NFL athlete hazes/drops N-Bomb on voice mail, goes incognito. In other shocking news, racism and a misunderstanding of our differences still exists in America

Richie and JohnnyExcuse me while I whip this out…

I’m getting ϋber-tired of all this Richie Incognito talk.  Can we please just give it a rest… right after I’m done with my rant, of course?

I first heard about the voice mail bullying and racial epithet hurling that took place between Incognito and his Dolphin teammate Jonathan Martin last Sunday, right before the afternoon’s slate of games.  The talking heads employed by ESPN, as well as every other major network, were buzzing at the opportunity to tell us what allegedly happened between the two, which is interesting since none of them were around when it did.  An angry, threatening voice mail was all they had to go on.

Apparently, there was some vulgar language left on said voice mail.  Oh my!

Incognito, a rather intimidating 320 lb., six-foot-three, offensive lineman, and eight-year veteran was a little too mean, and obviously inappropriate (by normal standards) to second year teammate, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

Cue the violins.

In the whirlwind of conflicting reports that have surfaced over the past week, I’ve discovered that Richie Incognito is a former winner of the NFL’s “Good Guy Award”, an award which also graces Tim Tebow ‘s mantel.  I also read that Incognito has been considered by many in the NFL to be its dirtiest player.  Yet another report claimed that teammates have considered Incognito an “honorary black man,” whatever that means.  Another report labeled him a racist.

So which is it, people?

I guess it depends on whom you believe.  Hopefully, we all have the good judgment to decide that for ourselves.

Incognito jersesyFor the past several days, I’ve repeatedly reached for the mute button to stifle the incessant rattling of soapboxes that painted Incognito as a bigot, bully, and bastard, as if he’s the first white guy to ever call a black guy the N-word.

Earth to America!  That shit happens every day.

I don’t know what happened between Incognito and a teammate of his that may or may not have been able to take a little ribbing.  Like the fictional Dawson and Downey, Incognito now stands on trial with no Tom Cruise to defend him.  Who is it that ordered the code red?  Rest assured, the NFL will find out, or at least they’ll tell us they did.  Incognito’s may not be the only head that rolls when this all plays out.

Let it be clear, I would never condone bullying, racism, ignorance or hatred of any sort.  But I also understand that certain things go on within an NFL locker room, or workplace, and such happenings are none of our business, at least not to the extent that ESPN and every other media outlet would have us believe.  The Dolphins should have been able to squelch all this foolishness.  They are currently regretting not doing so.

Cue the upcoming Incognito-Martin, tearful, hug-it-out press conference in three… two… one.  A touching Hollywood screenplay and ESPN 30-for-30 episode will follow soon afterwards.

There’s plenty of blame to go around in this debacle, which include Incognito, Martin and our sensitivities.  Let us not forget those who never played the sport yet boldly proclaim hazing is bad, demeans character, and is detrimental to the game as a whole.  To them, I suggest they make sure their children’s helmets are strapped on tightly while they ride their bicycles around the neighborhood.  Hopefully those folks won’t complain when the NFL resorts to two-hand touch.

Incognito MartinThis entire Incognito-Martin episode shows us that, as a nation, we remain overly sensitive to race.  That may never change.

I don’t know Incognito.  I do know that he’s white.  I know that some black people like him and some black people don’t.  I also know that some white people like him and some white people don’t.  That’s the way of the world.

But before everyone with a microphone starts speaking their mind on what really happened between Incognito and Martin, they ought to keep things in perspective and not report this as if it’s something that’s never happened before.

In a few more days, this will all blow over, that is of course until the next time someone says something insensitive or inappropriate.  When that happens, hopefully we’ll take one giant step closer towards a greater understanding of our differences.  If not, at least I’ll have something else to write about.

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41 Replies to “NFL athlete hazes/drops N-Bomb on voice mail, goes incognito. In other shocking news, racism and a misunderstanding of our differences still exists in America”

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  2. What did Tyson tell that guy at the presser? “You wouldn’t last 10 seconds in my world, bitch!” People think they know, but they don’t. Just the latest collateral damage of the 24-hour news cycle. At least the Bucs may have a better shot at a W this week! Poker at Damion’s 2nite…

  3. Nice, Yaz. Tell the gang I said hey.

    You’re right about the Bucs-Fish matchup. Not only is this Dolphins team missing two key cogs to its offensive line, they’re a dysfunctional mess. Should be a good one and I’ll be there.

    As per usual, ESPN, and everyone else’s coverage of this story is entirely overblown.

  4. Mike Greenwell tried that nonsense with Moe Vaughn……….where did that get him? Here’s Keyshawn Johnson bit:

    In a radio interview on Wednesday, Johnson said Sapp used to bully Buccaneers defensive lineman Chidi Ahanotu. All three players were teammates in Tampa Bay in 2000.

    “Chidi Ahanotu played with me in Tampa Bay, and I used to watch Warren Sapp do some similar things to Chidi Ahanotu,” Johnson told KGMZ-FM in San Francisco, via ProFootballTalk. “Now I’m saying this on the record, and it’s going to go all over the country after I say this. I used to watch him try to bully Chidi Ahanotu, OK? Because he felt he was more superior than Chidi. So one day, you know what Ahanotu did? He got up and he told him, ‘Get your you-know-what in the middle of the floor right now. I’m tired of it.”

    Basically, Johnson is saying that Ahanotu ended the bullying by challenging Sapp to a fight.

    “At that point, guess what Sapp did? He sat down. And then everybody else in the locker room, me, the Derrick Brookses, the Brian Kellys, we all said, ‘Good for you, man,'” Johnson said. “[Sapp] didn’t want no part of it. Until you stand up for yourself and don’t allow these chumps to do that sort of stuff to you, they’ll keep doing it. That’s the way bullies are.” source cbssportsline.

  5. This whole thing is a huge fucking joke. Political correctness run amok in my opinion. As kids we were taught over and over that sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you.

    But in today’s knee-jerk reactionary world, especially in matters of race, this locker room business becomes a matter of national debate…It’s referred to as “bullying”..Like these two grown ass men are fucking kindergardeners.

    While bullying may indeed exist, the ever-so willing “victims” and those who would enable their cause are making Americans seem like spineless jellyfish who cry into their pillow at night because someone called them a name or hurt their widdow feewings.

    Personally, I think words are just that, words. The old sticks and stones addage is the best weapon against having to keep a box of Kleenex at the ready.

    I’m a freedom of speech guy. It’s the #1 item the founders put into the Bill of Rights for a reason. You say something stupid, you suffer the consequences. So be it.

    We may not always agree with what’s being said, but we should all as Americans defend till the death the right to say it…no matter how offensive it may be to some. It’s called taking the good with the bad and letting people express, or sometimes expose themselves, right or wrong.

    If the n-word is going to be off limits, then it should be off limits to all races…Americans of African decent included. If that word hadn’t been dropped then this wouldn’t be the issue it is. The double standard is ridiculous. Had the roles been reversed, would this even make the news? I highly doubt it.

    We can go over the history of this country, slavery and race injustices till we’re all blue in the face, but those of us alive now had nothing to do with any of that and most don’t condone any of it. It seems to me it’s used more as a tool by the race-baiters like Jesse, Al or any dumb ass white racist willing to exploit it for political or financial gain.

    It’s being used more as a divide and conquer technique under the guise of “embracing one’s heritage”. All the hyphenated titles put in front of the word American are destroying the fabric of what America is supposed to be…A melting pot.

    We should all simply refer to ourselves as Americans and grow a pair. Celebrate your heritage and culture all day long, but be American first and foremost.

    Enough of my rant…As usual I’ll try to find the humor in this…The term “Going Incognito” is going to take on a whole new meaning.

  6. Heritage and ancestry run deep. This country isn’t old enough to embrace it’s identity. How’s that? Ever watch the Olympics in a large public place in the states? Many European-Americans are rooting for their particular Euro team versus the US team/guy. Many African-Americans are rooting for their race versus a mixed US crew. Ah, don’t worry…….this will all change in a few centuries when we all start looking alike. Hello Utah.

  7. I have to agree with Bleed… Political correctness has run amok in this left leaning, touchy feely world we’ve devolved into… And another thing… If using the God-awful N-word is so bad, so hurtful, and on and on, then tell me why it’s all right for black people to use it on a regular basis?

    This whole process, the media jumping on any story and blowing it all out of proportion, has taken the edge off of the things going on around our country and around the rest of the world that really are important…

    We’re being desensitized while society is going to hell in a handbag…

  8. What the hell was Incognito thinking ? It is one thing aim his jibe at a teammate , but then to direct his verbiage at Jonathan Martin’s mother was simply reprehensible . Now in his first public interview since the suspension , Richie Incognito has sought to make himself out as the victim .

    Just what the NFL needs amongst its throng , another dumb idiot . The signs were already there , with Incognito , from his days in college and his continued imbecilic behavior. . Tony Dungy , as head coach of the Buccaneers wanted no part of the player when at the time of the NFL Draft , because of the report concerning character issues . .

    I see DeMarcus Cousins is back up to his old tricks ? Kings’ head coach Michael Malone will be in need of armed protection , if the two ever clash again.

  9. Chris

    Real sad news about Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett who was recently diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) with the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease now said to be emerging concerning his neurological symptoms .

    So did Oregon get booted or voted off the island last night ? I am trying to decide which would be the appropre` definition !

    Let’s do it by the numbers …………..

    tophatal ……………….

  10. Chicken soup for the soul , in terms of the NFL and the continued incompetency being shown by Goodell , the entire NFL hierarchy and union . Code of silence as mentioned by former Jets’ player Damien Woody. That’s it , tolerate racial epithets in the work place being thrown around like confetti . How much of a moron is that guy to begin with ? I guess that’s the reason he was hired by ESPN to provide his type of analysis ?

  11. For the record, I don’t condone Incognito’s actions in the least. He comes off as a major douchebag but that’s not illegal, nor is it uncommon. The world is full of “bullies”. Matter of fact, most people cash paychecks signed by bullies. Those intimidated by these types only encourage this type of behavior. People like Jonathan Martin need to stand up for themselves. Most “victims” could avoid this type of treatment by simply not tolerating it and taking a stand right off the bat.

    While bullying and/or using the n-bomb may not be right, it is reality and it will most likey never go away. Looking for “fairness” in the cold hard world we live in is an effort in futility. It is a harsh world. Period. Man up or get abused.

  12. Preach on, Bleed.

    I can’t help but agree with you on the bullying thing.

    Check out what Bets said about Ahanotu. Perhaps Martin should have just knocked him the fuck out.

    It’s not like he’s a small dude.

  13. Oregon, Al, wow! What happened to that vaulted offense?

    I bet you there were plenty of parties in Tallahassee and Columbus last night.

    And I wonder if Goodell has his moments where he regrets taking that job.

  14. No, Bleed.

    I think we all agree on that.

    But the media’s painting a picture of Incognito as the worst person ever when that might not actually be the case.

  15. Chris,

    Vaughn and Greenwell got into an altercation during batting practice. According to Greenwell, Vaughn wasn’t showing enough respect toward the veterans on the team. A good battle ensued that was eventually broken up. I believe Greenwell got the worst of the encounter. He was sporting a black eye for a couple of days.

  16. Chris

    Dolphins’ wide receiver Mike Wallace has come out and defended the player , but he is now trying to retract his original statement . You should hear ESPN analyst Damien Woody’s suggestion as to how the matter should have been dealt with . Clearly , he wasn’t hired by the network for his intelligence , humility or compassion . I wonder if someone had disparaged his mother with the use of a derogatory racial epithet , would he have acted similarly to Martin or sought to “throw down” with Richie Incognito ? .

    Let’s do it by the numbers

    Stanford has had Oregon’s number in recent seasons , so it came as no surprise to me in terms of this result .

    tophatal ……………

  17. Chris

    How can it not be any worse for Richie Incognito in terms of the language used ? I mean if someone disparaged a family member of yours, I doubt you would accommodating in terms of a response .

    Not too long ago you tried to asset that racial intolerance was somewhat on the decline and he we are discussing Richie Incognito . Have you also forgotten Riley Cooper’s idiotic antics ? Now Goodell and the union seem to be circling the wagons because of what they know will be a serious backlash and onslaught against the league . Thursday night when the Vikings and Redskins played , the NFL Network chose not to cover the protests of the 2.000 plus Native American Indians outside the Vikings’ venue not only protesting Richie Incognito’s behavior , but also the continued use of the name “Redskins” as defined in the franchise’s name . Your thoughts on that , if you’d care to divulge ?

    tophatal …………..

  18. Chris

    Just in case anyone out there the idiocy with Incognito stopped with the racial epithets directed towards Martin (who’s biracial) , consider the fact also that earlier on this year Richie Incognito was accused of sexually harassing a female patron at a charity golf tournament . Onlookers who witnessed the incident and called the police . Yet somehow , after the incident , no charges were filed even though the victim and her companions were deeply upset over the incident . Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland claims that the incident was dealt with , but there is nothing to suggest that the player was ever reprimanded , suspended or even find over the incident . Under the collective bargaining between the NFLPA and league such incidents also have to be on record with both the league and the union itself , but as was the case here , there is nothing on record with either authority . So make of it what you will .

    As a further tidbit , witness Incognito’s interview with Fox’s Jay Glazer and see how he w as lobbed ” soft balls” during that interview that would have made Oprah Winfrey proud after her interview with Lance Armstrong . Two things that currently really stink at present , the premise of the NFL caring about the misconduct of its players and the level of journalism or what is purported to be ” journalism” .

    Florida St thought it not appropriate to take a bite out of crime by committing one , in actually murdering Wake Forest ? And Alabama reminded the nation why they’re the one team in the country .

    So Tony Dorsett had plans to take his own life after having been diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) ?

    We tend to see what we want to see , and not what has actually taken place

    tophatal ……………

  19. Hmmm, Bets. Maybe I vaguely remember that although my favorite Greenwell line came when we all found out that Canseco was taking steroids. Greenwell had finished second in the MVP voting to him that year. I think it was late 80s.

    Once the news came out of drugging, Greenwell said that Canseco should hand over that MVP award to its rightful owner.

  20. Al…

    More and more is coming out about the story which just goes to show how reactionary everyone was when news of the voicemail and “Bullying” were first made public.

    Really? Bullying? Isn’t this the NFL we’re talking about here? The whole game is based on physically bullying your opponent!

    FSU would give Bama a game but I still have to go with the more experienced team were the two to play each other.

    And in reference to the language used between Incognito and Martin, all I’m saying is we don’t know the relationship that existed between the two, or in that locker room. I’m not condoning it but if that’s the way the two talked TOO EACH OTHER, then why is it that we’re hanging Incognito out to dry?

    Again, I’m not saying I condone it. I’m just saying I understand it. And the media coverage surrounding it all has been nauseating.

  21. Chris

    Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito were close enough, that on road games the two were said to be roommates and this is attributed to wide receiver Mike Wallace , who initially defended Incognito .

    I see also that Incognito is also use to letting his fingers and golf clubs do the walking and talking, when it comes to sexually harassing a female patron at a charity golf event ? How is that the Dolphins’ front office state that the matter was dealt with to their satisfaction, when the player was neither fined , suspended or even reprimanded ? According to CBA (collective bargaining agreement) between the league and players’ union , an incident such as that one reported , and where a player is or is not suspended or fined or reprimanded , detailed records still have to be lodged with the league and then the NFLPA , itself . In this instance of the sexual harassment of that female patron by Richie Incognito , the rules in question were not followed . So how do you think that will be explained by Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland ?

    When Incognito used his golf club to fondle that female , was he hoping to find something in her ” bush ” (rough) , . never mind fondling her breasts as well ?

    A ‘bama FSU championship game is doable , I believe it will not only come down to experience of the teams, but also the coaching acumen shown by both Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher .

    ‘bama vs FSU in head to head games ,

    Your thoughts about the sad news concerning Tony Dorsett and his being diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease ? After having been diagnosed, the Hall of Fame running back contemplated suicide , on several occasions , either by a self inflicted gunshot wound or driving headlong into a median on the highway .

    Are the Bucs capable of gaining their rst win of the season when they face the Dolphins on Monday night ?

    We tend to see what we want to see , and not what has actually taken place

    tophatal …………

  22. When you say ” language ” , since when was disparaging an alleged (teammate) friend’s mother in a ‘ sexually derogatory tone , meant to be a good thing ? I mean , even in jest, it’s still a despicable thing to do . So how the hell is anyone seeking to excuse that behavior and talk about of freedom of expression ?

    Is it me , but are the Falcons really that bad this season ? That team simply has no will to win , much less put up a fight . They were simply too embarrassing to watch in their loss (33-17) at home to the Seahawks .

    So the Jaguars get off the schneide beating the Titans for their first victory of the season ? Damn , and now we’re left with the Bucs (0-8) and their ongoing , embarrassing season . Can they pull off a victory tonight ?

  23. Hello Triple SC,
    Finally a W for both the Jags and Bucs…
    Woo hoo;) I was surprised how excited I got over this ONE win a piece. Hmmm…maybe the Jags and Bucs can go worst to first like “my” Red Sox did.
    And now College basketball starts full swing and this news makes me even a happier camper than I already am. I was actually counting down the days!
    Dee Dee

  24. Al…

    The Dolphins really need to squash this thing before the media runs with it any further. I joked in the piece but I really think the two still need to suck it up with a press conference, hugging it out and explaining what their relationship actually was like and how others might not understand it. If the Dolphins just cut Martin, he’ll run and cry foul. It’s only when he speaks out that we may know the real truth about what kind of guy he is.

    Sad news about Dorsett obviously but does it surprise you that anyone that played the game admits having such symptoms? It shouldn’t be news only when a star speaks.

    The Bucs looked good Monday night, or at least as good as they’ve looked all season and the stadium was friggin’ mobbed. They were getting whatever they wanted on the ground and their defense played like we thought they would be able to play. I’m interested in seeing how they finish out the season.

    If the Texans are cutting Reed, what does it tell you about how bad they are? They have to rank pretty high this year among the league’s leading disappointments.

    And I wasn’t sure if they were gonna give that award to Myers. Here’s hoping he comes back next year stronger and a lot more consistent.

  25. Dee Dee…

    Believe it or not, that stadium was as rowdy Monday night as I’d ever heard it before. I think it’s because they finally knew they had a shot at victory.

    Don’t get me wrong. There were plenty of Miami fans but all Bucs fans need is a reason to party and Monday night football games definitely give us that.

    I even think I remember most of the evening, he he.

  26. Good Morning Triple SC,
    Hee hee , Remember like tbe night of ALDS? Hmmm…that was a Monday night too;-)

    I’ve never been to a Bucs game 🙁 but you are right, the crowd was in it on Monday and, from what I could tell, at full capacity. Jags crowd is so sad.

    I was surprised about Francona beating out Red Sox Farrell to win AL Manager of the year, but I was still very happy about it. During one of my games at Fenway Park last year, they recognized the 2004 WS Champs and when they announced Francona was there with the team, the crowd went loud and crazy. Of course, I was already there at that degree, ha ha ha, so I did what any other baseball freak wearing a SC shirt at Fenway Park would do….I took it up many more notches! LOL My friend that you met at the ALDS went with me…but I went to the front row by visitors dugout for that presentation while she stayed in our seats in row 3.
    Have an awesome day-

  27. Mornin’, D.

    Never been a Bucs game?

    Let me tell you something. I’ve been to plenty and very few had the atmosphere of the other night, which is amazing considering how bad that team has been playing. Perhaps Bucs fans heard me call them out a few months back.

    I agree with you on the Farrell-Francona vote. I’m guessing they gave it to Francona because he had a lot less to work with?

    All I know is that last year they should have given Valentine WORST Manager of the Year.

  28. Chris

    Your average high school team would look good against a Dolphins’ team that barely gained any yardage in terms of rush offense throughout the entire game .

    As to the Dolphins seeking to quash this idiocy , when you have the team owner , Stephen Ross stating that ” he’s reaching out “ to Jonathan Martin to see how he feels what the hell does that tell you ? Someone disparages your mother with racially derogatory and sexual epithets , how is that person likely to feel ? Are there that many anal retentive individuals about ?

    No one seems overly concerned , that Incognito’s comments beyond being dumb , it simply reflects an attitude that should not be be seen in any type of work place . But then again when you have @##$holes such as Terry Jones and Fred Phelps perpetrating and espousing their garbage with no one taking umbrage at that , then what should we expect ?

    tophatal ………………..

  29. Chris

    How bad does a team have to be to not gain any positive yardage in an entire game as was the case with the Dolphins ? Note, not one Dolphins’ player gained double-digit yards in terms of rushing for a first down .

    As to Tony Dorsett’s health issues and the fact that he has made several attempts at committing suicide , one can well understand what the likes of Junior Seau and Dave Duerson were feeling at the time of taking their own lives . Yet this crap , from Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director Maurice Smith that the $1 billion settlement will be used to aid the retired veteran NFL players and in the further-rance of medical research is simply garbage . The money from the settlement agreed to , is a pittance when measured against the league’s annual revenues and the fact that it will be paid over several years , only adds insult to injury . The 4300 plaintiffs were duped into accepting a settlement, that it is not even worth the paper it’s written on . The judge presiding over the case must have fell asleep during the agreement being reached between the two parties (defendants -league and union — retired players ) .

    There is a distinct comparison in how these players are being repeatedly being mistreated by the NFL and how the government in conjunction with v the VA continually mistreats military veterans in the denial of their benefits by using bureaucracy and incompetence as one of the numerous tools at their disposal . Shame on them both the NFL and VA .

    tophatal ……….

  30. Al…

    The whole ordeal has gone on way too long. Like I said from the beginning, the Dolphins need to host a brief Incognito-Martin press conference to let everyone know that they’re sorry and getting along just fine, that it was all a misunderstanding. That’s the only way the Fish are going to be able to move on from this.

    Dorsett’s one of the game’s biggest stars but again it shouldn’t take that to get more attention paid to the travesty that’s gone on.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In 25 years from now, the National Football League is going to look at lot different than it does now, if it even exists at all.

  31. Oh yes, Valentine surely gets WORST manager of 2012. I still have the “Fire Bobby V” sticker that I got in Boston hanging on my “sports wall” at work. Lol…someone called my office a sports bar because of all the decorations. It’s awesome.

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