Has Tim Tebow finally found his calling?

Tebow footballHey, if ESPN can still rant and rave incessantly about the NFL worth, or lack thereof, of Timothy Richard Tebow, why can’t a fellow Florida graduate jump on the Te-bandwagon?

As we all know, Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner and poster boy for all things right and just in the universe, went from being a first round draft pick to a playoff game winner to becoming virtually unemployable.  Yet, like a cat thrown high into the air, we always knew he’d land on his feet.  We just never knew it what capacity.  Canadian Football League?  Arena Football League?  Vatican Football League?

Well, this Super Bowl, we might just discover Tebow’s true calling.  Sure, he might not be pitching the pigskin around the yard or running over wannabe tacklers but Tebow may have stumbled upon a much more profitable venture.

T-Mobile was smart enough to recognize Tebow’s marketing value and came up with this commercial which is bound to be a hit for Super Bowl XLVIII.

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36 Replies to “Has Tim Tebow finally found his calling?”

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  3. Vatican Football League? Love it. I never had a problem with TT. He is what he is. Certainly with huge limitations at the position he wants to play on the next level but he clearly has a big heart. It will be interesting to see how long he remains so passionate about trying to play pro football with all the other directions he cantake his professional life in. Like this commercial, for example…

  4. I just wish one Tebow detractor would tell us why the Jags are better off with Gabbert at QB? On the field…. You don’t even have to explain why the Jags aren’t interested in MILLIONS of dollars in merch sales.

  5. Chris

    It was also rumored that Tim Tebow would join the cast of the ABC show (parent company Disney – owners of ESPN and ABC) ” The View ” to give a guy’s perspective on all things sexual . It hadn’t occurred to show’s executive producer . Barbara Walters that Tebow still remains a virgin . However, the show’s newest co-host Jenny McCarthy said “she was willing to “break ” Tebow ‘ in for the right price . Anyone who’s seen pics (PG) of the ex-Playmate , would know , that most guys would jump at the chance to “lay some pipe “ with Jenny McCarthy .

    Is history repeating itself in Cleveland concerning Kyrie Irving ? The player has been giving mixed signals about his feelings towards the organization and that of the coaching staff .

    Dan Gilbert owner of the Cavs has a unique way of driving away talent from that franchise in one way or another . He flat out told LeBron , that he didn’t need to consult with him , when he fired Mike Brown . Now that Brown is back coaching the team and they’re not having all that great a season , Irving must feel it’s time to move on , in spite of what he’s saying in public , while telling members of his entourage that he’s fed up of playing for the Cavaliers .

    tophatal …………

  6. Hello triple SC.
    Happy Super Bowl Weekend! Wooo hoo!
    A friend of mine sent me a link to this T MOBILE commercial. What I want to know is how many drooling women will want Tim to come over and save their “puppies”?? Yes…indeed…that’s all I can remember from that commercial;) and a nice memory it is!
    Dee Dee

  7. Burnsy…

    Just imagine the uniforms at the Vatican Football League. Flowing robes. Striking.

    I’m honestly surprised Tebow didn’t give the Canadian Football League a chance. Guys like Doug Flutie and Warren Moon had healthy careers there then went on to make a name for themselves in the NFL.

    Tebow could have owned that league. I wonder if people in his corner were telling him to veto that deal.

  8. Han…

    Tebow’s persona could have made the Jaguars that much more marketable…. for a move to either Los Angeles or London.

    I’m also surprised they didn’t take a shot at him. Just seemed to make sense to me.

  9. Exactly, Al.

    What does Tebow know about all things sexual?

    I’m not sure what to believe about that Irving conversation but why WOULD he want to stay in Cleveland? I do believe there was another big name player that left that franchise in his rear view mirror a few year ago.

    Gilbert better do something to make playing for that franchise a little more appealing.

  10. I want to jump in on the Jaguars angle. I think it’s absurd they didn’t sign the guy and let him have a shot. What few rabid fans they have wanted it. The team’s fan base in the second deck is a giant wad of tarp. If the coaches decided he wasn’t a starter even with the dreck they had at the position at least he puts fannies in the seats…including the upper deck.

  11. Oh, I can handle being flustered;)
    If TMobile is so smart, then maybe Kmart will be too and hire Tim for the next Joe Boxer Jing a Ling Christmas commercial. Highly unlikely he’d jingle his goods for our pleasure, but here’s to dreaming;)
    Dee Dee

  12. There’s still something to like about the guy. If a lot more people in this country had the drive and the positive attitude of this guy, imagine where we would be? I hope he does find a calling… at least, for one reason, that we will see fewer headlines of him in the sports world.

  13. Burnsy…

    To me, that was the biggest no-brainer in sports. The Jags not signing Tebow was as ludicrous as the Pacquaio-Mayweather fight never happening.

    The Jags could have paid Tebow pennies on the dollar. It would have been totally worth the risk.

    Shahid Khan is Pakistani. Perhaps Tim Tebow’s popularity never made it to that part of the globe.

    I wonder if there was anyone in that Jacksonville war room begging and pleading to bring him in whose voice went unheard.

  14. Chris

    Tebow should have taken Jenny McCarthy up on the offer , especially as Monica Lewinsky failed to make her appearance on the show that day .

    Khan is now a full fledged Americanized citizen ! And he’s very proud of that fact , along with his $3.8 billion fortune .

    That Kyrie Irivng situation is turning into a mess , with the player blaming everyone else for the statements attributed to him . Dan Gilbert for his part , has to be ” stewing ” in light of his original statement from some years back after LeBron’s departure , stating …. ” that the Cavaliers would win an NBA title before the Heat with their addition of LeBron James . Is there something bad in the water within the greater Cleveland area that makes the residents there say some of the dumbest things ?

    Gilbert shouldn’t just be worried about the Cavs’ form this season but the money ($400 million jointly, with an additional $ 1 billion from syndicated financial firms) he and Magic Johnson plowed into downtown Detroit in seeking to refurbish the infrastructure there , primarily , commercial real estate property and building high-end residential homes . The city’s filing for ($18-$25 billion in debt) bankruptcy has to have screwed up their plans a great deal .

    A PPV event that I hope will be televised ! Acquitted homicide defendant George Zimmerman , apparently in need of money to pay off his legal expenses ( some $150,000) would like to participate in a celebrity boxing match . Only two opponents have so far stepped forward to state that they would willing step into the ring with Zimmerman . Rappers , The Game and DMX (Darkman) have stated categorically that they would like to be his (George Zimmerman’s) opponent . Game , I can understand , but DMX is still on probation and his letting out his sadistic and violent tendencies , is unlikely to impress a judge or his own probation officer.

    tophatal ……………………..

  15. As for the Super Bowl itself…I’ll say Denver, 28-17. Chris, if you roll with that game where everyone does “something” when Peyton yells out “OMAHA” just make sure you stay put until Monday morn. I put “something” instead of drinking because it appears the next corporate sponsor for the NFL will be the American Marijuana Growers Council. Seen more stories on pot coming out of New York/New Jersey this week than I ever bargained for.

  16. Al…

    If Tebow’s going to even consider knocking boots with Jenny McCarthy, he may want to invest in a trailer full of condoms. Besides, isn’t she old enough to be his mom?

    (Answer: Close. Tebow’s 26, McCarthy’s 41)

    Khan may be an American citizen but he’s obviously not familiar with the Cult of Tebow.

    Zimmerman’s going to appear in a celebrity boxing match to raise money? I’m pretty sure he won’t have much of a problem finding an opponent.

  17. Since the Steelers aren’t in it there is no soiree. I’m takin’ a sobriety break after back2back2backs of poker, jamming and g8r hoops. Congrats on outpickin me.

  18. Nice on all counts, Yaz.

    Does that mean I know longer owe you that $20? he he.

    I imagine the O’Dome will be ROCKIN’ Tuesday night for Walker’s first game. Let me know how it is if ya’ go.

  19. And M…

    You’re right. The guy had a pretty good sense of humor being able to poke fun at himself.

    But here’s the thing. Other leagues have given him an opportunity but for him it appears to be NFL or bust.

    He may have actually done himself a disservice with that decision.

  20. Triple SC…I have never heard of Full Monty! I had to look it up! But your 2 time SC competition winner truly knows about Magic Mike movie;)

    I’ll definitely let you know when I get back down for some more Rays games. Only 44 more days til baseball season starts!! Woo hoo! Lol! Lol!
    Dee Dee

  21. Dee…

    If you’re looking for a quick thrill, skip the Full Monty and head straight to Boogie Nights.

    Might just want to alert the hubby that you’ll be sneaking into bed for a late night… ahem.

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