Richie Incognito trashes his Ferrari, then gets trashed on Twitter

We Support Richie IncognitoWhen news of the big, bad, bully-cognito first surfaced months ago, I tried to give former Dolphins (extremely) offensive guard Richie Incognito the benefit of the doubt.  When I heard of the verbal tiffs and inflammatory texts exchanged between Incognito and former teammate Jonathan Martin, I thought perhaps Martin was being a tad sensitive.  After all, that sort of chatter occurs in locker rooms nationwide.

Well, Incognito’s actions are becoming harder to justify.  Since his suspension, not only did he take to Twitter to speak his mind about how he felt betrayed by Martin, whom he considered his best friend, Incognito recently took out his frustrations on his car as well.

His $300,000 car.

On your ordinary, sunshiny Thursday afternoon in Scottsdale, Arizona, police officers arrived at Incognito’s house on a tip from none other than TMZ.  I guess they’ve set up shop outside Incognito’s residence waiting for him to do something stupid.

The move paid off.

Incognito's FerrariCops did not press charges but it has become clearer than ever that our boy Incognito is in need of some therapy.  He checked himself into a local psychiatric hospital days later.

Once news that Incognito went all John Goodman/Larry Sellers on his black Ferrari, Tweeters took to their keyboards at his expense.  Here were some of the most imaginative Tweets that, while funny, won’t put Richard Incognito’s Ferrari back together again.



Anderson Bat Company ‏@AndersonBatCo

Never ever go full Incognito on your car with a bat…


IncognitoJeff Smoke Adams ‏@RealSmokeDogg11

It’s ironic that Richie Incognito is famous all over the country, yet nobody’s ever heard of Richie Infamoso.


Nate Lipke ‏@EvilN8

For a guy named Incognito, he’s sure in the news a lot


Annie Chartrand ‏@travkitty

Oh, Richie Incognito….the stupid burns.


Incognito MartinChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

After trashing his Ferrari with a baseball bat, Richie Incognito told it he was going to have sex with both its sister and its mother.


Tino DiFranco ‏@theliquorman44

I’ll be honest when I first heard that Incognito took a baseball bat to his Ferrari, I thought it was a stripper he met the night before.


Joe Veno ‏@StatMagician

Wow, what a surprise, Richie Incognito took a baseball bat to his BLACK Ferrari.


dirtbagMatt Faure ‏@snarkofthebeast

This just in: Richie Incognito dislikes black things


Brad The Impaler ‏@BEBolly71

Any league that employs R Incognito, Mike Vick, Ray Rice, etc has no room to climb on a moral high horse #NFL #az #SB1062


just me ‏@justme277

Damn. Incognito is such a bully that he is bullying himself now.


After taking a bat to his own Ferrari, Richie Incognito already has a higher batting average than A-Rod will have all year.


Incognito hatTommy Belford ‏@belfdog97

After seeing tape of Incognito hitting car with a bat, the Houston Astros offer him a 5yr contract. He declined, sayin “F*** u, n****r”


Kirsten Fleming ‏@KirFlem

Richie Incognito takes a bat to his Ferrari. Bet he left some nasty voicemails for that damn car too.


Ellen Degenerate ‏@hairmetalhenry

Richie Incognito is a total amateur when it comes to messin up ur own car Signed Richard Pryor


Incognito batsHenry Schilling ‏@HenrySchilling

Richie Incognito needs his own reality show


jenniferlauren ‏@jenhasgreathair

“Oh, he’s the gay guy? No, not him. Who’s the racist one? Oh yeah, Richie Incognito. I’m just like Richie Incognito.” ~ Paula Deen


Peter Burns ‏@PeterBurnsRadio

Richie Incognito’s only play now has to be that CTE and multiple concussions is at the root of all his irrational behavior, right?


Travis Gilbert ‏@Travis73

“Incognito damages his Ferrari with bat” … This guy has Cincinnati @Bengals written all over him.

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22 Replies to “Richie Incognito trashes his Ferrari, then gets trashed on Twitter”

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  2. Even Icognito could look at the joke of a Wells report and know that his days in the league are over. The nfl went over that report, and made sure no complimentary comments from Martin or his teammates towards Incognito were left in it before public release. He knows that any team attempting to sign him will receive a call from Goodell.

    So, just like Martin who will never play again (even though teams will be encouraged by Goodell to sign him) Incognito is laying the groundwork for his jackpot lawsuit. That’s why the Ferrari had to die. Mental anguish, baby, mental anguish.

    Check out my joint from just after the Wells report dropped….

  3. Incognito is the rear end of an elephant’s @ss along with the fecal matter that emanates from it and how anyone believes that it was his right to exhibit that type of behavior with regard to Martin’s mother and sister shows those idiots to be anally retentive and the same with that other moronic @ss-wipe Mike Pouncey ! Is that what they’re now teaching at Florida nowadays ?

    While Urban Meyer was the coach there , did he not also have a responsibility to make sure the players under his tutelage , conduct themselves with some type of decency ? Instead all that jackass of a head coach ever made, was repeated excuses while choosing to apportion blame elsewhere .

  4. Han…

    I wonder if we’ll soon be seeing Incognito ads for a local Lamborghini dealership in South Florida.

    You don’t think he’ll play in the league again? I might just take you up on that wager.

    After all, nobody forgives and forgets criminal activity faster than the National Football League.

  5. Al…

    Who’s going to be back in the league quicker?

    Martin or Incognito? Or both? Or neither?

    Yea, in retrospect, Meyer had himself quite the amount of troubled ones on those rosters. I think we knew that all along but we turned a blind eye as he was winning football games.

  6. Urban Meyer is not Vince Lombardi !

    I couldn’t give a ##it if none of them make it back to the NFL ! The league itself is a joke and lame @ss fans out there whose only interest seems to be in their teams winning should take a look at not only the hypocrisy of the NFL in general but also of the union and its leadership who have never said or done a thing about the behavior of their members on or off the field of play . DeMaurice Smith is a piece of ###king scum, along with Goodell .

    Let me know what you think of the following (see link below) ? I believed you missed it , in leaving a response with regard to the baseball article I recently completed for which I left you a response .

    <b< What actually makes a successful NFL owner much less a successful professional sports’ franchise owner today in the world of sports ?

  7. As soon as I heard he entered himself for a psych evaluation I was then able to map out his next steps. Release, an interview on 60 Minutes, a stop to visit Ellen and then a tearful reunion with his old pal Martin on ESPN. A book will follow. It won’t matter if he plays another down.

  8. Ooooh, you just gave me a great idea for a contest, Bruce.

    How about a prize to whoever can best come up with the title for Richie Incognito’s autobiography.

    I’m thinking something like “Richie Incognito: A Life Unknown.”

    Or maybe “How Unchecked Aggression Can Ruin Your Life In Five Easy Steps?”

  9. Phil isn’t going back to the Lakers unless his girlfriend and fiancee’ Jeanie Buss is allowed back. Her relationship with her brother and owner of the franchise Jim Buss is said to be somewhat strained at present .

    Who would have thought that the Lakers would </a. be this bad this season ?

    Let me know what you think of the following ?

    What actually makes a successful NFL owner much less a successful professional sports’ franchise owner today in the world of sports ?

  10. At this point, Al, why would Phil want to go back to coaching again?

    He’ll be 69 this year, probably has more money that he knows what to do with, not to mention a sugar momma.

    I say, unless there’s a high probability of him coaching LeBron James, he stays right where he is, which is his old Montana rocking chair complete with doobage and pot shots at the league in its current state from afar.

  11. Phil’ll be 69 ? Or more like Jeanie Buss’ll be doin’ 69 on Phil Jackson ?

    Do you see a pattern emerging here (below) ?

    ‘melo torches the Bobcats for 62 points in January in a blowout win for the Knicks against the Charlotte Bobcats . Now LeBron follows up with 61 points of his own in a lopsided victory over Jordan’s Bobcats who actually have postseason ambitions within East as they hold the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference . This season has been really dour if not downright mediocre within this conference and it is not going to get any better in the coming years because the coaching .. ( coaches’ records this season) and talent level is frigging awful !

    tophatal ………

  12. Jeanie Buss wants Phil back in the Lakers’ fold as a consultant much as in the same way Jerry West has a similar role with the Warriors’ organization and it doesn’t seem to be hurting the franchise one bit as he’s assisted with the draft and trade acquisitions since being there .

    At this moment in time I for one don’t believe that Mitch Kupchak is the general manager many claim to be ! His draft record overall has been pretty damn poor !

    Of the four major professional team sports which do you believe to be is the best ran organization of the four in terms of the franchises ? It’s a question I pose in a piece recently written . Your thoughts on that ?

  13. They’re using superlatives to describe LBJ’s sixty-one point game against the Bobcats ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    The Bobcats are a terrible team and their standings simply doesn’t indicate in reality how mediocre they really are . Twice within the space of six weeks two players have hung sixty points a apiece on their sorry ##s ! And fans are meant to be excited by the NBA at present ? Jordan should be burying his head in shame as the owner of the franchise. Hell, after the catastrophe of Kwame Brown in 2001 and now this crap ?

  14. It’s the Bobcats, Al. Nobody, not even their fans expect anything out of them. It’s amazing Jordan can bear to watch.

    Jeanie wants Phil as a consultant? Aren’t they bed buddies? Why should she have to pay him for that? Why can’t she just roll over and say “Honey, what do you think we should do here?” Might just save her a couple million a year.

    And look, Al. If anyone scores 61, ESPN is gonna make a big deal out of it. When it’s LeBron, even more so. They’re under the impression we want to see this “killer instinct” LeBron that can just score at will, whenever he pleases. They should just realize that we enjoy watching LeBron just as he is. I’d much rather see him fool around and score a triple-double with only 28-35 points than score 61 every now and again.

  15. The story on this guy got old, fast. I’m guessing you probably heard even more about it being in the home state of the team… which is frightening.

    Speaking of home teams, what do you think of TB’s new unis? Everyone seems to hate them, but I don’t think they are terrible.

  16. There was even more locally about Incognito released down in Miami, KP.

    Al, doesn’t think he’ll make another NFL roster but we all know how the NFL reprimands its players for bad behavior. It doesn’t.

    The Bucs unis raised quite a stink here locally. Not too many people crazy about ’em…. BUT, all this team needs to do is go out there and win some ball games and all will be forgotten.

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