A Mike Tyson-inspired caption contest that pulls no punches

You guys know how much I like a good caption contest.  I feel they bring out the creativity, and quite often perversion, in all of us.

My most recent caption contest featured one of the oddest pairings we’d seen in years: Meryl Streep and Fifty Cent, sitting together courtside at a New York Knicks game.

This one is even odder than that.

Life cover of Mike Tyson and Robin GivensMike Tyson might be the most dominant heavyweight fighter we’ve ever seen despite his erratic and unpredictable behavior.  From his three-year prison sentence to his marriage to Robin Givens (which was probably just as painful) to his face tattoo (more painful than that even) to biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear (I’m sensing a trend here) to his one man Broadway show to his rooftop pigeon collection, Michael Gerard Tyson has always made headlines.

But who knew he was into abominable snowmen?

Tyson, who does have his own Twitter account, recently launched the picture below into cyberspace.  Tyson was apparently touring, or vacationing, or doing whatever retired, bipolar, heavyweight fighters do while in Lake Tahoe when he ran into what we can only assume is not a real yeti.  But with Mike Tyson, one can never be sure.

So inspire me, sports fans.  The reader who can provide us with the most creative caption below wins not only the opportunity to NOT fight Mike Tyson in the ring but also my permission to speak with a Tyson-like lisp at your next dinner party and of course, another chance to impress us all with your dazzling wit.

Mike Tyson and a yeti

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33 Replies to “A Mike Tyson-inspired caption contest that pulls no punches”

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  2. And what sport did this man participate in? Oh… Caption time…
    Mike Tyson on Michael Jackson injections?

  3. Ebony & Ivory … working in perfect harmony …
    OR (if that one is too obvious…)
    van Gogh meets Big Foot.

  4. Wow, some good ones so far.

    Where to begin, where to begin?

    Dwin…. Tyson on Michael Jackson injections? I’d say more like, heck, I don’t even know WHO that thing looks like. I was gonna go all gray hair like Peter Graves or Leslie Nielsen. Besides, I’m not sure that yeti can dance nor do I see it grabbing its crotch.

    M…. I’m not sure whether I should take offense to that “Ebony and Ivory” reference since that was technically mine and Suvash’s go-to karaoke song. You’re not calling me a yeti, are you?

    Al…. he he, nice one. Calling Evander a yeti, are you? It’s safe to say that yeti can probably form a complete sentence these days whereas Real Deal can not. Okay, Evander’s on his way over now. It’s probably best that we both run.

    SD…. What’s the score in the Red Wings game?

  5. Dwin…

    Ok, sorry. Gotcha on the bleaching thing.

    Still, tho. That ye-ti thing is not my lo-ver. She’s just a girl… who… claims that I am the one.

    But… the snow-man’s not my son.

  6. If Evander steps back into the ring , one of his potential opponents could either be an ex-father in law or one of his former wives . How the hell can you gross over $150 million , in career earnings and then can’t afford to pay child support and alimony to at least one ex-wide and perhaps as many as four baby mama’s (unmarried) ? LOL,LOL,LOL ! No wonder the IRS confiscated his mansion (105 rooms) for failure to pay taxes owed on income and other debts within the state of Georgia , owed there . .

  7. Chris

    There’s no denying that the NFL now has more egg and sh#t on its face in terms adverse public as it affects its overall image .

    Jack Burkman and his stance , now just in , another indictment for Darren Sharper for another sexual assault that took place in New Orleans , quite possibly dating back to his playing days there , with the likelihood that there’s more to come as the investigation is ongoing within Orleans’ Parish , with also the state’s Attorney General Buddy Caldwell also showing signs of interest , should there be other incidents that falls outside that parish’s jurisdiction .

    Sharper’s sexual predilections are almost as his impressive as his career stats .

  8. Omgoodness! Your Mom’s post of ebony and ivory had me truly lol
    My husband was over here asking what? What? Could it be the bottle of wine I just consumed while watching spring training game? Doubtful. That was funny stuff. All I can think of is:
    “I’ve Known Mikey since he was this high” (position of his hand)
    But i see he’s at Mt Rose…Im smelling some naughtiness with that. ..just not rising to the occasion …yet.. Have a great night,)
    Dee Dee

  9. Al…

    Evander’s just another in the long line of professional athletes who made their coin and have nothing to show for it. They don’t need financial advisers, they just need common sense.

    I’m not sure how many Rays spring training games I’ll be going to. I’ll probably just wait til they come up here for the regular season.

    And what in the world is going on in Arizona, Al, and how could any self-respecting liberal, or even anyone with a conscience, live there and put up with that shit?

  10. Jan Brewer has seen the light now in Arizona . as she vetoed a bill that was certainly more about being discriminatory than being about religious beliefs or rights .

    So Money Mayweather can’t find a suitable opponent ? Who the hell is Marcus Maidana and are his affairs in order before he enters the ring in this upcoming bout ?

    Another cool “$30 million for Money without breaking sweat or an act flatulence. “Nice cheddar” when you can get it !

    I’m sorry but who and what the ##@% are Josh Harris and Sam Hinkie doing with the Sixers ? They trade Evan Turner to the Pacers in exchange for an aging Danny Granger and then waive their acquisition ?

    Tell me that , that trade hasn’t now swung the pendulum in Indiana’s favor , rather than the advantage being with the Heat ?

    Dropped this piece , as I know you’ve been busy . So as and when you’re ready .

    What actually makes a successful NFL owner much less a successful professional sports’ franchise owner today in the world of sports ?

    tophatal ………..

  11. Evander has a propensity for losing money, the way fathers kids out of wedlock . All have been done frequently , as if he’s in a blur .

    Get the feeling that Barry Switzer has a huge disliking for Johnny Manziel ?

    Richie Incognito has gone into rehab to be psychologically evaluated ? He actually needs to be told that he’s a f##king douche-bag ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    The Knicks got routed ? Is that worse than having tooth removed via root canal ?

    Sixers’ owner Josh Harris must have a death wish in Philly , having traded Evan Turner to the Pacers , That team in Philly is not worth watching under any circumstance at the Wells Fargo Center .

    The Heat made no major moves at the trade deadline and that was a major mistake on their part .

    Tell me that Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam knows what the hell he’s doing concerning the franchise ? The upheaval there , is almost as bad as the night Art Modell hauled @ss out of town .

    With the Texans having the first pick in the NFL Draft , do you believe that they should take a quarterback or a defensive lineman as that first pick ?

    What actually makes a successful NFL owner much less a successful professional sports’ franchise owner today in the world of sports ?

  12. Al…

    Rays 89 wins on the season? I’ll take the over.

    And I see that Richie Incognito has checked himself into rehab. I’d say it’s about time. I’ll have my take up on that shortly.

    Heat moves? Who were they going to grab? Not so sure they wanted a piece of Granger as I hear he comes with baggage, despite bringing locker room secrets of his former Pacers. Not that he or they would have mattered much.

    And in your opinion, how soon does Manziel go in the draft?

  13. Butler’s not nearly as effective as he used to be, Al. Injuries have taken their toll on his career.

    I do believe Granger can be an x-factor though. I’d like to see whether he can still play or whether his confidence is shaken. It wasn’t all that long ago that he was the man in Indianapolis. Then a guy named Paul George made his presence felt.

    In your opinion, what do you think the Heat needed that would have bolstered their roster?

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