Drake vs. Blake (video)

Drake hosts espysThis year’s ESPYs came and went without much hoopla which I found odd considering it was a great year in sports and the awards show ESPN puts on generally turns out to be quite entertaining.

This year was no exception for those of you who missed it.

Drake was selected as the host and while we may have poked fun of him in the past, the Grammy Award-winning rapper actually did a fine job.

One of the show’s more comical moments included the film short “Drake vs Blake” in which the host and Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin star in a fictional action film together.  During a boardroom brainstorm meeting, they argue over what to call the movie “Drake and Blake” or “Blake and Drake.”

What ensued is a pretty funny skit of the two poking fun at each other with no holds barred comedy.

Enjoy the Cheetos!

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6 Replies to “Drake vs. Blake (video)”

  1. Oops ! I must’ve missed ESPN trying to do something remarkably funny considering the banality of their actual on air sports’ personalities, presenters and analysts .

  2. Which is why the ESPYs is actually a nice change, Al.

    Look, there’s an awards show for everything else so why not the world of sports. As you suggest, the program is not nearly as offensive as the rest of their programming.

    And I do believe they raise millions for the V Foundation.

  3. For all of the altruism of ESPN what does it really offer the fans by way real journalism ? Their documentary series are pieces of work commissioned and completed by independent directors . God knows the garbage produced had it been left to the network itself . I mean Jerry Bruckheimer who produced tredid all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies( Disney Studios’ produced) also gave us the appalling Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer . How not to spend $200 million and still end up with a movie that smelled worse than a used female hygiene product .

    Oh let’s point to all of the good work done by ESPN when it comes to the V Foundation as if that were the only thing which matters when it comes to cancer issues .

    Roger Goodell is softer on crime than the US government’s war on drugs as portrayed and pursued by the DEA . A two-game suspension of Ravens’ running back Ray Rice for spousal abuse ? All of this bull$hit apathy by fans over Donald Sterling’s long-going and repeated stupidity but I have yet to see anything in print by the nauseating a#sholes who write about the NFL and that includes the morons of ESPN . Both the NBA and NFL lack credibility on both issues as well as their image .

  4. ESPN stopped being journalistic quite some time ago, Al, but they’re really the only game in town.

    And yes, I agree, as do most. The two-game suspension of Rice is laughable.

  5. Two games isn’t only laughable, it is insulting. The dude knocks his lady out and gets a time out.

    I was raised to believe sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you….And that ACTIONS speak louder than words.

    If that’s true, why does Right Cross Ray Rice get two games for knocking a woman out cold while Donald Sterling gets treated like Hitler?

  6. Bleed…

    I still haven’t seen video of any blow. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just saying most of us didn’t SEE it. We just saw him dragging the girl out of the elevator, which is obviously bad enough.

    I’m just wondering if there was video (that was released) of an actual punch, whether the league’s penalty would have been stiffer.

    Either way, Goodell really opened up a shit storm on this one. I wanna know who else was in that room making that decision and whether there were any voices suggesting that two-games might just be considered um…. a slap in the face.

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