Infographics ‘R’ Us, Vol. 2: Sochi Olympics Edition

Olympic toiletsThe 2014 Winter Olympics are finally among us yet all anyone can talk about is Shaun White’s withdrawal, the inconvenience of having to share lavatories and the lack of unsafe drinking water in the Olympic Village.

And oh yeah, then there’s Sochi’s mayor who declared his city homosexual-free.  All things considered, it makes perfect sense that Sochi has no accommodations since their leaders clearly have no sense.   Perhaps Mel Gibson, Tim Hardaway and that guy from Duck Dynasty should consider dual citizenship.

Despite the bad press Sochi has received, at least we still have the Games to look forward to.  They couldn’t come soon enough.

To get us ready for the disastrous Olympics that are sure to come, my “suppliers” have been kind enough to submit two different infographics about this year’s Olympics to finally get us talking about what really matters: the games themselves.


What's That Olympic Sport

10 Surprising Facts About Sochi And Winter Olympics
Prepared by | Author: Julia Trello | See our Youtube
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13 Replies to “Infographics ‘R’ Us, Vol. 2: Sochi Olympics Edition”

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  2. Chris

    $50 billion being spent to stage an event
    in a country that remains repressive even with allegations of more openness within its society under Putin is a joke . A great deal of graft and corruption has gone into making the games in Sochi are seen as a success .

    Meanwhile Thomas Bache , IOC President and his predecessor Jacques Rogge are being openly critical of international dignitaries and world leaders who choose not turn up in Sochi for the Winter Olympics .

    Shaun White not appearing in an event is going to hurt his bank balance and estimated $25 million fortune ? Or is it the fact that NBC will be hurt , because White is perhaps the only named athlete on the US Olympic squad that anyone might actually know by name and sight ?

    tophatal ………………..

  3. Well, Al, it appears the IOC is up to their old tricks.

    With all the crap that’s been going on in Sochi, they’ve been basically silent. And people are worried about Rio.

    I don’t know if you’ve been catching Olbermann lately but he’s all but called for a boycott of these Olympics.

    How did Sochi even get these Olympics in the first place?

  4. Chris

    Keith Olbermann is a pompous @##hole ! Did you catch his comments concerning the half time entertainment at the Superbowl and the entertainment in general for the event ? He’s criticizing Bruno Mars who’s set was, live but the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ set was pre-recorded but , he says nothing about . that There’s a reason why that self-absorbed #hit-bag (Olbermann) has never been able to hold down a gig long-term .

    Sochi got the Winter Olympics not only because of their presentation but also the fact that they made sure the vote was rigged in their favor . I mean when you have over fifteen of the senior members of IOC Executive Committee being wined and dined by the Russian IOC , what else would you expect ?

    Full steam ahead ….


  5. Anyone who knows my posts knows of my total disgust with Winter Okympics being held in Palm Beach, Russia. I am overlooking the fact they are also being held near a terrorist haven…thar nonsense exists everywhere anymore. Nowhere is immune from that. But I’m old fashioned and like Winter with my Winter Olympics. If you read anything of Sochi you find it’s actually the summer resort for many. Winter…not so much. Most of the sports are X-games now and NBC only cares about figure skating and human interest stories. Throw in the time zone difference and I’m indifferent to most of it…but I will watch the Gold Medal Hockey game. Graphics and content on this post rock. I did have a lot of fun reading it all.

  6. Okay, Al, let’s do this.

    Give me three sports reporters or personalities, from whichever media, that you actually care for and why.

    And which institution is more corrupt? The IOC or the NCAA?

  7. I’m with you, Bruce.

    I’ve never been much of a Winter Olympics guy anyway. Add all the madness that’s going on in Sochi and I can’t say I’ll be tuning in much.

    Fortunately for the networks, my insomnia will probably help their ratings but I can’t say there’s anything, other than perhaps seeing how the American hockey team does (not that I can mention one person on that roster) will draw my interest.

    Heck, it’s probably colder in the South here right now than it is over there.

  8. The NCAA is and has always been corrupt and if you’d delve heavily enough in Mark Emmert’s (President) pass you’d realize he came in with a great deal of baggage concerning his past and conduct . His predecessor Myles Brand was no different either .

    Emmert in his previous administrative posts was unable to account for monies that was meant to have gone to a building project that went over budget , when the contractor went bankrupt . An investigation was conducted that showed that he and his subordinates failed to use due diligence and there were claims that bribes were taken with regard to the bidding process on that project . So tell me Chris what do you think about that all ? Anything like that ever took place while you attended UF ? Or did you have your head buried in the sand and didn’t take note what was happening around you ?

    Dan Le Batard Miami Herald columnist beyond his selling his Hall of Fame (baseball) vote and then lying about it .
    Mel Kiper , his hypocrisy and his draft board , when it is known that he colludes with agents a great deal of the time before coming up with his assessments of the players he says he favors as draft picks . How can be said to be impartial in such a case ?

    Buster Olney , baseball writer and contributor for ESPN . Throughout the whole steroid scandal within baseball he has simply tried lessen the impact of issues there, and in many cases circumvented it all . Do you really want me to go on ?

    tophatal ………….

  9. Funny that you mention Mel Kiper, Al, as he just graced my TV screen as I was reading your comments. I guess we should all prepare for another few months of his rambling. Ugh!

    And the Cavs, they’re are a mess, man. Has to suck being a fan of theirs.

    In a weak Eastern Conference, they are nowhere near making the playoffs and won’t be either.

  10. My decline in interest in the Olympics began when NBC took over and decided to make it a cut and paste, string-you-out all night affair. For example, I would watch alpine skiing (even hours after the event) if I knew they were going to show it straight through once they started showing it. But intertwining coverage of multiple sports and then inserting human interest stories on top of it…some nights a ski race might take all night to “see.” They don’t cover the Games, they present them. In a lot of respects the NBC presentation is tailored to the non-sports fan. They should have had the Olympics in Philadelphia. We have way more ice here than you’ll see in Sochi. Of course, they have way more electricity…

  11. And toilet paper.

    Less crime probably too.

    I see your point though, Bruce.

    Although I get why they do it. Heck, how much money did NBC spend to get the Olympics? Over a billion dollars? They’re gonna try to get as much of that back as they can.

    If that involves telling a feel-good story or two, then that’s what they’re gonna do.

    At least Bob Costas’ pink eye can keep us entertained.

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