Bud Selig? Well, I never!

Bud Selig getting oldMajor League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently told a member of the media that he has “never sent an e-mail and never will.”  I guess that explains why the sport he oversees remains stuck in the Stone Age.  Selig probably still uses two tin cans and a string as a form of communication.

From declaring one All-Star Game a tie, to making it account for home field advantage in the World Series, to claiming his sport boasts the strictest drug testing policy when many of its players are still under suspicion for using PEDs, Bud Selig has had himself quite the tenuous, twenty-year tenure.  To celebrate his impending retirement, which he’ll probably postpone again, much to the chagrin of those of us who have embraced the 21st century, I’ve come up with a few other things Commissioner Bud Selig has likely never done.

  • Made out with a girl on the first date

  • Crypt Keeper

    Heard of this thing called “the internet”

  • Bought someone a drink and left over a 20% tip

  • Apologized to Armando Galarraga for managing a sport whose prehistoric rules robbed him of only the 24th perfect game in league history

  • Paid for a ticket to a professional sporting event

  • Ever been spotted in the same room as the Crypt Keeper

  • Told a joke that anyone has laughed at

  • Done his own laundry

  • Made the sport he commissions more entertaining for the fans

  • Flossed

  • Sent Barry Bonds a Christmas card

  • bud selig covers up

    Driven more than ten miles over the speed limit

  • Streaked….  (which is probably a good thing)

  • Passed someone a joint

  • Sat up straight

  • Helped small market teams like the Rays in any constructive way with their attendance problems

  • Hopped on a plane to personally investigate a South Florida clinic called BioGenesys, which allegedly supplied many of the players in his league PEDs, which in all actuality, a commissioner who gave a flip about his sport would have done already.

  • Had any sort of clue about anything whatsoever

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21 Replies to “Bud Selig? Well, I never!”

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  2. Chris

    Bud Selig represents everything you simply do not want to see happen in baseball . And for this , he has been paid …. $25 million-a-year for the past five years on average . The owners , players , union , general managers and MLB hierarchy have been complicit in this mess and made the game a complete joke and this season in essence , has been completely devalued . Selig`s statement that he intends to postpone any punishment until after the post-season concerning the Biogenesis scandal . .

    On a side-note , who in their right mind (Bud Selig) pays the company(Biogenesis) that is under investigation by the US Justice Department for evidence that they will then seek to use to prove their case against the alleged cheats? Bud Selig is that much of a goddamn moron ? Does Selig actually understand the rule of law ? Or is he simply that much of an ####ole ?

    Look at the list of commissioners of baseball and tell me where you would now rank Bud Selig amongst that list ?

    I left you a response concerning my most recent piece covering the All Star Game and tis latest mea-culpa by Selig .

    Sell me on it , or whatever the hell else, is actually possible

    tophatal ………..

  3. Bud Selig must believe that he at he is Al Gore . Gore believes he invented the internet . Bud has , simply , single-handedly destroyed the game of baseball for even the most ardent of fans . Selig continues to take credit for some of the worst decisions to have befell the game .

    Bud earns $25 million a year , and he doesn`t even have to step unto a baseball diamond . What`s up with that ?

    tophatal ………..

  4. MLB is too arrogant to believe they need to make changes. They’re way behind to curve on instant replay, and just about everything else.

    If they don’t wake up, then in the next 20 years they’re going to be passed by, by other up and coming sports leagues like UFC and MLS.

  5. A decade ago I simply hoped he’d retire some day… then he kept opening his mouth and each passing day the sport becomes as archaic as it’s leader.

    Retire already…please?

  6. Personally, Al, I would rank him at the bottom of all the commissioners in my lifetime, well behind Kuhn, Ueberroth, Vincent and Giamatti. Not even close actually yet he’s probably had the longest term of them all.

    One reader recently suggested term limits. What a novel concept.

    Did you hear recently how he publicly called Tampa Bay’s attendance unacceptable? What a douche.

    I mean, if everyone hates the guy and thinks he’s bad for the game, why can’t we just get rid of him already?

  7. Mo…

    I think that’s actually a perfect word: arrogant.

    There’s a big difference between the pride of being our national pastime and simply expecting that fans will continue to support the game.

    The sport and its commissioner should never take our fanhood for granted.

  8. Cris

    Bud Selig remains a pompous @ss ! Repeatedly, he as disparaged the Rays organization and its fans . He also went so far as to suggest tat te franchise would never get to host an All Star Game while they remained at Tropicana Field . This being te very same commissioner who went out of his way to aid the New York Mets , Yankees and Miami Marlins to get completely new venues built at taxpayers` expense to the tune of almost $3 billion ($3,000,000,000) . And there are fans within this sphere who believe tat some of his (Bud Selig) decisions have benefited the game of baseball ?

    Marlins` fans and residents of Miami must regret the day that the city commission voted to fund that elephants` graveyard known as Marlins` Ballpark . A venue I might add , that has yet to have a sell-out for a regular season home game .

    tophatal ………….

  9. Al…

    The Marlins have a lousy team and a nice new stadium. In Tampa, it’s the exact opposite, yet neither can draw.

    And how about that final round by Phil Mickelson?

  10. Bud is former used car salesman…cut him a little slack Chump! Not too much slack though. His tenure as commish has been underwhelming at best.

  11. Chris

    You couldn`t pay me enough to watch the Marlins under any condition . The team and the whole organization from top to bottom have been systematically lousy over the last three years at least .

    I watched that last round by Lefty glued to the edge of my seat . It was great golf to witness and Mickelson`s stroke play was astonishing when you consider ow tough that Muirfield Course just happens to be . I have long maintained that The British Open is the toughest Major to win of all of the four Grand Slam tournaments . Your thoughts on that ?

    Hard to believe that this was only the fifth Major (Grand Slam) win of Mickelson`s career .

    So A Rod is back on the DL (again) for the Yankees ? Did he stub his toe , tripping over one of the sachets of Biogenesis products ? Are the Steinbrenners that lousy a group of m owners that they cannot see all of the bad press they`re getting while the guy remains on their roster ? Even if they void his contract (owed $104 remaining 4 years) or decide either on a buyout or pay it off in full over the next tree or four years . They would be far better off contemplating that maneuver , rather than keeping him around .

    NY Daily News

    Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez has MRI, reveals Grade 1 quad strain as comeback is derailed

    The latest setback comes in the wake of a series of Daily News reports that Rodriguez – in the MLB crosshairs because of his alleged ties to performance-enhancing drugs and the Biogenesis scandal – is facing a looming and lengthy suspension.

    MOOSIC, Pa. — Alex Rodriguez’s 2013 return to pinstripes hit a brick wall Sunday, and now the question is not whether the troubled Yankee superstar will play for the Bombers this season, but if he’ll ever suit up for the club again.

    In an ominous sign for the Yankees’ $275 million third baseman, Rodriguez traveled from his final scheduled rehab game in Scranton to New York, where an MRI taken on his left quadriceps revealed a Grade 1 strain, according to a team press release. Instead of making his highly touted return to the Yankees and debuting in Texas Monday – something Yankee GM Brian Cashman told the Daily News Friday was the team’s “expectation … as long as we get through the weekend OK” – Rodriguez remained on the disabled list and will head to Tampa. “I am extremely disappointed with the results of the MRI and am hoping to be back as soon as possible and continue with my goal of coming back and helping the Yankees win a championship,” Rodriguez said in a statement.


    The latest setback, however, comes in the wake of a series of Daily News reports that Rodriguez – in the MLB crosshairs because of his alleged ties to performance-enhancing drugs and the Biogenesis scandal, and facing a looming and lengthy suspension – may be preparing for the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card: To avoid losing the more than $100 million owed to him by the Yankees, Rodriguez, after evaluation and consultation with physicians, may declare himself physically unable to perform nearly eight months removed from left hip surgery (his second hip surgery in four years). In that instance, he could retire, collect his money and avoid the massive financial losses a suspension would kick-start. The team would attempt to recoup much of that money through insurance.

    If Rodriguez is suspended before he can get on the physically-unable-to-perform list, he would lose salary for the length of the suspension. He is also believed to have his own insurance policy, according to a source, and could be attempting to protect his contract on that front. The News has also reported that Rodriguez and his legal team have had internal discussions about a possible plea agreement with MLB to mitigate his suspension.

    Click on link to read in full .

    Read the NY Daily News article in full and tell me what stands out overall , concerning the content .

    Each year they (Yankees) gross over $200 million in revenues and they remain by far the most profitable teams in all of baseball , when you take into account the operations of the YES Network . .

    tophatal ……………..

  12. Drew…

    Makes perfect sense.

    But don’t you think we should expect a little more from the commissioner of (what used to be) our national pastime?

  13. Al…

    Didn’t the Marlins just complete 31 innings without scoring a run? Think they could beat a minor league team? Meanwhile, about four hours northwest of them, the Rays just keep on rollin’. Perhaps Miami should have held on to Ozzie Guillen. At least he kept them in the media.

    Great win for Phil yesterday. My thoughts on the tourney and his legacy are already up.

    And you know how I’m always bitching about that contract Orlando gave Grant Hill, right? Well, let me just say that what the Yankees are getting out of what they paid ARod kind of eases that pain.

  14. Chris

    It doesn`t pain me to say this , but te moment I abandoned supporting the Marlins in late 2011 , in build up to the new venue ____ a great weight was lifted off my shoulders . Everything about the organization is now a complete joke ! What angers me even more so , is that Bud Selig is actually contemplating allowing the organization to host a future All Star Game . That to my mind is a slap in the face to every fan of the game but even more so to the small market teams around the league .

    February 2014 simply cannot come around soon enough as far as I am concerned . By then it should be good riddance to Bud Selig !

    The Yankees had the chance to void the remainder of A Rod`s contract earlier this season , when it first came to light concerning is possible involvement with Biogenesis . Now once again , you have the hypocrisy of baseball`s hierarchy along with the sheer ineptitude of the Yankees` front office .

    There doesn`t seem to be a great deal of intelligence inside the Yankees` front office at present . If Brian Casman and the Steinbrenners are not prepared to take advice from their own in-house legal counsel , s Lonn A Trost . Then what does that indicate to you ?

    MLB did not carry out a full investigation of A Rod`s known association with the now incarcerated Orlando medical professional , Dr Antony Galea . Galea had supplied several NFL players and MLB players with supplements as well steroids . Yet somehow, they failed to act, and it looks as if the dumb members of the US Justice Department only wanted the physician and no one else .

    The insurance policy it`s claimed that A Rod has taken out to indemnify against te loss of future earnings . I wonder how it is worded and what are the grounds for an actual payout ? That link I provided didn`t seem to delve into that scenario all too deeply . Your thoughts on that ?

    The only great general manager the Orlando Magic ever had was John Gabriel . All of his successors were simply crap . Gabriel, now a consultant with the Knicks , is now also battling Parkinson`s Disease .

  15. Jump on the Rays bandwagon, Al. There’s plenty of room. This team has won 17 of 19 and are barely getting any national headlines. Matt Moore is insane, Archer’s one of the best young pitchers in the game and this lineup is finally hitting and scoring runs.

    In fact, with all the crap that’s going on in baseball with drugs, and ARod, and Braun, and BioGenesis, the Rays are one of the most positive stories in the game.

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