are. Make one mistake and we remember them forever: Richard Steele, Jim Joyce, etc. If this were South American soccer, refs who screw up would wake up with a horse head in their bed. So instead we penalize the sport by not watching because a guy in a striped jersey made an error in judgment? Not me. I accept it AND I have faith that professional and collegiate sports organizations do their best to ensure the officiating of their sport is up to par.

    * If you want to see the Lenard-Miller face rake, just Google “Lenard dunks on Miller” and look at images. I’m not suggesting it was a charge but aggressive basketball players driving to the hoop lead with their off hand to shed defenders. What’s a charge and what’s not? Again, these are judgment calls with guys doing their best to determine that on the fly.

    * Just like I can’t fault a referee for missing a call, I can’t fault a player for expressing emotion if he feels he defended a player properly and gets blown for a whistle, or vice versa. Guys in pick up basketball games whine and bitch all the time about what’s a foul and what’s not. Officials exist to regulate and enforce rules. If I’m a player driving the lane and I feel I get fouled with no whistle, I’m gonna damn complain about it.

    * I agree with you that LBJ-MJ comparisons are ridiculous. I’ve never compared the two. That’s the damn media’s problem. They’re two entirely different players and both were/are pretty damn good. So who gives a shit who was better? It’s a ridiculous, theoretical argument.

    * I also agree that this series has featured too much isolation play. During the regular season, both these teams had excellent ball movement. We haven’t seen all that much of that this series although it’s been a pretty drama-filled series, a damn slug-fest, with both teams giving their all, or as Snake would suggest, something David Stern had scripted long ago.

    * Oh, and I’ll alert the new Commissioner that you want to get rid of the shot clock and go back to 15-13 games. That should be great for ratings.

  34. My not renewing League Pass has nothing to do with the condition of my Celtics and everything to do with the crappy product that the NBA is currently putting out. I think this next season, I’ll put some $$ on the college basketball package. As for the 24 second shot clock, maybe going with the longer college shot clock would be a better move than eliminating it. I actually remember seeing a pre shot clock game and it was very boring.

  35. The NBA refs in general SUCK. Here’s the proof. Double fouls and makeup calls. If those assholes worked in corporate America and made decisions like that, they would be on the unemployment line.

  36. Al…

    Don’t get me wrong. Anybody who’s followed the NBA over the past few decades knows the woes of the Clippers, primarily at the hands of their decision-makers. It’s actually a shock they were finally relevant but I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

    And Bosh could probably have phrased his words better or just have shut the hell up. Game Six was the only game he’s made an impact so far. Maybe he should be the one not allowed back inside the arena.

  37. Snake…

    Not even if he promised you a trip back in time to sit on the bench alongside him for the ’86 Celtics championship?

    I mean, you are a valued customer that I’m sure he’d hate to lose. Plus he’s taken a lot of acid in his day so I’m sure time travel is not a problem.

  38. I don’t want to eliminate the shot clock, but a 30 sec shot would help…I don’t need to watch dean smiths 4 corner offense either. The players in today’s game just seem rushed to me.

    I don’t watch because the game itself seems erratic…not much motion offense, too many iso’s, hurried possessions, bad shots. The college game flows more to my liking. Players are not as good…just like the game better.

    I will watch the game in its entirety tonight and try to be objective.

    College refs are no better. My problem is I have no doubt it is a directive to not call traveling and try to keep stars from sitting in foul trouble…I don’t know how it can be seen any other way.

    Forgive me if I made some typos…currently in the keys for the next 5 days…let me get back to my beverage and get ready for game 7 since I said I would watch it.

  39. I am really trying here mr chump. They are not delivering a high quality level of basketball. Also,Manu is a traveling machine.

  40. Chris

    I`ve finally got to admit it , Pop` and the Spurs just couldn`t get it done when it mattered most . Kudos to the Miami Heat and their well deserved NBA Finals series` victory .

    I`m sorry the Pats` Aaron Hernandez is now the prime suspect in a neighbor`s murder in upscale suburban area of Boston ? I`m no conspiracy theorist but is this meant to and guarantee Tebow a on role on the Patriots roster and first team for the upcoming season . Damn bro ! What the hell is going on there ?

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Report: Aaron Hernandez to be charged with obstruction of justice

    Staff report

    New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the shooting death of a friend whose body was found dumped in an industrial park less than a mile from Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough, Mass., according to a report by CBS Boston.

    WBZ NewsRadio 1030 station cited a person with knowledge of the investigation as saying an arrest warrant has been issued for Hernandez.

    Massachusetts State Police, which has been handling the homicide investigation, is expected to be the agency that will arrest Hernandez, but when and where is unclear, the report said.

    It’s possible that as the investigation continues, charges could be added or upgraded.

    The body of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd of Dorchester, Mass., was found Monday. He had been shot in the head, according to several reports. The Boston Globe reported Friday that Lloyd had been shot multiple times. Lloyd’s family has said he had some connection to Hernandez but would not elaborate.

    The Boston Globe reported Friday that police have surveillance videos that show Hernandez with Lloyd on the morning police say Lloyd was killed.

    Click on link to read in full .

    Hernandez is said to be not cooperating with local law enforcement as they investigate this crime . Apparently the player as turned over is cell pone (under te advice of h is lawyer) having deliberately destroyed it as well his home surveillance system and had a cleaning crew come into is home and cleaned it entirely . Should he be seen as a primary suspect after all of that ? Your thoughts on it all ?

    Let`s call in the CSI team , and Boston PD and whomever else to investigate . I wonder what WEEI in Boston are making out of all of this ?

    Was the victim Hernandez`s dope dealer or some member of is entourage I wonder ?

    Ray Lewis says he will be offering some words of advice to the Pats` tight end . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal …………

  41. REV–
    No I have not caught that yet. I go in waves with the podcasts lately. Sometimes, I just listen to music… the one I listen to the most is the Dan Patrick Show.

  42. D…

    They’re definitely lax on traveling and there is too much isolation. I agree with you on both of those.

    Oh, and David Stern thanks you for watching.

    Overall, I felt it was a pretty good series.

    And you’ll love the post I’ve got coming up on Monday, so stay tuned.

  43. Al…

    The Spurs gave it their all and again, that thing should have been wrapped up in six. Still can’t believe the Heat managed to pull that one out.

    And yeah, things are not looking good for Hernandez. Not sure what that kid was thinking. Obviously he wasn’t.

  44. Maron is the funniest show on the tube. With all of the flat screen TVs out there, can we still say tube?

  45. Chris

    I believe that Hernandez has sought advice from Jayson Williams , Donte Stallworth and Ray Lewis as what to do in instances such as this and then f@#k it up even more so . I would have mentioned Orenthal James Simpson , but who would really listen to anything that OJ really has to say ? ` If I did it ` ___________ and we all know how that eventually turned out don`t we ? OJ is said to be seeking a retrial in light of his most recent ordeal .

    Three-peat for Miami ? Is that now on the cards ?

    Tears of the Sun

    Most recent piece .

    Think big , spend big and then end up broke ….

    So Wil Myers was able to hit his first Major League Grand Slam in a game ? Good for him , but the Rays are still inconsistent and this season they are heading nowhere .

    tophatal ………

  46. Snake…

    While waiting for Louie and Wilfred to come back on air, I’ve grown quite fond of Maron, not missing an episode.

    Friggin’ hysterical.

  47. Al…

    Hernandez best be seeking advice from his attorney at this point and no one else.

    Heat won. I’m not surprised. Had that one pegged since last year.

    And yeah, Myers had himself a nice game… in a loss.

  48. Chris

    And what was the advice given to Hernandez ? Facts ___________ Destroy your cell phone , then hand it over to law enforcement ? Have your home cleaned and the same with your SUV _________ (all noted facts and confirmed by the player`a lawyer) ? Like I said , Aaron Hernandez might as well have sought the advice of the aforementioned athletes . Now what ? It sure as hell doesn`t look as if the advice being given to him is all that sound .

    The judge presiding in the Zimmerman trial , is she really that crazy in terms of the judgement rendered concerning audible technology ? Once again the state of Florida is about to made a mockery of , and to look like te rear end of an elephant`s ass , as it defecates .

    Debra Nelson obviously is trying have her day in the sun . Lance Ito will be watching intensely and obsessively .

    Angels` owner Arte Moreno says with hindsight , he might well have better spent the money thrown at C J Wilson , Albert Pujols , Josh Hamilton and many of the other high-priced players on the team .

    Will they have a yard sale at the end of the season should the team end up with a sub . 500 record ? Mike Sciocsia is likely to lose his job along with a number members on his coaching staff .

    The Los Angeles Angels (34-43) are a bad team in so many aspects of their game .

    Bill Parcells now regrets walking away from the Pats at end of the 1996 season . You don`t say. Parcells will have his day in August , when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton , Ohio .

    tophatal …………..

  49. Al…

    What the hell is taking the cops so long to get to what happened in the Hernandez case? Someone get the CSI guys on it. It’ll be resolved in an hour.

    And don’t look now, Al, but the Rays are in last place again. The good news is, they’re still only five out.

    Nobody’s really tearing up the Majors this year. But how about the Pirates. They are the Cardinals are the only two teams playing .600 ball or better.

  50. Chris

    Boston PD and law enforcement from the surrounding suburbs are too worried about the ongoing James Whitey Bulger case and whether not the notorious gangster will start to name names as to who amongst their upper echelons he bribed as well as members of the FBI office in Boston . See the Jack Nicolson movie `The Departed` for some of the answers, as to the fictionalized account of Bulger`s notorious criminal reign and spree .

    Parcells has regrets about leaving the Patriots back in 1997, a year after a Superbowl appearance . I guess it comes wit te territory , crying over spilled milk ? Bill Parcells is the cat`s meow as he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2013 .

    The Rays being in last place in the AL East at this point of the season should come as no surprise . The team simply can`t get out of its own way wit all of te asinine mistakes that they have continued to make over te course of the season .

    No amount of optimism shown by Joe Maddon can deny the fact that this is a poor team not only on paper but also on the playing field . As to the claims coming into te season of having the best pitching in baseball ? What a complete farce and a travesty !

    The only thing good about Longoria this season has been when he gives us the privilege of seeing his girlfriend Jamie Edmondson scantily clad , Less of Longo and more of Edmondson _____________ please !

  51. Al…

    If it weren’t for Parcells’ departure, would we be calling Belichick the greatest coach in the game?

    Rays looked good against a hot Jays team last night. Let’s see if they can keep if up for a while.

  52. Had someone say Happy Father’s Day to me as well and I found myself getting defensive because as with your reaction I was like damn I’m not looking that old am I? Maybe I should start cutting back on the drinking.

  53. Hello triple SC.. How on earth did I miss this post? Ah, I know ..I had just come back from a week in the Bahamas then returned to entertain my 9 yr old niece for a week! And I have a 10 yr old son so I had TWO kids for a week. Whew; I think I’m still recovering!

    I stopped wishing Happy Mothers Day or Fathers Day to people I didn’t know years ago. That greeting can open Pandora’s box to someone’s desire that they can’t have or in other cases, no desire at all.

    I was carded a year ago or so and it made my day; no it wasn’t Walmart:) . I still haven’t been offered senior discounts, but I have been asked if my son is my grandchild! Gasp! It only happened once, but it was awful. I’m one year older than you and there is no way we are getting old. I say we are just living it so much better now because we have more experience. Aw, with that confession, I bet I blew my chances to get carded when I finally visit your establishment… Doggone it. LOL

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