Why SEC fans and New Orleans simply don’t mix: A video ensemble

Tide PrideOh, to be the proud child of the football fan below.  Mommy, how was your trip to New Orleans and why do you have handcuff marks around your wrists?

If it weren’t bad enough that Oklahoma had just shocked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, followed by Sooner coach Bob Stoops publicly berating SEC teams as beatable if not overrated (God forbid!), thanks to some lucky fan with a cellphone charge, we caught a true glimpse of the liquored-up potential of the female college football fan.

What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans, unless of course you come home with a criminal record.

Prepare yourselves for the video below.  I challenge you to watch it only once.

This poor woman, who at first glance appears normal except for the exuberance with which she cheers for her football team, and the fact that she was wearing a scarf inside a dome, apparently couldn’t handle the ribbing she was getting from the Oklahoma section in front of her.

She had had enough.  Watch below as this SEC soccer mom lets Sooner fan have a piece of her mind.  And boot.

Crazy, huh?

I’ve actually met Sooner fans before.  When Florida played Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS title game, some buddies and I rolled down to South Beach for the festivities.  Even in loss, Oklahoma fans were among the most cordial you’ll ever meet.  Apparently the same cannot be said for Alabama fans who may have gotten a little too big for their britches after back-to-back national championships.  So much for winning with dignity.

UGA fansLook, every fan base has its jerkoffs.  You can’t generalize.  That’d be like saying all Asians are bad drivers or all Georgia fans live in trailer parks.  That’s just wrong.  For the most part.

But a few years ago, once again in New Orleans, this time after a victory, an Alabama fan had his way with a drunken, passed out LSU fan right in the middle of a Bourbon Street Krystal Burger.  If you’ve never before heard of tea-bagging, you have now.  We here at SportsChump like to consider this an educational website.  I’m only here to help.

In the end, we sports fans can get a little carried away.  Bourbon plays a big part in that.  So as this football season winds to a close, I’m here to remind you all the importance of sportsmanship and drinking in moderation.  Shake someone’s hand after a game well-played.  Don’t resort to kicking them in the head or dropping your ball sack on their chin.  And if you do, please make sure there’s a video camera around.

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12 Replies to “Why SEC fans and New Orleans simply don’t mix: A video ensemble”

  1. Thank you, man! Y’all enjoy yourselves but stay out of central lock up. You won’t have a good time…

  2. Jefe…


    When you finally become Mayor of New Orleans, I expect a full pardon for my improprieties.

    And don’t give me the whole you can’t run because of the skeletons in your closet excuse. Pretty sure they overlook that sort of thing in that grand old city of yours.

  3. Putting the foot back in football, SEC-style. Heck, she’s got better form than some of the college kickers I have seen in recent years. Always fascinates me how you can spend millions on facilities and coaches and big-time schools still often can’t find kickers. Maybe she has eligibility left?

  4. First of all I wouldn’t say that the Oklahoma win was a shock. You could tell bama didn’t even wanna be there and they played like it. Second really blackass do you expect anyone from Alabama to have any class??? That’s all they have in there backwood ass podunk “state”

  5. Burnsy…

    As I recall, Bowden was the first to make a splash recruiting a high-profile kicker, the drunken Pole.

    Of course that was because Poppa Bowden had lost consecutive games to Miami years before because of missed last second kicks.

    After watching the NFL playoffs this weekend, there appear to be a fair amount of good kickers in the NFL.

    Maybe one of them that doesn’t can sign psycho mom.

  6. Suvash…

    Way to win friends and influence people.

    You should know I plan on having a number of readers from Alabama visit the site. That is as soon as the entire state gets internet access.

  7. Chris

    With the game tonight , it could end up being the first time in several years where the SEC’s dominance in the BCS national championship contest comes seriously under threat .

    There have been some surprising results during this College postseason with the biggest shock I believe was UCF’s annihilation of Baylor . As good as the Knights have been for much of the season , the result against the Baylor Bears wasn’t the one I expected !

    tophatal ………

  8. Oh, it’s definitely under threat, Al. The ‘Noles are a double digit favorite. But that’s why they play the games.

    When it’s all said and done, I’m not sure UCF squeezes into the Top Ten but they might.

    I’d go with Aub/FSU winner, then Michigan State, Missouri, Louisville, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma and what the heck, throw UCF in there, although you know they’re not gonna get the nod over Bama, Stanford or Ohio State, which is a shame considering they lost only one game.

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