Things that make you go Brrrrrr!

“I’m Mister Snow. I’m Mister Icicle. I’m Mister Ten Below. Friends call me Snow Miser.”

The Year Without A Santa Claus, 1974

While gratuitously spreading suntan lotion all over our bodies, those of us who live in Florida tend to forget about the cold weather that can torment the rest of the country.  The mere mention of a blizzard on network news is enough for us to turn up our air conditioning and change the weather channel to something far more pleasant.

I emailed a fellow blogger the other day to discuss an upcoming project (stay tuned!).  He abruptly told me he’d respond as soon as he helped his plumber repair the damage the latest snowstorm had inflicted upon his house.  Brrrrr!  I’m surprised he had the chance to answer my e-mail considering his internet had frozen over.

Brrrr football signI was born in the Northeast but moved to Florida long ago.  I never looked back.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t speak with a twang or live in a trailer park.  I just grew fond of sunshine and tired of icicles.  Here’s the link to the Florida’s Visitor Center if you’re interested.

During football season, I’ll see Bills, Browns and Packers fans sitting topless in below freezing temperatures with only their beer bellies and man boobs to protect them and I’ll wonder…  what the hell are these people thinking?!?

Football fans in the South are as avid as they come but you’d be hard-pressed to find an SEC fan who would sit through sixty minutes of football while cheering topless even if the snowstorm was chilling his bourbon.  Heck, half the people in the south have never even SEEN snow.

That changed last week.

Courtesy of CBS Sports and the various schools’ Twitter accounts, here are some snapshots of stadiums throughout the Southeast that saw snow like they hadn’t in ages.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Snow Eastern Conference.


Auburn's Jordan (O')Hare Stadium
Auburn’s Jordan (O’)Hare Stadium


Georgia Sanford Stadium Snow
Georgia’s Sanf(j)ord Stadium


LSU's (White) Tiger Stadium
LSU’s (White) Tiger Stadium


South Carolina's Williams Brrr-Ice Stadium
South Carolina’s Williams Brrr-Ice Stadium


UT Neyland Stadium Snow
Tennessee’s Ney(Ice)land Stadium
Alabama's Brrrr-yant Denny Stadium
Alabama’s Brrrr-yant Denny Stadium





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23 Replies to “Things that make you go Brrrrrr!”

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  2. Here’s my response concerning Stern . ”

    ” Chris Humpherys

    What is said to be actually healthy about the Pacers vs Heat rivalry that has just come into being and is simply a budding one and not something that has been ongoing ? You’re simply looking for instant gratification more than anything else. That rivalry has only a stature of its own because the postseason of 2013 and the conference finals within the East .

    Stern has created this mea-culpa where the teams are no longer relevant , but the high-profiled stars, are and that is what now drives the NBA , that along with singular achievements.

    tophatal …………

  3. Six inches of ice (formerly snow) on the front yard has a big ol’hole in it now courtesy of that plumbing fix. Funny thing about water pressure. It really needs to be ramped down as it enters one’s house. The Philly suburbs were declared a disaster area (insert any sports-related joke about the city here) due to the recent snow-plus-ice storm. Our power has gone on and off seven times in three days. Some are still waiting for their power to be restored. Once the SEC has 32 teams in it and playing into February… these images might be more frequent. Steve Spurrier, push that tee time back to April my friend.

  4. You got that right, Al, except the weather we’ve been getting round these parts aint’ much better. How’s a brother ever supposed to play golf?

    Rivalries come and go, Al. Two years ago we were talking about the Ravens-Steelers being the best in the NFL. Now that’s gone because both those teams suck. Now it’s Seahawks-Niners.

    Salary cap leagues aren’t like baseball, a league where Sox-Yankees or Dodgers-Giants rivalries can last forever.

    I hardly see how that is Stern’s fault.

    Like I said the guy has made mistakes. But overall, his commissionership was far better for the sport than worse.

  5. Good point about both, Al.

    College football has opened up a can of worms with conference expansion and realignment. Who knows what the next ten to twelve years will hold in store.

    And you’re right. Philly was declared a war zone long ago.

    When’s the release of Kurt Russell’s “Escape from Philadelphia?”

    Oh, and there’s plenty of jobs down here, brother. I just don’t happen to have one at the moment.

  6. OMG … all thats missing a a huge decorated pine tree & ice skaters …. brrrrrr I get the chills just looking at those pix! 😛

    In fact FL has been too cold (& damp) for me lately!

    And SC… remember when it snowed in May when you went to college up at Tufts? Yup… I’m thinking THAT was just another motivator to get you to move down here?

    So glad you did 🙂

    Good post … sorry for yr SC readers who are expecting even more snow this weekend. Come on down ya’ll. 🙂

  7. Wow! New format at SC? Takes a little adjustment.

    Winter storm, Leon, hit Charleston. SC last week. Half an inch of ice with maybe a half inch of snow/sleet on top of that. Whole area was crippled for 2-3 days. LOL

  8. Chris

    Rivalries do come and go, but it also to do with a legacy and how teams go about remaining competitive . People are now decrying the issues of the Celtics and Lakers . Los Angeles through its own stupidity has never developed talent from within for over a decade . Can the same be said of the Celtics ?

    I believe that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are likely to engineer a faster turnaround than Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak . The only thing that is failing Stevens’ team at present is the inexperience of the lineup . In the case of the Lakers they sorely miss Kobe Bryant and the very fact that without him there’s no one who can lead or be remotely vocal on that particular front .

    I haven’t played a round of golf in over eight years .

    The salary cap and the very fact the general managers (NFL) do not always have a wish to show final expediency is one of the primary reasons the NFL no longer has a rivalry that one can call remotely thrilling . And we can also have the hit and miss issues of the NFL Draft in terms of their assessing talent . Granted , in recent years were were counting on Manning Brady match-up ( when Manning was with the Colts [2000-13]) to feed us that type of thing . But that now seems to be a thing of the past .

    As of now , we could point to one that could be in its infancy in terms of the Seahawks and Niners and the entrance of both Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson into the NFL since 2011 .

    Baseball has a ” soft cap $200 million ” threshold but only two teams exceed it and then in terms of how the luxury tax which applied ____- is biased and totally idiotic and inequitable. Last season the Dodgers paid only $9 million whereas the Yankees paid in excess of $35 million and their team payroll obligations were barely $15 million apart . So explain to me, how anyone believes that baseball has its financial house in order ? Frigging morons such as Buster Olney cannot explain that situation succinctly, but were are suppose to listen an @@shole such as Bud Selig or the league’s CFO Jonathan Mariner and think that both know what the hell they are said to be doing ?

    Your thoughts on Paul George of the Pacers impregnating a Miami stripper , while he’s engaged to the daughter of Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers ? George is now in a real mess , as he’s alleged to have offered the female $1 million to terminate the pregnancy , but his people (George’s agent and lawyer) are stating , the money was meant to be a one time pay-off.

    What happened to the use of prophylactics ? There were so suppose to be like an American Express card . You were not meant to leave home without it . I guess George never heard of or ever saw any those ads ? I know that they (eighties) might have been before his time but even so , simply common sense and a way of staying safe and not catching a nasty STD , if not something worse .

    tophatal …………..

  9. Chris

    Your thoughts on the fact that Andrew Bynum has earned more than $70 million since he entered the NBA ? And yet, you suggest that the league is better off now than at any other time in its history ? In what ways are those meant to be ? Simply commercially or competitively ?

    Other players of not who’ve and are said to be stealing money .

    Stern created the monster of the a star driven league which you overlook but point to one minutiae with regard to his not being responsible for the makeup of teams . How would you describe the makeup of the Miami Heat overall ? Clearly that roster as it is now framed is solely built around the talents of LeBron James and no one else . We barely get glimpses as the to the games of either Bosh or Wade over the course of the season .

    Kwame Brown career earnings

    Sebastian Telfair career earnings

    Shawn Bradley and his career earnings


    NBA all time career earnings

  10. It looks as if the NCAA could have a fight on its hands if this actually takes place . Players at Northwestern University on the school’s football team have sought to unionize and now being recognized pending certification as a union . The SEIU and apparently the AFL-CIO are likely to throw their weight behind the move .

    Courtesy of the NY Times

    In a First, Northwestern Players Seek Unionization

    By Ben Strauss

    CHICAGO — The increasingly contentious and complicated relationship between the N.C.A.A. and its top amateur athletes took another step toward a legal showdown on Tuesday when a group of Northwestern football players appealed to the National Labor Relations Board with the first effort by college athletes to join a labor union.

    Kain Colter, Northwestern’s starting quarterback last season, was joined by Ramogi Huma, the president of the newly formed College Athletes Players Association, and Leo W. Gerard, the president of United Steelworkers, to announce that a petition had been filed on behalf of Colter and his teammates to seek union representation.

    “College athletes need a labor organization that can give them a seat at the table,” Huma said, adding, “This ends a period of 60 years when the N.C.A.A. has knowingly established a pay-for-play system while using terms like ‘student-athlete’ and ‘amateurism’ to skirt labor laws.”

    Though payment of players at Football Bowl Subdivision programs and Division I basketball universities has become a thorny issue given the billions of dollars generated by the sports, Colter said medical care, particularly expenses after graduation, was his biggest concern.

    “The same medical issues that professional athletes face are the same medical issues collegiate athletes face, except we’re left unprotected,” Colter said. “The N.F.L. has the N.F.L.P.A., the N.B.A. has the N.B.A.P.A. and now college athletes have the College Athletes Players Association.”

    Colter, who has exhausted his college eligibility, described the current N.C.A.A. model as resembling a “dictatorship” and endorsed relaxing transfer restrictions, scholarships that cannot be revoked because of injury and a trust to support players upon graduation.

    The N.C.A.A. issued a rejoinder in a statement by its chief legal officer, Donald Remy.

    “This union-backed attempt to turn student-athletes into employees undermines the purpose of college: an education,” Remy said.

    The labor law dispute may come down to whether college athletes are students, employees or some hybrid. If college athletes are primarily students, Huma said, they should not devote 40 hours each week to training, traveling and practicing when their graduation rates are only 50 percent.

    To file its claim with the N.L.R.B., Northwestern needed more than a third of its 85 scholarship players to sign union cards. Colter said nearly the entire team participated, but he declined to name other teammates involved or specify a number.

    Huma, a former linebacker at U.C.L.A. who founded the National College Players Association in 2001, has received financing and organizational support from the United Steelworkers. That union’s president, Gerard, invoked the memory of Marvin Miller, the pioneering president of the Major League Baseball Players Association, who also once served as the steelworkers’ chief economist.

    “We have come full circle,” Gerard said.

    Tuesday’s announcement came after a series of attention-seeking acts during the football season. One week, several players around the country, including Colter, wore wristbands with the initials A.P.U., which stands for “All Players United.” During the Bowl Championship Series title game, Huma and the N.C.P.A. flew a banner over Rose Bowl Stadium that read, “Wake Up, N.C.A.A.”
    Recent Comments
    9 days ago

    Just who is kidding whom that football players at sports-driven universities are student-athletes, or even students at all? So many studies…
    9 days ago

    Not sure I follow the logic of the NCAA. When other students, such as graduate teaching assistants, receive a stipend or tuition waivers…
    10 days ago

    Because so many players cannot truly be defined as “student athletes,” and many aren’t necessarily interested in being students, why not…

    See All Comments

    The national labor board’s regional Chicago office will hold a hearing and rule if Northwestern football players are employees, a decision that can be appealed to the federal board in Washington. If they are eventually deemed employees, the ruling will apply to all other F.B.S. players at private universities, according to the steelworkers’ union.

    Remy, in his statement, said he expected the labor board to rule in favor of the N.C.A.A.

    Northwestern Athletic Director Jim Phillips said in a statement that the university “believes that our student-athletes are not employees, and collective bargaining is therefore not the appropriate method to address these concerns.”

    There are other logistical questions facing the new players’ association, such as how public universities, whose employees are governed by state law, will be affected.

    Huma also said the case for unionizing athletes in sports that do not generate significant revenue is less clear-cut.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Your thoughts on the move by the players ?

    tophatal …….

  11. M…

    It was a blizzard in May during what they called their Hell Week, the week before Finals.

    It was a good way to blow off steam, going out and playing in the snow. It was a cold way, but a good way nonetheless.

  12. C’mon, Al. You and I both know the professional athlete is allergic to the prophylactic.

    Andrew Bynum contributed to those L.A. teams championship teams.. Or at least he was a body. I’m really surprised to see his career so downhill so quickly. Is he even getting minutes yet in Indiana?

    The Heat still have as good a chance as anyone to win this thing. They have their flaws just like every other team but it’s still tough to bet against them in June.

    I commend the Northwestern players on their efforts and am eager to see how the whole thing plays out.

    And I joked the other day that A-Rod dropped his lawsuit the other day when he heard that Johnny Cochran had passed away.
    You’d have to think that Cochran defending the Northwestern players’ right to unionize would be a pretty fun trial to watch.

  13. Bynum didn’t do as much as you believe in those series . As you say , he was merely a body and not much else beyond that .

    As much as we can commend the Northwestern players on their stance this is far from over as the NCAA and its President Mark Emmert are likely to “:slam an injunction” to stop the union certification process . It will be interesting to see if any other schools are likely to follow suit . US District Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court had better be ready to hear both sides of this argument should it ever reach that level of intrigue and jurisprudence .

    The Heat are not playing well at present and the loss to the Jazz was further proof of that fact . No one on the team seems to want to rebound especially on the defensive end of the court . It has led to some embarrassing losses for the team this season . Riley and Spoelstra may well be pushed into trading for a good defensive rebounding player , because there seems to be no one on the Heat’s roster willing to commit themselves to that role in spite of the injuries .

    Rodriguez’s lawyer Joe Tacopina is simply grandstanding . if he thinks his case has any merit to it whatsoever . The statements attributed to the reporters are their opinions and a great deal of it , was based on facts known all of the parties concerned .

    Adam Silver who has succeeded Stern as the NBA commissioner could prove to be far more incompetent than either Bud Selig or the NHL’s Gary Bettman . He is consulting with Jerry Colangelo of USA Basketball to seek his input to see if he has any ideas to improve the image of the ,a hr NBA . If Silver , himself at this juncture, is not uniquely aware of the issues now facing the league and its product , then he should never have succeeded David Stern . Utter bull#hit !

    Did you by any chance catch Stephen Jones’ diatribe in claiming that Tony Romo is the “LeBron James” of the NFL , as it relates James’ career before he won an NBA title ? Less I’m mistaken ,. LeBron was already the best player in the league prior to winning his two straight NBA titles as well as a couple of league MVP’s . Romo has yet to win a league MVP > and only has one playoff win to his lame @ss career . Another reason why no one from Jerry Jones’ family cannot be taken seriously when it comes to anything related to the NFL and that includes the patriarch , himself !

  14. The rivalries within baseball beyond their historic value , much of it comes down to how the teams go about retaining their players . When you say it’s not Stern”s fault concerning the salary cap . Who the hell do you think has been at the forefront of the league’s representation when they negotiate with the union on the labor issues ? Come on Chris, put down the Jim Beam and think about this all before coming up with some of your responses . Stern has been more hands on in micromanaging just about every minutiae of the NBA’s image ,. ever since his ascent to the position .

  15. Al…

    I’m not sure who’s out there that the Heat can pick up at this point.

    I didn’t hear those comments comparing Romo to LeBron but I would suggest that guy put down the crackpipe.

    I’m going to ask you a simple question about Stern. Is the sport better now than it was when he took over?

  16. Chump,

    Re: Brrrrr… yeah we agree here that the sunbelt provides it’s bene’s right about now but those were still some cool stadium photos that will no doubt become a collectors album of their own. And the last year that I lived in the realm of the Buckeye the snow fell in October and November and by April is was still there, gray and ice laden

    Re: Unionizing the NCAA so as to get the athletes a piece of the pie… I’m down with athletes getting a piece but it should be roster wide and not all the coin to the star RB or QB. Otherwise bear in mind that unions repeatedly prove themselves to be a cancer to any organization that permits them. This conundrum couldn’t be presented to a nicer group of administering fools. Should be fun to watch it play out.

    Re: Stern. He’s a meddling fool who grasps the essence of whoring out his sport and pandering to the whims of the star players. Is the league more valuable today in terms of media contracts? Yes Stern’s marketing acumen has increased most franchise’s net value, provided they are not some Podunk backwater like 2/3’s of the teams. Stern also bear grudges and permits himself to meddle in ways that ruin franchise’s as his pious refusal to allow the Lakers to trade for Chris Paul even when all parties were in favor. “F” Stern

    Re: Tophatal: do you give yourself brownie points for inserting more off topic links per post than original text? Or are you trying continuously change the blog topic with every link infected post? Or are you simply venting without a care of being read? In all fairness I’m trying to read along… don’t make it so tough

  17. Tree…

    Thanks, the template took a while but I think it’s finally getting there.

    Would it surprise anyone if we never heard anything more out of the whole Northwestern unionizing case as if the NCAA went all “Goodfellas” on us and simply… took care of it?

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