Super Bowl Tweets better than the game itself

Denver PostWell, that was a riveting Super Bowl.  Not!

If you feel bad about not being entertained, consider the fact that the most watched program in US television history was even more of a downer for Colorado residents and those bearing the last name of Manning.

Things were so bad that for the first Super Bowl Sunday in years, a record number of Americans actually made it to work on time the following day.  Not surprising since Super Bust XLVIII was over from the initial hut.

Can you say blowout?  I knew that you could.

What most expected to be a competitive football game turned out to be a rout.

While the lackluster contest kept most of us frequenting the cheese dip more often than we cared to, at least we had Twitter to keep us entertained.  With the Denver Broncos failing to show up, or at least Seattle making it look that way, those with a Twitter account had a field day bashing what was supposed to be one of the most accomplished offenses in NFL history.

Without further ado, here are some of the most entertaining Tweets from the final football game of the season.

Obama ReillyMatt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio

Ugh, If there is one thing I really want to see on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s Bill O’Reilly interrupting Obama and long debates about Obamacare

sir broosk ‏@celebrityhottub


Jake Overholt ‏@_Overholt_

#superbowlprediction two teams will play some sort of sport, one will probably play better than the other.

Charlie Thomas ‏@charlesthomas

#SuperBowlPrediction Troy Aikman finally has enough and strangles Joe Buck with his mic cable.

Richard Sherman graduatesJake Sperry ‏@JakeSperry7

Richard Sherman gets another masters degree by the end of the game but this time from Harvard #SuperBowlPredictions

Carlos Ruiz ‏@LosoRuiz

#SuperbowlPrediction Kam Chancellor is arrested and charged with murder for the death of Wes Welker

Kevin ‏@RedSoxRedShoes

If Queen Latifah doesn’t gay marry the #Broncos defensive line, tonight will be a wasted opportunity.

Eric Pickett ‏@EricEPickett

Jenn said “Patrick Swayze sure is looking old”. That’s Kurt Russell sweetie. #SuperBowlXLVIII

horse field super bowlEvil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

Hey, why’s that lady riding Sarah Jessica Parker onto the field?

Rich Swerbinsky ‏@TheClevelandFan

Over/under on Namath’s blood alcohol content?

Smash Adams 2.0 ‏@TRUTH_DOT_COM

Joe Namath’s coat was originally owned by a pimp named Juice Johnson.

Matt Poisel ‏@mpoisel

Better coin toss in history: Ref hearing Bettis wrong or Namath tossing without a call?? I love football!!

Mark Cuban ‏@mcuban

I HAD SAFETY ON THE FIRST PLAY IN VEGAS !!!!!!!!!! 1mm to 1.. $20mm BABY. #Unbelievable

you don’t know AO. ‏@aRhae_ESQ

Mark Cuban BETTER be jokin. Or I hate my life.

Namaths jacketBen Maller ‏@benmaller

5-0 might not seem like big lead for Seahawks, but Mariners haven’t enjoyed such an advantage since 2001.

Rick Reilly ‏@ReillyRick

Joe Namath’s coat just bit two people.

Evil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

I’m pretty sure that Muhammad Ali could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in ping-pong

Sean ‏@reeealbigsean

Peyton Manning: The Real Duck Dynasty

Eli peytonSportsHumor ‏@SprtsHumor

Peyton Manning is really pissed he agreed to let Eli play the first quarter.

Korked Bats ‏@korkedbats

If only the Broncos still had Tim Tebow, they’d be able to answer with PRIEST MODE!

Brian Phillips ‏@runofplay

I just caught a vendor-thrown hot dog; am now leading the Broncos in key offensive categories.

Alexander Goot ‏@AGoot18

I know Chili Peppers are halftime performers but the Broncos shouldn’t have taken “Give It Away, Give It Away Now” so literally.

Jeff Pantridge ‏@PantsRadio987

Who’s legacy is taking a bigger beating tonight??? Peyton Manning’s or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s? #SB48

Tornado Homer ‏@TitansHomer

Broncos seriously need someone to turn the electricity off.

Bruno Drums

Rick Aaron ‏@RickAaron

Oh Manning, well you came and you gave without taking. And I sent you away Oh Manning. #SuperBowlXLVIII #SuperBowl

The Fake ESPN ‏@TheFakeESPN

FCC requires Bruno Mars to put pasties over nipples, just in case.

Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin

Bruno Mars time. Maybe this will be competitive

The Fake ESPN ‏@TheFakeESPN

Broncos tell Tim Tebow to drop those puppies and haul ass to New York.

Stevie ManningRich Swerbinsky ‏@TheClevelandFan

They got any other musical acts they can bring out?

Brian ‏@omgalaserpewpew

The ground hog wasn’t predicting the arrival of spring, rather, when the Broncos offense will appear.

Pierre The Pelican ‏@PelicanPierre

Peyton Manning’s Next Endorsement is “Ikea”: Adored by white people, held together by screws, and collapses after six months of use.

SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

Tonight’s ads perfectly capture tonight’s Broncos performance.

darren rovell ‏@darrenrovell

For the regular season, the Seahawks paid Percy Harvin $362,500 for each play he was on the field. Probably don’t care now.

peyton papa johns

SB Nation ‏@sbnation

At least the Puppy Bowl was competitive.

SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

Peyton Manning could really use an inspirational tweet from Russell Wilson right now.

Rob Fee ‏@robfee

Use the promo code PEYTON when ordering a Papa Johns pizza & when it’s delivered to your house, a Seattle DB will take it from you & eat it.

ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Good news, America! With Floyd Mayweather losing $10 mil on the Broncos, maybe this means we’ll finally get to see him fight Manny Pacquiao

Josh Levin ‏@josh_levin

If only the Broncos had Googled “what time does the Super Bowl start”

The Solid Verbal ‏@SolidVerbal

You can’t spell Losing Super Bowl Quarterback without “UT.”

Peyton ‏@LostLettermen

“Peyton sure does play better in Citrus Bowls than he does in Super Bowls, amirite?” Steve Spurrier, somewhere

Mike Dunleavy ‏@notmikedunleavy

I blame the Broncos for playing so poorly that I actually have to talk to the people at this Super Bowl party.

Will Brinson ‏@WillBrinson

Peyton Manning set a Super Bowl record with 33 pass completions. That’s awkward.

John Breech ‏@johnbreech

Seahawks Bobby Wagner, “We loved hearing about the Denver offense, because we knew after the game, we’d hear all about the Seattle defense.”

Adam Abramson ‏@AdamAbramson

Do they shoot off the extra blue/orange confetti when they hand out the Broncos Super Bowl Champs shirts to third world kids?

Mike Wasylik ‏@MikeWas

Seahawks are now scratched off the list of teams who have never won the Superbowl.

OKC Seahawks

FOX Sports Live ‏@FOXSportsLive

The day after David Stern retires, Seattle wins a championship.

Jerod Morris ‏@JerodMorris

Warren Sapp thinks this Michael Strahan interview sucks.

Brad Sherwood ‏@TheBradSherwood

Everybody said playing a #Superbowl in a cold, winter city would be a disaster………they were right.

Dave Dameshek ‏@Dameshek

I feel bad for Peyton. I feel worse for the 46-year-old mustachioed drunk guy with the plastic horse on his head.

Clint Peterson ‏@Clintonite33

Erin Andrews: “He’s on crutches? THANK GOD!”

Dan Fenner ‏@DanFenner

One day, not too long from now, Malcolm Smith will be the answer to a difficult trivia question about who was MVP of #SuperBowl 48.

Peyton’s Head ‏@PeytonsHead

GAME DAY! What? It was yesterday? Damnit.

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13 Replies to “Super Bowl Tweets better than the game itself”

  1. Do they shoot off the extra blue/orange confetti when they hand out the Broncos Super Bowl Champs shirts to third world kids? Priceless! LOL!

    The NFL Championship game was played in Seattle between the Seahawks/NFL officials and the 49ers… Look I’m a fan of both teams but really? How many terrible calls were made in that game? It seems the NFL has got to manipulate the games for some damned reason (money)…

  2. Pingback: Super Bowl Tweets better than the game itself - BallHyped Blog Network, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs

  3. Dwin…

    I just wonder what the outcome would have been had the Niners played the Broncos.

    But you’re right.

    I think the NFL will take a cold hard look at its use of instant replay and next year, we could see some dramatic, and well-needed, changes.

  4. via Gene Haddock:

    Damn! First snap rolled halfway to OMAHA!

    The groundhog came out, and did NOT see Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    On a serious tip… Jack Del Rio STILL sucks!

  5. Jack Del Rio indeed still sucks. As did that dreck called the “Super Bowl.” I want my money back. Oh wait, that’s a couple more years down the road when we’ll have to pay for access to the “Big Game.” Filled with sarcasm over what a joke the Denver “attack” plan was. Of course Seattle has a fantastic defense. That’s why you take counter-measures. Good Lord, it was like Andy Reid was coaching the Broncos.

  6. Han…

    On that first play, I Tweeted something to the effect of “Did you see that snap? Apparently Broncos center Manny Ramirez isn’t the only Manny Ramirez to juice.”

    Speaking of juicing (allegedly), congratulations to Roger Clemens who was just admitted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

  7. Burnsy…

    I totally forgot Del Rio was their DC til they showed him on the screen mid way through. I then thought to myself “Of course, it all makes sense now.”

    Going into the game I figured Denver would continue with that dink and dunk, short-out game plan. Seattle knew that too. Problem was a) they were ready for it and b) as the game progressed, no Bronco wanted a part of getting clobbered.

    More surprisingly, Denver seemed to be only prepared for Marshawn Lynch but not the dinking and dunking Seattle would do. I though that was a brilliant plan, to give Denver a dose of their own medicine.

    Denver was ill-prepared on both ends of the ball and it showed.

  8. And fans are still trying to suggest that soccer is boring ? LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL!!! Not after having watched this bull and with the league selling the event itself as a success . Commercially it may well have been, considering the billions reaped by the broadcaster , Fox Sports and what the NFL may well reap. As a /game spectacle it was a monumental eyesore . One team came to play and the other simply shat in their pants , because they were so scared of hurting themselves .

    Romo and Russell Wilson exchanged compliments before Romo had the audacity ask the winning quarterback what his ring size was and he borrow it for a night upon his receipt of his prize . The winning team gets $53 ,000 apiece , and adulation . Not bad until you look at the salaries of Wilson and Richard Sherman . These guys can now look to get paid at the time of contract negotiations .

  9. We’re just not used to soccer, Al, still, despite the fact that all of us played it as kids. That’s the weirdest thing.

    At some point in our adolescence, there comes a disconnect where we no longer care about the sport.

    And I think Seattle brass has their calculators out to figure out how they’re going to pay all these people because they will all be going to the window soon.

  10. Hello Triple Sc, I sure was waiting for this post! Loved this collection! And as truly pissed off I was about seeing Bill O’Reilly interrupting my pregame celebration, it was quickly forgotten since it was such an awful game! Until I saw the picture of O’Reilly in your post! Bad flashbacks came rushing back! WTH were they doing there? I changed the freaking station until Yaz told gave me the all clear!
    Dee Dee

  11. Ya know what, D?

    I think you and I were as confused as everyone else who happened to be glued to those four Fox hours of pre-game, until we realized what network was covering the event.

    Everything was nice, cozy and football-related (with the frightening exception of Jimmy Johnson jumping around and high-fiving fans) when all of the sudden, Fox decided to subject us to the most uncomfortable fifteen minutes in television… until Peyton took his first snap.

    I get that Fox wanted to support their guy and their stance. O’Reilly will still have his supporters after that pre-game grilling. I’m just not going to be one of them.

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