RGIII wears a funny shirt, Philip Rivers wears a bolo: A poorly planned, inappropriately clad NFL caption contest

Dwyane Wade outfitProfessional athletes do the strangest things.  They also wear the strangest things.

Remember during last year’s NBA playoffs when one of the networks interviewed Dwyane Wade’s fashion consultant?  She went on to tell us that her job was to plan the all-star’s pre- and post-game outfits for each of Miami’s post-season games.  We scoffed at the idea, like we all couldn’t use a fashion consultant and an iron every time we leave the house.

Well, apparently Robert Griffin III and Philip Rivers could use one as well.  They both make enough money at their day jobs but since neither was blessed with any sort of fashion sense, perhaps a outfitting consultant is the next best thing.  That way we can avoid these sort of embarrassing caption contests in the future.

Seen below we have the sad, sad tale of two NFL quarterbacks.

Second year Redskins quarterback RGIII is captured below wearing a Santana-like shirt of many colors for all to see.  Oye com va!  Here’s hoping he only wore it once–if there were odds on a site like SportsBettingOnline.ag, I can only hope they’d be in favor of it never being seen in public again.  And after Sunday’s road playoff victory, a giddy Philip Rivers rocked this sparkly rhinestone bolo, complete with blazer and plaid shirt.  I think I saw both these outfits on my latest trip to Goodwill.

My dearest properly dressed readers, your task should you choose to accept it, is to leave two entries in the comments section below, one for each photo.  One combined caption could win this thing if it’s good enough.  He (or she) with the most creative entry shall receive a SportsChump t-shirt which, as any fashion consultant would tell you, is acceptable to wear in any social setting.



Philip Rivers bolo

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25 Replies to “RGIII wears a funny shirt, Philip Rivers wears a bolo: A poorly planned, inappropriately clad NFL caption contest”

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  2. The statement is: Real men aren’t afraid to wear pink…

    RGIII has turned into a real “look at me” dude and I guess Snyder identifies with that…

    Yo Bolo! Denver better fear the Bolo!

  3. Fear the bolo, I like it.

    And let me go ahead and get this one out of the way before someone else uses it.

    “Boy, you buy a shirt like that, I bet ya’ get a bowl of soup with it. Looks good on you though.”

  4. Chris

    Shouldn’t Wade consider getting an endorsement from prophylactic maker Trojan Condoms , having just fathered another child , while allegedly on a break from actress Gabrielle Union ? Wade’s “swimmers ” have done more damage this season than his game on the court for the Heat .

    RGIII’s dashiki looks good and it can also continue to hide his embarrassment . If the rumors are to be believed with his telling teammates , he can engineer the direction of the franchise . Clearly something went amiss this season with their record in the NFC East .

    If and when Rodman returns from North Korea , perhaps Bazza (Obama) can send him off to Colombia and make him a special envoy to the Medelin Drug cartel ?

  5. If Wade’s knocking girls up, Al, then I’m not sure any condom maker would sign him. Just goes to show their product doesn’t work.

    The Redskins appear to have a fair amount of internal squabbling going on. Why do I have the feeling that this is all going to end badly?

    If Rodman goes down to Medellin, I’m not too sure he’d want to come back.

  6. Al…

    He’s gonna need more than just a lucky bolo.

    I know the Chargers just beat the Broncos in Denver but this time around should be a little different.

    The Broncos are 10 point favorites on Sunday. I’d be inclined to lay ’em.

  7. The Chargers are good and I am surprised that three teams actually made it out of the AFC West and into the postseason !

    Your thoughts on the link provided and Goodell wanting to stage a Superbowl in London ? That will not sit well with the fans here in the US .

    That would be akin the English FA (soccer federation) wanting to stage the FA Cup in Washington , DC or New York City . Pis#ing off the English soccer fans and bringing about a damn riot . Imagine David Stern suggesting that an NBA Final series being played in Hong Kong or Beijing , China ? Or Bud Selig suggesting that a World Series should be played in Brisbane , Australia ?

  8. Super Bowl in London, Al?

    That’s as ludicrous as Louisville interviewing Bobby Petrino to give him his old head coaching job back. Didn’t he crash his motorcycle riding the woman he was having an affair with, who also happened to work for the program?

    What’s Goodell’s obsession with London anyway? If he likes it so much, why doesn’t he just move there? I’m pretty sure not too many of us would have a problem with that.

  9. RGIII: Whatchutalkinbout man, All the ho’s in DC drool for these threads, it’s all about the coin and the trim

    Rivers: Whatchutalkinbout man, when Jerry Jones sees my bolo my Cowboy stock replacing Romo will shoot through the roof. It’s all about the coin and the trim.

  10. RGIII: And you thought the name Redskins was offensive??

    Rivers: You can take the boy out of Alabama – but you can’t take the Alabama out of the boy.

  11. Note to DWade; you don’t pay your personal shopper enough to like you; Yes it’s true that REAL men CAN wear bright pink pants, so long as you don’t accessorize by using a yellow bandanna as a bracelet around the right wrist.

    Of course as a world traveler Chumpy would already know that the pink pants worn with yellow right handed bandanna bracelet always means “catches dry”.

    Sorted of suspected that of DWade…

  12. “Subway never said the Janu-any Promo meant wearing anything like this. Jared’s demographic 180 degrees my ass. Shoulda seen this coming.”

    “When the folks at CBS asked me to do this guest spot on Big Bang Theory their folks in wardrobe had plenty to choose from.”

  13. Chris,

    These guys are fashion trenders that will never hit the cover of GQ.

    Speaking of RG3, I think he’s damaged goods with mechanical flaws. I can hear the rumblings now from RFK. Dan Snyder mighta sevened-out again.

  14. Bets…

    Trading up to get a bust of a quarterback in the first round is never a good idea. Josh Freeman anyone?

    Unfortunately for Redskins fans, Snyder can’t fire himself.

    I’m not gonna close the book on RGIII entirely but it’s certainly starting to look like you’re right.

    Heck, maybe Snyder will just draft Johnny Manziel and seal the deal.

    It’s his party and he can screw it up if he wants to.

  15. Chris

    These guys (NBA players mentioned) are about as worthy of GQ as fashion trendsetters as Rosie O’Donnell could be considered being a worthy catwalk model, alongside the likes of Gisele Bundchen , Selita Ebanks or Alessandra Ambrosio . (Victoria’s Secret Models[lingerie])

    Petrino going back to Louisville ? Isn’t that like heading back to be with an ex , merely to ” get some for old time’s sake ?

    I am not so sure if this can be believed , but apparently , RGIII told teammates that he could engineer changes that would make the future of the Redskins considerably better . Well, if it meant the dismissal of Mike Shanahan and his son , Kyle (offensive coordinator) , then he was right on track . Unfortunately , the guarantees had absolutely nothing to do with the team’s on-field performances this past season .

    tophatal ……………

  16. Al…

    I’m all for second chances but I can’t believe Louisville is bringing back Petrino. I know his problems escalated at Arkansas but you have to figure he was no saint when he was there either, right?

    I think he’s the focus on Outside the Lines this afternoon. You can bet I’ll be tuning in.

    And re: the Redskins, Al, I’m not sure what the hell to believe anymore. It’s Jay Gruden’s problem now.

  17. RGIII’s costume looks like he borrowed it from someone on WWE. As for Rivers’ Bolo, kind of like the idea. Everyone in San Diego is rallying around it, which is kind of awesome.

  18. Petrino heading back to an old stomping ground could prove to be either a blessing or major mistake .

    Jay Gruden , may well seek to hire Jon to come to his aid , so that they in conjunction with Bruce Allen can further ruin the Redskins’ organization worse than it already just happens to be . This hire I don’t believe was Allen’s decision , but team owner , Dan Snyder’s .

    Responded to your comment on my most recent piece . Let me know what your thoughts are on that .

    <a href= I yield to no man !

    tophatal ……………

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