Chris Rock’s Malcolm X Games (video)

Chris Rock ShowChris Rock is one of the funniest men alive.  His scratchy, high-pitched voice and string bean frame have kept us in stitches ever since he first appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1990.  Since then, he’s repeatedly reinvented himself, doing everything under the sun to make us laugh.  As a writer, actor, director, producer and stand-up comedian, his material has always been cutting edge.

While rummaging through my DVD collection the other night (and yes, there are some VHS tapes in there as well), I forgot that I had purchased a used copy of “The Best of the Chris Rock Show” some time ago.  HBO aired Rock’s first real talk show (Saturday Night Live’s Nat X skits don’t count) from 1997-2000.  Not surprisingly, it won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Program in 1999.

It’s skits like the one below that won him that award.

Since the Winter X Games are among us and we just celebrated the birthday of Reverend Martin Luther King, I figured there was no time like the present to share with you Chris Rock’s ingenious Malcolm X Games.


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13 Replies to “Chris Rock’s Malcolm X Games (video)”

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  2. Chris

    Rock remains extremely funny , but why remains working as a second fiddle to someone like Adam Sandler in two idiotic comedies (Grown Ups I & II) seems beyond me .

    Chris Rock like Paul Mooney, are two of the funniest African American comedians out there . One of my favorites of the moment when he’s off the weed and crack, is Katt Williams .

    Chances of David Price remaining on the Rays’ roster before the Opening Day of Spring Training or the regular season itself ?

    Though he signed for that one-year $14 million deal , I believe that if a serious offer is made , Andrew Friedman will pull the trigger on such a deal .

    tophatal ………

  3. Chris

    Rays’ opening day game will be against the Orioles at the Trop . Things should be alive at the venue and hopefully it will be a successful start to their season .

    Rays vs Orioles over the past eight years .

    How do you see the Rays doing in the AL East this year ? Believe that they can contend with the Red Sox , Yankees and Orioles ? Or will they fall out of favor and just struggle ?

    Rays’ news
    , projected lineup and team salaries

    Team’s transactions off season , December and January

    tophatal ……….

  4. Classic stuff. I continue to be fascinated by grown men and women doing what we as children used to do for funsies. I think once you hit 15 or so you should move on to ball and stick sports. Ought to be a federal law. Only thing weirder is grown men and women doing commentary and trying to make people in awe of these skills. Oh, I see on your resume you were in the X Games. DUDE, you’re hired!!! There should be a Y Games. Split the chromosomes.

  5. Rock’s ridiculously funny, Al. I’d love to see him knock out another tour but I think he’s moved on to bigger and better things these days. As if there’s such a thing.

    I actually do think the Rays will hold onto Price at least until the trading deadline approaches. At that point, they’ll see where they are in the standings and make a decision.

    I mean, heck, if they’re paying Balfour six mil a year, Price is a deal at 14!

    And we go through this every year, Al. As long as the Rays have that starting rotation and Maddon as their manager, they’ll contend in the AL East.

  6. A Y Games!

    That’s brilliant, Burnsy, although probably slightly sexist in retrospect.

    Think about what Rock and company had to go through just for that 30 second skit.

    Have guys jetski, motorbike and jump out of airplanes just for a laugh.

    Not to mention go shopping for bow ties which, in my experience, can be nearly as dangerous.

  7. Team Rice vs Team Sanders as opposing skippers in the NFL Pro Bowl .

    The 2015 NFL event will have Team Madden vs Team Shula . Hopefully , there’ll be enough Aricept , Ambien and Celebrex to go around for the rest of the old timers who are likely to be assisting those two , pick a roster a meaningless event .

    tophatal ………..

  8. The Rays offense should once again be better, Al.

    Longo will come into the season healthy, they re-signed Loney and Will Myers will have a full season under his belt.

    We all know the pitching will keep them in every game. Like you, and probably like Joe Maddon as well, I’d just like to see those bats become a little more consistent.

    I know the NFL is doing everything it can to get people to watch the Pro Bowl. The appearance and chatter of Rice and Neon will help but I’m just not sure how much.

  9. I gotta tell you, CDR/BS, that’s a tough one.

    My first reaction would be to say Chappelle but after watching that Best of Chris Rock DVD, I found a lot of skits that were Chappelle-esgue except that Rock did them years before.

    I love ’em both, man. They’re both brilliant.

    So I am going to respectfully decline answering your question.

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