Hip-hop and Barney make a wonderful pair caption contest

Nothing says gangsta more than sharing a warm embrace with a stuffed purple dinosaur after a heartbreaking loss.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Obviously you haven’t been keeping up with the times.

drake rappersCanadian-born, Grammy award-winning rapper Drake is everywhere these days.  Apparently he’s a bigger sports fan than all of us put together.

He’s been spotted at every sporting event and in every locker room from here to Timbutku.  He’s even rumored to be hosting the 2014 ESPYs.

Well, after a hard-fought, seven-game series against the Brooklyn Nets, for a split second it looked like Drake’s favorite team, the Toronto Raptors, might knock off their veteran-laden opponents.  With less than ten seconds left to play in their game and their season, Terrence Ross intercepted an inbounds pass and somehow managed to throw it off Paul Pierce’s leg before it landed out of bounds. As soon as it became Raptors ball for the final time, Drake jumped around as if he were the most excited fan in the building, which he may very well have been.

Alas it wasn’t meant to be for Drake and his hometown basketball squad.  Down by one with six seconds to play, a driving Kyle Lowry had his shot blocked by the same Paul Pierce who was almost cost Brooklyn that series.

Seen below, a dejected Drake was spotted sharing his sorrows with the Toronto Raptors mascot.  It was quite a touching scene.

So to honor Drake’s undeniable fan-hood, I’ve decided to host another caption contest commemorating the love a man shares with his stuffed animal.

The winner of this week’s contest will received a stuffed animal of his choosing (from the bottom shelf only), the opportunity to see Drake on television at the very next sporting event you watch and an autographed copy of Jurassic Park VI: Drake Be Gettin’ All Prehistorical.


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13 Replies to “Hip-hop and Barney make a wonderful pair caption contest”

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  2. “I could give a fuck ’bout game 7, long as my mascot love me”
    “Just hold on, we’re STAYING home”
    “Started from the bottom now we………….STILL here”

    Not to worry, Drake will just jump right back onto the Heat bandwagon.
    I remember him partying with LeBron and Wade last year after the Finals….Now that’s Toronto love, baby.

  3. Started from the bottom now we still here.

    Leave it to Bleed.

    I was thinking something along the Barney lines, “I love you, you love me” but I guess that would have been too obvious.

    Yea, just like you, I’m sure we’ll see Drake trying to sneak into that Miami locker room in just a little bit.

    Wonder if he’ll get snuffed like last time.

  4. Not sure what that last sentence was, Al, but did you ever catch the video of DeSean Jackson trying to mack on Rihanna?

    Pretty stellar stuff.

  5. “Rihanna doesn’t give me any play so let’s see what I can get out of this mascot ”

    The singer is down with just about anything as witnessed by her relationship with Chris Brown . Anything that needs to be added ?

    I see that Jay-z did the honorable thing and didn’t b#tch slap his sister-in-law Solange Knowles when they got into an altercation . All this because she didn’t get an invitre to Kim-ye’s upcoming nuptials . Did you get an invite ?

    If Drake’s idea of looking dope is to hug a Raptors’ mascot , I would hate to see what Bieber would do at a hockey game .

  6. With the year Toronto had, Chap, that’d be trading down.

    I wonder if they’ll be able to follow up next year with another successful season.

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