Just another day at Madison Square Garden: A caption contest

Odd Couple TV shotNeil Simon’s The Odd Couple was a play-turned-movie-turned-television-show about two divorced men, down on their luck with nothing in common but their recently broken hearts.  The slovenly sports reporter, Oscar Madison, and the neatnik photographer, Felix Unger, came together to cohabitate in New York City with the play, movie and television series all providing us with countless laughs over the years.

There have been other odd couples in history (Flavor Flav and Bridgette Nielsen come to mind and speaking of the Garden, so do Woody Allen and his stepdaughter) but the one pictured below might take the cake.

Spotted together at a Knicks game, you have rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent seated right next to 18-time Academy Award Nominee, Meryl Streep.  No word as to whether 50 was looking for tips on his upcoming release, Fitty’s Choice, or whether Meryl will try her hand at hip-hop.

Either way, in honor of another one of Hollywood’s oddest encounters, I thought I’d host a caption contest.  Enter your most creative comments below.  The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive some postcards from the edge, the chance to get rich or die tryin’ and of course, fifty cents.



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35 Replies to “Just another day at Madison Square Garden: A caption contest”

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  2. Tomato…Tomaato…it was said in jest and I would not want to offend the lovely ladies of the SportsChump lounge.

  3. Sportschump Lounge??!!

    Ooooohhh I like the sound of that… hhhmmmm… a good name for a bar in S Tpa???? 🙂

  4. LOL Romo…no pro player has ever received as much flack as him…some warranted…some, not so much. Interesting twosome to be hanging out together.

    Of course I bag on Romo whenever possible, as it is kind of fun.

  5. Going Snoop on this one:

    “Rollin’ now wit’ Streep at the Knicks game,
    Sippin’ on her prune juice, laid back.
    With the “Devil Wears Prada” and “The Hours” on my mind.”

    Might as well call it here, Chris. You still owe me for my last caption contest win.

  6. D….

    Comes with being a Cowboys quarterback, I guess.

    I think we should starting taking into account that Romo is now 33. He’ll be 34 this year.

    I know that Manning is 37 but he’s a different breed.

    The rules of the NFL protect the quarterback more than ever before which means the average play-caller might be able to prolong their careers by a year or two but one would have to think Romo’s biological clock is starting to tick, no?

  7. Kevin…

    First of all, I’m pretty sure you already have the entire Meryl Streep collection at the house and second of all, which contest did you win? Do you recall?

    Or was it a self-proclaimed victory?

  8. Yeah he is highly skilled and has a great arm…just chokes…a lot! Really he has never recovered from the botched snap on the FG in the playoffs years ago against Seattle…his greatest choke of them all. I mean all the guy had to do was catch a PERFECT snap and put it on the ground for his kicker…and he blew it.

  9. Chris

    Streep is an eighteen-time Academy Award nominee , not an eighteen-time winner . Not even Hollywood has been known to be that gracious with their backslapping and glad handing .

    Fitty and Meryl Streep ? What’s the saying ? “Once you go black , you never ever go back . Hallelujah ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Sixty-two points in a game for ‘melo and still the Knicks are playing sub .500 basketball in the East and stinking up the joint as usual .

    By comparison Durant’s 41 point production for the Thunder was a far better all-round performance and it led to a come from behind win for the Thunder as well giving them the best record in the NBA ? Can the Knicks’ fans come out of the woodwork and explain succinctly why the team is failing so miserably , rather than simply whining on about a snippet of the team’s continually mediocre season ?

    tophatal ……………….

  10. I stand corrected, Al, but check this out. It’s not like 50 Cent’s cupboard is bare either. They guy has won his fair share of hardware, including a Grammy back in 2010 with Eminem and Dre.

    That being said, they both have more hardware than Carmelo… ahem, although he does have an Olympic Gold Medal that he earned with the gang back in 2008 so I guess we can cut him a little slack.

    Durant’s going against the Heat in Miami tomorrow night. Think the Heat will come to play and make it a statement game? Or vice versa?

    It’s been a lovefest in the media lately between Durant and LeBron. It’ll be nice to actually see them go after each other in between the lines.

  11. In the midst. of doing a piece on the. Cowboys and their hiring of Scott Linehan as an assistant head coach and offensives coordinator. All of a sudden they have more coaches than they need and Jerry Jones still running that lunatic asylum !

  12. That was one of the points made on either ATH or PTI today, Al.

    I don’t follow the Cowboys nearly as much as I should because a) I’m not a fan and b) I could give a fuck about them BUT it does seem that Jerry’s playing chess with his coaching staff and roster a little too much when perhaps he should leave that to folks who are a little more qualified.

  13. Chris

    The Cowboys’ payroll $118 million and the highest paid player , Tony Romo has a six-year $108 million deal of which $40 million is in guaranteed money . Imagine the payroll of the coaching staff that has yet to even sniff a playoff berth with this team . Jason Garrett must be now s#itting bricks as to Jerry and his son , Stephen Jones’ next possible move . Bishop to King to Bishop four ?

    If the Broncos were to win the Superbowl and their wide receiver DeMaryius Thomas collects the Superbowl MVP award . Who does he give a shout-out to ? Wanting to go to Disney or to his mom and grandmother who are doing twenty years apiece, for the selling , trafficking and distributing of crack cocaine in a Tallahassee jail cell , courtesy of the Dept of Corrections in Florida ? You thoughts on that ? All this crap talk , concerning Richard Sherman and here lies an even more poignant story worth talking about .

    So that’s how DT’s family use to roll ? Damn, ##g$@ !

    Why does Deion Sanders have a gig with the NFL Network ? He makes a Magic Johnson interview seem like a soliloquy between two famed thespians or an in-depth political interview between Mike Wallace and a major domestic political heavyweight or world leader .

    Didn’t comedienne Chelsea Handler ” rock “ Fifty’s mic for good measure ? She even remarked on her show, that he had length and girth . Handler ,” handling things” in her own inimitable way and Fifty had to have loved it all , as she got down to ” do the do ” .

    tophatal …………..

  14. I keep hearing the song by Donny and Marie, I’m a lil bit country, I’m a lil bit rock n roll….instead something like LIL BIT HIP HOP, and I’m a lil Bit HOLLYWOOOD…..

    Can kind of see the video play out in my head, very cheesy…

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