As the World Tweets: Your AFC/NFC Championship Edition

On a glorious Sunday afternoon, NFL fans were treated to two captivating football games that, when it was all said and done, totally lived up to their billing.

NFL: Super Bowl XLVII-Coach Jim & John Harbaugh-Press ConferenceTwitter was abuzz as Tom Brady faced off against his arch-rival Peyton Manning followed by two future faces of the league, Colin Kaepernick and his 49ers squaring off against Russell Wilson’s Seahawks. 

It was a day that featured two of the greatest quarterbacks ever, some questionable officiating, some even more questionable announcing, a gruesome injury and one rather startling post-game interview.

When the dust settled, the Broncos and Seahawks emerged victorious, giving us a Super Bowl that will pit the league’s most prolific offense against its stingiest defense, but not before Tweeters everywhere provided their takes on the afternoon that was.


Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

The Broncos should be able to control LaGarrette Blount today, because if anyone knows how to hit a Blount, its someone in Denver.

Allen Kenney ‏@BlatantHomerism

I’m relishing the fact that this is the last i’ll hear of Phil Simms for about 8 months

Harvey Araton ‏@HarveyAraton

Can we get a comment from Giselle on that Brady overthrow?

Evil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

It really is impressive that Phil Simms can talk with Brady’s penis in his mouth

Phil Simms CBSSpencer Hall ‏@edsbs

My card scores this round as 10-3 in favor of Phil Simms vs. Coherence.

sir broosk ‏@celebrityhottub

Phil Simms takes 10 words to say what could be explained in zero.

Vico ‏@ourhonordefend

It’s hard to listen to Phil Simms and think how he’s a 2x Super Bowl champion QB, but easy to think how his sons could suck at football.

Jeff Pantridge ‏@PantsRadio987

I yell “Omaha” at work all the time. I also might have Tourette’s.

Sean Gentille ‏@seangentille

“Omaha” was the name of his sled.

Bruce Arthur ‏@bruce_arthur

We are a nation of archaeologists, translating the spoken runes of Peyton Manning.

TomBradyStruggleEvil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

Brady’s watching this game how he pees…sitting down

CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

Belichick half time speech: “(mumble, mumble, mumble) Gronk’s not twerking through that door (mumble, mumble)”

CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

Peyton is not saying “Marshall” he’s saying “Marsha” as a way to troll Brady.

Evil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

I guess the Patriots’ video camera wasn’t working this week

Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

“I feel really bad for Tom Brady” – Nobody

Peyton’s Head ‏@PeytonsHead

The Patriots D and Chick-Fil-A’s phone have something in common today. No answers.

Jeff Pantridge ‏@PantsRadio987

Get ready for 2 weeks of Omaha-talk heading into the #SuperBowl.

BeYNWwwCYAAA2FIChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

If you think Brady’s pissed now, wait til he finds out Giselle went home with Jon Bon Jovi.

The Fake ESPN ‏@TheFakeESPN

Papa Johns introduces new pizza in honor of Tom Brady, features toppings only on one half and is called the “Incomplete.”

Logan Booker ‏@LoganBooker_BI

Meanwhile, Aaron Hernandez just won a box of juice in a close game of Tonk.

Kevin Negandhi ‏@KNegandhiESPN

Dre gets a TV shoutout before a NFC Title game while Ice Cube has a mainstream movie currently in theaters. You’ve come a long way NWA.

Spencer Hall ‏@edsbs

Pete Carroll, staring longingly at Ann Wilson, remembering their affair in the 70s that inspired “Dog and Butterfly”

Sean Pendergast ‏@SeanCablinasian

Ann Wilson approves of my nachos.

Jeff Pantridge ‏@PantsRadio987

“Where can I get one of those sausage-pillows???” -Ann Wilson

Patrick Vint ‏@HS_BHGP

Wilson fumbles the first play from scrimmage. Big Ten postseason problems never end.

seattle 12th manJeff Johnson ‏@fittedsweats

I wish someone would do a story on these Seattle fans. (One that describes their intensity and loudness).

BurritoBrosShits ‏@BurritoBrosShit

Who gives a shit about the 12th Man if Men 1 through 11 can’t play?

Remsterdam ‏@RemickBenice

The battle of struggling Mulatto QB Championship game is not living up to its hype. #YallMakingDrakeLookBadOutHere

Brady Phelps ‏@LobShots

Coors Light: Our beer is so bad, our biggest selling point is that it’s really cold.

Clint Peterson ‏@Clintonite33

A Wilson hasn’t been under this much pressure since Tom Hanks sailed off that island with only a half dozen coconuts.

pwnteam ‏@pwnteam

The Beats ad is the closest anybody in a Seahawks jersey has been to Colin Kaepernick.

Arnold ping pongPeyton’s Head ‏@PeytonsHead

The 49ers deserve to lose this game just because Ahnold used to be the governor of their state. #BudLight

ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

The Bud Light Ping Pong Federation obviously doesn’t believe in drug-testing

CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

Jim Harbaugh half time speech: “Yes I’ve seen Falling Down. Why do you ask?”

Cork Gaines ‏@CorkGaines

I need to know the origin of the surname “Crabtree.” These are the things that keep me up at night.

Adam Jacobi ‏@Adam_Jacobi

It’s not a postseason until Marshawn Lynch incinerates an entire defense.

Remsterdam ‏@RemickBenice

InjuryReport- Pam Oliver has been taken to the locker room and is being worked on by a Nigerian & Dominican lace front specialists

Bruce Arthur ‏@bruce_arthur

One day an archaeologist with a hat will discover the ruins of our civilization, and the NFL rulebook will be the last thing he understands

Harbaugh yellsSteve Braband ‏@stevebraband

Jim Harbaugh would have been an awesome Real World roommate.

Evil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

I wonder if Harbaugh tells his wife he’s hungry or if he just flails around and yells until he gets food

Ryan Burns ‏@FtblSickness

I love this game. I love this game. I love this game. I love this game. I love this game. I love this game. I love this game. #NFL

SmokeyCloud ‏@SmokeyCloud

Pete Carroll thanks Ron Rivera for the confidence to go for it on 4th and 7.

BurritoBrosShits ‏@BurritoBrosShit

Pete Carroll is what people think they’ll look like after a juice cleanse.

Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports

Jim Harbaugh thinks The Great Santini is about a dad who’s too soft with his kids.

Goodell refereeEvil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

“After review, possession of a football doesn’t count if your knee is ripped apart during the play, 4th down Seattle”

Ethan Booker ‏@Ethan_Booker

“Well little boy, I’m sorry that your father was shot dead. Maybe we’ll make gun control reviewable next year.” –President Roger Goodell

Jason Benetti ‏@jasonbenetti

If Waterworld wasn’t reviewable, Kevin Costner’s career would be in significantly better shape.

Mike Dunleavy ‏@notmikedunleavy

Note to other states: If you want your NFL team in the Super Bowl, legalize pot.

Myles Brown ‏@mdotbrown

Erin Andrews just took out a restraining order on Richard Sherman.

Not Ryan ‏@LeathermanRyan

The only thing bigger than Richard Sherman’s ego is Wes Welker’s helmet

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15 Replies to “As the World Tweets: Your AFC/NFC Championship Edition”

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  2. No truth to the rumor that Superbowl LI is to be held in Siberia , even though Roger Goodell believes a Superbowl in London would be a great idea . Is he really serious ?

    Kellen Winslow’s Jr’s $75,000 Escalade will be put up for auction by Sotheby’s , but the GPS unit will be sent to the Smithsonian . for prosperity.

    Wil Smith’s production company Overbrook Productions would like to cast Kellen Winslow in the sequel to The Karate Kid (II). The movie will star Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan and Winslow will have pivotal role and scene in the movie . He will be seen whacking on and whacking off as Jaden Smith’s character Dre Parker will be seen learning the Shotei Ose (Palm Press) .

    Having made ” After Earth ” , why would anyone believe that Jaden Smith can act ? Isn’t it bad enough that he’s knockin’ boots with a de-facto Kardashian by dating one of Bruce Jenner’s youngest daughters ?

    Michael Crabtree says he doesn’t know why Seahawks’ CB Richard Sherman hates him so much . Crabtree shouldn’t worry , as the corner-back goes off on anyone he takes a disliking to ( Darrelle Revis , Aqib Talib and just about every other CB in the NFL that he believe he is better than) .

  3. Very funny Chumpy…especially the Erin Andrews restraining order… too funny…

    And the Richard Sherman flaming ego will no doubt inspire future generations of low class taunting thugs

    but the most insightful is the Mike Dunleavy comment… we remain in awe of the brilliance you deliver each day…

  4. Say what they will about the weather, Al, it’s still (technically) New York. I’m sure they’ll put on a Super Bowl Week (or two) that will be unlike any other.

    I’m hoping they take Winslow’s Escalade for a wash before they do anything with it.

    And for the whole Sherman/Crabtree fiasco, well, let’s just say I’m pretty sure those two won’t be hanging out any time soon.

    As far as the Super Bowl goes, I’m pretty sure Denver’s offensive coordinator, aka Peyton Manning, will come up with a game plan that will give them a pretty good chance to win that game.

    I just hope the rest of the Broncos are ready to get hit… and hit hard.

  5. Tree…

    Twitter gave gifts aplenty yesterday as I just remained on my couch, in solitary confinement (by choice), watching what these four teams had to offer.

    Great games, great action.

    It was a very good day.

  6. Chris

    This Superbowl is likely to be played at a frenetic pace, given how potent the Broncos and Seahawks’ have been during the regular and postseason .

    KW’s Escalade may well become an artist’s creative source for producing something truly inspiring . Yet I can tell you this, a lot of comedians will make Winslow a really good source of their act . Just watch guys like Katt Williams , Kevin Hart , Paul Mooney and Mike Epps go to work on his @ss .

    So Mike Woodson believes that ‘melo will remain in New York . His press interview with ESPN and others was far from convincing on the matter . Carmelo Anthony can opt out of his contract , but the most he can earn is not more than a five-year $96 million deal . Whereas remaining with the Knicks he can get $126 million over six years . It doesn’t seem worthwhile remaining in New York if the front office seems reluctant at present to bolster the roster to complement their All Star’s skill-set .

    Based on the evidence I saw in Monday’s game between Knicks and Nets . No amount of personnel changes can make that team any better . Paul Pierce and his teammates laid down a can of whup @ss on the Knicks at the Garden . It was simply damn embarrassing to watch that Woodson coached team . Are there , actually any fans of the Knicks team willing to justify their allegiance to that organization at present ?

    If money is not the issue, then what seems to be the problem ?

    tophatal ………..

  7. Chris

    The players of Villanova basketball would like to send their sincerest apologies to viewers and fans alike for their performance against Creighton (Blue Jays) . That being said ….. here’s to Omaha and another $25k going to the /b> Peyton’ Manning’s charity .

    Creighton’s Ethan Wragge dropped nine three’s in the game and the Blue Jays made and hit twenty-one of their 35 attempts made from beyond the arc .

    The Heat are having a tough time of it as of late as they’re 5-5 in their last ten games ? D Wade’s baggage or the very fact that the team just isn’t as good as last season’s roster overall ?

    tophatal …………

  8. What a weekend of NFL football. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl… The league never seems to disappoint at this point of the year.

    BTW. Emailed you. Let me know.


  9. I’m not so sure about that, Al. I think the Broncos might want to set the tempo and do like they did against the Pats, which is dink and dunk with three to four yard outs then surprise them with the little bomb down the sidelines. Rushing attack for both teams will also be crucial.

    It’ll be no easy task for Peyton. I’m not sure he’s faced a defense like this all season, if not ever. Seattle is just plain nasty.

    Re: Melo’s future, I guess that all depends on where his head is at. Do you honestly think he’s as determined to win a title as some of the other stars in this league? If he is, he might look elsewhere. If he’s not, he’ll stay in the city for more money.

    Did the pollsters just move Villanova up to fourth in the AP standings? After their loss to Creighton, I guess that just means the Gators will move up another notch by the beginning of next week.

  10. CDR/BS…

    Hope I answered your question. Let me know if that helped. I’m also down for whatever suggestions you have to create cross-traffic.

    What are your plans for the Bowl?

  11. Chris

    It’ll be a great game either way . Yet the disparities of the experiences of both quarterbacks in the postseason will play a big part also . Peyton’s 23 rd postseason game against Wilson’s fifth.

    Creighton simply upset the that’s all .

    ‘melo wants to win a title , but I seriously doubt that it can happen in New York ! That’s a badly coached team and they’re . playing inconsistent basketball . They’re projected to win no more than 30 games based on their current record 15-26 . ‘

    Did you catch their(Knicks) loss to the Nets on Monday ?

    tophatal ………….

  12. Chris, I was to let you know when I “returned to the air waves.” That time is now. Stop on over when you get a chance. A snow globe Super Bowl and a snowless Olympics pushed me over the edge and I had to post something…

  13. Should actually be a great one, Al.

    I’m inclined to think Denver will take it but again, Seattle’s defense is frightening.

    Clearly far better than Villanova’s.

    And no, I missed the Knicks-Nets game the other day. I prefer to watch good basketball although I fear there’s not too much of that being played in the NBA this season.

  14. Weather looks pretty crappy in New York right about now, Burnsy.

    I get that they wanted to reward the area for their new stadium but I definitely would have liked to have listened to the voices of reason in that NFL boardroom who were the ones saying “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” when they proposed to hold a Super Bowl in New Jersey in February.

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