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As a highly successful sports website (in my own mind, at least), I am frequently bombarded with offers from advertisers, contributors, hyper-linkers, book distributors and a wide range of others wanting to promote their product in this construct we call cyberspace.

I also receive a fair amount of suggestions from infographic designers, most of which I enjoy because they’re low maintenance, easy to digest and pretty to look at.  Some of them can even be quite useful, or dare I say, infographical.

I’ve received a slew of these over the holidays, some informative, some not so much.  I’ll let you be the judge.

So instead of doling out an individual post for each of them, and I apologize to those who sent them in for grouping you all together, I’ve decided to include them into one, all-encompassing post.

Below you will find various submitted infographics about boxing, baseball, football, cycling and blackjack.  You, the reader, should tell me which you think is best.  And don’t worry.  You won’t hurt their feelings.  They’re not reading…. or are they?

Scandal in the Tour de France
Scandal in the Tour de France brought to you by

Blackjack Terminology & Hand Signals By Casino UK

The Golden Glove
Source: Sports Management Degree Hub

College Football Equipment Infographic
Courtesy of: SpareFoot

Boxing, Money, and Health: The Floyd Mayweather Case Study
Source: Sports Management Degree Hub



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25 Replies to “Infographics R Us”

  1. Al…

    I get a fair amount of these sent to me. Do you?

    And what about the welterweight fighter who’s undefeated and ranked sixth from Clearwater. What’s his name?

    It’ll be interesting to see how next year’s college football playoff works out. Which four teams would you have selected to participate this year?

  2. I guess these companies/people want you to use their information in your postings. Do you have to pay them for the use? If not, and I suppose they’re doing this to make money, how do they do that? Enlighten me…

  3. Aww…too bad the blackjack graphic’s not showing up for me. Liked that BCS history…not so much for the one that ranks da G8rs in spending. Looks like the Yankees may have gotten a better bang per buck this year than we did. 🙁

  4. Love the new website! Who’s your new graphic designer? So colorful, action packed and free-spirited! Truly a sign of greater things to come!

  5. Chris

    A fighter from Clearwater , Florida ranked sixth in the welterweight rankings ? Surely that’s a joke ?

    Next season’s national title game will actually be decided by members of the NSA , CIA and the NIA . Because this needs to done all above board .

    Have you got any spare change lying around ? I thought you and I, can go in with Joe Lacob and his $600 million bid </vb for the Oakland A's ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!! Lacob , owner of the Golden St Warriors and Peter Guber , who’s also a part owner of the Dodgers are intent on making an unsolicited bid for the franchise.

    I know that you’re busy and haven’t caught up on your reading . But two tidbits that may well interest you.

    A few good men at the right price, its baseball

    Hype will be the death of sports and then some ….

    tophatal …………

  6. Yaz…

    Are you looking at it from your phone? Let me know if you continue to have problems. I’ll check on my end as well.

    The blackjack one is pretty to look at but pretty sure it’s not teaching you anything you didn’t already know.

  7. Chris

    Left you a comment concerning Jeter’s pad or should I say , his place for ‘laying the wood’ ?

    So can you spare $50 k to go in on that $600 million bid for the A’s ?

    Keith Thurman (22-0) ? Well his record looks solid , but the question is , can his chin take a punch ?

    His ( Thurman’s) stats have been padded more than the breast augmentation jobs done on Pamela Anderson , Lindsay Lohan , Carmen Electra , Scarlett Johansson and Tila Tequila .

  8. Not sure when his next fight is, Al. I think he just had one but hey, it’s no surprise that a boxing fan is grasping at straws to see something exciting.

    I can’t believe how bad the East is. Sure the Rose injury makes one less team competing for the title but goodness, do you mean to tell me that Detroit, Boston, New York, Brooklyn, Atlanta and the like can’t field even a slightly competitive team?

  9. Seems like we’re on the same boat when it comes to these and we’ve in the past posted some on our FB pages as well. Like the boxing/Mayweather infographic the best. Good data.

  10. Chris

    In the East in particular , where we’re told the emphasis has always been on defense , even there , the teams are bad . The Heat are a poor rebounding team on both ends of the floor in comparison to their conference rivals as well as the rest of the NBA.

    Thurman will probably be lined to fight Marcos Maidana and possibly seek to unify the welterweight division .

    The Celtics issues I can understand , because they have a new coach in Brad Stevens and a revamped team built around Rajon Rondo in comparison to last season’s lineup .

    By comparison the other teams mentioned simply look at their records over the past five seasons within the conference , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 and 2008 . What does that indicate to you as a whole, without taking into account postseason appearances ?

    Now the Lakers are in even deeper trouble with Kobe Bryant now out for as many as six weeks , due to a fractured knee . Their season is over , and their fans , as naive as they are , remain convinced at the start of the season , the team was good enough to make the playoffs . Based on what , might I ask ?

    tophatal ……….

  11. Chris

    This weekend in the NFL , what is there really to look forward to ? The Bucs have been pretty much inconsistent and were never legitimate contenders within the NFC South .

    Schiano has escaped being fired by the skin of his teeth . The division itself , has become a two-horse race between the Panthers and Saints .

    Perhaps the best game on this weekend’s schedule might be between Panthers and Saints .

    Also looking to see of Peyton Manning and the Broncos can carry on with their record breaking season .

    As avid a fan, as I am of the Patriots , Belichick from week to week finds a way to annoy me even more ! Dumb coaching mistakes , and his post-game interview quips are just as annoying because he doesn’t hold the players or himself accountable .

    On Sunday , Brady and the team can make up for that disastrous display in the AFC championship game of last season .

  12. Chris

    You stated that you believe Kobe to be a smart guy ? Are you simply stating that concerning his basketball IQ or the facade he creates as an individual off the court ? I mean , he may well dole out monies with his philanthropic efforts , but not once in his entire career have you ever heard him address any situation as it concerns a social issue . At least Jim Brown has actually walked the walk , rather than sitting on the sidelines like a mute !

    tophatal …………

  13. We discussed this last year, Al, the Heat are a poor rebounding team. This year, they actually rank last in the league.


    They also rank first in the league in field goal percentage by a wide margin. You have to miss shots to get rebounds.

    Even with a healthy Kobe, Al, were the Lakers good enough to make the playoffs?

    We kind of knew a few weeks ago how the NFL playoffs were going to shape up, man. There’s not much mystery left in the NFC except for perhaps seeding but I’m interested in finding out who’s gonna get that last playoff spot in the AFC.

    Re: Kobe vs Brown, nobody could possibly compare their efforts in the realm of social awareness over the years. I’m just saying Kobe is a shrewd guy. He’s educated and well-traveled. By no means is he your average, run of the mill grunt athlete.

  14. Chris

    Yeah , field goal percentage is all and well good, but on an off night that team can look abysmal , as we’ve seen in several of their losses this season .

    We all knew the Lakers weren’t a good enough team to make the playoffs , but you should note that Bryant was miffed that most analysts picked them to finish no better than twelfth in the conference . As things stand , those prognostications were not that far off the mark.

    Lakers’ payroll and their free agents for 2014

  15. Al…

    The Heat were one of the worst rebounding teams in the league last year and they ended up with the title.

    Look, I’m a big fan of a team that can crash the boards. I’ll also admit that a team with a size advantage over Miami, like Indiana, poses a potential problem.

    But I still need to see them beat them in that fashion to be fully convinced.

    Re: Kobe, he gets miffed about a lot of things. Didn’t some sports website rank him around the 25th best player? Well, kid needs to suit up these days to be even that.

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