They said what, Volume Six: Chris Archer, Adolpho Birch, Stephen A. Smith, Drew Brees, Shelley Meyer and Derrick Rose

baseball 25x25 2Oh how a simple flip of the bat can ruffle some feathers.

On a recent road trip to Tampa Bay, the Boston Red Sox took on a three-game set against their division rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Rays took two of the first three but in the final game, David “Big Papi” Ortiz hit a home run deep to right field, leading his team to an eventual victory.  Papi then flipped his bat and took his time getting around the bases.

There has been some bad blood between these two teams lately, including a bench-clearing brawl and pitchers from each staff headhunting opposing batters every time they step to the plate.

papiWell, after Papi’s long trot home (which took longer than it just took you to read this), Chris Archer, who allowed the home run, had some choice words for Ortiz.

In a post-game interview, Archer told the media he thinks Papi feels like he’s “bigger than the game” and that he doesn’t know “what makes him think that he can showboat the way he does.”

I’ll tell you who Big Papi is, young Mr. Archer, in case you haven’t been paying attention to Major League Baseball over the last ten years.  David Ortiz brought three World Series trophies to a city that hadn’t seen one in almost a century.  With a single speech and timely placed curse word, he gave renewed faith to an entire town after a devastating Boston Marathon bombing.  And he has become the most beloved sports figure in Beantown since Larry Bird and that includes Patriots poster-boy Tom Brady.

I’m a fan of young Chris Archer but sometimes a kid has to take his lumps.  This is one such time.  Suck it up, move on and don’t let a random microphone give you the opportunity to say something stupid.

Not only did Ortiz get the last laugh with his home run trot but afterwards he told reporters Archer shouldn’t be talking like he’s David Price because he’s only got “two days in the league.”  ZING!

Look for continued fireworks when these two teams meet again in late August.


Football 25x25Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… unless there’s a video of you dragging your unconscious wife out of a hotel elevator.  Then word gets out.

Of course the penalty for such heinous behavior is minimal if you’re employed by the National Football League so if you’re a fan of domestic violence, I suggest you put on some pads and practice up your 40-yard dash.

BirchIn defense of the league’s two-game suspension of Ray Rice, NFL Vice President Adolpho Birch fell on the sword for Commissioner Roger Goodell.  With regards to the suspension, Birch stated that were Rice “not an NFL player, I don’t know that he would have received any punishment from any other source.”

Way to take a bite outta crime, NFL.  I’m sure I’m not expressing any sentiments you haven’t already heard, felt or read but this was a perfect opportunity for the league to make a bold statement to its players and its fans, particularly its female fans, that such actions will not be tolerated.

It failed miserably.

Meanwhile, the NFL continues to ride on its high horse, raising ticket prices, mistreating its veterans and paying off multi-million dollar lawsuits with the simple signing of a check but rest assured, it is only a matter of time before the educated fan grows weary of this type of behavior.

The sooner the league realizes this, the better.


Football 25x25In response to the Rice case, ESPN blowhard and self-professed know-it-all Stephen A. Smith came out with this stunningly offensive gem.

Stephen A please shut upOn his grossly unwatchable program, First Take, Smith stated on air that women should be aware of “the elements of provocation.” 

Fire up the Twitter engines!  ESPN’s Michelle Beadle immediately and repeatedly blasted Smith for his thoughtless comments which essentially insinuated that women are the CAUSE of domestic violence.

ESPN has since suspended Smith one week for his comments, which is ironically one week less than Rice.  Smith has apologized for his statements, calling them the most egregious mistake of his career… not that any of us were listening.


Football 25x25O100209-N-0000X-002n a considerably lighter note, NFL veteran and New Orleans super hero Drew Brees opined that he could play another ten years in the league.  Brees is currently 35 years old.  When asked, Brees told reporters that he “understands the challenges” and asked “Why not?  If I can stay healthy, and I’m having fun and playing at a high level, why wouldn’t I wanna do that?”

Someone please inform Mr. Brees that the league is currently experiencing a concussion crisis.  Or perhaps he already has one.

Somewhat comically, Brees Tweeted that after he gave that statement, the league signed him up for two random drug tests.  Here’s hoping he passes them for we all know how hard the league comes down on players who fail drug tests.


Football 25x25In another potentially inflammatory interview, Urban Meyer’s wife told the Gainesville Sun’s Pat Dooley that Gator fans should just “get over it” with regards to her husband leaving the University of Florida for Ohio State.  Sweet, we can all hate her now too.

Shelley and her lovely husbandOf course, Gator fans haven’t “gotten over it.”  Perhaps it was the way Urban Meyer left Florida.  Perhaps it was the way Florida fans felt Meyer lied, saying he’d never coach again because of his decreasingly poor health and his desire to spend more time with his family… that is, until the Ohio State job became available.  Maybe it was the way Meyer left the cupboard bare or that he overlooked behavioral discrepancies like the ones Aaron Hernandez partook in while enrolled at the University.  Maybe it’s that Gator fans feel he felt Ohio State was a better job.  Or perhaps Shelley Meyer just doesn’t understand.

Either way, Florida fans are not about to forgive and forget per her command.  At least none of the ones I know are.

… Exhale …

Okay, I feel better now.


basketball 25x25And finally, after a recent post-practice interview, his first healthy one in years, Chicago Bulls point guard told reporters that he was finally “there” and ”playing with confidence” after playing successfully and without pain for the first time on multiply-repaired knees.

Let’s all hope so.

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21 Replies to “They said what, Volume Six: Chris Archer, Adolpho Birch, Stephen A. Smith, Drew Brees, Shelley Meyer and Derrick Rose”

  1. I agree on all counts. And that’s only because you didn’t mention instant replay.

  2. Chump,

    It’s wrong that we hold our celebrity athletes to a higher moral code than is enforced in Congress. It’s wrong that any of the above get paid as insanely as they do.

    And it’s wrong that we allow the “politically correct” disease to spread unabated.

    What did blowhard Steven A. say that those few watching souls didn’t already know was him being a blowhard yet again? Nothing.

    Apparently ESPN whiner Michelle Beadle thinks we all need to not provoke her either lest she issue tormented screeds against ourselves and our families.

    I’m having a hard time seeing her over the top PC disease as any worse than Steven A. being a blowhard tool. “IF” we don’t like it then don’t tune in. If his bosses don’t like it or don’t like the resultant drop is viewership then they will solve the problem themselves.

    In the meantime who really gives a shiite?

    Oh and Meyer might be a good coach but apparently he too comes with a complete set of being a ‘tool’. Whatever…

  3. Unc…. I can’t imagine what the Boston media was saying about the incident and Archer’s reaction to it. Pretty sure it would have been enough to make him cry.

  4. Chris,
    This was an excellent read. I do however agree with Capntree. This ‘PC’ mania has gone way over the top. It’s soon closing in on “McCarthyism.” That went something like this. “I see you’re hanging out with that Russian immigrant.” Result……… You were labeled a communist and blackballed in many industries. Imagine during the Hillary/Obama primary someone in the Obama camp called Bill Clinton a racist. Malicious false labels are tough to defend.

  5. I haven’t watched First Take in years. It’s just too loud and mind-numbing of a program.

    In fact, I’m surprised ESPN hasn’t done anything to either change its format or get it off the air altogether.

    And in the realm of all time great screw-overs, I might have to rank Meyer leaving to Ohio State near the top. Favre to Minnesota? Pitino to Louisville? Clemens/Boggs to the Yankees?

    Nah, they got nothin’ on Urban. All of Gainesville literally despises the guy and that’s after he won them two championships.

  6. Chris

    It’s at times like this , women have to feel like they are an endangered species . I have a mother , one sister , several nieces , grand nieces and at no time have I ever been concerned for their safety ! Never mind females , I know personally or the young girls who are the daughters of some of my closest friends . Let me pose this question , what is is that the likes of the NCAA , NFL , MLB and NBA are so afraid of , in actually changing their views of women and actually treating them with the dignity and decency they deserve by acknowledging the issue the abuse of women ? Adolpho Birch , Ray Rice and Stephen A Smith are #ssholes .

    If it is now taking the federal government to force the NCAA and some of the top athletics programs and universities to acknowledge their lack of action in dealing with sexual assaults on campus then what does that indicate to you about these institutions and lack of inaction ? Some are still trying to suggest the Jameis Winston allegations are without merit. But the real pointer has not been the victim’s claims but the repeated changes by Winston and his legal team in what is said to have taken place . Mistaken identity , false claim and now the sex was intentional ? This Heisman Trophy winner is so intelligent that we should really gloss over the story as a non event as some have suggested and done . Great what next a murder on a campus ? Fu$k , that has happened already at least twice , but I digress, because no one seems to be concerned with those two incidents either .

    ESPN remains a bastion for their sexist views , misogyny and needless stupidity for their thoughts on women without touching on the acts former MLB analyst Harold Baines (fired for sexual harassment of female intern at the broadcast outlet).

    If Archer really wants to prove himself then pitch like a top-notch talent and not like a damn novice .

    Big Papi could learn a thing or two from Usain Bolt .

    tophatal ………..

  7. Bets…

    I’m okay with people having to watch their tongue and having regulations in place to monitor that.

    That being said, we should all know what to say and how to act without another governing body dictating decent behavior.

  8. So why, Al, wouldn’t women boycott NFL games or at least one Ravens game just to make a statement?

    I hate to bring this up because I know how you feel about the guy but don’t you think David Stern would have come down considerably harder on Ray Rice had this happened in his league?

    He damn well suspended Ron Artest a season for charging into the stands to hit someone.

  9. David Stern chooses to be harsh when it makes him look good in the eyes of the public and not much else beyond that. All four major professional team sports are being ran by idiots who clearly do not take this matter seriously . The only reason Artest was suspended by the league was because the NBA did not want be on the wrong end of a multi million dollar lawsuit where they would not have been able to defend successfully . Ron Artest as an employee of the league would have been a joint defendant in such a case were members of the public at the time chosen to bring about a civil suit in Federal Court .

    The NFL’s Chief Assistant Legal Counsel Adolpho Birch in his recent statements now backed up by Goodell shows how out of touch and archaic the league remains on a wide range of topics .

    Rays’ fans are taking to to discuss David Price’s departure . Oh , how my heart bleeds for those idiots and the very fact they have remained in the land of make belief ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! The trade has come to represent what the organization has been all about over the past five seasons .

    tophatal ………………

  10. If Archer doesn’t like getting shown up by Papi then he shouldn’t give up home runs to him…problem solved. Need a tissue Chrissy?

    Right Hook Ray gets a two game time out for going Solange while Sterling becomes the poster child for evil in America and is stripped not only of his dignity (deserved), but his franchise? (not necessarily deserved)….So much for actions speak louder than words.

    Steven A. is an Ass, but he has a point to a degree.
    Cross that line and you might get hit. Men recognize it with other men. The line for women is much father than that of a man, but there IS a line.

    How old was Blanda? All the power to Brees if he’s able…But I’ll believe it when I see it.

    To Mrs. Meyer, it’s just another school and just another job and her husband and his happiness are all the matters, or should.
    …However, she should keep in mind that fan is short for fAn@tiC.

    Pau will be happy to hear that last tidbit…But, like Brees, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  11. Chris

    Women boycotting the NFL ? It’d be more interesting if the wives and girlfriends of the players simply made the decision to stop having sex with their significant others . How would that affect the NFL and the t results overall during the course of the season ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Crack cocaine is .ar.touroi now the drug of choice on the PGA Tour ? Dustin Johnson has a lot to answer for . Where does this now leave Phil Mickelson who is a paid endorser for the arthritic drug Enbrel ( a steroidal drug) .

    tophatal …. :

  12. I heard that about Dustin Johnson, Al.

    Wild news.

    But what’s the real story? I’ve heard the league suspended him for six months and I’ve heard he took a leave of absence.

    So which is which?

  13. Bleed…

    What’s wrong with this story?

    Rice suspended two games for domestic violence.

    Dustin Johnson suspended six months for cocaine use.

    Who’s governing these damn sports and more importantly, has Dustin Johnson ever played a round smacked out?

    I mean if Dock Ellis can pitch on acid then anything is possible.

    I can see it now, Dustin Johnson barking at the group in front of him for their slow play. I feel a work of fiction coming on.

    Bleed, how you inspire me.

  14. Al…

    In all seriousness, Browns fans tried to boycott a game a while back for their team consistently sucking.

    That didn’t work in their favor.

    This is a considerably more serious issue.

    The problem is the league knows they have fans by the balls. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before that turns around on them.

    Maybe a decade, maybe more but the NFL might want to learn it shouldn’t take things for granted.

  15. Leave of absence is Dustin Johnson’s polite way of explaining not being on the PGA Tour . Who made the official statement from the Tour , because it sure as hell wasn’t PGA Tour Chairman Tim Finchem .

    Without Johnson , will that lessen Team USA’s chances in the Ryder Cup ?

    If Johnson is allegedly using crack cocaine , then what should fans make of Phil Mickelson and his being paid over $2.5 million annually to endorse a steroidal drug (Enbrel) , albeit , the player’s representative state he uses the medication as an aid for psoriatic arthritis ?

    So Paul George of the Pacers is having a bad year all round ? Now he suffers a bad leg injury that could sideline him for the start of the NBA preseason and the initial start of the regular season ? Also , his having impregnated a Miami stripper , wanting to pay her off ($ 1.5 million) to either have an abortion or as hush money (look at it whichever way you want) . All of this while still being engaged to Doc Rivers’ daughter . Not a bad season at all . Your thoughts on the matter ?

    is still waging war on the NBA . He is pressing ahead with his $1 billion civil suit and has said he intends to file an appeal of the verdict by the courts in California . I am sure the league hierarchy will love the continued embarrassment .

  16. Meyer will forever be seen as the John Kerry of college football . Not much more needs to be said beyond that , while his wife just continue to support her husband .

    Ask Bleed if he would be willing to have female relative be abused by here male partner ? Crossing a line ? WTF ! Smith was not making a point , just making an @sshole of himself . No man should ever raise his hand to woman . All of this ###king psycho babble , but nothing is ever said about having common respect and decency .

  17. I’m guessing my comment sparked a new post topic.

    Let’s not forget my man LT.
    Dude snorted up half of Colombia and redefined the linebacker position. I guess his inspiration was Tony Montana.

    I’m all for the legalization of drugs. People are going to use them regardless. Might as well cut the cartels and mafia out of the equasion and let Uncle Sam get his cut.

  18. Six months is excessive, however, Al, even if he is a repeat offender. Heck, Steve Howe was never suspended for that long and he did more blow than Motley Crue.

    My final take on David Price is up and running. And ya’ know, for a second there, I thought they might not actually trade him.

    Silly me.

  19. Bleed…

    I just toyed with writing a tale about a fictional round of golf between me and Dustin Johnson that let’s say, didn’t take all that long to complete.

    We should definitely construct an all coke-head team for each sport thought. That’d be kind of fun.

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