Whiners of the Week: Wes Welker and Greg Jennings

truck driverI worked for a trucking company for the better part of nine years.  One of my many responsibilities was managing truck drivers.  Prior to being hired by this company, I had zero experience with the industry itself.  All I knew about truck drivers was the over-generalized stereotypes I had heard about over the years: that they’re a bunch of overweight, bearded, baseball-capped gentlemen with big bellies, bad backs and southern accents that eat way too unhealthy and have relations with far too many lot lizards.  Despite the tens of thousands of female truck drivers out there earning a legitimate living, it is commonly perceived that the trucking industry is male-dominated, which it is.

What most people do not realize about truck drivers is that… they whine just like the rest of us.  “I don’t want to go to California!”  “What do you mean I have to do this or do that?”  Just like every other person, in every other job, who doesn’t get their way, truck drivers whine.

Which brings us to our Whiners of the Week: Wes Welker and Greg Jennings.

If there’s any profession we consider more masculine than driving a Freightliner across the country, it is the professional football player: muscle-bound, rough and tough guys, taking physical beatings, making millions of dollars, all the while putting their lives on the line for our enjoyment.  Until of course, they open their mouths.

July 24 2013; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker (83) answers questions during a media luncheon press conference held at Denver Broncos headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsApparently Messrs. Welker and Jennings are a tad bit unhappy with their former employers: the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers.  Greg Jennings, now with division rival Minnesota, claimed he was “brainwashed” by his former organization and Welker recently told reporters that his former coach, Bill Belichick, rode him a little too hard.

Excuse me while I reach for my handkerchief and violin.

Has anyone here ever played sports?  Better yet.  Has anyone here ever had a real job and been reprimanded by their employer for not getting the job done?  To make matters worse, I’m also assuming you didn’t make $7 million dollars last year like Greg Jennings did or $9 million like Wes Welker, which probably made the ass-chewing you got a little more intolerable and job-threatening.  One would think a seven-figure paycheck would get a grown man to shut the fuck up every once in a while but as we’re learning more and more, that sort of coin only distorts one’s priorities.  More than ever, athletes live in a world all their own.

So Belichick was a little hard on Wes Welker?  Earth to Wes.  Belichick is a damn football coach!  He’s supposed to yell, degrade and demoralize.  Coddling is not part of his job description.  Find me a football coach that doesn’t ride a player’s ass and I’ll show you a guy wearing a visor and polishing his resume.  An NFL coach is one of only 32 men on the planet hired to ensure that the tens of millions of dollars his franchise has invested in you sees some sort of a return.  If he has to yell a little bit in the process, then so be it.

greg jennings interviewJennings complained that his former team “brainwashed” him into thinking that “anyone in their division is tiers below” as if the Packers organization, or any other in the league for that matter, is going to tell their players “Ya know what?  The Bears are just better than us.”  Isn’t theirs historically the most rivalrous division in the National Football League?  Those teams respect, yet hate each other.  Just like the Steelers, Cowboys, Dolphins and every other damn team in the NFL, the Packers think they’re the best franchise in football, as they should.

Perhaps all this ridiculousness is just media-driven mumbo jumbo.  Maybe reporters should go back to asking pertinent questions or just maybe, players should shut their mouths and adhere to the philosophy of what’s said in the locker room stays in the locker room.  Or if they’re really that unhappy, they can always lose the seven-figure salary and get behind the steering wheel of an 18-wheeler.  They’d fit right in.  Whining is already part of the job description.

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29 Replies to “Whiners of the Week: Wes Welker and Greg Jennings”

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  2. Spot on!!! Unfortunately I see this as a trend more than a blip. The modern day athlete is more coddled than ever and now they have the platform to share their whine with the world. I long for the day when athletes would just think it was bad form to criticize their previous teams and would instead just quietly move on with their new teams.

  3. The real problem is they have been pampered since middle school. I have personally known high school players who didn’t go to class, received an illegal grade and were told how awesome they were in life…lol. Pretty sad when you think about it. So it is no wonder that these pampered people struggle with the real world and conforming to rules and such when they are adults.

  4. I once was a truck driver and I wish I was in the same shape now as I was then. Of course I was a local driver who ran his as off for a living and yes I did my fair share of whining.
    As far as Welker and Jennings are concerned, they should thank their lucky stars that they didn’t have to peddle freight for a living because they would have starved to death. Freakin’ brats!

  5. Welker whining that Belichick was too hard on him????? What does he consider the four years he spent at Texas Tech under Mike Leach- a cakewalk???

  6. From now on, when an athlete acts like a big baby, instead of calling it “whining” could we just refer to it as “Garnetting?” It would mean functionally the same thing 🙂

    What’s up Snake! (just messing with you man…I’ll save my shit for basketball season).

  7. Chris

    I think that Welker is simply pi$sed that Tom Brady gave up $9 million in cap money to make sure hed`d be re-signed , only to find out that GM Nick Caserio , Bill Belichick and team owner Bob Kraft nixed that deal .

    Brady wasn`t happy and neither was Wes Welker . So you have to understand his disgust , albeit that he signed a two-year $12 million deal with the Broncos .

    Greg Jennings is whining ? Didn`t his Superbowl ring come courtesy of Aaron Rodgers ? What a conceited S-O-B !

    I hear A-Rod is also whining because , no believes he is innocent . Defraying answers to questions posed by journalists as to recent possible use of steroids by responding …. `This is not the time or place to answer such questions ` does seem to ring hollow don`t you think ?

    tophatal ………….

  8. Geez Chris, that trucker picture had me faked out. I thought it was an add for gastro-bypass. I wouldn’t wanna be booking that guys health insurance w/or w/out Obamacare.

    Now to the piece……..speaking of pieces have you seen Welker’s old lady? Oh my!!

    I gotta hand it to Kraft and Belicheat, when a player loses a step or gets outta line/drops an important pass……cya. I think Heavy D hit it square on. These guys have been conditioned to believe they are special and deserve above and beyond.

  9. The football season is upon us. Signifies cooler weather as a positive. The negative? Whytf to I have to hear the same ole schtick from Brown Bear Berman? Back back back…..followed by stumblin, bumblin, he might go all the way…..and in his best John Facenda “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.” Like me Chris, it’s getting old.

  10. There has to be some type of thorn inside Greg Jennings for him to be talking about the Packers continuously. The wideout hasn’t stopped talking about his former team since he got signed by the Vikings.

  11. Chris

    Magnificent display by the Buccaneers last night. What was that meant to be ? A sign of things to come during the regular season ?

    Preseason or not this team doesn`t have what it will take to win the NFC South , much less gain a playoff berth. Especially not based on last night`s play and I don`t care whether or not it was the starters or third-stringers contributing .

    Greg Schiano is obviously delusional, by stating ` that the Bucs` team played with a great deal of passion` . Did he look up at the scoreboard at any point during the game and then notice the end result ?

    p> Schiano is a clown and a damn simpleton .

    tophatal …………

  12. Chris

    You were right . There would have been far more entertainment provided in watching the Biebs than attending the Ray J last night to watch the team (Buccaneers) in a sparsely attended venue for another game blacked out in the local area television market .

    Life must be grand for these oh so optimistic Tampa Bay Buccaneers` fans . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Dropped this piece .

    When good men fail to act or take action, then evil will always prevail ….


  13. Aer….

    I would think the life expectancy of those who frequent Pilot truck stop restaurants is far less than the rest of us who don’t.

    No wonder they whine a lot.

  14. Frank…

    Snake doesn’t swing by here anymore. He’s a friend of well over ten years but apparently I said something that pissed him off.

    I’m not quite sure what that was but we are currently living a Snake-free existence.

  15. Al…

    Kraft’s final words on the Welker departure were that they wanted to keep him but Welker wanted out. At least now we know why. Here’s hoping John Fox goes a little easier on him.

    And at this point, ARod can’t possibly be surprised that nobody believes him, can he?

  16. BS/CDR…

    I’m still not quite sure what Jennings’ point is, that his former team thought they were better than everyone else?

    Think about ridiculous that sounds.

  17. After the game last night, Al, I bet my buddy fifty bucks that the Bucs wouldn’t win eight games this season. The sum of their parts might not equal to as much as it should, at least not this year.

    I know we can’t tell much from opening night but I fear, in a competitive NFC, the Bucs won’t be very, well, competitive.

  18. Chris

    Robert Kraft is blowing smoke !

    He knows that he and the front office erred . If Brady gives up $9 million (cap money) ___ are you then trying to tell me that the Patriots could not find the additional $3 million it would have taken to retain the player ?

    Kraft`s family company must not be making those mega-millions at present or be in line analysts` expectations ?

    Now instead they acquire Danny Amendola as Welker`s replacement ?

    That is like asking Lindsay Lohan to be an understudy and then come in at the last minute for Meryl Streep in a Broadway bound play . It is not going to work at all .

    Robert Kraft is the very same idiot who made the statement that he and the Patriots `were conned` by Aaron Hernandez . Why do the fans have to put up with such bull#hit from the owners and players so much of the time ?

    It must take a bigger idiot than I thought for anyone to take Urban Myer at his word when it comes to heaping praise on an individual with a well-documented and troubled history .

    So you were part of that sparsely attended spectacle during which the Bucs put up that underwhelming performance ? Meanwhile, teenage girls were screaming and bawling their eyes out as Bieber performed . I wonder who on the evening got their monies` worth in terms of a better performance and in terms of entertainment value ? LOL ,LOL !!

    tophatal ………..

  19. Drew…

    You’ve been talking an awful lot about Whitlock these days. You’re not developing an unhealthy man crush, are you?

    I mean, because, there’s a lot of him to love.

  20. Bleed…

    Sound off like you got a pair.

    Speaking of Gunnery, I just watched Apocalypse Now again for the first time in years. Classic shit.

    Little known fact, Gunnery’s actually in that.

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