Jimmy Fallon and fans welcome Robinson Cano back to New York City (video)

Sometimes comedians come up with some hysterical shit.

Jimmy Fallon is one of those comedians. (#Ew!)

Sometimes baseball players have the means and wherewithal to work the supply and demand of baseball’s marketplace to their own financial benefit.

Robinson Cano is one of those players.

CanoThis off-season, Cano signed a 10-year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners.

This weekend, Cano returned to New York for the first time.

Fallon and his staff chose to capitalize on that visit and in doing so, provided us with not only some tremendous humor but also an interesting case study in how differently the average fan reacts to athletes when they’re on the field, hundreds of feet away, as opposed to when we see them up close and personal.


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22 Replies to “Jimmy Fallon and fans welcome Robinson Cano back to New York City (video)”

  1. Chris

    I’d like to thank the Mariners’ Board of Directors , GM Jack Zduriencik and the front office before completely overreaching with their acquiring former Yankees’ player Robinson Cano ! At the same time one should also commend Cano’s agent Jay-z of Roc-Nation-Sports for putting the deal together for his client . At the same time how overrated is this Mariners’ team to begin with and where their likely to play “second fiddle” to the A’s over the remainder of the season with the AL West . Melvin’s A’s are by far the best team in the division . Is Cano even hitting above his own body weight in terms of his batting average and in comparison to the rest of the AL and MLB in general ?

    So Adam Silver was able to put on his “big boy pants” , whereas your boy David Stern during his tenure as commissioner chose not to take any action against Donald Sterling , even when there were prior bad acts that included racially insensitive remarks beyond all of his legal woes and all of which were well chronicled in the print and television media . What’s your answer behind Stern’s inaction , given his legal background as a lawyer ? So much for him being of real benefit to the NBA , when one of the most disreputable owners in the NBA went completely untouched during his reign , because he (Stern) of all people chose not to reprimand Donald Sterling in any way . Your insight into race relations is most definitely one that needs rethinking altogether and where the advances are said to have taken place over the past four decades .

    tophatal ……………….

  2. Figures… Since old man Steinbrenner first took advantage of free agency so many years ago the Yankees have bought one championship after another and that’s undeniable… Boston finally woke up and played the same game and won a couple of titles… The Marlins and the D’backs proved it’s true, teams can simply buy championships in the modern MLB. I think it’s about time the Yankee fans get some of their own medicine… Yeah… BOO!

  3. All it will take Seattle to get a return on their investment is a single World Series title, Al.

    We’ll see if Cano and company are able to deliver that.

    And like I mentioned over at your site, Silver stood strong where Stern was either unable or opposed to doing so.

    Congrats to the league for its bold move.

  4. Easy to boo the Yankees organization, Dwin.

    Always has been.

    Thanks to Adam Silver, millions of Americans aren’t booing the Clippers organization today and the league that for so long supported that sort of thing.

  5. Great stuff. Helps put the whole fanatic fan thing in perspective, as well as the wildly over-compensated athlete. We should try to remember both are human beings…real people. Fallon does a good job of keeping it real in bits such as this.

  6. Way to flip the script Rob…Both by coming out of the booth to confront the booers in this skit…AND to leave the Yanks to let them finally see how it feels to lose to the highest bidder.

    It was hilarous to hear the fans yell sellout during the game.
    Irony knows no bounds.

  7. Omg, Triple SC… I saw this on espn Tuesday morning during my workout. I was lmao so bad I had to get off my elliptical to enjoy the entire video. Poor Robi…lol. Hell, I’m not even booing Ellsbury. I’ll never forget when I found out about that move – I was sitting at Mcdonalds drive thru…. I screamed so loud the worker asked if I was okay! Hell freaking no I am still not okay about Ells leaving my Red Sox for Yanks, but I’m not booing him! I’ll be taking my Mama to see Yanks at Rays Aug or Sept.

    You’re beating me in Nascar;) Congrats
    Dee Dee:)

  8. And I’ve been a fan of Jimmy Fallon since Fever Pitch. You must know I LOVE that movie…Jimmy plays Ben.. but that character is me to a capital T.
    Dee Dee

  9. Chris,
    According to McNabb/Malone, if Sterling wasn’t dealt with prior to last nights game an NBA first would occurred. There would be the initial jump ball at center court and then both teams wudda walked off the court in protest. Glad that didn’t happen.

    You asked me about the next NBA ejection? I’d take a price on Westbrook. Yes, I bet the Clippers in the series and layed over 3-1. Yeah, I know not your style, but I like to bet against lame duck coaches.

  10. Love me some Fallon, Bursny.

    But I do think he tapped into something with this bit.

    Doubt it’ll make the average heckler change his tune but ya’ never know.

  11. Bleed…

    There’s more than just a few baseball teams these days that are willing to spend $150 mil on their roster. The Yanks are slowly starting to figure that out.

    Won’t be long before they hit $250 mil. Trust me.

    That’ll still be about 4X what the Rays spend.

  12. Dee Dee…

    You should know by now I am the NASCAR master.

    Have a blast in Chi-Town. Hope you’re prepared to be my midwest correspondent.

    Little trivia for ya’, two part question.

    Who wrote the book Fever Pitch and what sport was it about?

    No cheating.

  13. Bets…

    You might just be in look.

    The Sterling ban might push Clipper Nation’s emotions over the edge enough to take the series.

    And I’ve heard various rumors about the players staging protests.

    Fortunately the league did the right thing by avoiding that situation entirely.

    Meanwhile, Donald Sterling is sitting somewhere wondering what the fuck just happened.

  14. Chris

    A <a href=http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/history/postseason/mlb_ws.jsp?feature=recaps_index? World Series' title isn’t coming to Seattle anytime soon, considering the Mariners have not been to the postseason since 2001 and the ALCS that year . So explain to me how you see Cano leading this particular team to a title ? They are nowhere near the best team in the division much less the AL .

    Let me pose this question who the #uck is Dan DeVos , with his goddamn hypocrisy ? He’s commending NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on banning Donald Sterling and fining the owner $2.5 million , but his father , Dick DeVos as the owner of the Orlando Magic has been no paragon of virtue or common decency , with public and private homophobic rants . And yet nothing, has been done to the Magic executive during his tenure as owner of the Orlando based franchise . Even you have to be embarrassed by the type of hypocrisy now being shown by the NBA and the owners , if after all these years they’ve had the likes of Sterling and DeVos within their midst , under both Silver and David Stern’s watch . Oh how I laugh at your thoughts of Stern being such a great executive for this league and the issue of race in general , when he can overlook the antics of such owners but then go after players and Mark Cuban for being critical of the officiating of the former commissioner and his obvious bloated damn ego .

    Call me , when you can give me some great insight as to the ” real ” David Stern and what he stands for ? LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

  15. Dan De Vos of the Orlando Magic is a hypocritical @ss and his backing a of Adam Silver also shows him to be not only ignorant but a blatant and avowed fool . His father , Rich DeVos an avowed homo-phobe has spoken publicly and privately about that specific and has made the statement that they ought to be shot on sight , Yet here he is commending the current NBA commissioner for his stance on banning a racial bigot. Isn’t that great Stern and Silver , trying to flex their muscles , but ignore the elder DeVos’ statements made repeatedly over the years , with his most recent comments coming as recently as 2012 and then again in 2013 .

    I am beginning to wonder if the Magic fans really know enough about their bigot of an owner , other that he is a billionaire and the co-founder of Amway ?

    Stay tuned as there will be more to come concerning the ongoing hypocrisy of the NBA . Please keep on selling the garbage of Stern being good for this league , it is so comical once you have repeated glances into his idiocy and complete stupidity . There you were claiming his acumen to be somehow worthy of merit ?

  16. Holy cow Triple SC..you got me! And I’m and avid reader and love to read books before or after a movie to get different scenarios. I’m a Godfather freak…and currently reading that book!! So. I will tell you I have no idea:( who wrote Fever Pitch or what sport. And..ummm…I think I beat you in Nascar last year;)
    Dee Dee

  17. Isn’t it ironic that one of the first openly gay players, John Amaeche, suited up in Orlando at the time.

    I would also suggest that DeVos, who in my mind never been worth a fuck of an owner, change his tune or at least be careful who he’s throwing epithets around for he may be the next to go.

  18. Chris

    The Los Angeles’ chapter of the NAACP still planned to give now disgraced Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling a civic Lifetime Achievement Award in promoting racial tolerance and social programs . Only in Los Angeles and the state of California can you find such frigging idiocy ! I hear Josef Mengele is now up for an award to be given to him posthumously by the members of the Israeli Knesset ?

    Mike DAntoni just like John Tortorella can’t keep a job for long . DAntoni resigns from his position with the Lakers and Torts’ gets fired by the Vancouver Canucks after they fail to make the NHL Payoffs . Damn !

    tophatal ……………

  19. I was kidding, Dee Dee. You could have looked it up.

    Nick Hornby wrote the book, he of “High Fidelity” fame. One of my favorite flicks.

    The book was actually written about soccer since Hornby is a Brit. They just doctored, or rather Americanized it to include baseball and the Sox.

    Furthermore, they had to rewrite the end of the movie script as they expected the Sox to lose those playoffs, as they always did.

    When they ended up winning it all, they had to totally rewrite the storyline.

    I guess there’s something to be said for happy endings after all.

  20. Clearly, Al, the NAACP didn’t do their due diligence in deciding to reward the guy. What were they rewarding him for? Not saying something inflammatory for an entire month?

    I saw where Tortorella got fired. I wonder if he picks up another gig or whether he heads over to ESPN, where all former coaches go to die.

  21. Aha… you were kidding about not cheating on the Fever Pitch trivia? Well, Triple SC, I’m so glad I didn’t cheat on it because I enjoyed you sharing way more than had I googled it and read it alone:-) I smiled the entire time I read your reply and will be sure to look for the book and High Fidelity movie;-)
    Thanks! Dee Dee

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