They Said What? Volume 8: Nathan Downer

I’ve never personally compiled a top ten list of things to never do in my lifetime but if I were to do so, calling Mike Tyson a convicted rapist to his face would probably rank near the top.

Amazingly Canadian talk show host Nathan Downer doesn’t share those same priorities as he recently did just that.  Can you say death wish?  I knew that you could.  It’s unfortunate the studio cameras didn’t pan down to his Downer’s nether regions to catch the steaming, fresh puddle of urine after Tyson’s reaction.  Remember that scene in Teen Wolf where Michael J. Fox’s dad turned into a werewolf and growled at the school principal?  Exactly!

Mike Tyson Rob FordHow did this all come about, you ask?  Well, apparently Mike Tyson is getting into international politics these days.  He’s supporting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s bid for re-election.  I’m not exactly sure why he’s doing so but who among us can explain why Mike Tyson does anything?

On the set of some Canadian news program, Downer asked Tyson whether he felt a convicted rapist backing Ford’s campaign would negatively affect his run.  The comment, which was horrendously out of line, triggered a reaction out of Tyson we haven’t seen in years.

Taken aback by the question, Tyson went old school Brooklyn on us, repeatedly calling the host a “piece of shit” and like I said, warranting the puddle of pee under Downer’s sofa.

Seriously, who the hell would ever say something derogatory to Tyson’s face even if they meant it?  Have you never seen this guy in the ring?  What kind of ignoramus would you have to be to call the former heavyweight champion and a guy who clearly has a screw loose a rapist to his face?  The guy once threatened to eat one of his opponents and another, he actually did!  Personally, I’d rather drive my car off a cliff and take my chances.

Tyson cartoonI’ve always been a Tyson fan so perhaps my perspective is a little skewed.  The guy did his time and paid his dues.  His rape conviction was questionable at best anyway.  Tyson appears to be in a good place these days, what with his pigeon collecting and his Broadway show.  We hadn’t seen Psycho T in some time… until that Downer interview and by the way, what a perfect name for the guy.  Downer.

Look, nobody wants to see Tyson go back to prison but none of us would have minded seeing Tyson lunge across the couch and start pummeling the guy.  It’d be the most entertaining boxing match we’ve seen in years.

I ran into Mike Tyson once at a Las Vegas sports book years ago.  For a brief second, before his posse caught up with him, he stood there alone, his back against the wall, his skin tight shirt wrapped around a body you immediately recognized as Tyson’s.  My buddies and I contemplated whether to go up to him and ask if we could have our pictures taken with the champ.  Trust me, the last thing we would have said to him at that point was “Hey, we know you’re a convicted rapist but do you mind taking a picture with us?”

Tyson has a checkered past.  Who among us doesn’t?  But he has done his best to put all that behind him.  It’s about time the rest of us do too.

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11 Replies to “They Said What? Volume 8: Nathan Downer”

  1. Ford is now seeking empathy after having been diagnosed with cancer, which he believes has nothing to do with his sobriety issues or being a prolific crack user . Rob Ford and Mike Tyson belong in the same pot of fecal matter as do Jameis Winston for his misogynistic statements concerning women . Proving once again this kid never got it in the first place and the very fact FSU and the Tallahassee Police Dept have been derelict in their duties .

    Floyd Mayweather commenting on Ray Rice is a joke , especially when has to remember the boxer was jailed for threatening his ex-girlfriend , his kids and members of her family with violence . Mayweather learned nothing from his experience in jail . Broncos’ wide receiver , once the poster child for infamous behavior when it came to domestic violence in a recent interview was embarrassed when questioned concerning his thoughts concerning Ray Rice and other players now embroiled with domestic abuse or child abuse charges .

    Roger Goodell is now seeking input from organizations such as NOW (National Organization of Women) and bringing in the likes of former FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller to initiate a policy for the NFL . Personally , I believe it’s time for Goodell to step down and have an outsider take the reins of the league hierarchy ! The commissioner is proving to be a frigging embarrassment to the NFL , the hierarchy and he shows a complete lack of administrative and communicative skills , without @ssholes such as George Attalah and Adolpho Birch showing they have no clue as to what is happening in the world today concerning a number of social issues concerning NFL players without the lackadaisical approach of DeMaurice Smith , Executive Director of the NFLPA (Players’ Union) .

    What were your impressions on the Buccaneers’ woeful display against the Falcons on Thursday night ? This team seems to be just as bad as the Detroit Lions’ team that went 0-16 in 2008 . No defense and nowhere near as good an offense as some might have believed with this Lovie Smith coached team . What complete embarrassment for the organization and in particular the fans as a whole . Now it’s left to Mike Glennon (McCown down injured) to lead a team lacking in character , leadership all-round and that includes the entire coaching staff . No way the Buccaneers can find any semblance of consistency to even become remotely competitive in the NFC South much less the conference based on their current record and play.

    tophatal ……………..

  2. Speaking of Winston, Al, you have to commend Jimbo Fisher for risking Florida State’s season to teach his star athlete and the rest of his players a lesson. Not too many people would do that these days.

    And Floyd Mayweather talking about Rice? Why in the world should we listen to anything he has to say about anything important? I’m not looking to Money May for moral words of wisdom.

    I’ll have my thoughts on Goodell and the NFL moving forward up within the next day or two. I think you’ll like.

    And the Buccaneers, Al? Ugh! This team has a VERY long way to go and lots of holes to fill. Let’s see how long it takes Lovie to get that done because I can tell you, it ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

  3. Chris

    Not so shocking news , Florida’s NFL teams are a combined 1-8 to start the season , with the Miami Dolphins being the only franchise with a regular season win so far .

    Lovie Smith and his coaching staff will be in for a tough time this season and I do not really hold out much hope for the Buccaneers being competitive at all . The team has no real leaders veteran or otherwise , and many of these players are simply overrated, while earning a paycheck they have failed to live up to.

    So Roger Goodell has finally admitted he got it wrong with Ray Rice but he now has failed to even reprimand the Baltimore Ravens after it was revealed that certain members within the front office and coaching staff were already known to have seen the taped incident of Rice attacking his then fiance’ Jenay Parker .

    More conniving bull#hit on the part of the league, the Ravens and still nothing being done by this moronic as#hole of a commissioner . Bringing in Louis Free and Robert Mueller , both former Directors of the FBI to formulate policy for the league moving forward, in dealing with the issues of domestic violence is a joke , considering the prior warning signs there have been for the NFL from the start. Freeh and Mueller are bureaucrats, whose tenures with the FBI were shrouded in controversy with miniscule successes concerning crime overall.

    Jimbo Fisher sitting Jameis Winston to simply quell the outrage concerning an immature a#shole ? Let’s put it this way , a great deal of this could have been avoided had the Tallahassee Police Department shown some professionalism , rather than bias in their original investigation of the sexual assault allegations against the player . Much of it shrouded in secrecy by FSU and the Athletics Department . This is not the first time there has been such controversy with the school and the lack of following proper investigation procedures by the police department and from within FSU’s own system and protocols. Campus sexual assault crimes are on the rise, , the NCAA and the educational establishments themselves seem to be unwilling to address the issue . PSU was a prime example of that and those morons (board members , trustees) still have yet to face the fact they have failed the victims and tarnished the reputation of the school with their ignorance and utter stupidity.

  4. Chris,
    I’m afraid Lovie Smith is not the answer. Just wait as the season progresses and the Bucs become competitive. Lovie will be kicking field goals when TD’s are imperative.

  5. Chris & Ronbets

    The Bucs have brought in and worked out Terrelle Pryor . Now that is not what I call progress, but it takes all sorts to make the Bucs’ world imaginary and real , LOL,LOL LOL !!! Is GM Jason Licht looking to buy a worn out ’64 Dodge Pinto ?

  6. Al…

    Whoever took the low number in my NFL Futures Contest for the total wins for the three Florida teams is looking like the genius. I mean, we knew they were going to be bad but did we realize they were going to be this bad? And for how much longer? I mean, these three teams are regressing. Last time I heard, that’s not the point of the NFL.

    Apparently Goodell is not the only one admitting he got it wrong with the Ray Rice situation. The Baltimore Ravens are admitting the very same thing.

  7. Bets…

    The Everett-Rome moment, one of the more memorable sports interviews of all time.

    And listen, the whole Bay area was really pumped about Lovie, an established coach who took a Rex Grossman team to a Super Bowl. But look who we had preceding him.

    It’s too early to call for the guy’s head. But it certainly looks like we’re in for another long season.

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