The “Donald Sterling Please Go Away Just Not to a Predominantly Black Church” caption contest

So Donald Sterling is a god-fearing man.  Who knew?

In an apparent effort to clear his name and win over the good will of some black folks, the soon-to-be-former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers attempted a little image repair last Sunday morning at the Praises of Zion Missionary Baptist Church in South Los Angeles.


He also probably told them he owns a copy of Boyz n the Hood on DVD.

Is there anything more patronizing than seeing the man the NBA is forcing to sell his team because he told his former lady friend not to bring black people to his games suddenly showing up at a predominantly black church he never knew existed?

And the hits just keep on coming.  I guarantee you the person who advised Sterling to do this has slicked back hair.

To honor the ongoing ridiculousness that is the Sterling saga and the fact that with each passing day, we get closer to not talking about this, I thought I’d host a caption contest.

Seen below, Sterling is photographed waving to the likely, very few people who are giving him an insincere round of applause.  To quote Buggin’ Out from Do The Right Thing, he’s just lucky the black man has a forgiving heart.

The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive the right to bid on Donald Sterling’s Clippers (bidding will not start at a dollar), the right the hopefully one day live in a colorblind society and the opportunity to click off V Stiviano’s upcoming reality TV show every time it hits your television sets.

Sterling goes to church

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16 Replies to “The “Donald Sterling Please Go Away Just Not to a Predominantly Black Church” caption contest”

  1. Yo yo yo, I’m a say adios to my peeps up n ere, cause I’ll be gon fo a few tics…but y’all b sho t holla at ya boy.

  2. Nice, G.

    Pretty sure when Sterling walked into that church, he thought they were speaking another language.

    Seriously, who’s the person that advised Sterling to do this?

    Did he just do it on his own? That I can almost understand considering he’s an inch away from total senility but if this guy has any sort of PR staff, can you just imagine them telling him “Okay, Donald. This is what we’re gonna do. You’ve obviously been ostracized from the black community so what’s say we do a church tour of South Central.”

  3. This was all over the LA local news. He cleared it with the church pastor prior to showing up…Smart move or he might not have been allowed to leave…The pastor gave the flock a pep talk about forgiveness prior to Donny Bozo showing his droopy face.

    For the caption, I’ll quote my man Drake again like I did on your last caption contest…

    “Fuck all y’all niggas – Except my niggas”

  4. So, Bleed, what was the local media’s reaction?

    I imagine they’d have to report this with a great deal of skepticism, no?

    Hey, at least the pastor took the high road and used Sterling as a lesson tool.

    What is it that Jim Carrey says in “Dumb and Dumber?” “Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.”

    Thanks for that, Donald.

  5. You know if the guy has “seen the light”, then the MF’er and Mrs. should donate a portion of the sale windfall to the inner city. That might show a little sincerity. Don’t hold your breath.

  6. One might even suggest the league make it mandatory but it’s borderline illegal enough they’re making him sell his team.

    Thanks for the visual, however, of Sterling putting a $20 bill in the collection plate… only to make change.

  7. What people didn’t see was him being confused when he got there, digging in the trunk of his car…”I know I packed that sheet, somewhere” “wait what? I am going in the church?

  8. Now you also have the NAACP welcoming this @sshole, Donald Sterling , with open arms . What the f##k is wrong with this country and how they view idiots such Sterling , Richie Incognito , Mike Poucey and Rich DeVos . Yet it tries to porttay itself as a moral beacon of light for the rest of the world ? What a damn joke !

    Still believe that the NBA can come out of this mess unscathed ? Donald Sterling is about to embarrass the league , owners and the union and make them look like @ssholes . His legal action will force Adam Silver to take a deep look at the image of the NBA , in light of the incompetency shown by David Stern in dealing with Rich DeVos and Sterling’s prior actions . Somehow the fans and press have overlooked that but with their ongoing apathy and stupidity are now acting outraged because of this type of bigotry . Racism was ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! How naive are some people ?

    Another loss for the Rays , their twelfth loss in thirteen games and still the same old rhetoric , pragmatism and idiocy coming from within the Tampa Bay area . The Mariners pounded the Rays in the final two innings at the Trop . Perhaps it’s time for them to move on and elsewhere ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! If only Sternberg and his partners showed that they had some common sense and money to make that a reality.

  9. Yea, Al. Now Sterling has once again decided to sue the league. He must be getting his indecision counsel from Dan Marino’s camp.

    The Rays, my goodness.

    You know it’s bad when Joe Maddon is resorting to bringing in witch doctors and rain dancers.

    Hope that guy got paid up front.

  10. I don’t understand why everybody’s bangin’ on Sterling. We all sit in front of the TV and watch the ongoing Sterling saga with eager anticipation of what he’ll say or do next, all media outlets are guaranteed their next headline and law schools have even added Sterling vs. Negroes to their curricula. Hell, we even have captioning contests for our entertainment. Thank you, Mr. Sterling.

    Caption: “I wonder if this token white guy knows the top of his head makes him look like he’s a Klingon.”

  11. I think if polled, Mark, most Americans would rather him just go away.

    Call me an idealist but I do think there’s a fair share of people in this country who have learned to judge people based on their character and not their skin color.

    That’s why we’re perfectly okay with the NBA telling Mr. Sterling to giddyup.

    And that’s because we’ve judged him on HIS character.

  12. Bleed…

    As the Donald turns?

    Pin the tail on the Donald?

    Don’t spin him around too fast for he’ll have fallen and he’ll can’t get up.

    Not that that’s a bad thing.

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