John Calipari to the Lakers: More than a rumor, more than a rumor to me

The EnquirerI love a good rumor.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t subscribe to The Globe or The Enquirer… although I do give them a quick thumb-through for shits and giggles while standing in line at the supermarket.  Hey, if one of my ex-presidents sleeps with an alien life form, I want to be the first on my block to know about it.

Who in their right mind doesn’t love a hearty spoonful of juicy gossip, regardless of whether or not the story is true?  Did you hear that Susie is sleeping with Phil from accounting?  We’re all guilty of participating in that unruly game of operator with the increasingly-falsified events we pass along having no bearing on our lives whatsoever.  Such conversation provides us the opportunity to live vicariously through (or sit in judgment of) another.

That’s why when a juicy sports rumor comes around, our ears perk up leaving us to imagine what would happen if they actually came true.

Calipari shoutsJohn Calipari to the Lakers is one such rumor.

LeBron has talked about it.  Rex Chapman has talked about it.  Heck, who WOULDN’T talk about it?  The Lakers have been mired in misery ever since Mike D’Antoni brought his matador defense to the Staples Center.  Talk about a bad fit.  Nobody has been more unfit for a job since Dennis Miller took over Monday Night Football.

But back to the rumor mill and those churning it.  The Krzyzewski-Lakers rumors of yesteryear were fun to talk about but we knew that was never going to happen.  Coach K is synonymous with Duke.  And while Coach Cal isn’t exactly the bed-hopper that Larry Brown is, he’s had his fair share of stops before landing in Lexington.

When asked about the Lakers gig, the Kentucky coach responded with the patented “I’m not going to honor such ridiculous rumors” and “Los Angeles already has a head coach” sound-bites… but he’d have to at least entertain the offer, wouldn’t he?  I mean, if it were offered which, of course, it hasn’t been (wink, wink).

john wall anthony davisJohn Calipari currently presides over the most prestigious coaching position in college basketball.  He makes upwards of five million dollars annually and can pick and choose from the most talented high schoolers in the nation.  The guy doesn’t even have to step foot in a living room anymore.  Furthermore, enough of his talent is now in the NBA (John Wall, Derrick Rose, Anthony Davis) that he could potentially woo them to a rebuilding Lakers team, assuming of course he took the job.  At least that’s what the rumor mill tells us.

The Lakers could probably match, if not double, what Kentucky’s paying him and while five mil in Lexington goes a lot farther than seven or eight mil in Los Angeles, it’s safe to say Calipari’s lifestyle wouldn’t suffer all that much with the move to more expensive La La Land.

In addition, nobody in the NCAA seems to like Calipari much or perhaps they just resent him for the success he’s had in bucking the system.  He’s even been unhappy with the NCAA, recently comparing their rule to the old Soviet Union, so why not move to the land of the unlegislated, where Adam Silver rules with a silk glove rather than an iron fist.

Now even the Knicks have “allegedly” reached out to Coach Cal.  How would that conversation go?

phil jackson art“John?”


“It’s Phil Jackson.  Want a job?”

I mean if the Zen Master calls, he’d have to field that phone call as well, wouldn’t he?  We’re not talking about the Bucks or the Kings here, which Kentucky is clearly a better job than.  We’re talking New York and Los Angeles.

So I say let the Calipari rumors commence in all their regalia!

After all, there just might be some truth to them.  This isn’t the ridiculous talk of Nick Saban leaving Alabama.  Saban is 62.  ‘Bama is likely his last coaching job.  Calipari on the other hand is 55 and had only a tease of success in the NBA back in the day.  If he could lead Kerry Kittles, Sam Cassell and Keith Van Horn to the playoffs, imagine what he could do with an aging Kobe Bryant and a clean slate in Los Angeles.

I’m not saying he’s packing his bags.  Far from it.  This is all probably nothing but hearsay.  But if I were a Kentucky Wildcat, I would be very, very concerned.

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15 Replies to “John Calipari to the Lakers: More than a rumor, more than a rumor to me”

  1. He is a pretty good coach despite what most gator fans think about him. I don’t think it is a stretch to think he takes one of those jobs…and how can you not like Dennis Miller?

  2. Actually, D, I liked Dennis Miller on the show but I know I was in the minority.

    I hear he’s gone off the deep end these days with an ultra-conservative radio show… which means Beave probably listens to him religiously.

    I was just trying to come up with an analogy for someone who most people thought were unfit for the job.

    And re: Calipari, I agree with you. Him leaving the SEC would shake things up a bit. And you have to admit. Seeing Gillispie fumble his way around that UK job was kinda fun.

  3. Yeah he wasn’t well received on MNF though I found him amusing. I am sure beave follows him lol

  4. Kentucky fans, whether you like it or not Calipari is on his way out of Lexington to the beautiful beaches of California! how do you turn down the opportunity to coach one the the greatest players of all time KOBE BEAN BRYANT?

  5. You accused me of watching too many late nigh cartoons and you read the Globe and Enquirer to any extent? Now who’s crazy? Anyway, I don’t think Cal is crazy enough to associate with the Association at this point. Elite school, off the charts fan base, reloads each year with the cream of the crop and runs all aspects of the program. Never say never but I think he enjoys turning over his team each year and then molding the newbies into winners.

  6. John Calipari to the Lakers ? What would Jeanie Buss think and what would Phil say about it all , as he’s dating her , as well ? I guess he’ll offer up some advice . Calipari to the Lakers and I guess Palin will revoke her membership to the Tea Party next to become a ” Liberal ” ?b .

    John Calipari will only join, if he’s offered in excess of $10 million a year and can offer college recruits prior to their declaring their eligibility for the draft , an all expenses paid trip to places such as Vegas , Cancun or Puerto De Vallarta . Is there anyone in the Lakers’ front office with an ounce of frigging common sense ? Jim Buss couldn’t find his own sphincter with the aid of a flashlight . As for Mitch Kupchak , his idea of using the NBA Draft might be considered an art form in stupidity , much like his picks over the past eight years .

  7. Heard this news about Kaepernick and a female , who’s the victim of a sexual assault ? Two of his associates , NFL players , Qunton Patton and Ricardo Lockette are persons of interest in the alleged assault , that took place in Miami . The police department are conducting an investigation into the incident , claims of GBH (Rohypnol) having been used .

  8. Always good to know that Goodell is making that “cheddar” ($29.4 million a year) , while the league as a whole and their players remain ignorant and obnoxious !

    The highest salaried player in the NFL last year made nowhere near as much money in base , average but they might have in terms of guaranteed money . Isn’t life grand when you can look the fool and get paid for doing so ?

    The 535 members of the US Congress, must also be laughing all the way to the bank as well , while screwing the country repeatedly , just as much as the NFL commissioner .

  9. Sterl…

    Actually, I think there are probably more coaches out there that would probably pass on the opportunity to coach Kobe than would care to admit.

    Think about it. He’s gonna want to have it his way no matter what. Plus he’s only got two more years to go.

    Sure he’s determined to win another title before he retires but how legit is that if he’s not 100%.

    The Lakers are a (short) long term fix. Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day and whoever they get is going to have to be on the same page as Kobe Bean. That might be easier said than done.

  10. It is either the Knicks or the Lakers, Burnsy.

    How often do jobs like that come around?

    Kentucky’s probably a better job than most of those in the NBA.

    If he doesn’t take the gig and stays at UK, how much careful consideration do you think he gave those offers?

  11. Al…

    D’Antoni’s currently making six mil so what’s another four to get his ass out of town?

    Is that a done deal for Matt Moore, man? Are you sure about that? I haven’t heard confirmation on that. If so, that’s a huge blow for the team.

    I’ll have my take on Kaepernick soon so stay tuned. I”m pretty sure you’ll be in agreement.

  12. Chris, I think Cal, like anyone else in a profession where your career arc can crash land in a nano-second due to a zealous alumnus or a player on the take, probably listens to everything presented to him. No shame in that. You got an offer, let’s hear it. Always want a Plan B and C and never burn a bridge you may want to cross someday. I’m no mind reader but Cal looks and sounds to me like an elegant elder statesman on those sidelines now. Even with the NCAA writing his team’s participation in their tourney each year in pencil instead of ink he has remained in the college game. I think if he’s hung around this long with all the arrows shot his way about how he has and does get it done in the college game he probably is inclined to finish out at that level if he’s remained after all he’s endured…and thrived at.

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