The innate hypocrisy of V Stiviano

V Stiviano is smack dab in the middle of her fifteen minutes of fame and she may be the ugliest, pretty girl any of us have ever seen.

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that V (does the V stand for something other than vindictive?) Stiviano is the key cog to the downfall of Donald Sterling.  Well, that and his inherent racism.

AP CLIPPERS STERLING BASKETBALL S BKN USA CADon’t feel bad though, Donald.  Better men than you have fallen victim to a woman’s betrayal.

When a recording of Stiviano and Sterling first hit the internet, it was all anyone could talk about for it proved that old school racism was alive and well in the United States.

After conducting their investigation (and also fearing an impending player revolt), the NBA acted swiftly and abruptly by banning Sterling for life.

And now comes the Stiviano publicity train, as if we already didn’t have reason enough to vomit.  In an interview with Barbara Walters, Stiviano told us that Donald Sterling paid her, first on then off the books, essentially making her a prostitute.

Classy lady.

She also told Baba they were just friends.  I’ve had a few of those “friends” in my day.  I just didn’t have to hand them over a paycheck for services rendered.

barb and stivianoSo off Stiviano rides into the murky sunset she painted for herself.  She made her bed and now she’ll lay in it, alone, until she finds another multi-millionaire to pay her for sex…. er, companionship.

My question to you is should we laud Stiviano for finally bringing down the racist giant that nobody else was able to?  She’s another modern anti-hero, her reality TV show inevitably forthcoming along with a miserable future alone.

If you were a guy, with money, would you go anywhere near her knowing that anything you told her in confidence, whether right or wrong, would end up on the front pages and cost you your livelihood?  Or maybe we should use her for patriotic purposes, sending her to uncover dirt against some of our foreign enemies.  She certainly knows how to get the job done.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t feel bad for Donald Sterling.  At this point, nobody does.  It was recently revealed that he has prostate cancer.  The lot of us sighed “Oh well” to the news.  He’ll be dead in a few years, if not sooner, leaving behind only a legacy of hate and discrimination.  And Stiviano will be driving around in her Rolls Royce without a care in the world.

Probably without a friend in the world either.

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15 Replies to “The innate hypocrisy of V Stiviano”

  1. Chris,

    It’s obvious that the real Mrs. Donald Sterling is having intense guilt feelings. Oh, she just wanted to attend the games and show her loyalty? She’s trying to audition for the sole ownership. Pack up your gear lady and high tail your ass back to Malibu.

  2. So what’s the deal with them, Bets?

    Are they married and separated? Did they have an open relationship?

    I haven’t heard much from her.

    Did Stiviano deny sleeping with Sterling? I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the actual interview.

  3. Sterling is estranged from his wife and this will the second such instance where she seeks to sue her husband for communal property . Stiviano knew what Donald Sterling was about to begin with and the “skank” was simply seeking notoriety and money. The $ 2 million apartment , Ferrari and Mercedes Benz is evidenc of that fact supposedly “gifted her ” by Sterling to be his constant company . V Stiviano has to be giving up the “ill-na-na ” as well as performing other acts to please the octogenarian philanderer . At least the late Jerry Buss had the decency to be single before laying to the “pipe ” to chicks half his age .

    As to the NBA it remains a league of dumb @ss owners and a great deal of hypocrisy . I hear Rich DeVos and his son Dan DeVos will be looking for some type of civic honor from the city of Orlando to match the stupidity shown by the NAACP in wanting to give Donald Sterling their highest honor , A Lifetime Achievement Award ? LOL,LOL,LOL ! A racist and homo-phobe to be found in the NBA among its owners ? Who’d have guessed it ? Apathy there and with fans themselves ! Nice ! Stern during his tenure did noting concerning DeVos’ ignorant ranting and ravings , but now Adam Silver is to be commended for his action ? What an absolute crock of $hit !

  4. By the looks of that skank, being a billionaire sure doesn’t buy what it used to. Are we sure he doesn’t have eye cancer?

    This fugly golddigging whore will disappear soon enough…as will prostate boy.

    …Or will he?

    He’s threatening to fight this thing and has the resources to take it to the supreme court if he so chooses. The question is, in light of his cancer, will he just cave to the NBA and spend his last days relaxing in peace, or will he make it his dying mission and spend every last dime (of which he has ALOT) he has to fight them?

    Time will tell.

  5. Well, if any good came out of all this, Al, it’s that owners will think twice about what they say and what they do for fear of being forced out.

    We’ll see how long that takes to happen.

  6. “By the looks of that skank, being a billionaire sure doesn’t buy what it used to. Are we sure he doesn’t have eye cancer?”

    Bleed, I am officially declaring that comment of the month.

    Congratulations, sir!

  7. Chris

    Let me pose this question I’ve all of the idiotic synopsis by fans stating that the league can force Donald Sterling out. The Board of Governors can try to fore him out , but Sterling can forestall their action with litigation in the courts and it would cost both several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees alone before it even hit trial proceeding . The Clippers’ owner is no slouch having been a former corporate and criminal attorney where was also a senior partner in the firm in question . If Adam Silver wants to avoid litigation , perhaps the best thing would be for the NBA to make Sterling an over ambitious bid exceeding $700 million if they cannot find a director suitor to buy the team immediately , rather than the continued embarrassment of dealing with the disgraced owner . Then they should also seek to censure Rich DeVos for his statements .

  8. All we can do at this point, Al, is hope the league does the best it can to get him out of there.

    The last thing they want is a report that they’re not doing everything in their power to follow up on their word.

  9. Al’s comment just validated the concerns I made in my comments on your inital Sterling blog by saying the NBA might now go after DeVos.

    This was also Mark Cuban’s concern.

    The thought police are suddenly being given more creedence than the 1st Amendment?

    Slippery slope per Mark’s words. I say it’s force fed political correctness….Which should only alarm every American to the inherant dangers of so-called “political correctness”. The terminology alone insinuates that if you don’t hold the same beliefs that you are wrong (not “correct”).

    Pretty much destroys the entire concept of free speech and the free flowing exchange of ideas that allowed women, gays, minorities and anyone and everyone else that has changed opinions through free speech.

    Gotta accept the good with the bad or it isn’t truly free speech.

  10. So many things I could say with this lady and the whole thing… gee, hey, why are we recording something with no intention of extorting anyone? Hint to the old guys in the world… when the young, money hungry chicks like this are actually pretending they have interest in you…. they don’t. They want the cold, hard cash, and as much of it as they can possibly get. This headline-hungry loon needs to get out of the news and fast.

  11. Bleed…

    To Al’s point, I doubt they do anything to DeVos retroactively but I highly suggest he mind his P’s and Q’s when he has a microphone in front of his mouth in the future.

    Either way, as a Magic fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing him out of there and replaced with an owner that gives more of a shit about his team.

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