Tim Tebow landing in New England creates mass hysteria, and some great one-liners, on Twitter

Tebow texts BradyA reader recently asked me why I hadn’t written anything about Tim Tebow being picked up by the New England Patriots.  What’s to say that hasn’t already been said?

Assuming he makes their final, 53-man roster, he’ll likely spend most of his time on the sidelines, holding a clipboard, learning under one of the best coaches, quarterbacks and systems around, coming in for spot plays here and there, providing his usual moral support and giving the occasional sound bite about how he’s just blessed and happy to be there.

Others in the Twittosphere had a far more comical take.  Here are a few of my favorite Tweets that came shortly after the announcement that Timmy and Tommy would be teammates.

NOT SportsCenter ‏@NOTSportsCenter

SOURCE: Tim Tebow was “impressive” at #Patriots OTAs. Bill Belichick: “He did things with a clipboard I didn’t think were humanly possible.”

Matt Clapp ‏@sharapovasthigh

This hockey stuff is exciting and all, but seriously- how would Tebow do as the Patriots’ 3rd tight end?

Kurt Helin ‏@basketballtalk

During pregame tonight, somebody needs to ask Popovich what he thinks of the Patriots picking up Tebow. Not me, but somebody should.

Tom E. Curran ‏@tomecurran

Patriots tinkering with Tebow’s motion. Throwing righty. Results promising. #eureka! #PatriotsTalk

jimmy fallon ‏@jimmyfallon

Patriots signed Tim Tebow. When asked how he’ll adjust to being booed by Jets fans, Tebow said, “What do you mean ‘adjust to’?” #fallonmono

Evil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

Patriots also have signed the ground to a 2-year contract, so that Tebow has someone familiar to throw passes to

West Lee ‏@NotthatAdamWest

Tim Tebow signed by the Patriots. Haven’t the people of Boston suffered enough?

Tebow Brady stepbrothersKevin Paul ‏@kevinspaul

I’m sensing Tebow panic from Pats fans. Hey Boston…1) Serenity now or 2) The Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Final.

Peyton’s Head ‏@PeytonsHead

Now that he’ll be showering with Gronk, Tim Tebow might become an even bigger rarity…celebrity adult virgin with an STD.

Dan Wolken ‏@DanWolken

I really didn’t think the day would end with Tim Tebow having a job and Lionel Hollins being unemployed

Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports

Best non-ironic quote ever from Trent Dilfer: “Tebow has everything you want in a quarterback except for the ability to throw a football.”

God ‏@TheTweetOfGod

Tebow to the Patriots? BRADY: What’d you do last night? TEBOW: Study the Bible. You? BRADY: Bang Gisele Bundchen. [Awkward silence.]

ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Tim Tebow signs with New England Patriots. Maybe Tom Brady can finally get that kid laid.

mike freeman ‏@realfreemancbs

First question Hernandez gets asked by cellmate: “So what’s Tebow like?”

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26 Replies to “Tim Tebow landing in New England creates mass hysteria, and some great one-liners, on Twitter”

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  2. Chris

    Spent the night in O-Town and the girlfriend tells me this morning Hernandez is taken away in handcuffs by police . These sex games in New England are really intriguing . Next up , Brady gets into it , with Tebow , because the backup quarterback tweets Giselle Bundcen is hot . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Aaron Hernandez dug his own grave by not cooperating wit te cops from te outset as there was enough evidence to suggest he was a participant in some way in Odin Lloyd` death . The player`s lawyer gave him bad advice all along and then tried to cast the media as being overzealous .

    Did Cashman really ` tweet ` that A Rod should shut the #### up ? You see what happens out of frustration, when you owe over $100 million to a player who has under-achieved over the last four years . LOL,LOL LOL !!!

  3. Sad story about Hernandez, Al. But he’ll get what’s coming to him.

    And a great story about Cash and ARod. Just when we think ARod hasn’t worn out his welcome in the Apple enough, we get Cash telling him to shut the eff up.

  4. You should never speak to police-ever, under any circumstance…even if you are innocent. This has been told to me over the course of my life by multiple attorneys including one just a few weeks ago.

    The one time (somewhat recently)I invoked wanting to have my attorney present did wonders for my situation (through no fault of my own)…got me released QUICKLY and all they were doing was asking questions that I didn’t feel like answering…and I didn’t answer them. ” Have a great day Mr. Collins ” was all I heard.

    That said I hope AH (If guilty) gets his due punishment.

    I am far from a Tebow jock swinger so I side with most people who think he has issues playing QB in the NFL. I hope he does well and gets to play a bit…though since Tom never sits and Mallet is better at QB anyways it will be tough for Tim.

  5. Yeah, D.

    Who knows how they’re gonna use him, if even at all.

    And fortunately, I haven’t had too many run-ins with the law lately.

    Here’s hoping I keep it that way.

  6. Nice lil’ compilation, Hump. So, when the Patriots release him, you think he’s permanently done?

  7. Well, remember my and others advice if you ever find yourself on the other side of the law…don’t say a word and ask for an attorney…even if you are just being questioned.

    Of course I know you are an upstanding citizen and will never need legal counsel…so just file it away in your brain.

    I am guessing that Tebow takes a few short yardage runs, maybe catches a few passes and also throws maybe 6 passes on the year…barring an injury from Tommy. He will have issues blocking all-pro DE’s like Dwight Freeney so I doubt he lines up at TE all too often.

  8. One thing is for sure, Donny C.

    Aaron Hernandez WON’T be back on the Pats. What a sad story, huh?

    Listen, people didn’t think Tebow would have another job in the NFL as of last month, not that he really does now.

    If he stays, and learns, and manages to find a place within the Patriots organization for a couple of years, who’s to say another team won’t take a shot at him?

  9. D…

    First time I’ve been called “upstanding” in a while. After the tongue-lashing I just got from Snake in that Heat post, I appreciate it.

    I agree with you on the use of Tebow. I know they don’t keep the stat “Minutes Per Game” in the NFL like they do in the NBA but I would imagine Tebow would rank near the bottom end of that category if they did.

  10. Heavy D , and also you should never lie to the police under any circumstance, as that was what also aided MSP in aiding their case against the player beyond the idiocy shown by is lawyers . The criminal attorney , James Sultan now representing Aaron Hernandez , is one of the best criminal attorneys in the greater Boston area .

    Chris , now that Hernandez is being charged with murder/homicide , for which the sentence at a minimum if found guilty , he stands to serve anywhere between twenty-five years to life . Now Aaron Hernandez will have to forgo a promising career for a stint courtesy of the Massachusetts Dept of Corrections` System .

    The Patriots have gone from a once well-respected organization that had character , to one of the dregs of the NFL .

    If you and D are interested, let me know what you think of the following ? Click on either of te links shown to view and leave a comment.



    Too big to fail and too dumb to clean up its own frigging house

    tophatal ….

  11. It’s just an absolutely bizarre and upsetting story, Al, the ups and downs of Aaron Hernandez.

    I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts on what’s happened but it’s been tough.

    Just not sure what’s wrong with people these days.

  12. Being coddled in college and not being held accountable for one`s actions, does in the end have a way of catching up with an individual . In this case, it has caught up with Aaron Hernandez and the pattern of behavior not only as a player but also as a juvenile . The warning signs were already there but so many individuals chose to ignore them all .

    tophatal …………….

  13. Al…

    I don’t know the guy. Don’t know what he’s been through.

    I’m not making excuses for him. He did what he did and ultimately, the responsibility falls on him.

    The State of Massachusetts is about to see to that.

  14. Jedly…

    I was probably rolling incognito that night.

    That’s the only problem with following 1,000 people on that site. You tend to miss some of the gems.

  15. Chris

    So you being an avowed Gators` fan were not aware of the issues Hernandez had under Urban Meyer ? It was common knowledge , but I guess the fans there, were too busy salivating over Meyer , Tebow and the two national championship runs ?

    And beating up a kid to within an inch of is life as a juvenile perhaps , somehow, slipped under the radar of Jeremy Foley ?

    Too big to fail and too dumb to clean up its own frigging house

    tophatal …………

  16. What is really sad in all of this , is that Goodell and DeMaurice Smith will remain silent , while this all plays out in the court of public opinion as well as within the judicial system .

    Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith have never truly cared about the players` image as it relates to their behavior . If they did , then there would be a concerted and joint effort by both the league and union .

    Speaking of which , it looks as if Sanford Police Dept as its own version of Det Mark Fuhrmann of LAPD. The lead detective in the George Zimmerman trial is really making law enforcement officials within this state seem incompetent , as well bigoted morons . What more can I say , but Florida remains the rectum and sphincter of the nation in terms of intelligence , that is also epitomized by Rick Scott .

    So former NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter is seriously thinking about suing the union he once presided over as its lead executive . Who knew that wrongful dismissal could be so costly , even in light Hunter`s family trying to defraud the union out of over $250,000. ?

    Josh Freeman says he has put last season behind him as it was an aberration . I seem to remember that the Bucs` fans felt the same way , especially the ones who bothered to visit Raymond James Stadium for those home games . Your thoughts on that ?

  17. Classic pic…only Tebow’s Tressel vest still has a Broncos logo.

    The Dilfer quote wins.

    It’ll be interesting to see what trick plays Billy boy pulls off with Tebow.

  18. Al…

    Goodell damn well needs to be concerned about the players’ images. Say what you will about Stern and his dress code policy but he was only trying to combat a negative perceived image of his sport.

    That’s something Goodell may soon want to consider.

  19. Bleed…

    Found that picture on Facebook and it cracked me up.

    Looking forward to when they create one of us.

    I’ll even iron my sweater vest for the occasion.

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  21. Man, Twitter can really toss out some gems on certain topics. Tebow and Hernandez both in the news fairly recently…. is that UF overload for you? Believe me, I know what college overload is… went through that if you recall.

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