A fight that would never happen… but should it: Rousey-Mayweather

RouseyLet’s suspend reality for a brief moment.

Let’s pretend we live in an indecent world with no rules or boundaries, you know, the kind of world in which Ray Rice and so many other professional football players live.  It’s a world where it’s acceptable to hit women.

Here’s why I bring this up.

One of the faces of MMA, Ronda Rousey, a female and a bad-ass one at that, recently boasted that she could beat Floyd Mayweather in an MMA match.

Now most of you might find such bravado ridiculous.  After all, Mayweather will go down, at least in his own mind, as one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in boxing history.

There’s no way a woman could ever beat a man in the ring, right?

But again, let’s suspend disbelief.

Why couldn’t she?

Not long ago, I posted a list of professional athletes I’d most want on my side in a bar fight.  Rousey made that list.  Some of my readers scoffed at the suggestion, which was exactly what I expected.  With all due respect, I’m pretty sure that Rousey would kick the shit out of me and most of my friends if it came down to it.

Money MayBut let’s get back to that fight.

Forget Mayweather-Pacquiao, a fight that would have saved boxing from its downward spiral, a fight that unfortunately none of us ever got to see.  That fight would have brought hundreds of millions of viewers.  A Rousey-Mayweather bout would be even bigger than that.  In fact, I’d dare to venture that, hypothetically speaking, if that fight were to take place, it would be the most sought after pay-per-view event in history.  Don King could finally make enough money to retire and for that reason alone, the fight would be worth hosting.

Men’s and women’s sports have never really interacted over the years, the most famous match coming between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs back in the Battle of the Sexes in 1973.  No punches were thrown but King beat Riggs in straight sets that day.  As patronizing as it might have been, it still marked a major moment in the women’s movement for equal rights.

Now just imagine what would happen if Mayweather fought Rousey or more importantly what if Rousey beat him?  That would be the biggest event, if not upset, in sports history.

Rousey championDo you believe in miracles?

So why should we be offended by this thought?  We see women get bloodied and battered when they fight each other in the ring.  It’s not a pretty sight to see but neither is it when men beat the crap out of each other.  So is the thought of Rousey fighting Mayweather that far out of the realm of possibility?

Would you watch it?  Would you pay for it?  Would you protest it?

This is clearly a controversial idea.   You’d have plenty of people appalled at the thought and a long line of politicians getting on their soap box, trying to make a name for themselves, calling the fight immoral.

But is it?  It’s competition at its highest level, regardless of gender.  What’s to say a woman couldn’t compete against a man in that field?

This is a fight that will never happen.  America wouldn’t allow it.  It would make for a great screenplay though.


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55 Replies to “A fight that would never happen… but should it: Rousey-Mayweather”

  1. No way that would be an upset. Rousey would come into that fight at least a -400 favorite.

    Boxers can’t compete with top level MMA fighters in an MMA fight, and Rousey is definitely top level. She would toss him around the cage like a rag doll, and easily armbar him once he was on the ground.

  2. And so speaks our local MMA resident.

    She’d have to get him to the ground first though, bra.

    Stay tuned. I guarantee the most of my readers think Money May would win in a rout. Keep in mind, he is the welterweight champion of the world.

  3. Chris

    Given the sad state of affairs within boxing , with Pacquiao facing Tim Bradley for a second time and quite possibly he could lose the rematch . Why not have

    ‘ Money’ Mayeather face off against Ronda Rousey ?

    Dana White has has p#%sed off two of the UFC’s biggest stars ( GSP & Anderson Silva with his continued criticism of both , that he doesn’t yet he’s realize he’s hurting the brand !

    Personally. I’d like to Floyd take on Rousey’s , Mom pompom , Mome , AnnMaria De-Mars (Ph.D) and the first female American to win multiple world World Judo Championship titles , and who now holds a Black Belt in that discipline as well as teaching and lecturing around the globe .

    tophatal ………………

  4. Chump, you make some pretty salient points above, hard not to agree with most of that except for details…
    a) Rousey could kick ALL of your friends and ALL of my friends asses in a cage fight. Or a bar fight. Or anywhere you pissed her off. At any given time. In a dress. With or without heels. So props on including her on the Bar Fight list that I must have missed.

    b) Boxing is dead. So dead. So dead that it is stupefying that Showtime gave Faymeather $200M. For anything. For the rest of his life. For any reason. If HBO was smart they would swap on over to UFC and make Dana and Lorenzo billionaires because MMA puts boxing, and all other singular fighting skills to rest. The ancient media tycoons haven’t caught on yet.
    c) ALL young talent is measured on the MMA scale. Period.
    d) Fayweather fights no one but stiffs… but of course see a) above… in that boxing is dead there truly is no ‘new’ talentcoming up thus they are all stiffs.
    e) Fayweather has lightning hand speed but ANY MMA artist would simply rush him and take him to the ground… Fayweather is lost on her back.
    f) Boys beat girls. It’s why we are boys. So at the end of the day whether I’m clear that Fayweather is nothing but a fast jabbing eunuch or not, and knowing that Rousey trains daily against only men, some preference needs to be shown to the male gender.

    IF Fayweather had a set of cajones it might be close, but since we’re talking Fayweather …

    Rousey by armbar in Round #1

  5. Does Floyd get to train for 6 months? He would do better than James Toney. Is she fighting at 135? Floyd at 155? I am a huge MMA fan for the record. She is a badass…and would beat my 43 year old self up. That said it is silly to think she beats up every guy who isn’t an MMA fighter…which is what you are saying.

  6. Tophatal… your assessment of Dana’s comments is myopic. At the time he said what he did about each fighter he was spot on telling the truth. Dana doesn’t have a PC mode. And both fighters know he spoke truth… neither protests.

    And as big of a fan as I am of both GSP and Anderson Silva… their times have passed.

    At the big ticket counter upstairs someone already called NEXT!!!

  7. Capn Tree Who who is there now in MMA who has the pedigree and charisma ? Other than Jon Jones there’s no one ! Cain Velaquez simply has no one wanting to see his bouts . Jose Aldo dominates his bouts and there are no real challengers for him . So other than Rousey who is there to draw fans in ? White will bite the hand that feeds him and in the end it will hurt MMA and the UFC banner .

    By the way just because you’re hard and fast fan it doesn’t make you an expert .

  8. Cap N Tree o

    St Pierre was correct in his assessment of the sport when he stated that there ought to be more protocols in place for e testing and those officiating the bouts within the sport especially in the state of Nevada and that was what disliked specifically . Besides who is Dana White to be dictating when these guys should be fighting and how often ? Last I looked , even though fighters are contracted to the UFC banner they were not indentured slaves working on a plantation and that is in essence how White now sees these fighters .

  9. Al…

    The state of professional boxing gets worse by the month.

    Are they no young boxers out there in any division that can draw viewers?

    I mean, I’m getting tired of seeing the same old fighters fight.

    I know you have to be too.

  10. Tree…

    I’m lovin’ it.

    I think you and I should get the wheels in motion to make this fight happen.

    As you suggest, it’s the only way people would even pay attention to boxing these days.

    And once she arm bars him, that could officially mark the funeral of the sport we all grew up with.

    We might as well make it official, right?

  11. D…

    I’m actually surprised by the response to this piece and everyone’s take on the outcome of the fight.

    Check ’em out. So far, I think you’re the only one who thinks Mayweather would win.

    Oh, I hear you’re coming to Orlando for the tourney games? I’ll see ya’ there, bra.

  12. Chris

    So things didn’t work out for Phil Jackson at one lunatic asylum (Pistons)s so now he’s intent on gauging another offer of work from another ? Pistons’ owner Tom Gores has Joe Dumars …… ruining the franchise having fired Mo Cheeks , but it was Dumars who assembled the current roster with inane idiocy .


    Has it not been GSP and Silva (‘Spider’) who have provided the UFC with their biggest viewership ratings in terms of their bouts (PPV) ? So what right does it give White to denigrate either guy , while he has been making money off their hides ? Explain that if you can ? It was Dana White who insisted that Brock Lesnar would be a mainstay within the UFC and become the title holder who would defend the heavyweight title numerous times and become the division’s best talent in quite a while . I guess Dana White’s dumb @ss was spot on , there as well ?

    tophatal …………….

  13. The Knicks are now said to be in talks with Phil Jackson and his agent to gauge his interest in becoming a full-time consultant with the franchise working in the front office . Why do I get the feeling that this is all likely to end ever so badly for both parties ? It was Phil who drove Jerry West out of LA , albeit that franchise went on to win multiple titles after West’s departure . Yet in terms of the talent currently with the Lakers and subsequent to his departure , a great deal of it has been acquired by trades and not necessarily through the NBA Draft .

    The Knicks will have to throw down some big money to Jackson to make this a reality . Consider who the highest paid player on the roster just happens to be and then imagine a Knicks’ front office earning the same salary , in spite of his coaching resume’ . $12-15 million a year was Jackson’s salary with the Lakers at the time of his departure . Get the feeling that figure might be also in line with what he’s now liable to be offered as well as a stake in the franchise ?

    Riles (Pat Riley) has a similar agreement with Micky Arison and the Heat (5% stake in the franchise) .

  14. You bring up a good point, Al.

    Not only must the boxer be good but marketable. Ali, Tyson, those guys knew how to work the mic. Not sure Lennox Lewis ever did.

    Yeah, what exactly happened to Phil Jackson in Detroit? Did he get there, suddenly realize it was Detroit and come to his senses? At least him having an office in New York will get people talking about them in something other than a negative light.

  15. Floyd wins. Can you imagine the adrenalin rush any man would experience in a situation where he is physically battling in legal, mortal combat against a woman? The absurdly monumental pressure to not only win but represent men across the globe by devastating the opposite sex would provide the male with unparalleled desire to dominate on every level and within every detail.

  16. Chris

    Phil got to Detroit and realized that the automotive industry in terms creative ingenuity which it still lacks , the same can be said of the Detroit Pistons’ franchise in terms of their current state and the hierarchy led by owner Tom Gores and GM Joe Dumars . Now to make matters worse it’s now rumored that overtures have been made for Isiah Thomas to come in as a special consultant (link inset) . Son of the ###ch , what the hell is going on inside their front office ?

    Next you know, they’ll be calling in Dave Bing to consult with him, on all things to do with their concessions, rather than using Bing in a capacity worthy of his status .

    tophatal …………..

  17. But what if he backed off, SA?

    What if Mayweather realized what he was doing was wrong, stopped throwing punches, then she landed one or two, or just leg swept him to get him down to the ground?

    Yeah, this fight would, or could, never happen… but it’s fun to think about though.

  18. What is Bing doing these days, Al? Is he still at all involved in the organization? He couldn’t do any worse than Dumars has done over the last decade. #Darko.

    I was as surprised as you were about the Davin Joseph move. I guess they know something we don’t. If anything, offensive line is our weak spot. I would imagine we’re going to bring in an able-bodied replacement?

  19. Chris

    Dave Bing started his own company and is a multimillionaire . The Bing Group is involved in the engineering and audio field, that caters to the automotive industry and to the makers of electronic equipment as well having a multimillion contract with the US Defense Department .

    He is still involved with the company , which is on target to have reputed sales exceeding $ 2 billion for this year. Bing Group is s was one of the largest African American privately owned companies in the United States with annual sales exceeding $1.5 billion on average over the past two years .

    Dave Bing has senior executive and managerial experience having risen through the ranks working for one of the largest banking concerns within the state of Michigan . So I believe if brought in to assist with the revamping of the Pistons , he would be doing a hell of lot better than either Joe Dumars or Isiah Thomas .

    All Dumars has to hang his hat on is Detroit’s win of the NBA title in 2004 , but since 2005 the franchise has been ” frigging mess competitively ” , along with the lame a#s trades made and draft picks .

    Pistons’ transactions over the past three seasons . Your thoughts there ? This year , 2012 , 2011 .

    Left you a response concerning the Pacers and what they need to do order to maintain that conference lead .

    splits his purse money with Ronda Rousey were that fight ever to take place ? I think not !
    Floyd Mayweather is likely to honor the rest of his contract with Showtime and then call it “quits ” Six fights for a gross of $200 million ? That doesn’t include a percentage of the sales of merchandizing and ancillary rights’ fees in terms future television broadcasts as well as the sales from overseas , where the fighter is extremely popular in the UK , Western Europe , the African Continent , Latin America and the Caribbean . Like I said when Money Mawyeather leaves the sport it will become extremely dull .

    B-Hop (Bernard Hopkins) fast approaching his fiftieth birthday will be fighting Beibut Shumenov from Kazakhstan at the DC Amory in Washington, DC . on April 19th .

    Shumenov was five years old when Hopkins had his first professional bout in 1988 . Your thoughts on that ?

    Hopkins , I believe is now good enough to unify the light heavyweight division (he holds two of the four major titles that matter) given the lack of credibility of amongst the other titlists within the division !

    You can talk a good game, but can you play one?

    tophatal …………….

  20. Look, I love women and think they are better than men at a great number of things. That said, I am drawing the line at Sports/physical activity. Somebody up above mentioned that boys beat girls. It is true! The best men beat the best women at everything sports related.

    I know we live in a PC, gender neutralization world nowadays. I think women should be paid the same as men for the same work. I am on board with them gaining an equal foothold in society. That said, there are differences between men and women as much as some people try to say there are not any. Physicality being one of them.

    I don’t think Floyd has a problem hitting women. I am not sure it would be wrong either in a sanctioned event where two people agreed to fight each other. I don’t care for ” money ” anymore than the rest of you, but he is an ELITE athlete. His hand speed and more importantly his foot speed are an 11 out of 10. With 4 oz gloves he is easily raining punches. The fight is over very quickly and Rousey has a caved eye socket. What is she going to do when he starts throwing punches? These are not normal MMA punches either. She also doesn’t shoot on her take downs, but relies on judo hip tosses for take downs. Which means grappling standing up. I think it ends poorly for her with minimal training for Floyd.

    I am not going to the games. I am hanging out at Jason’s all weekend though. We will have the grill going. Oh and I will be at the UFC in Orlando in April. Tickets have been purchased.

  21. What a concept! We would love to see this fight. With Rousey, the fact that MMA would be allowed would give her the shot. Rather than squaring up, Rousey could automatically try a takedown, which could definitely turn the tide in terms of the overall winner.

  22. Yet another thing that’s wrong with boxing, Al. Fixed purses.

    Because a guy’s more of a draw means he gets a bigger paycheck? In what lifetime? To the victor go the spoils… and the majority of the cut too.

    Bing was a little before my time but I hear the cat could ball for certain. So becomes relevant again first? Detroit? Boston? New York? Or L.A.?

  23. D…

    Why aren’t you going to the games? Are you bringing your clubs at least?

    And that transgendered issue is a interesting debate. I’m not sure where I stand on it. I can certainly understand both sides of the argument.

    We continue to enter a new era as a society with blurred lines all over the place. Fortunately, I’m not the one that has to make these decisions.

  24. BS…

    As I expected, opinions are torn.

    Some people think Rousey would win in a landslide. Others think Money May would destroy her.

    If we all can agree upon anything, it’s that the fight wouldn’t go very long with either one fighter of the other doing their thing.

  25. Chris

    I’d rather have Dave Bing be involved with my business concern rather than either Dumars or Thomas . No title wins and the ruination of a franchise with Isiah Thomas plus he cost the Knicks several millions in a civil suit payout after a sexual harassment in Federal Court .

    Dumars assembles a team that performed consistently at a high level for four years wins a title and then he falls of the cliff with some asinine trades and moronically bad draft classes . .

    So the Darrelle Revis “experiment ” is about to come to an end as Bucs’ GM Jason Licht and Lovie Smith are actively looking to trade the corner-back . Six years and $96 million non-guaranteed and it suddenly took the front office all this time (one year and $16 million) to realize that Revis was not only past his s prime , but the trade in the first place was a frigging joke ? Anal retentive leadership of the f Bucs along with the damn Glazer family , who the dumb @ss media within the local market , continue to kiss their rear ends repeatedly . What the ###k for ? Their philanthropic efforts within the community ?

    The Glazers have sold the area a “bill of goods” for years while not really putting anything back into the community that is tangible . Never mind the idiots of the Tampa Bay Sports Authority (owners of Raymond James) having written off a debt owed by the franchise to the quasi governmental agency while the county government laid off first responders , cops and teachers . Hillsborough and the city of Tampa with first class ambitions , but the intelligence of a bunch of corrupt despotic politicians from either Latin America or Eastern Europe.

  26. The guy I normally attend sporting events (Jim) informed me he would rather eat and watch on TV so I decided not to go. We will be at Jason’s house Friday-Sunday. Yes, I am bringing the clubs. We are supposed to play early Saturday before the basketball bonanza. Where are you staying? Are you planning on hanging with us at all?

    I will comment on the transgender issue. I think it is absurd honestly. I am all for people being who they want to be but sometimes in life you don’t get what you want. I suppose if every woman competing didn’t have a problem then I wouldn’t care. However ones right to do something is starting to take the fun out of things for other people. I have read some articles the past few days on it and while they do their best to make the transformation to a woman it still leaves behind male traits. It seems unfair to me. I am sure we will see more and more of this type of thing in the future. I guess we will sit back and watch, but if female transgenders start dominating these things the proof will be in the pudding. At which point I would expect rational people to make the proper decision.

  27. So perhaps entirely new leagues are in order, D?

    Like the TNBA or TNFL? Hmmm, I wonder what kind of viewership they’d get.

    I’ll bring clubs and play the whole stay thing by air when we see what the Gators schedule (and my work schedule) look like.

  28. Chris

    Aqib Aqib wants major money ( $14-15 million a year ) and the Pats weren’t prepared to give him that . Personally, I believe they made a mistake in letting him go as I believe he was one of the better players on the team’s defense last season !

    As a matter of fact nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the NFL off-season and the trades that tend to take place in the run up to the NFL Draft !

    Remember what happened in March 2013 just before last season’s draft ?

    Left you a response to my latest article, so as and when you’re ready , you can leave a further reply .

    Your thoughts on the recent stumbles by the Heat and Pacers ?

    tophatal …………………..

  29. Al…

    I’m not sure the Patriots are willing to give anybody not named Tom Brady major money. That’s how they roll and that’s why they’re successful.

  30. I don’t know that a new league is the answer. I doubt many people would watch that league anyways. I think that the very small fraction of people who would try this are just SOL. Or they can compete with the other Y chromosome people.

    I watch sports to be entertained and to see athletic greatness. I will watch any gender in sports if that is the pinnacle of sports perfection. However, the men play a better version of whatever sport pretty much across the board. I know my views are unlikely to be popular with a number of people. I am OK with people thinking about me whatever they want…I really don’t care what other peoples opinion of me are anyways. I strayed a bit as I was more trying to address if people would watch a transgender league or not.

  31. D…

    This is entirely unrelated yet somehow oddly related.

    How did you feel when the whole Casey Martin thing came about? You remember Casey, right? He was the professional golfer who had a degenerative condition and fought to be able to ride a cart. Other golfers on tour felt it gave him an unfair advantage, considering they had to walk the course.

    Now the only way that the transgendered case is in any way related in my mind is that people argue that she will still have an unfair advantage against her opponents.

    So I’m just wondering where you stood on the Martin case.

  32. I thought it was an unfair advantage as well for Casey despite his condition. I really think appeasing a few at the expense of many is not a good way to do things…just my opinion.

  33. How is it discrimination? They are unable to participate under the rules of the governing body? Should we change every rule to accommodate certain people even if it gives them a certain advantage? We obviously don’t agree on this one which is cool…it makes people different.

  34. Oh, I’m not saying I agree or disagree with you, D. Just having a discussion about it but the ADA has made it illegal to for most places to not be handicap accessible, yes?

    So all I’m saying is, if Martin was legitimately handicapped, he had a legitimate case to use his cart on tour.

  35. Tophatal,

    The only match I want with you is one of focus.

    I’ve checked out your hyper link laden site with your numerous ‘expert’ opinions on every topic under the sun… I avoid Chris’s blog simply because you drag every post into the proverbial weeds with your off topic hyper linked self proclaimed ‘expert’ opinions on every post. I doubt I’ll check back on this reply either because I’m sure that you’ll have replied another 13 times times by then… all before the suns sets again.

    Take a breath lad…

    Within those last 13 replies you’ve have rarely been on topic, instead always pushing your own ‘expert’ opinions on everything from NFL player arrest warrants to NBA coaching to the Lakers to the auto industry to the Pistons to the Patriots to the Heat and Pacers… good lord Al is there ANYTHING that you are NOT the self proclaimed ‘expert’ about?

    I do hereby now proclaim thee to be The Expert in ALWAYS wandering off topic. Consider yourself duly dubbed.

    Regarding MMA fighting, oh yeah THAT was the blog post topic wasn’t it?, I thank you further for illustrating the paucity of your understanding of both MMA, how promotional contracts are written and why Dana White can do exactly as he pleases with fighters under his promotional contract.

    Do you think Dana’s UFC contracts are any better or worse than Don King’s were in the long dead day of boxing? To do so reveals yet more folly…

    UFC fighters are NOT being treated like indentured servants. Or are you now an attorney too? Because I’d like to see you show ANY evidence of that. UFC fighters absolutely can have other jobs, other promotional deals for products etc but they cannot fight for another promoter WHILE they are signed to fight for the UFC. So?

    Is that truly so difficult for an ‘expert’ such as yourself to understand?

    I fail to grasp the nature of your ire with UFC and Dana White. He let Brock Lesnar go BECAUSE HE LOST. And then LOST AGAIN. Brock wanted out, he went public and stated that he did not like getting hit in the face. He went back to fake wrestling where the results are negotiated before the fight and creampuff fan boys can adore him without his risking consciousness. If Brock could win in the UFC he’d still be there.

    How is it Dana’s fault that Brock couldn’t hang with the big boys?

    Cain may not have Brock’s 4′ wide chest and square cut hair and jaw but he’ll kick the hell out of ANY heavyweight who wants to try their hand. So those in top hats prefer Brock? Whatever… we’ll make a note of it.

    What words were so harsh to GSP? He lost to Hendriks. Nearly everyone who saw the fight agreed that GSP lost and lost badly. Anderson got knocked cold and then came back and broke his leg while losing again. Buhbye… Next!!

    I loved watching both GSP and Silva… but their time has ended. GSP went out with class. He KNEW he lost and is too honorable of a man to defend a belt that he knew was not his any longer.

    Why are you blasting Dana for knowing the plain truth of each of those fighters?

    You are the self proclaimed expert Al, precisely WHAT was he supposed to do with any of those three fighters when they lose? Hello??

    Looks like your ‘expert’ top hat has done worn a bit threadbare doesn’t it Al?

  36. That’s all I was sayin’, D.

    Ok, now back to the transgendered athlete.

    Let’s say she took a physical exam, or several for that matter, that proved without a shadow of a doubt that she had absolutely 0% testosterone in her body, or at least no more testosterone that the normal woman has. (I think women also naturally produce testosterone but I’m not doctor)

    I mean, is that the only problem?

    Again, this is a relatively new phenomenon, at least when it comes to the world of big time sports competition. At least I think it is.

  37. No offense, Al, but I may just have to award the good Captain of the Trees with comment of the year.

    I don’t even have a Comment of the Year Award but I may have to start one now.

    And a hearty congratulations to you, sir.

  38. Not the only reason. She has wider shoulders, more dense bone and male muscle fibers. My understanding from reading is that the type of transition required to achieve your results must take place at a much younger age. Once the persons grows to a full grown male you will be unable to remove all traces. Not many parents are going to let their 11year old have a full blown gender change. I will give Casey some more thought but the transgender is SOL to me anyways. Let me ask you…if transgenders start dominating their particular craft should they be removed from those competitions in the future? Yes or no answer please 🙂

  39. Full blown gender change at eleven, D? Why not? Steve’s parents let him do it. ZING!

    Look, again, I see your point. Totally valid. And we’re only talking about an extremely small portion of the population. It’s not like transgendered athletes are suddenly going to be taking over women’s athletics.

    I do see where, aside from the testosterone, they would have unique physical advantages over people born as women and competing in the same sport. I also see where these people have certain inalienable rights that our government affords them.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if transgendered athletes were disallowed to compete in women’s sports. It also wouldn’t surprise me if one of them took their case all the way to the Supreme Court and won.

  40. Heavy D, the answer is Yes as unpopular as it may be.

    Chump, it appears that you’re rather knowledgeable about transgender discrimination issues, I’m sorry the scars are still so painful. teehee…

  41. Let us be thankful this fight never happened with Floyd. Did you see how she was totally dominated in stand-up with Nunes? Holy-cow her stand-up is downright awful. No defense at all or head movement. Just a punching bag. She is really limited in her skills, great arm-bar, some grappling and Judo. She is world class at Judo, but you need to be able to get close to do tosses and over/under hooks. She doesn’t look like she can get close to elite strikers at this point. The beating she took tonight was a big one.

    That said she did great things for MMA and even more for women’s sports. I think she retires. The fight went as I expected. I was talking to a friend as the fight was about to begin and I said it will be a beat down and she will retire. She is a Hall of Famer and will always be able to get paid doing something. She will be fine. Happy New Year Sportschump!

  42. Thanks, D, and no, I was working so I didn’t get to watch the fight but everyone that came in who had seen it said it was over with the quickness.

    She hadn’t fought in thirteen months and apparently it showed.

    MMA is a relatively new phenomenon. I guess we’re going to have to get used to seeing flashes in the pan.

    Wasn’t all that long ago that she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not so much anymore.

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